Free VPN for Mac: do I need it?

  • Posted on: 18 January 2019
  • By: Sam Chester

What operating system is your computer run on? Windows? Linux? Mac?

In case you are the owner of MacBook, this post is definitely for you. If you still don’t use a VPN for Mac, at the end of the article you’ll change your mind.

Do I really need a VPN for Mac?

Mac platforms have always been considered to be more reliable than Windows OS. The developers of the platform integrated into it strong tools to face viruses and hacking attacks.

I agree that they do a lot for ensuring virtual safety of their customers, but Windows is equipped well enough. But why Windows users are more frequently vulnerable to hacker attacks that Mac customers?

Personally, I think that it depends on the fact that Windows OS is applied by major part of computer users.

It becomes clear when you take into consideration the figures netmarketshare,com below:

The research of operating system market share shows that Windows occupies the hugest position in purchases on the market.

The research of operating system market share shows that Windows occupies the hugest position in purchases on the market.

I believe that hackers might choose Windows users as targets just because the number of them is bigger.

Still, you, Mac users shouldn’t be so self-complacent as there are serious cyber attacks on Mac OS.

Do you remember KeRanger, Fruitfly or Mac Downloader? They are kinds of recent ransomware and malicious software that attacked MacBooks in various ways.

Thus, hacking attacks is number ONE reason why to use a VPN for Mac (at least free VPN for Mac).

Another reason is using it for Safari. What is Safari? If you are just thinking of obtaining a Macbook, you might not be aware of it…

This is what Wikipedia says about Safari…

‘’… a web browser developed by Apple based on the WebKit engine’’.

Those who take use of Macbooks need a VPN for Safari to be protected while using free Wi-Fi. A VPN will help Mac customers to avoid revealing their identity to the websites visited by them.

How VPN for Mac and Safari works

      How VPN for Mac and Safari works


 A VPN codifies traffic between the Internet Service Provider and the user of Mac and Safari browser agreeably.

How does it actually work for you?

Before you get connected to the Internet, you activate your VPN. Then you perform an internet connection via VPN tunnel where all the data transferred is encrypted. The Internet Service Provider won’t see what information is passed.    


 Mac user’s IP address will be hidden from prying eyes.

How does it actually work for you?

When you get connected via VPN server, your true IP is changed into that belonging to Virtual Private Network. Your ISP won’t identify that it is you visiting this or that website. And that’s not all… It makes you anonymous as the websites visited won’t be able to define you.

Can I use free VPN app for Mac?

Agreeing to use a free VPN app, you need to understand that free software or free of charge versions often lag some goodies.

I tried to find good free VPNs that work with Mac and have a set of decent features for safety and privacy on the network.

I’ll suggest you several alternatives with their pros and cons. You may select among them and find the best VPN for Mac.

Among 5 best free VPNs picked out for 2019, VPNBOOK is not compliant with Mac OS that’s why I won’t take it into account.


Betternet is one of the most widely-used and downloaded completely free VPNs nowadays. Lots of positive and negative comments can be found on forums: some users like it, while the others don’t. Still, like many services it has both pros and cons. Let’s see them:

Betternet pros:

Betternet cons:

  • AES 256-bit encryption;
  • OpenVPN and IPSec are applied;
  • Log-free (it is promised by the developer);
  • No bandwidth limits;
  • P2P is available;
  • 10 server locations.
  • Only two protocols are at disposal;

Read more about Betternet in its review.

FreeLan VPN

FreLan is another absolutely free VPN that requires registration in order to download its app. It is worth mentioning that it is multi-platform client with a number of useful features to have at hand.

FreLan’s pros and cons are:

FreeLan pros:

FreeLan cons:

  • Military-grade AES 256-bit, RSA 1024-bit encryption;
  • No bandwidth limits;
  • P2P is available.
  • No info about logging policy;
  • No info about server locations;
  • One protocol for encrypting, and OpenVPN is unavailable.

Read more about FreeLan in the review. is not bad for a free service. It offers the number of basic features that will be necessary to encrypt internet traffic and fake IP-address of a Mac user. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons I found in the service. pros: cons:

  • Reliable AES 256-bit encrypting;
  • OpenVPN can be applied;
  • No logs are kept (as it is mentioned on the site).
  • No bandwidth limits;
  • P2P is available.
  • Only two server locations;
  • Only one alterntive for encrypting.

Read more about in the review.

VPN Gate

VPN Gate is a free VPN that works with Mac and provides rather useful functions. As the three VPNs mentioned above, VPN Gate has both advantages and disadvantages. What are they?

VPN Gate pros:

VPN Gate cons:

  • Strong 256-bit encrypting;
  • Multiple data-transferring protocols are applied (OpenVPN is disposable);
  • No logs are kept (as it is mentioned on the site).
  • 8 locations of servers;
  • No bandwidth limits;
  • P2P is available.
  • Only one alterntive for encrypting.

Read more about VPN Gate in the review.

My choice as the best VPN services for Mac:

Betternet or VPN Gate

I’m happy to get any comments from you! What free VPN for Mac do you use? Which of these free VPN have you tried?