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Last updated: September 20 2019 By Dean Chester

Avast SecureLine VPN reviewAvast SecureLine VPN was launched by the Avast company that is a world famous company in the field of protection and security on the Internet. There are two versions: a paid version and a 7-day free trial version. In my review I am going to find out how the experience of the Avast company influenced features and opportunities of its product, and also I am going to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of Avast SecureLine use and also is it worthy to use this particular VPN. So, what does Avast SecureLine offer?

Avast VPN: Features and Opportunities

As I have mentioned, Avast SecureLine VPN has a 7-day free trial version. Moreover, you don’t need to use your credit card for using it on your PC or Mac. And if you want to download it on your Android or iOS device, first of all, you should make a subscription and then you will get access to the VPN to use it for free. Your money will be withdrawn automatically after 7 days if you don’t cancel the subscription.

The official full free version is available for all platforms. But I took into account the fact that the apps for iOS are not available in all regions. Probably, it has a connection with the Avast UK jurisdiction.

What do we get when we install Avast VPN?

+ 256-bit strong encryption of traffic

+ “No logs” policy

+ secure tunneling protocols OpenVPN and IPsec

+ no IP leaking

+ 34 available countries (and opportunity to choose locations among them)

+ P2P/Torrenting servers

+ special servers for video streaming for the UK and the USA

But there is a total absence of additional functions and settings.

55 locations in 34 countries around the world.  It is not enough in contrast to NordVPN that offers more than 5000 servers in 60 countries or CyberGhost that has more than 3200 servers in 60 countries. There is no Kill switch (that block your connection to prevent your IP leakage in case of a VPN failure), that is necessary for your privacy control, there is no obfuscation of tunneling protocols to bypass VPN blocks, and also there no VPN connection settings.

It is surprising for the company that developed one of the best antivirus products.

The choice of locations for Netflix is less, and the speed is also very slow.

After the tests, I have the impression that Avast has added a VPN to its products but doesn’t pay a lot of attention to its development.

Avast SecureLine VPN Benefits

1. A 7-day free trial plan for all platforms

There are not a lot of VPN providers that offer a free unlimited trial period for 7 days without using your credit card.

Avast VPN is one of them.

In fact, you can use Avast SecureLine for free!

And it is up to you to decide to choose its paid plan or not. Avast VPN is not cheap (especially when you buy a VPN for a few devices).

If you need a suitable VPN, have a look at our review of the best cheap VPN providers.

2. High-speed level (except for servers for streaming)

I have tested 10 Avast VPN servers in 7 countries and measured the speed levels.

Look at my 3 examples:

The speed level in Poland

The server in Poland showed a high-speed level

The speed level in the UK

A high-speed level in the UK

The speed level in Chicago, the USA

The speed of the US server is also high

The total speed was quite high in all locations. Moreover, the provider claims that it has servers with a speed rate to 2Gbit/s. I didn’t have an opportunity to test it because there are no configurations or software for a fast server with Linux. But the speed level for Video Streaming is extremely slow:

Slow speed for Netflix

For some regions in the UK and the US, the speed level was not enough to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other services in high quality.

I noticed that Avast uses some servers with the other VPNs.

For example, a server in the UK in which torrenting is available belongs to the Privax LTD company, a corporate company of the HideMyAss VPN service (HideMyAss VPN actually belongs to Avast):

Avast VPN uses Privax LTD server

So, the stress is on them that is why the speed depends not only on Avast VPN but also on the other providers that use the same infrastructure. Well, the speed level is quite high but, if you don’t use servers for unblocking streaming video services.

3. Servers in which torrenting is available

If you use torrent-trackers, Avast VPN is a good choice for a free VPN for torrenting. Its 7-day period doesn’t have any restrictions on the choice of VPN use.

A paid plan for Android ($19.99 per year) is also attractive.

But the plans with the possibility to use each device, PC or Mac are not so advantageous as the best VPNs for torrenting offer.

Avast SecureLine VPN has an additional tab in its apps with the list of servers in which P2P/Torrenting is available.

But it doesn’t mean that these servers can be used only for P2P. They have a high-speed level and are suitable for other tasks except for streaming video.

4. Avast VPN for Netflix

I would like to grab your attention to the fact that this point is considered to be the advantage of the service because it has specifically configured servers for video streaming that can be used for free for up to 7 days. But the process of its work is its disadvantage.

So, Avast SecureLine has servers for Netflix:

But there are only two locations in the UK and NL and the level of speed is of poor quality. Only this picture quality is available on one of the US servers:

The poor-quality video on the US location

Do you really think that it is available for Netflix? To my mind, only if it is for free. Because it is not reasonable to pay money for this, moreover, there are a lot of good and free VPN providers for Netflix.

5. Avast doesn’t keep logs

Its official website contains the information that it keeps no logs:

No logs policy

Avast privacy policy also says that the service doesn’t save any information that can help to identify the personality of a user and doesn’t save connection logs:

The extract from the Avast privacy policy”

But don’t confide in this provider in solvin all tasks especially in delicate ones. The point is that Avast SecureLinе VPN has double jurisdiction. The United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. Moreover, the UK is a member of the reconnaissance alliance “5 eyes”, that is why there is no guarantee that the users won’t be tracked in some circumstances.

6. No IP leak

One of the main VPN characteristics that I always test and which says about the general security of use are the presence or absence of IP leak.

The point is that there are 3 common ways to identify your real IP when you use a VPN:

  • data leak through IPv6
  • data leak through a DNS server
  • leak through the function WebRTC

There are a few servers on the Internet with the help of which your IP can be identified.

I always use ipleak.et. And Avast SecureLIne has coped with it successfully on all platforms (my real IP or my country stay hidden):

Avast VPN doesn’t have any IP leak

Unfortunately, Avast doesn’t give you total protection because without the Kill switch your real IP can be identified if there are some problems with the VPN service connection.

7. Convenient Apps

Avast VPN has secure and easy to use apps. My mark is 4 out for 5 for a user-friendly interface. One of the main things that are convenient that you don’t need to press “Connect” every time you change your location. It is enough to choose a VPN server and a connection to it and reconnect to it automatically.

To my mind, the connection is faster than the other providers offer. During the time tests, there were no problems with the VPN connection. It is a good point because you shouldn’t check it all the time.

Avast VPN drawbacks

Now I am going to tell you about the drawbacks of this provider with which the use of a VPN will be a big problem.

1. Absence of Kill switch

As I have mentioned, the protection with the failure connection of a VPN server can be a real threat to your security and privacy with Avast SecureLine VPN. I have made a test in which I imitated some possible problems, especially with Wi-Fi or mobile web, communication loss with further over content. Look what happened to Avast VPN:

The stage of over-connection


IP mask


Active connection



Absence of connection

Connection is being restored


Active connection


So, taking into account some particular circumstances, your privacy is under threat, and you can do anything without the additional software.

2. Poor jurisdiction

It is considered that the Avast Software company that developed Avast SecureLine VPN is set in the Czech Republic. But if we open the official website of the company, we can see the reference to the Avast PLC company located in the United Kingdom:

Avast UK jurisdiction

The point is the Avast company has subsections set in different countries. We are interested only in those that are related to its VPN. They are the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. In fact, it is double jurisdiction.

From the side of privacy and security, the UK plays an important role. So, this country is a member of the “5 eyes” alliance and can conduct surveillance for each Avast VPN user legislatively.

The Czech Republic also cooperates with this alliance.

I can’t confirm that the company collaborates with the government and can put out your personal data, but the risk of this exists, and I can’t but grab your attention to this point.

On our website of CoolTechZone, you can find the other VPN services with a secure jurisdiction.

3. A free trial version for mobile apps demands a credit card

If you need a free VPN, but you haven’t got any credit card, that can be used in the Internet, Avast VPN for Android, iPhone or iPad won’t be suitable for you. It demands valid card data before the use of the app on different platforms.

And even if you use your credit card, it is a particular risk for you because the money withdraws automatically if you don’t cancel the subscription in the settings of Google Play Market or Apple App Store.

4. Netflix and other streaming services work badly

As I have mentioned, Avast VPN gives you access to unblock Netflix and similar services only in poor quality.

Why does it happen?

I measured the speed of the servers for streaming and got disappointing information.

The download speed was 5-10 times lower than on the general servers. For example, the server in Miami, the USA showed only 3.53 Mbit/s, and the average rate for high quality is about 6-7 Mbit/s.

The other servers showed better levels of speed, but HD quality remained inaccessible. 

It is worth mentioning that only two locations (in the UK and the USA) are accessible for you.

5. There are no apps and settings for router and non-standard devices

Avast VPN doesn’t offer any apps for the router with DD-WRT support. Moreover, even the manual setting, when you can choose by yourself all the necessary VPN parameters, is not available. 

It also refers to not only to routers but also to different devices that have no opportunity to set up apps.

There are no apps for Linux.

So, you can download and set up Avast SecureLine VPN only on Windows, Mac, Android, Android TV, iPhone, iPad.

Tariff plans and prices

Avast VPN has an unusual price policy.  In contrast to the other VPNs, it doesn’t offer different prices on a different period of the subscription.

It offers different prices for different use of devices and platforms.

Plans and prices:

Avast VPN prices

Up to 5 apps: almost $6.67 per month ($79.99 for 1 year)

Only for PC or Mac: almost $5 per month ($59.99 for 1 year)

Only for Android, iPhone, iPad: almost for $1.67 per month ($19.99 for 1 year)

I would like to point out that for one mobile device it is the cheapest offer on the market.

But the classic tariff plan that gives you an opportunity to use 5 devices simultaneously vice versa is more expensive than the competitors offer.

Avast also doesn’t provide its users with a money refund for an opportunity to use a trial version. It has a 7-day free full trial version for all platforms available.

Some information about the Avast company

Avast has ties with 2 companies:

  1. Avast PLC
    Address: 110 High Holborn London, WC1V 6JS United Kingdom
    Website: https://www.avast.com
  2. Avast Software
    Address: Enterprise Office Center, Pikrtova 1737/1A, 140 00 Prague 4

Website: https://www.avast.com

Conclusion and alternatives

Can I recommend you to use Avast SecureLine VPN? Both yes and no.

Yes, if you look for an opportunity to use a VPN for free on PC or Mac or a cheap variant for one mobile device.

No, if you look for a VPN for everyday use.

I can’t say that this provider is poor. But at the same time, I can’t say that it is the best one because of the existence of drawbacks.

The drawbacks are the absence of the Kill switch, video streaming services poor support, and unsafe jurisdiction.

Here you can see three alternatives to Avast VPN:

  1. NordVPN is the best VPN service combining the largest infrastructure, extended functionality, safe jurisdiction, and a wonderful price.
  2. CyberGhostVPN is the best range for streaming. This VPN has a wide choice of geo-locations, a high level of speed, and low prices.
  3. Surfshark VPN is the best VPN among cheap services. You pay $1.99 per month and get all the functions and even more than a good VPN can give you. You can bypass even the Great Firewall of China.

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Avast does keep logs!!!
Hi, read your review and just wanted to put my two cents in xD It seems that a kill switch has been added to this service since you last looked at it, so great news I guess. Now they definitely have the option. Another thing I’ve noticed in many Avast VPN reviews is that it reportedly keeps logs so I went to the Avast website and lo and behold, they indeed do keep connection logs “for diagnostic purposes” whatever that means. For some reason, other VPNs can do diagnostics without that so I think I’ll stay away from Avast.
$ $ $
Sam Chester
Avast VPN gained my attention as it is created by the developer of antivirus software. But I expected more from the service. I am disappointed at streaming servers and the fact that it has no Kill Switch and no free trial without a credit card.

Dean Chester
It’s reasonable to use Avast VPN on a paying basis if you don’t feel like looking for something better or you need a VPN only for a mobile device. I prefer using cheaper and more robust services.
Well-known owner
Free trial plan
No Kill Switch
Weak dynamics in development
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