The best VPNs for Kodi: 3 popular + 5 free

Last updated: October 11 2019 By Dean Chester

The overwhelming number of free VPN services represents the nightmare in terms of security and restrictions bypassing.


It’s easy to answer:

  •  The level of security of such free VPNs is far from ideal.
  •  Some free VPN providers store user data for the purpose of further selling it to advertisers (like ISPs do).
  •  Slow server speed because they are overloaded with users.
  •  Limited number of facilities (lack of kill switch, split tunneling and so on).
  •  They can’t unblock services and addons.

Nevertheless, there are still good paid and free VPNs to use.

The best VPNs for Kodi:

Free VPNs for Kodi (with some restrictions):

Numerous streaming services block VPNs: both free and paid. And nowadays, it is an uphill struggle to find a free VPN provider that would work with services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO.

And nowadays, it is an uphill struggle to find a free VPN provider that would work with services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO.


Kodi is the way-out. Being an open source cross-platform media player, Kodi makes it possible to create your own library that would contain the best content. And there is no need to stream via blocked services.

Kodi is the way-out.

Don’t miss it!

Having installed some additional Kodi addons, you’ll get access to the best services using only one application.

There is no need to open numerous sites and apps, create usernames and passwords, pay for subscription. Kodi will do it instead of you (except payment for sure).

Do I need VPN for Kodi?

There is no doubt!

Reason #1

Kodi gained its popularity thanks to free access to streaming movies, music and so on. This access is not always legal.

For example, Kodi is considered to be unlawful in the UK according to the “Copyright, Design and Patent Act” (1988).

If a Kodi addon is blocked in your country, you need a VPN.

The best free VPN for Kodi unblocks restricted for your region addons and gets access to sites you like.

Reason #2

Unfortunately, we are not well-informed in the sphere of legislation. As a result, sometimes Kodi users stream pirated content without knowing it.

In order not to be punished for such activity, it’s better to subscribe for a free VPN service. It will help to conceal your IP address. So, you won’t be subjected to illegal activity via your Kodi account.

As a result, sometimes Kodi users stream pirated content without knowing it.

To cut a long story short, the combination of Kodi and a VPN is fantastic.

Three best VPN services for Kodi

This list is made on the basis of technical features analysis, practical tests and feedback of real Kodi users who use it through VPN.

All three services are paid. Unfortunately, there are no free VPNs which provide their users with such kinds of services as unlimited traffic and speed. You can forget about limits and feel safe only with a paid VPN.

So, let’s start!

NordVPN: The best VPN for Kodi

Nord VPN for Kodi

​​NordVPN gives you an opportunity to use Kodi anonymously and safely. The basic features of this service are modern technologies of hiding your IP address, including the protection of IP leaking, the strong traffic encryption and “No logging” policy.

Perhaps, I haven’t used such a user-friendly app before at other providers. Moreover, it is suitable for every device. You can use one subscription to install NordVPN on 6 devices simultaneously. So, you can use it not only for Kodi but also for other tasks:

  • Protect your devices and personal data using public Wi-Fi;
  • Unblock limited content and websites;
  • Bypass censorship if there is one;
  • Hide IP addresses of the websites you visit (ISPs collect and save this information for some years).

This list doesn’t include all features of NordVPN.

Why is NordVPN the best one?

According to the results of our research and the research of many other sources with the rating of VPN, NordVPN is the leader of the industry that combines affordable prices and security with highly-developed infrastructure. 5200 record-breaking servers in 60 countries offer each user to choose almost any location. Kodi will work transparently for your ISP and other scanners and filters in every location. The provider also has special servers with traffic obfuscating for countries which block VPN.

NordVPN guarantees keeping “No logging” policy, so all your torrent videos or other online activity will be hidden.

Prices and plans:

  • $3.49 per month ($125.64 for 3 years)
  • $4.99 per month ($119.76 for 2 years)
  • $6.99 per month ($83.88 for 1 year)
  • $11.95 for a monthly subscription

A 7-day trial version is available for mobile phones.

NordVPN has a good price for a 3-year subscription. It is a long period of time, but you can totally trust this provider. It has been on the market for 10 years, and during this time it has never spotted its reputation.

Visit NordVPN

Surfshark: One of the cheapest VPN services

Surfshark for Kodi

​Surfshark combines the features of a good VPN service with an excellent price. Meanwhile, the functionality that play an important role for Kodi are on the highest level:

  • AES-256 encryption;
  • “No logging” policy;
  • Special servers for copyright content.

Additional functions of Surfshark will be useful while doing other tasks (Surfshark allows you to connect the unlimited number of devices using only one subscription):

  • Protection from phishing sites;
  • The Whitelister function which allows you to choose apps and websites for which IP address won’t change.

Prices and plans:

An excellent price for a 2-year subscription:

  • $1.99 per month for 2 years ($47.74)
  • $5.99 per month for 1 year ($71.88)
  • $11.95 for a monthly subscription

Visit Surfshark

CyberGhost: Special servers for copyright content

CyberGhost for Torrenting

​​CyberGhost is not a large service, (3600 servers in 60 countries), but it has special servers for unblocking geo-restrictions content and for anonymous P2P/Torrenting. These servers are set in places which are friendly to this kind of activity and suitable for Kodi. Apps are available for all platforms: Windows, Android, MacOS, Linux.

Prices and plans:

+ a 7-day free trial version for Android and iOS.

Among the CyberGhost VPN advantages, I would like to point out that there is an opportunity to refund your money for 45 days with no questions asked.

Visit CyberGhost

Best VPNs for torrenting, because these services have all characteristics as required for Kodi

I present to you 5 VPNs which can do it, but with some restrictions about which I am going to tell you further.

1. Windscribe for Kodi

Windscribe for Kodi​Almost all free VPNs have traffic volume restrictions or speed restrictions. Windscribe stands out with the smallest number of restrictions. Using Windscribe, you will get from 2GB to 15GB per month:

  • 2GB per month in a case of registration, but without using your e-mail

15GB per month in a case of your e-mail registration and if you tweet Windscribe.

As any other providers with free tariff plans additionally to traffic limit, there is also a choice of locations limit. Only 10 locations are available for you.

Tweet Windscribe to get more traffic

Visit Windscribe

2. ProtonVPN for Kodi

ProtonVPN for Kodi​There is an alternative to the traffic limit – free VPN with a limited speed. The best one from these VPNs is ProtonVPN. Moreover, the first 7 days will be full trial days for its “Plus” version.

What advantages and disadvantages does ProtonVpn have?

One of the main advantages is that you shouldn’t monitor your traffic bandwidth. One of the main disadvantages is that high quality video content and other tasks won’t be available for you.

Visit ProtonVPN

3. TunnelBear for Kodi

TunnelBear for Kodi​The following providers from our list are also suitable for Kodi, but they have a lot of restrictions.

TunnelBear restricts its users with the volume of free traffic, from 500MB to 1000MB:

  • 500MB for standard use;
  • 1000MB if you tweet this service.

Pros and cons of TunnelBear:

On the one hand, the pros are the animated version which makes the apps more attractive.

Tunnelbear app

4. for torrenting for torrenting​2 GB free per month with an opportunity to choose from 5 locations – these terms are offered by VPN. This provider doesn’t have any peculiarities. The only thing which I would like to mention is that I faced some problems with the installation of the app on Windows 10.

5. Kaspersky VPN for torrenting

Kaspersky VPN for torrenting​Kaspersky is a recognized expert in the field of protection from antivirus. Not long ago it has launched its VPN version. We are also interested in its free tariff plan for VPN.

It is unusual because it limits traffic bandwidth not for months, but days. 200MB – 300MB are available for free each day:

  • 200MB if you haven’t got any accounts for its antivirus software;
  • 300MB if you have one.

It is obvious, that it is not enough for watching one film or one episode of series. But unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer providers with free tariff plans. That is why we need to choose from what we have.

In the Upshot

Nowadays, people use free VPNs to both become protected on the net and access entertaining sites and services.

Having become one of 38 million Kodi consumers, you’ll definitely want to experience the best streaming via various Kodi addons.

But how to unblock them?

Now you know what to do!

Subscribe for the best VPN for Kodi and be convinced you’re using the most complete and diverse service.

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