Free VPN and Reddit: Users are Against

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Free VPN and Reddit

This article covers two topics:

1. Analysis of the reviews from Reddit about a VPN. It's not a secret that Reddit is the best place to get acquainted with not only user reviews of almost any service but with the sphere of Virtual Private Network (VPN). There are hundreds of reviews of free and paid services providing a VPN service (VPN services, VPN providers or just VPNs) But are they true? Is it more reliable to study user reviews?

We offer a 2-in-1 review of VPN services for various topics created by the experts based on user reviews of Reddit.

2. The best VPN for unblocking Reddit. Unfortunately, Reddit is unavailable in China. It was partially blocked in India in March, 2019. Also, some countries may block specific topics. In this article, we'll show you how to unblock Reddit easily and safely.

Moreover, you’ll know how we have eliminated unreal Reddit reviews, why we take into account only the latest reviews (no more than 1 year) and why you should not use VPNs even with good reviews.

Use the quick navigation to the desired chapters:

1. The Analysis of the Reddit Reviews of a VPN

2. The Features of the Reddit Reviews of a VPN

3. How Can You Unblock Reddit?

1. The Analysis of the Reddit Reviews of a VPN

Almost all reviews and articles published on CoolTechZone were written on the basis of the opinions of real users. We take them from Google Play Market, Apple App Store, Twitter, various forums and, of course, Reddit.

So, we want to share the experience of analyzing reviews and offer really valuable VPN services for a variety of purposes. Let's start with the best multi-purpose VPNs. And do not be surprised when you’ll find the same services on certain topics.

And we agree with users’ opinion that a good VPN is excellent in almost everything. But there are exceptions.

Let’s start.

The Best VPN according to Reddit

A lot of VPNs are discussed on Reddit. We have chosen only those which are more often given as a multi-task example by the users. It helped us to prepare dozens of our reviews.

We took into account the availability of applications for all platforms, the lack of IP leaks and logging policy.

But common users don’t know the difference between VPN services ☺

NordVPN1. NordVPN, Nord, Nord VPN

NordVPN is the leader of the popularity on Reddit. It is good for everything. And you can hardly find a topic about a VPN where NordVPN isn’t mentioned.

There is a vast majority of positive reviews but there are also negative reviews.

I’ll give you some examples.

Positive reviews:

The use of NordVPN allows unblocking Netflix:

NordVPN helped the Australian to unblock the US Netflix

The user karmakoma1980 received two responses to the question about NordVPN: ‘’What VPN is to choose to replace PIA for Netflix?’’

Two answers to the user karmakoma1980

The user UncleMyers concerns about the NordVPN speed has become bad. But the user was given the answer about the necessity to change a server:

The answer for the user UncleMyers about NordVPN

This response also claimed that there were not any problems with NordVPN:

Another answer for the user UncleMyers about NordVPN

The user yanno88 is looking for a VPN for using crypto. NordVPN was recommended to the user:

NordVPN is a cheap VPN for unblocking websites

Negative reviews

NordVPN is cheap only with a 3-year plan:

Criticism of NordVPN pricing policy

There are problems with iPadOS:

NordVPN blocks the Internet on user's iPadOS

You may find many positive and negative reviews about NordVPN. So, it’s difficult to determine if it is a good VPN or not. Our long-term experience of work with reviews will help. All VPN providers have negative reviews without exception. But how many bad and good reviews does NordVPN have? To answer this question, you need to spend more than one day to read hundreds of posts.  Thanks to our job, we did it instead of you: NordVPN has much more positive reviews. Read more about NordVPN in our review here.

ExpressVPN2. ExpressVPN, Express VPN, Express

The second most popular among users of Reddit is probably ExpressVPN.

It is a premium provider that offers many advantages but it is not a cheap VPN.

The price of its services starts from $8.32. By the way, if you use our link, you will get a 20% discount on an annual subscription.

What do Reddit users mean when they recommend using ExpressVPN?

Positive reviews:

Traditionally, Reddit users spend a lot of time discussing Netflix:

ExpressVPN helps you to unblock Netflix

The high score of ExpressVPN speed for torrenting:

The user estimated ExpressVPN speed for torrenting

ExpressVPN is used in China:

ExpressVPN works in China

Negative reviews:

ExpressVPN does not support all Netflix countries:

The problem with access to Netflix

Complaints about the work of Split Tunneling (the choice of applications for which a VPN is disabled) – it does not work on PC:

ExpressVPN Split Tunneling failure

ExpressVPN is suggested for many purposes, even for using in China. However, we know that ExpressVPN doesn’t have VPN protocol obfuscation so it’s not safe for users. Thus, it is not included in the review of VPNs for China.

You may use it for other purposes without worries. And we agree with users that there are the same reliable and cheaper VPN providers.

Read more about ExpressVPN in our review here.

Private Internet Access3. Private Internet Access, PIA, Private

Private Internet Access (PIA) is known for its high speed and the highest security standards. It is perfect for hiding IP, allows torrenting but will be especially interesting for advanced users because it offers many VPN connection settings.

How do Reddit users assess PIA?

Positive reviews:

The users discuss VPNs speed. According to @SonicIPTV, NordVPN is slower than PIA:

PIA high speed

PIA “No-Logging” policy was confirmed once again:

“No-Logging” policy was confirmed once again

And you may find the attached link that confirms this information.

Negative reviews:

Is PIA good for Netflix? No, it isn’t:

PIA doesn’t work well with Netflix

As any service, PIA has failures:

A temporary problem with DNS PIA

Private Internet Access is not so good for Netflix and it is more expensive as NordVPN but the proven high speed and extended connection settings make it attractive for any other destinations. Therefore, PIA has so many fans and few opponents. In general, after analyzing the topics of the Reddit posts with the mention of Private Internet Access, I believe that it’s a very serious company that even concerns politics and sponsorship.

There are many posts about cooperation with large IT companies

It sharply highlights PIA among competitors which have 70-80% of posts about support Netflix.

Read more about Private Internet Access in our review here.

The Best VPN for Netflix according to Reddit

Unblocking Netflix is the most popular topic on Reddit connected with the use of a VPN. It was not difficult for us to analyze the opinions of users and come to a clear conclusion which VPNs are better with unblocking Netflix.

CyberGhost1. CyberGhost

Thanks to the special servers for streaming in combination with a developed infrastructure, CyberGhost is the leader in the balance of positive and negative reviews. It easily bypassed premium ExpressVPN and pushed back NordVPN. CyberGhost has about 20 servers for different streaming services and TV channels. It’s also good for Roku when you use it on a router.

CyberGhost price is lower than NordVPN.

NordVPN2. NordVPN

If CyberGhost is the leader in the balance of positive and negative reviews, NordVPN is the leader in the number of Netflix users. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have special servers for streaming, it copes well with geo-restrictions. But there is one remark. Users report that sometimes it is necessary to look for a suitable server in unpopular locations. But everything works well for the US, CA, UK. Some users complain about the speed. But as practice shows, it is a matter of choosing a server.

Surfshark3. Surfshark

Surfshark is a new VPN in this review. It is a ‘’young’’ VPN service that has become a professional in a year. This is confirmed by our research and user reviews.

Surfshark, as well as NordVPN, doesn’t have special servers for streaming but it also copes with unblocking Netflix, Hulu, and others.

There are some Reddit reviews:

The user NetflixViaVPN asked if it was possible to change NordVPN for Netflix to Surfshark. And here’s the answer:

Surfshark works with Netflix in 14 regions

Another user likes Surfshark:

Surfshark has a good speed for Netflix

We did not analyze the reviews of 2018 when Surfshark began to develop. We could not find negative posts or reviews of the work of this provider with streaming in 2019.    

The Best VPN for Android according to Reddit

What is the difference between a good Android VPN and just a VPN? The difference is in application operation. Indeed, the comfort and safety of the user depend on the application operation. It develops a VPN channel, blocks leaks and is responsible for all additional functions. So, according to Reddit, we know about the three leaders of VPNs. Are they in line with the three leaders of Android VPN? Yes, they are ☺

The user SRT47 asks others what is the best VPN for Android? Here’s the answer:

The list of the best Android VPNs according to the Reddit user

This is not the only opinion were the main VPNs are listed. We constantly analyze Reddit updating our reviews of VPN services and have seen many other VPNs that are successfully used on Android devices. However, it seems that other providers don’t have as many positive reviews as NordVPN, ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access have.

Also, you may find ProtonVPN (read the review of ProtonVPN). But it’s difficult to find anything about  IPVanish and VyprVPN. But they were among the leaders in the reviews 2 years ago. All these providers offer constantly updated applications for Android. They do not require additional settings, are easy to use and not different from the desktop versions in functionality.

The Best VPN for Torrent Users according to Reddit

Millions of users around the world actively use torrents - video content, music, software, books, tutorials. But it is also well known that torrenting is illegal in many countries. Reddit users have repeatedly complained that they were fined for downloading completely harmless files. But it would not have happened if they used a good VPN that does not keep logs and has a Kill Switch. What VPN services for torrent do people recommend on Reddit?

CyberGhost1. CyberGhost

Due to the fact that CyberGhost has special servers for torrenting, it also deserves the attention of users. Of course, it doesn’t keep logs. The provider has been working since 2011 and there aren’t cases about keeping logs. A user review who have chosen CyberGhost for the “No Logging” policy:

Review of the lack of logs with CyberGhost

NordVPN2. NordVPN

It is expected that the VPN leader will also be in the top three VPNs for torrent. NordVPN does allow torrenting, does not keep logs, has high speed and provides well-protected applications. We won't quote from Reddit. Believe me that there are a lot of positive reviews.

Private Internet Access3. Private Internet Access

PIA is advised by users because it doesn’t keep logs. If other VPNs only claimed their “No-logging” policy, but PIA proved it in 2016 and 2018.

Here’re some reviews about PIA:

PIA review for torrent


PIA review for torrent on Linux

The Best Free VPN according to Reddit

A separate category of posts and reviews consists of free VPNs. Some people like them but others criticize them. And it’s hard to choose a free VPN than ordinary paid VPNs because the field of using free VPNs is worse than paid VPNs offer. According to the reviews, they do not work well with Netflix and they have low torrent speeds.

For example, some reviews of a free VPN and Netflix:

A Reddit user doesn’t recommend using a free VPN for Netflix

And this is the answer to the user thinkpad who is looking for a free VPN:

A Reddit user doesn’t recommend using a free VPN

Another user doesn’t recommend using a free VPN:

Another user doesn’t recommend using a free VPN

We will analyze the example of the three most popular free VPNs among users of Reddit to know more about their nuances.

ProtonVPN1. ProtonVPN, Proton VPN, Proton

ProtonVPN can do many things for free. It can unblock Netflix, allows torrenting with high speed and a good choice of locations. But you may only use a 7-day free trial with a plan “Plus”.

After this period, torrenting and Netflix will be unavailable, the speed will decrease, the number of locations and using devices will be limited.  But still, there will be an opportunity to use the VPN to solve simple tasks, like unblocking sites and surfing anonymously.

Positive reviews:

The review of ProtonVPN application operation:

The review of ProtonVPN application operation

There are two messages about ProtonVPN good speed:

The message about ProtonVPN good speed - 1

The message about ProtonVPN good speed - 2

Negative reviews:

There is a post with a warning about the danger of using Free VPN:

A post about the danger of using Free VPN

The user YellaDef (ProtonVPN customer support pointed out his error) tried to unblock Netflix with a free server on a paid plan by mistake and it did not work:

ProtonVPN user chose a free server on a paid plan by mistake and it didn’t unblock Netflix

Read our review of ProtonVPN.


2. Windscribe

Windscribe is popular on Reddit. It’s a free plan with a 10Gb traffic limit per month which more than other similar VPNs have. Moreover, there are many offers which extend bandwidth. For example, a discount that extends bandwidth up to 50Mb. However, there are complaints about the speed that we’ve confirmed by the tests.

Positive reviews:

The user 420BAXTER is looking for a good free VPN and here’re the responses:

Windscribe is recommended for free using

Windscribe was recommended for Firestick:

Windscribe is recommended for Firestick

Negative reviews:

There are complaints about the speed. For example:

The review of Windscribe low speed

Connection problems are on Android:

No connection on Android with Windscribe

Keep on reading more in our review of Windscribe.

VPNgate3. VPN Gate, VPNgate

VPN Gate is the network of VPN servers owned by volunteers. It does not have an application only for PC, and users of other platforms can use it with OpenVPN client or by setting up a VPN manually. It is not as easy as using shrink-wrap applications but it is quite effective.

The experience of the successful use of VPN Gate on iOS:

The experience of the successful use of VPN Gate on iOS

But there are some negative reviews. For example, in this review it was called “sketch”

The recommendation to use a full-featured VPN as an alternative to VPN Gate

Keep on reading more in the review of VPN Gate.

So, Reddit can offer a lot of useful information. But some messages aren’t similar to the truth. We have seen a lot of posts where users expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of VPN services but their problems were only the result of their inexperience or high expectations.

Therefore, you should not choose a VPN only by reviews. I recommend you to take into account the opinions of professionals and compare information from Reddit with the reviews created by experts. It will allow you to save time and money.

2. The Features of the Reddit Reviews of a VPN

The VPN industry is a dynamically developing market where key changes can happen within a month. Some providers can support Netflix today but they won’t do it tomorrow. Others have a free trial today but they won’t offer it tomorrow. And we can say the same thing about user complaints. Good VPN services quickly correct defects and then the relevance of complaints is lost.

Reviews of VPN services should be analyzed from the latest to the oldest. However, these reviews should be posted within a year. Otherwise, their objectivity is completely lost which was confirmed by us. Another feature of the choice of VPN on Reddit is a large number of paid reviews and advertising. It is connected with high competition and low prices in the VPN market. Companies actively use marketing and manipulate potential users. You need to distinguish objective posts and recommendations from advertising.

But even a good intuition and search experience do not guarantee that a chosen VPN will be the best for you. There are some technical features that few ordinary users can understand: nuances of encryption protocols, authentication, application protection, and others. It may cause unpleasant surprises and danger. Thus, we suggest combining professional studies with the analysis of the experience of Reddit users.

3. How Can You Unblock Reddit?

If for some reason you can’t open Reddit, then your ISP or network administrator blocked it. The first thing you may try is to change your DNS in the configurations of your IPv4 connection.

The list of public DNS servers which are affordable for free:

  • and (Google)
  • and (Cloudflare)
  • and (Norton)
  • and (Comodo)

If it didn’t work, you have Virtual Private Network (VPN) to bypass Reddit blocking.

Why is a VPN the best way to unblock?

We choose a VPN technology to bypass blocking and have anonymous Internet access because it is both the most efficient and the most multifunctional way. There are other methods (TOR and proxy) but they have many limitations (although their use in combination with VPN is desirable in particularly complex tasks).

The most important advantage of a modern VPN for users is VPN services in the market that provide both a free VPN and a paid VPN. They make the use of VPN easier and more efficient than other ways do.

But you can’t call any VPN service as an excellent VPN, especially if it is a free one. That's business. And like any business, there are honest players in the VPN industry and those who want to make money with only a beautiful wrapper. VPNs have very different infrastructure and capabilities. You can choose a good VPN only with the help of technical tests and practical use, taking into account the accumulated opinions of users. We've been doing this for you for four years.

In the next chapter, you will read about the best VPN providers presented by CoolTechZone unblocking sites that can cope with The Great Firewall of China.

The Best VPN to Unblock Reddit

All providers presented here have the technical feature to bypass blocks of private networks and blocks made by any country.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is good for unblocking Reddit because it offers:

  • a huge number of servers (more than 5000),
  • excellent protection of personal data on the user's location,
  • “No Logging” policy,
  • VPN protocol obfuscation.

It really works in China, Iran and other countries with strict censorship. To start using, you only need to subscribe anonymously on the NordVPN website. The service costs $3.49 per month but there are two ways to use NordVPN for free:

  • a 7-day trial period for mobile devices,
  • a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We highlight that you may subscribe anonymously. NordVPN accept both credit cards and other personalized payment methods and cryptocurrencies. Visit the NordVPN website or read more in our review of NordVPN.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is less popular than NordVPN but it is also effective for unblocking Reddit.

There are Surfshark necessary characteristics to bypass blocking:

  • 800+ servers
  • User IP protection, reliable traffic encryption,
  • “No Logging” policy,
  • VPN protocol obfuscation,
  • Double VPN.

We tested the apps for all devices and found that No Borders mode (obfuscation) is only available for the desktop version. It means that mobile applications may not help to use Reddit in China, Iran, etc.

But Surfshark is cheaper than NordVPN and costs $1.99 per month.

You additionally may get:

  • a 7-day trial period for Android and iOS,
  • a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark is available anonymously with cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Visit the Surfshark website or read more in our review of Surfshark.

3. AstrillVPN

AstrillVPN is popular among the citizens of the Asia region. It is connected with the fact that it has many servers in the region, is adapted for use in China, and offers two VPN protocols with obfuscation.

  • servers in 155 cities in 64 countries,
  • user IP protection, reliable traffic encryption,
  • “No Logging” policy,
  • obfuscation of two VPN protocols,
  • Dedicated IP,
  • Double VPN.

AstrillVPN will easy help to unblock Reddit in any country but it costs higher than competitors’ offer. You may pay more than $8.33 per month.

However, AstrillVPN is affordable for free with a limited choice of countries:

  • a 7-day trial period for all platforms with phone verification.

You can pay for the service by card, UnionPay, PayPal, Alipay, Perfect Money and bitcoins.

Visit AstrillVPN

Is It Safe to Use a VPN?

The high efficiency of a VPN technology is often puzzling. Is it legal?

The answer is clear: it is absolutely legal in ALL countries of the world.

Technically, this is only a feature of the TCP/IP Protocol which is used by absolutely everyone who is connected to the Internet.

Many companies and government agencies could not work without a VPN. However, in some countries, the use of foreign and not approved VPN services by a government is limited or prohibited. First of all, it’s connected to political reasons. The authorities detect and block illegal VPN connections with the help of technological tools. Is it safe? Perhaps, it isn’t. But millions of people try to gain access to blocked resources, including Reddit. The prosecutions are extremely rare but it is much safer to use VPN services adapted to strict censorship we have told you.

You can find more information about adapted VPNs in our review of VPN providers for China.


So, we studied two big questions about VPN and Reddit. Now you know that it is possible to choose a good VPN from reviews but you can miss essential information without expert assistance. That’s why it is better to combine a user opinion and a professional opinion.

But, you may find the most valuable experience of millions of users of all possible aspects of Internet life on Reddit. Access to this information is not available for everyone but it is quite easy and secure to solve the issue with a VPN.

Curiously, thanks to Reddit, we know how to unblock it ☺

We hope that this review was useful to you.

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