Free VPN to Download: Definitive Guide to Free VPNs

  • Posted on: 21 January 2018
  • By: cooltech

Hi guys! I am here to guide you in free VPNs.

What will you know from this Definitive Guide to Free VPNs?

What a free VPN is and how it works;

What free VPN to download for Windows 7;

... Windows 10;

… Mac;

And everything you need to know about free VPNs.

#1 What is a free VPN, why to use and how it works

A free Virtual Private Network is an alternative to paid VPN services. They can be used free of charge without any subscription. Sometimes it is enough a few clicks to install a free VPN app and use it for the device you need.

Now I’ll give you at least…

5 Simple Reasons why to use a free VPN

#1 Internet Service Providers and authorities may track your online activity

#2 The Internet is full of hackers and snoopers who are eager to interfere into your traffic

#3 A lot of websites and services are blocked due to geo-restrictions.

#4 The Internet is too censored in some countries with severe legislation system.

#5 Some services or technologies are not safe to use without a VPN.

How a free VPN works: 3 Main Strategies it applies

Step 1:

A free VPN provides a user with an IP address that will hide a real one.

Step 2:

A free VPN encrypts the data transferred through the network.

Step 3:

A free VPN makes it possible to unblock inaccessible sites.

As you know. VPNs (and free VPNs as well) can be compliant with various operating systems. Let’s see which VPN services to download for Windows:

All 5 free VPNs from reviewed by me are compatible with Windows: Betternet, FreeLan,, VPN Gate, VPNBook.

Let’s have a look at the PROS and CONS of them:


Betternet pros:

Betternet cons:

  • AES 256-bit encryption;
  • OpenVPN and IPSec are applied;
  • Log-free (it is promised by the developer);
  • No bandwidth limits;
  • P2P is available;
  • 10 server locations.
  • Only two protocols are at disposal;

Read more about Betternet in its review.

FreeLan VPN

FreeLan pros:

FreeLan cons:

  • Military-grade AES 256-bit, RSA 1024-bit encryption;
  • No bandwidth limits;
  • P2P is available.
  • No info about logging policy;
  • No info about server locations;
  • One protocol for encrypting, and OpenVPN is unavailable.

Read more about FreeLan in the review. pros: cons:

  • Reliable AES 256-bit encrypting;
  • OpenVPN can be applied;
  • No logs are kept (as it is mentioned on the site).
  • No bandwidth limits;
  • P2P is available.
  • Only two server locations;
  • Only one alterntive for encrypting.

Read more about in the review.

VPN Gate

VPN Gate pros:

VPN Gate cons:

  • Strong 256-bit encrypting;
  • Multiple data-transferring protocols are applied (OpenVPN is disposable);
  • No logs are kept (as it is mentioned on the site).
  • 8 locations of servers;
  • No bandwidth limits;
  • P2P is available.
  • Only one alterntive for encrypting.

Read more about VPN Gate in the review.


VPNBook  pros:

VPNBook cons:

  • Strong 256-bit 128-bit encrypting;
  • OpenVPN is disposable;
  • No logs are kept (as it is mentioned on the site).
  • No bandwidth limits;
  • P2P is available.
  • Only two encrypting protocols;
  • Logs are collected (but deleted every week).
  • 3 server locations.

Read more about VPNBook in the review.

Which free VPN services to download for Mac? Read my latest post on best free VPN for Mac .

How to download a free VPN?

That’s not a hard task to download a free VPN on your computer or smartphone. You just need to take a few simple steps. They are like these ones:

#1 Open the site of free VPN you want to download and find a button like on the screen. (it might be ‘’Download app’’, ‘’Get app’’ and others.

How to download a free VPN?

#2 Open the app packet to install the VPN software.

#3 Start using the free VPN after installation.

I’ll suggest 4 more free VPN s to download for 2019. You might try:

Avira VPN

The developer of Avira VPN suggests the following functions free of charge:

  • 500 Mb of data transferring per month
  • Encrypting of traffic on the network
  • Private surfing due to IP changing
  • Unblocked restricted websites
  • Prevention of DNS leaks
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Start using the free VPN after installation


This VPN provider offers a free package with basic features for a VPN user who doesn’t want to use a paid VPN. What can or can’t you use for free in ProtonVPN:

You can:

Apply ProtonVPN for ONE device;

VPN servers in three countries: the Netherlands, Japan and the USA.

You can’t use for free, but they are available in paid packages:

  • Plus Servers;
  • Secure Core;
  • Tor Servers; ProtonMail Visionary.

Note: I won’t recommend using Free ProtonVPN for streaming as the speed is low.


Hola is another free VPN to download. If you chose a free version of Hola, you become a peer of the company with the opportunity to perform the following:

  • Bypass Internet censorship on the websites around the world;
  • Get free fast speeds for browsing;
  • Browsing with no ads;

I’m happy to get any comments from you! What free VPN for Mac do you use? Which of these free VPN have you tried?