FrootVPN Review: Credible enough to use in 2019?

  • Posted on: 9 February 2019
  • By: Dean VPNchester

Without any doubt, VPN services are in demand nowadays. But what to do if you can’t afford a paid service? Find and use a free one. Unfortunately, most of the free VPNs aren’t credible, but it depends on what you are going to use it for.

Have you already seen our latest proXPN and AzireVPN reviews? Yes? That’s fine! But today I’m going to present you FrootVPN review. In the review, I’ll tell you about its features and define its pros and cons.

The review contents for you to find the necessary section faster:

How to get FrootVPN for free?

FrootVPN is not totally free like ProtonVPN and doesn’t offer a free version like Hoxx VPN. Still, there’s an opportunity to use it for free for 30 days, but there are some details you need to know about.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee which means you have to pay for the service before refund the money. Here’s the extract which is taken from the Refund policy of FrootVPN (link).

FrootVPN logging policy

According to it, when you subscribe for FrootVPN for the first time, you can request a refund within 30 days after the order.

Thus, this VPN is not suitable for using it for a long time. Still, you can consider it for traveling or business trips. 

Privacy and security features

Most internet users need a VPN to unblock restricted websites. Still, many of them forget about other VPN’s functions: privacy and security. Let’s see how FrootVPN performs those functions. 

What's a FrootVPN logging policy?

According to the policy of the VPN provider, no user information is collected or stored. Have a look at the screenshot from the website as a proof of FrootVPN’s no-log policy.

FrootVPN logs

It’s vital for a VPN provider not to keep data about users, especially IP addresses. It makes such a VPN more reliable as regards privacy on the network. In this matter, FrootVPN gets the wind of other free VPNs.

What encryption is applied by FrootVPN?

The VPN service encrypts all users’ data with a 2048-bit encryption key, which stronger and less vulnerable to being hacked than an average 128-bit key.   Still, if you read further about the protocols on the site, only 256-bit encryption is mentioned.

Moreover, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is available, and TLS1.1 is supported by FrootVPN software. 

What protocols are used?

The following protocols can be chosen for secures connections: OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. All of them can be used for your needs, but I’d recommend OpenVPN to get more safety. PPTP is not advanced enough for modern internet connections. 

Any additional features?

A number of other good VPN features are offered by FrootVPN. Among them are P2P connections available for all servers. It’s worth saying that a lot of VPN providers avoid P2P connections and don’t allow torrenting through their VPN server or restrict the number of those supporting this type of file-sharing.

In addition, there are no limits both for server switching and data bandwidth. You can transfer as much data as you need and changes locations as many times as you wish. Finally, the provider of FrootVPN promises high-speed internet connections. 

FrootVPN features

Servers and platforms of FrootVPN

Now let’s see where the provider of FrootVPN offers the servers and what platforms it is compatible with. 

Platforms supported by the service

FrootVPN is compatible with the devices running on all operating systems: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and even Linux. It works on routers as well. 

How many servers does FrootVPN provide?

Here is the full list of countries with FrootVPN servers (each server supports any of the three protocols). All in all, the servers are located in 18 countries.

Region Country
Europe France, the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, the Isle of Man
Asia South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, Japan
North America Canada, the USA
South America Brazil
Australia Australia

How to use FrootVPN?

As FrootVPN is not an unlimited free VPN service, it is not worth using for a long period of time. You’d better prefer it for traveling or business trips. If you need a free VPN service for more than a month, you’d better try the alternatives mentioned further.

I’ve mentioned above that torrenting is allowed with this free VPN on all servers, so if you aren’t a regular torrent use, you don’t need a paid one for these needs. When you decide to download a film or game once per month, FrootVPN is a good alternative to paid VPN.  What’s is more, logs aren’t kept, which

Important! Avoid torrenting without VPN. Read more to know why you’d better download torrents via VPN anonymously. 

Conclusion: pros and cons

So, what’s the verdict? Is FrootVPN worth using in 2019?

Here are its pros and cons:

+ 3 protocols (OpenVPN is supported);

+ 18 countries with VPN servers;

+ P2P is allowed on all servers;

+ Advanced data encrypting;

+ Compatibility with all platforms;

+ No logs are kept;

- No free version, only 30-day money refund. 

Top 3 alternatives

Try these free VPN services as the alternatives to FrootVPN:

The provider offers a free limited plan. It’s allowed to transfer no more than 10Gb of data monthly. Like FrootVPN it can be used for torrenting as well.

It’s not totally free, but it has a 7-day free trial. Its servers allow torrents, but the data is logged and kept for 60 days.

It is free for 3 days. There are servers in 27 countries. Kill switch and DNS leak protection are provided.

I hope this FrootVPN is useful for you. Leave us a comment in the form below.