Introduction to VPNBook

  • Posted on: 7 March 2019
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

In the light of recent developments connected with total monitoring from the direction of the government, authorities, fraudsters and so on, the theme of internet security spins up. And whether you like or not, we start thinking about the issue – by whose authority someone bursts into our private lives. It’s like getting into your pocket or bag and trying to find something inside without your permission.

Honesty is the best policy, but this rule doesn’t always work on the net today. Sometimes we are to hide our real IP address. VPNs or mid-level networks are usually used for this purpose. The situation why we are to hide our IPs can be diverse: to access to the blocks website, for instance. In case you need them often and regularly it’s high time to ask the price of them. But my task was to find free variants of VPNs. At heavy capacity free VPNs are easier and more advantageous in running.

VPNBook is an utterly free unconstrained VPN service for our security and anonymity. Unlimited traffic, broad and reliable spectrum of traffic cyphering, optimized speed, strict confidence, servers location and compatibility with diverse applications whether they are torrent trackers, skype, games and so on are the distinctive features of VPNBook service.


VPNBook requires from us a qualified setup along with it the flexibility of this free VPN is higher. VPNBook offers us the network of servers and additional services.

VPNBook characteristics

To get to know VPNBook better let’s have a look at its basic characteristics.

Supported platforms

Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS

Encryption method

AES 128-bit key and AES 256-bit key


OpenVPN and PPTP


3 countries (the USA, Canada, the UK)





Peer-to-peer technology


The reasons to choose VPNBook

1. The project is free as it exists on donations. Thus, we can relax as our data won’t be sold to anyone with the purpose to earn money. Free availability is a wonderful bonus for those who can’t afford to pay for security.

2. The next advantage of VPNBook is its servers location. The servers are placed in three countries: the UK, the USA and Canada. Thus, we’ll pass by the blocked websites if we live in Germany or India, for instance. I hope you’ve heard about strict policy of these countries regarding to censorship and copyright. If Facebook or Youtube are still blocked for you, hurry up to use VPNBook to overcome restrictions of this kind.

3. Since the year of 2013 the government conducts too strict to my mind policy regarding censorship, thus, we are disabled to study latest news about the world affairs. With VPNBook we are allowed reading about any events in the sphere of economy, business, finances and so on.

4. As any other VPNs VPNBook gives us an opportunity to hide our IPs. The result of this facility is the strong protection against network fraudsters. Your IP address will become indecipherable for anyone apart from you. In this connection you can torrent and stream any content you like.

5. Among the most significant pluses of this free VPN service is that a proxy is based on web browser. It means that you don’t need any additional software to install, which is very convenient especially for non-technical users.

6. Additional level of security is reached as we are to setup the system on our own. It is very reliable in terms of security as we don’t install enclosed software.

7. From my point of view, it is really beneficial when there are variants of linking to private networks. VPNBook service possesses this facility. Thus, there are two tunneling protocols to use: OpenVPN and PPTP. The simplest variant is PPTP connection. But sometimes PPTP connection undergoes blocking and OpenVPN helps.

8. Among other bonuses I personally like is absence of registration. VPNBook client doesn’t have to register by means of an E-mail, which can lead to the data leak and anonymity nullification.

9. VPNBook service supplies us with relatively fast speed, which is enough for streaming and torrenting.

Weak sides of VPNBook

The weak points of free VPN provider VPNBook are not so significant as its advantages. Nevertheless, I can’t pass them by in this article:

1. The minus I’d like to cover first is that it keeps logs. The authors of this free service persuade that the lags are deleted weekly. But what if one week VPNBook logs will become the target of fraudsters and they reach it. In this case we won’t be secure anymore.

2. The number of servers is only 6 which is on the one hand is good as some free VPNs have even less, but on the other it is not enough to evaluated all the opportunities of anonymous internet surfing.

3. Free VPNBook provider is in the list of services that can’t be called multiplatform as it is compatible only with Android, Windows, MacOS and iOS. But what can do Linux users? Nothing. Just not to become among VPNBook clients.

My conclusion

I must admit, that VPNBook is first of all a means that helps us to pass by blockings but not an absolutely reliable security tool as it is not without essential minuses. If you are looking for a service which will guarantee that your actions on the net won’t be monitored, VPNBook is not the best variant, you’d better find something else.