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Introduction to VPN Gate

  • Posted on: 12 September 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Who doesn’t like freebie? I personally adore such things. I won’t pay for something if there is a variant not to pay. But unfortunately, we get used to the fact the free things, services and what not can’t be good. In this article I’ll try to prove the contrary.

The best way to be anonymous on the net and pass by any kinds of restrictions is to use services of Virtual Private Networks. Contrary to popular belief, to subscribe a VPN service this is by no means always the case you are to pay a lot for it. Moreover, the net is full of offers to provide us with such service for free. Besides, the functions of such free VPNs cope with numerous tasks successfully. So, let’s pay attention to VPN Gate, a free tool for your private internet access.

VPN Gate is an academic experiment. This project represents the Internet service based on the scientific research of the University of Tsukuba in Japan. According to the author of this research the aim of the project was to help usesrs located in countries conducting state censorship of the internet traffic. VPN Gate is as free and open for all comers as Tor. The VPN was launched in March 8, 2013 and during the first 5 days the service was used by 77 thousand people. Impressive, isn’t it?


VPN Gate characteristics

Supported platforms

Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS

Encryption method

AES 256-bit key


OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, SSL-VPN and Microsoft-SSTP


6 countries (the USA, the UK, Japan, Poland, Netherlands and the Russian Federation)





Peer-to-peer technology


VPN Gate characteristics are really astonishing as only a few number of free VPNs can supply us with such variety of countries to choose from. The presented characteristics bring us to the idea that there are a lot reasons to become among other lucky clients of VPN Gate provider.

The reasons to choose VPN Gate

In this part of the article I’d like to cover the main reasons of VPN Gate popularity among users and who knows may be these argument will become assential for you while choosing a reliable free VPN.

1. The first significant feature of VPN Gate that makes users around the world become its clients is the number of servers and their locations. The servers are located in eight countries of the North America, Europe and Asia and their number is over six thousand, which is very impressive for a free VPN servise. Thus, you won’t be limited in the content available on the net. Also such big number of servers allows your online footsprint become a really unique one.

2. The second reason that will definitely make you choose this free VPN is the facility to pass by fire wall of the government what became relevant in August of 2013. Thus, banned by censorship content will become available for you. Still hesitating, so let’s study the third advantage of VPN Gate.

3. This reason should persuade you to choose VPN Gate as privacy is thing you are looking for, aren’t you? VPN Gate changes your IP address into an IP of retransmission server. It is really useful for you as after such actions it’ll become impossible to trace your real IP address.

4. One more really beneficial moment is the variety of tunneling protocols VPN Gate provides its clients: OpenVPN is ideal for streaming and torrenting because of its fast seed; L2TP/IPsec is a great decision for a reliable data ciphering; Microsoft-SSTP works through fire walls; SSL-VPN allows us to access numerous service online really free and it doesn’t require any additional installation.

5. Available peer-to-peer technology makes this free VPN even more attractive among users. As for me, a really trustworthy VPN can’t exist without this technology, otherwise, it can’t be called full-fledged.

6. VPN Gate is available in three languages: English, Japanese and Chinese. Not many VPN providers can boast of such facility. Predominantly, VPNs are provided in the English language as it is an international language as Latin was some centuries ago.

Weak sides of VPN Gate

I’m convinced you are surprised with the facilities of VPN Gate, otherwise, you wouldn’t read this article till this moment. Nevertheless, you are to know some minuses of this outstanding free VPN:

1. According to the policy of VPN Gate this provider keeps logs. The authors connect such measures with anti-abuse policy. In this connection the following information is collected: time and date of your access, ID and IP address of a VPN server and client, used protocols, the size of your traffic. For sure, it is repulsive for us as we want to be safe on the net. Nevertheless, VPN Gate provider states that these data don’t influence your anonymity and our actions are under the strong protection.

2. One more weak point is the number of supported platforms – only 4. As for other free VPNs they are multiplatform and thus, more attractive for us.

My conclusion

As a matter of fact, this free VPN is worth using because of its outstanding features: number of servers, geography, diversity of tunneling protocols to choose from and so on. Your data will be encoded while transferring via the net, but on the other side you are to be prepared that this VPN provider keeps logs.

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