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  • Posted on: 17 March 2019
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

How often we face the problem when the services like ‘Spotify’ are not available for us on the basis of our location. But is it so despairing for Android owners? The answer is evident – no. authors give a helping hand in this issue. They created totally free application that makes the process of net use reliable and unlimited. I pay so much attention to Android as not all free VPNs are available for our portable gadgets.

Having chosen you can browse, watch and stream anything you like from every country of the world. With you can unlock your favourite websites from wherever you are, stay secure with an encrypted connection and avoid tracking by obscuring your IP address. authors state that they believe in our right to privacy and it is the leading principle the followed while creating this product. Clarity and honesty are two key values of The owners of this free VPN provider don’t spend time and money to delete negative overviews or promote the project on the net. is totally anonymous as all your traffic is encoded until this free VPN is on. This free VPN provider cyphers your data and connects you to any website or mobile application securely. allows us to control our data stream through the VPN servers in a safe way. The system is fully automated so as you don’t have to be anxious about switching it on manually to use the net securely. Your personal IP is masked in order you to surf the net without revealing your location. characteristics

Some critics don’t trust free VPNs because of their characteristics, but I personally was thrilled by the basic characteristics of this free VPN. First look them through and you will be surprised as well.

Supported platforms

Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux and Windows

Encryption method

AES 256-bit key


OpenVPN and PPTP


2 countries


no info



Peer-to-peer technology



You see that among the advantages of there are log free policy, reliable tunneling protocols and numerous platforms supported.

The reasons to choose

On the assumption of basic characteristics we can conclude that there are scores of reasons to use it. Still I’d like to pay attention to the most significant ones:

1. Torrent trackers, ‘Spotify’, ‘Rdio’ and others are tortured to death by the legislation. But they work well in case you’ve chosen In so doing, this free VPN is not going to make a correction for traffic. Thus, you are not restricted in the data size you down- or upload.

2. The name of this VPN provider speaks for itself. It is REALLY free without any extra plans to subscribe.  

3. With your access to the net will be anonymous for free. Surf the net securely, being convinced that your passwords, credit cards data and bank accounts are not available for hackers.

4. Go private your online activity and location no matter where you are: at work, at the airport, at a café, at home or on the journey.

5. It is generally accepted that free VPNs keep logs. In its turn it can lead to the data leak. Absence of logs is certainly the important reason to choose The provider declares that the servers they possess are in off-shore areas, which provides us with real anonymity.

6. A great bonus of this free VPN is its multiplatform nature. Thus the application is compatible with MacOS, Android, Windows, Linux and iOS devices. Not many free VPN providers can boast of this advantage as they predominantly operate on one or two platforms.

7. Public wi-fi hotspots are everywhere: at cafes, at train stations and even in parks. And the majority is free, so how can we neglect an opportunity to use them. But adversaries lie in wait for us in such places. So once using public wi-fi you can lose important and even secret data. will overcome this problem easily, as it encrypts all your data.

8. Among bonuses of is the function of malware blocking. Thus, viruses won’t manage to attack your device. I’d like to mention that malicious attacks are not only unsafe because the can become the result of data leak but also they can slow down the work of your device and make the work on it almost impossible.

9. The registration is required if you opt into but a username and a password are already given on the official website of this free VPN provider. For sure, it is a plus as the system doesn’t make an inquiry about your E-mail for authorization as other free VPNs do. Note that usernames and passwords are different for OpenVPN and PPTP tunneling protocols.

10. The last but not the least reason to use for your protection is peer-to-peer function, by means of which it is possible to torrent. Thus, you’ll be not restricted in this issue.

Weak sides of

Having conducted a survey I’ve found only one minus of this Virtual Private Network. For sure, it is not significant but it does exist. As for me, I wouldn’t pay much attention to it because of numerous really decisive advantages.

1. can’t be proud of its servers’ geography as they are located only in two countries and the number of them is unknown for us. I reckon it is a minus, as it is unknown what services will be available for me after authorization.

My conclusion

Nowadays people use VPN services for the sake of anonymity and confidentiality and manages these tasks perfectly and it is a good choice for an average user to be protected against numerous cyber threats.