The best and free VPN for Canada: is it worth the risk?

Last updated: September 20 2019 By Sam Chester

The best and free VPN for CanadaOur life gets closer to the Internet every year. You can’t imagine our education, work, or leisure without it. Mobile devices have already become full-fledged computers. The era of threats from malware left mostly behind. Live and be happy! But it’s not as simple as you might think…

Since the Internet deeply has got into our life, it became a tool of spying and ‘’entering’’ our houses. New bills are promoted all over the world, which enable the authorities without a judicial decision to gain access not only to our data but also to our devices.

In fact, after they gain unlimited access to any information, we aren’t private at all and lose the right to integrity of the person. And it happens not only in countries with a dictatorship of power.

That is why there is a question about using a VPN in democratic Canada.

In this review, I will not only give you 3 best and 3 free VPNs for Canada but also will answer important questions:

  • Why do more and more people in Canada worry about their privacy?
  • Why is it dangerous to be very open on the Internet?
  • How can you protect yourself?

I will start with the situation around the Penal Code.

Privacy-threatening bills

All the bills represented here have been adopted or canceled, or have not been accepted over the last 7 years.

2012 – the modifications relating to digital copyright and the responsibility for its violation were added to the Copyright Act (С-11);

2013 – an attempt to push on Bill C-30, which under the guise of children’s protection was supposed to give the Canadian authorities full powers to monitor the activity and to decrypt the citizens' data records by using ISPs (Internet service providers). It was the fourth attempt since 2010 to authorize access to personal data of citizens.

2015 – adoption of Bill C-51 (Anti-Terrorism Law), which gives the authorities the power to crack or capture the data of any device. 

Daniel Therrien, the appointed federal Privacy Commissioner considers that Bill С-51 "opens the door to collecting, analyzing and potentially keeping forever the personal information of all Canadians".
It was withdrawn in the same year.

2017 – one more attempt to make changes in the Penal Code of Canada to access private information. It has not been adopted yet.

There is one more serious fact which proves the Canadian government’s been secretly spying on Canadians:

2013 – A federal judge of Canada Richard Mosley criticizes Canadian Security Intelligence Service for the fact that they passed on espionage for Canadians to foreign agencies (“5 eyes” alliance or FVEY). 

More information can be found here.

This information makes you think about a big hidden game and taking additional measures to protect your privacy with a VPN.

3 best VPNs for Canada in 2019

I offer three VPN services which are the best in all parameters, including privacy and security. Meanwhile, they aren’t located in Canada and have a free trial.

1. NordVPN Canada

NordVPN Canada

NordVPN is the leader of industry in the price-quality category. Incredible 5100+ servers in 60 countries for $3.49 per month (the current discount is 70% off).

The key opportunities of NordVPN:

  • hiding IP (faking your geo-location)
  • unhackable encryption of traffic and websites visited
  • “No Logs” policy
  • Applications for all platforms

Extended functionality:

  • Unblocking Netflix for the USA and other countries
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • A 7-day free trial for mobile applications
  • Double VPN
  • Ad-blocker
  • Obfuscated servers
  • P2P/torrent servers
  • Dedicated IP
  • Up to 6 connections

The provider practically doesn’t have any cons, except the low speed at certain servers. NordVPN has a loyal Panamanian jurisdiction beyond intelligence alliances. In combination with the lack of logs on servers, high speed, AES-256 encryption, a wide range of locations, and intuitively understandable, and reliable applications without IP leaks is the best choice for the most possible tasks a VPN can do.

Visit NordVPN

2. Surfshark Canada


Surfshark is an alternative way, but with a lower price. You may pay only $1.99 for a two-year plan. The provider has been working for almost a year, but it has earned the trust of many users for quality and security. The apps’ tests haven’t shown any vulnerabilities and anonymity risks. Reliable 256-bit encryption will help to prevent the information being intercepted.

The key opportunities of Surfshark:

  • hiding IP (concealment of the location)

  • unhackable encryption of traffic and attended addresses

  • “No Logs” policy

  • Applications for all platforms

  • $1.99 per month

Extended functionality:

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • A 7-day free trial 
  • Adblocker
  • Protection from tracking and malicious websites
  • An option to turn off a VPN for particular applications
  • Geo-restricted streaming assistance
  • P2P/torrent assistance
  • Up to 7 connections


  • Some locations have low speeds
  • A ‘’young’’ provider

Surfshark offers locations in 800 servers in 50 countries. It’s less than NordVPN or CyberGhost have, but more than other VPNs have.

Surfshark’s safe jurisdiction on the British Virgin Islands beyond a “5 eyes” alliance allows reaching maximum anonymity and privacy.

Visit Surfshark

3. CyberGhost Canada

CyberGhost Canada

CyberGhost is one more a multi-purpose VPN with developed infrastructure and a high level of services. It has Romanian jurisdiction with laws, which guarantee personal privacy. 

The key opportunities of Cyberghost:

  • hiding IP (concealment of the location)
  • unhackable encryption of traffic and attended addresses
  • “No Logs” policy
  • Applications for all platforms
  • $2.75 per month

Extended functionality:

  • A 45-day money-back guarantee 
  • A 1-day free trial 
  • Adblocker
  • Protection from malicious websites
  • Prevent online tracking
  • An option to turn off a VPN for particular applications
  • A wide range of special servers for streaming
  • P2P/torrent servers
  • Up to 7 connections


  • Some locations have low speed
  • A high price for 1 month

CyberGhost VPN has more than 3700 servers in 60 countries. The apps were tested for the lack of IP leaks and have a Kill Switch function, which additionally protects during VPN’s reconnecting. 

The opportunity to choose the apps without hiding IP makes it convenient to browse local websites where using VPN is undesirable. The price is quite low for a three-year plan, but it’s high for a short-term using. 

Visit CyberGhost

Taking into account the jurisdictions and features offered by the abovementioned services, they are worth using in Canada. However, what makes any VPNs the best for any country is the fact that they are paid, even if they have free trials. Many people don’t want to pay or can’t pay for VPN subscriptions. Are there any free providers with the same VPN? No, there are not. But it doesn’t mean that free providers are poor! It depends on what you need from a VPN.

I am going to tell you about three free VPN services with their restrictions, but probably you will find the best for you.

Top 3 free VPNs for Canada

There are no unlimited free VPNs, but there are paid VPNs with a free limited tariff. However, you may find so-called “Free VPN” apps for mobile devices which are actually browsers with a proxy. For example, Opera VPN or Hola VPN. There are dozens of them! I don’t recommend to use it in Canada. Specialists have studied the VPNs’ technologies many times, and tunneling protocols (IPsec, OpenVPN) have passed the test of time and don’t have any vulnerabilities. What can I say about how such browsers with a proxy protect the data? Only the information the owners promise. Moreover, a proxy works only for websites opened in the one browser. The traffic of other apps remains defenseless. Specialists can easily get access to a device. That’s why I offer you only real free VPNs, which have passed security tests and use mature technologies. 

However, I advise against using a free VPN. VPN servers, to which you are going to connect, are separated for free traffic, where thousands of people, many of whom involved in criminal activities, use them.  The IP addresses of these servers have been compromised and listed in the databases of dirty IPs long ago.

1. Canada Canada is one of the fastest free VPNs which has an unlimited free plan and the apps for basic platforms. Good speed for free VPNs is a rarity. I had to test dozens of providers to find a really excellent free VPN.

So, what does offer for free? What kind of restrictions does it have?


  • Up to 2Gb of traffic per month
  • 4 countries (5 locations)
  • 1 simultaneous connection


+ High speed

+ “No Logs” policy

+ Strong AES-256 encryption with 8192-bit RSA key

+ VPN platforms and routers’ support


- No torrenting

- Failed to stream the US Netflix 

- Not compatible with Win 8.1 (but it works with Win 10)

Overall, Malaysian VPN provider offers good conditions for a free version. Of course, 2 Gb per month is too little for full web-surfing, but it’s the best that you can find for Canada with good speed. is a bad option for P2P because torrenting is forbidden for US locations. Moreover, I couldn’t open some torrent-websites of NL. Read our review of the best VPNs for torrenting.


2. ProtonVPN Canada

ProtonVPN Canada


Swiss VPN provider ProtonVPN focuses on high privacy for users and has a free 2 in 1 plan. The first 7 days are a free trial of the “Plus” plan, and after its end, you can use a limited free version without any time restrictions and volume of traffic.

Restrictions (after 7 days):

  • Below-average speed
  • 3 countries (the US, NL, JP)
  • 1 simultaneous connection
  • Torrenting is unavailable
  • Failed to stream Netflix


+ No time or volume restrictions

+ “No Logs” policy

+ Strong AES-256 encryption with 4096-bit RSA key

+ VPN platforms’ support, including Linux


- No torrenting (including KODI)

- Low speed for video content

So, ProtonVPN is a good alternative to with lower speed without volume restrictions. “No Logs” policy, reliable Swiss jurisdiction and the lack of problems with security make it suitable for use in Canada.

Visit ProtonVPN

3. Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection Canada

Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection Canada

Kaspersky knows how to protect your device from any threats. You may use antivirus protection with a VPN for absolute security. However, the antivirus doesn’t have a free version, unlike VPN. Kaspersky VPN offers 200-300MB per day for free, but an active account for the antivirus provides the only 300Mb. 


  • 200-300Mb per day
  • Limited choice of location


+ High speed

+ “No Logs” policy

+ Strong AES-256 encryption with 4096-bit RSA key

+ VPN platforms’ support


- No settings for routers and Linux

- The Russian jurisdiction

Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection is a quality product from an expert in the field of information security. And it has good conditions of using a free VPN if the location isn’t important. But the Russian jurisdiction of Kaspersky is controversial. On the one hand, it is definitely outside the intelligence alliances that can secretly monitor the citizens and guests of Canada. And on the other hand, Russia is not a friendly country for the US and the region of North America.

You may choose this VPN if for some reason other providers didn’t suit you.

Visit Kaspersky VPN

Why is Сanadian VPN not on the list?

The main purpose of using a VPN in Canada is the protection against hidden tracking, logging, and listening. So, the companies obeying the Canadian authorities or the companies of FVEY (5 eyes), cannot guarantee complete privacy. It’s more secure and effective to use a VPN jurisdiction in neutral countries or offshores. In this case, the possible legal pressure on the company will be minimized.

Unfortunately, our list doesn’t include two good free VPNs:

  1. Windscribe offers up to 10 Gb per month for free.
  2. TunnelBear is one of the best VPNs with up to 1 Gb per month.

A VPN and a law

Is it legal to use VPN in Canada?

Yes, it’s absolutely legal. VPN technology doesn’t mean any technologies with vulnerabilities, backdoors or other illegal methods. Moreover, VPN is not only hiding IP and encryption IP addresses. It’s a broad technology, without which any modern company can’t work. Corporate networks are frequently developed on the base of this technology for the establishment a private virtual network. It saves a lot of money and resources and gets rid of installing private networks. So, you are free from any questions if you do not use a VPN to commit crimes.

How to use a VPN in Canada?

The question arises immediately after the user connects to a VPN. Is it enough only to switch on a VPN? Do you need to configure anything else?

Do you need to keep a VPN on all the time? Indeed, there are some nuances of effective using of a VPN. In most cases, you may simply click on the connection, because good VPN apps automatically set up the optimal configurations. You always can find them, if you know, where they are.

There are the main criteria for an optimal VPN connection:

  • Choose the closest location outside Canada for maximum speed. But remember that a VPN will always work much more slowly than your ISP (Internet service provider). That’s why don’t expect the increase in Internet speed. As a rule, all the abovementioned VPNs have “Optimal” или “Best Location” choices for connecting. 
  • Choose a Double VPN or the server located in the countries with laws protected private data for maximum security. For example, in Romania. 
  • Kill Switch or its analog should be included for IP protection. So, your IP will remain hidden during the change of locations or Internet reconnection. 
  • Follow the active VPN connection on Android mobile devices. It can spontaneously turn off while the screen is off. There are Android peculiarities. So, the VPN apps can’t guarantee a 100% active VPN.
  • Try not to use a free VPN, as their IP addresses are listed in various blacklists because of dishonest users.
  • Always use a VPN in public Wi-Fi networks. There is a real threat of hacking mobile devices and the interception of personal data by hackers.

Following the recommendations, you will ensure of comfortable using without additional participation of all advantages of Virtual Private Network.

There is a simple rule for time using a VPN – the more devices and the longer they are connected to the VPN, the better.

The conclusion

Canada is a beautiful, democratic, peaceful country, but because of the tensions between neighboring countries and many countries around the world, as well as very severe and controversial copyright laws, more and more people are forced to think about additional security during their online activities. Unfortunately, this situation takes place globally in recent years.  So, the use of a VPN is an accessible and effective solution. 

I hope the review was useful to you. Good luck!

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