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Knocking to Microsoft Azure targets

Adam Kohnke
October 26, 2021
Image source – Enterprise usage and adoption of cloud technologies continue to experience tremendous year-over-year increases as the cloud pricing model, implementation flexibility, and ease of adoption are difficult to compete within a world of ever-tightening technology budgets. According to results of the 2021 Flexera State of the Cloud Report , the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption in both public and private sectors on a global scale despite cloud adoption...

Reputable hacker scraped 6 million Twitter data

Darina Shramko
October 12, 2021
Image source – Hackers never sleep − our team is convinced of every time new confidential user information leaks into DarkNet. This week, Twitter is gaining special attention from cybercriminals . A few hours earlier, a highly regarded hacker in the dark world unveiled a database of 6 million user data over 1 GB ! Well, let's figure out together how serious the consequences of scraping can be. Table of Contents: What is web-scraping? What data was scraped? What's next? Prevention...

Binance Helps Take Down $500 Million Worth Cybercriminal Ring

Ozair Malik
October 13, 2021
Image Source – From supply chains to healthcare sectors, almost all the industries connected to the internet are under the effect of the biggest threat to online security; Ransomware . Considering this, Binance to ensure the security and sustainable growth of the crypto world committed to protect ing and fighting against ransomware and frauds inflicted with it. Working with the Ukraine Cyber Police , Binance released their first case study of the Bullet Proof Exchanger Project ;...

Biggest Russian online retailer Wildberries lost data of more than 1 million users

Dmytro Cherkashyn
October 14, 2021
Image source – Hackers don’t have a weekends. This weekend a database with more than 1,064 million records of Russian giant retailer clients fled on DarkNet forum for free. How that hacker got the shared database remains unclear, since he didn’t provide any information regarding a source of the database. Table of Contents What data was leaked? How is it serious for users? About Wildberries What data was leaked? Since there was no clearly provided data on leaked information, the...

Is your webcam spying on you?

Hamna Imran
November 8, 2021
Image source – Webcam hacking has been around for as long as webcams themselves. Cybercriminals are constantly improving techniques for conducting smoother attacks. Do you use a laptop daily? But how often are you concerned with its security features ? Can a cyber-snooper target you through them? Well, yes! These attacks can target anyone, generally for ransomware attempts or stealing confidential information , including passwords, capture screen or keystrokes, track online...

Why is everybody speaking about next-generation firewalls

Hamna Imran
October 27, 2021
Why do we need to strengthen perimeter firewalls ? Once, a small number of people only utilized the Internet due to its high cost and restricted information. Also, security was not an issue at that time. A better technique for securing the corporate network was required as viruses and hackers got more motivated and sophisticated with time. It is where next - generation firewalls are helpful. They can do deep packet inspection and assess data entering the network at Layer 7 , the application...

How to find a folder with Steam screenshot on any platform

Ozair Malik
November 1, 2021
Image Source – Being a gamer, taking the record of your gaming skills or a moment of glory must be so amusing. For this purpose, Steam , a gaming platform with more than 30,000 games under its belt, provides the option of taking and storing screenshots of the whole GUI . The problem many users face using this platform to play and take screenshots is how to take screenshots , or, if accepted, where do they find them ? Table of Contents What is Steam? Why use Steam? Taking...

Springhill medical center under Cyberattack, deprives mother of her child

Ozair Malik
October 15, 2021
Image source − Amid a ransomware attack , the Spring Medical Center was held responsible by an Alabama mother, Teiranni Kidd, for her daughter's death. Reputedly, then a failure in the electronic devices due to the Cyberattack , the doctors could not adequately monitor the child's health during delivery. Nicko Silar was killed due to these unfortunate events, though the hospital still stays in denial. At the same time, the suit clearly stated that the computer systems had been...

Tools of choice to monitor bandwidth and network usage in 2021

Hamna Imran
November 8, 2021
Image source − Let me tell you a story of a Carlsbad resident Eddie Sanchez, who was notified of excessive internet consumption like four other TDS customers. Have a look at this letter: Image source - The company urged him to upgrade from residential to business internet because his excessive network bandwidth consumption slowed down the network. I think it's pretty obvious that nobody likes slow internet in today's fast-paced life , and having no idea about the...

Evolving non-standard viruses languages will get you in a trap

Dmytro Cherkashyn
October 18, 2021
Image source – Any casual user today knows that there is a threat in every file which is attached to SCAM emails. We also know how to check files for viruses using our preinstalled antivirus or online antivirus check services, where 50-70 antiviruses are scanning the file in the cloud and deliver us a clear answer, is there anything malicious within the file. What you didn’t know, most antiviruses are 0% effective against even non-obfuscated malicious files, which are not compiled...

Microsoft Exposes Iran linked Dev-0343 targeting defense and maritime sectors

Ozair Malik
October 20, 2021
Image source - Table of Contents What is DEV-0343 When was it discovered? Who was affected Password Spraying Technique used Nearly 20 accounts breached Microsoft Observed Behaviors Recommended Defense Techniques Conclusion What is DEV-0343 DEV-0343 is an Iran-backed hacking crew recently blamed Microsoft (An American multinational company in technology) for cyber espionage on Persian Gulf countries, the US, and Israel . Microsoft put an allegation, which claims that they...

Ransomware Attacks, biggest threats to UK security?

Ozair Malik
October 17, 2021
Image Source - On Monday, October 11, 2021, Lindy Cameron marked her first-year tenure at the National Cyber Security Centre as the CEO . At the Chatham House speech, Cameron warned the nation of the cybercriminals and other malicious actors as a great threat . We expect ransomware will continue to be an attractive route for criminals as long as organizations remain vulnerable and continue to pay. It was also said at the conference by the chairperson that companies that pay and stay...

Apple Updates IOS 15.0.1 to 15.0.2 To Fix Zero-day Security Flaw

Ozair Malik
October 19, 2021
Image source - Apple has released a new security update, 15.0.2, against a vulnerability CVE-2021-30883 in their recent models of IOS and iPad. The update includes a fix for a memory corruption bug that allowed an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges, as reported by the Apple support page on Oct 11, 2021 . Apple also stated that they are aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited, so the users are advised to install the update at their...

Google Inspect 80 million ransomware Samples: Here's what they found

Ozair Malik
October 19, 2021
Image source - Fraudsters not only need money; they threaten to disclose sensitive or essential information when companies do not pay or when they contact legal authorities. For example, if you run a healthcare organization. The impact could be devastating - as evidenced by the new report of a drug attack that found hospital invasions leading to delays in tests and procedures, lengthy hospitalizations, and even death. Concerning ransomware distribution, attackers do not seem to need...

Current Cyber Threats to Water and Wastewater Systems in the United States

Ozair Malik
October 18, 2021
Image source – Table of Contents Joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) Overview of potential Threat Spread Phishing Ransomware Internet-connected Application Exploitation Control system devices with vulnerable firmware versions are being exploited Mitigations Mitigation to the Network Mitigations to the Safety System Operational Mitigations Cybersecurity Upskilling - Exercises in the Water Sector Cybersecurity Virtual Workshop Threats to WWS from Cyberspace Be Cyber Smart Why Cyber-...