Introduction to Freelan VPN

  • Posted on: 22 September 2017
  • By: cooltech

There are a lot of reasons why a free VPN will become necessary for you. For the most part people use VPNs to keep back the personality or the location. But what is the purpose?

Depending on your planned internet activity it is quite possible that you would like your online operations not to be monitored. In particular, I mean people living in countries, where the authorities monitor the internet activity of the residents.

Freelan VPN is in the list of tools for your privacy. This free VPN is assigned to the experienced users, for whom it is convenient to use a command line or Linux instrument. Freelan is a multiplatform VPN client, which uses peer-to-peer technology. This project is relatively new as its active advancement started only in 2013.


Freelan is an absolutely free tool with an open source code. Its setup can seem to be not an easy task for the novices in IT. The lack of graphic interface and numerous actions in the command line will be right only for pro users. For the majority of people it is the program that is to be avoided. But as for curious consumers with technical thinking who want to control every step of installation Freelan VPN is an ideal variant.

Freelan characteristics

The characteristics of Freelan VPN will demonstrate how this VPN works.

Supported platforms

Windows, iOS, MacOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi

Encryption method

AES 256-bit key, RSA 1024-bit key, RSA 2048-bit key




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Peer-to-peer technology


Freelan VPN doesn’t provide us with the information about the servers and their locations thus we don’t know what services will become available for us.  Also we don’t know whether this VPN provider keeps logs or not. As for me, it is among decisive characteristics while choosing a trustworthy tool for my protection on the net.

The reasons to choose Freelan VPN

In general Freelan VPN is worth using if you want to evade monitoring from the direction of authorities. There is a great variety to distinguish this VPN among other free private networks.

1. As any other really free VPN Freelan doesn’t cost even a cent. Thus, if you are a student, or your income leaves much to be desired you still have a chance to be protected by means of a VPN.

2. Freelan will surprise you with absolutely new approach to the network system.  Its main distinctive feature among other VPN projects is the facility to choose network topology:


  •  client-server (functions as an ordinary VPN, but the clients can or can’t exchange data depending on settings. In this case the server serves as a relay. Your computer will work as a server and all the rest connected to it will be the clients).
  •  peer-to-peer (the clients are interconnected).
  •  Hybrid (the best facilities of two variants are combined here).

Thanks to this advantage you can setup this VPN almost for any conditions. For instance, you won’t face any troubles if you want to get access to a domestic network or to control the net connections.

3. Freelan operates on the basis of its own tunneling protocol FSCP rested on User Datagram Protocol. This free VPN can work on both the Ethernet level (setting direct Ethernet connection between nodes) and IPv4/IPv6 level.

4. One more essential reason to choose Freelan VPN is that by means of its technologies you will not undergo replay-attacks. It is connected with the fact that sessions have limited longevity, as the accounts contain counters and control the time. To continue running the VPN you are to send ‘keep-alive’ message.

5. Freelan operates on numerous platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi. That is why you are not limited in what gadget to choose. Moreover, not many free VPNs run on Raspberry devices, but Freelan does.

6. Freelan clients will benefit from impressively reliable encryption, which is among the best facilities of a trustworthy VPN. Freelan authors foresaw authorization by means of a password and X.509 certificates. The minimal public key is RSA 1024-bit, but RSA 2048-bit key is more preferable. With Freelan methods of encryption you will not suffer from data leak or hacking attacks.

7. Secure communication is another bonus of this free VPN. Cryptographic algorisms used by Freelan VPN make your data unavailable for fraudsters. Just imagine that your conversation was eavesdropped. If you’ve talked about what to cook for a dinner, it would be fine. But what if you discussed with your boss your ideas of business improvement? I’m convinced you wouldn’t like the rivals to know about your plans.

The functions of Freelan VPN are really vital for computer users as nobody wants to be eavesdropped or spied by the government, hackers or business rivals. Freelan VPN operates successfully for four years.

The weak sides of Freelan

Nevertheless, while trying this free VPN provider I faced some weak points of the system that can be significant for a user. So, spend a couple of minutes on reading the following:

1. The first thing you will pay attention is the lack of information. Freelan doesn’t provide us with any information on its servers. We don’t know where they are located. The number of servers and IPs is not presented as well. Besides, we are not informed about the number of devices we can use. Thus the only thing we can do is to trust this free VPN.

2. Freelan installation can discourage some of you as instead of a usual procedure, OS installs new drivers, which control your traffic. The navigation is not simple at all and you’ll have to study a lot of material on the net to know how to use Freelan VPN.

My conclusion

In general the program can’t be called easy and it won’t cause quite a stir among the majority of users but I guarantee that Freelan VPN will excite curiosity in the circle of IT amateurs. If you opt into Freelan VPN provider, don’t remember that there is no graphic interface, that’s why you’ll have to control Freelan work by means of a command line.


I think that Freelan is not as strong among free VPNs as Betternet, for instance.It seems to be strange that there is little information provided about the servers. Are they real? Though, encryption is not weak, but it is the only plus as I can see (Still it is free!) .

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