Introduction to Betternet

  • Posted on: 27 February 2019
  • By: cooltech

VPN technology lifts geographical restrictions so that it won’t be a problem for you to surf the websites you want. Also it guarantees security and confidentiality while surfing the net. Betternet company offers absolutely free Virtual Private Network without registration, bandwidth and connection speed limits.

By means of the name Betternet authors make hints about great facilities of this network. The name seems to exclaim “Your Internet will work better with me!” On the whole, Betternet is a collective image of the net, where the governmental surveillance, hacking attacks, farfetched censorship and importunate commercials are impermissible. Betternet makes anonymity and freedom in choosing the cornerstone. Your data are not kept by VPN developers, while all the transferring information is encrypted end-to-end. All these measure provide Betternet users with privacy up to the mark.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? I also thought so when came across this VPN for the first time. As a rule, VPN services are usually free and there are numerous examples that prove this idea. Some resourceful VPN providers offer free plans with some restrictions. Trying such VPN you will realize that it is much better to use a paid version of this VPN.


Betternet doesn’t target your money and renders the statistics of its charges and gains. This statistics shows that the service existence is maintained at the expense of simple affiliate program: being Betternet clients you will be asked to download the application or to watch a commercial. Thus, Betternet earns money. The company studies the content narrowly and offers it without excessive obtrusiveness.

Betternet characteristics

To continue familiarity with Betternet provider let’s have a look at its basic characteristics:

Supported platforms

iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Firefox

Encryption method

AES 256-bit key


OpenVPN and IPsec


10+ countries including the USA and the UK





Peer-to-peer technology


The reasons to choose Betternet:

1. The first essential plus is that you don’t have to pay for service. At the bottom of the application you will see a banner with the offer to install some application. It appears only during your connection to the server, as a result it doesn’t disturb you. The Betternet authors earn money any time you click the banner, which helps them to exist without any payment from its clients. Thus, Betternet is a great alternative for the paid versions of VPNs.

2. Easy navigation makes Betternet attractive for users of all ages as everything you are to do is to use toggle switch to run the service.

3. Unblocking of websites and services is another reason to choose Betternet VPN. You will cope with unblocking of social networks Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat and others from every corner of the world. The sites banned in your country by local censorship policy will become available for you with Betternet VPN.

4. Anonymous connection and confidentiality protection are also among the best facilities of Betternet provider. VPN hides your real IP and location, thanks to which your online activity won’t be monitored anymore. Betternet VPN is a real defender of confidentiality.

5. Super-fast access to the Internet makes Betternet popular among streaming lovers. Because of its super-speed Betternet identifies your location and connects you with the nearest server. As a result, Betternet provides you with a faster connection, than other VPNs or proxies do.

6. Public wi-fi is an ideal place for hackers to take possession of your sensitive data. I wouldn’t advise you to use social networks, E-mail, make payments online being connected to the public hot spots  as it is unsafe for you. But if you use Betternet, they are safe from cyber attacks. Betternet VPN uses progressive technologies to cypher the network traffic making it possible for you to access the websites through HTTPS, supplying Betternet users with secure channel for your access to the Internet.

7. Betternet VPN operates on various platforms and operating systems. Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Firefox and Chrome users will benefit from unlimited facilities of this VPN. After the installation you will manage to torrent files in the browser of your device.

8. Simple installation is one more plus of this VPN. After Betternet downloading you are to run it and click ‘Allow’ and ‘Install profile’. Having done these simple actions you will be a lucky user of this VPN provider. If the badge ‘VPN’ appears on the screen of your gadget it means that all delivered and received by you information will go through a proxy server being encoded. And even in case somebody intercepts your information, this person won’t decode it.

Betternet is similar to a good referee at a football pitch who controls the situation and doesn’t disturb the process of play. Betternet creators foresaw only one button ‘Connect’ for the VPN activation. Then the program changes the inscription into ‘Disconnect’ and waits until you start using all the advantages of a new IP address

Weak sides of Betternet

Possessing impressive facilities, Betternet is not without disadvantages. I’d like to present them to prepare you to possible difficulties with this application.

1. The authors of the program state that Betternet has servers in more than 10 countries, nevertheless, only American and British IPs are at users’ disposal. It is not enough and far from numerous countries around the world.

2. The second weakness is connected with first one. The residents of the countries, which are located far from the USA or the UK can face the problems with the speed.

My conclusion

Betternet can disappoint you over a poor geography of servers and speed (for some countries). But to my mind this is pardonable for a free, comprehensible, multiplatform VPN without registration. Numbers speak for themselves: over10 mil downloads, available on 6 platforms, 24/7 support. Thus, there are no obstacles to run Betternet on the devices of those who are looking for free decisions to be protected on the net.