Worthwhile free VPNs

Welcome to this website! Here you will study how to be secure on the Internet without paying a cent. What I mean is that here we will discuss free Virtual Private Networks. I mean those ones, which are really free.

Got captivated? Then here we go!

To begin with, we are to identify what is a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is a common name for the technology that provides several network connections over another network. Putting all technical explanations aside, a VPN allows being unrevealed by third parties.

Maybe one day you started looking for a reliable tool to be protected against numerous threats from the net but gave up this idea because of escalating prices. Some VPNs cost hundreds of dollars a year.

But if you are a student or your income is not high enough, the best decision is to use a free VPN. To find a suitable for you VPN we will study some characteristics of the best free VPNs.

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The characteristics presented in this table prove that a free VPN is not the worst security tool for the up-to-date users. Free VPNs don’t concede ground on paid versions. They also can be used on multiple platforms and as a result on PCs and numerous portable devices.

Having studied the basic characteristics provided in this article, you will be able to choose the best free VPN for you to be secure.

What you should pay a special attention is log absence. Betternet VPN and freevpn.se are the best according to this criterion. If you want to be really protected by a free VPN, you’d better look narrowly at these VPNs, as log absence is the guarantee that your data won’t undergo tracking or collecting by third parties.

One more important characteristics to be reckoned with is a protocol. The more protocols are available, the better a VPN copes with different tasks on the net.

Thus, VPNs using OpenVPN tunneling protocol are the best for torrenting and streaming content online, as it provides a high speed of data transferring. L2TP is a great tool to make the data secure, and it is easy in use. Thus, even a novice at IT will deal with it successfully.

What can you do with a free VPN?

Cyber frauds, information leaks, data, and thefts are nothing new in a modern online environment. However, it is evident that hackers and snoopers become more resourceful.

Unfortunately, crackers are not the only threat the Internet holds today.

#1 Say 'no' to the blocking

It might be so that you like to choose what online resources to visit, what pages to browse, and what search engines to use. Meanwhile, the governments of many countries regularly restrict access to some services and websites. The reasons are diverse.


You will not have to wait when the helm of state changes the mind. The best free VPN providers (like Green VPN or Total VPN) are at your fingertips. They will help to improve the situation to the better when unblocking the desired web pages and mobile applications. Thus, with a good free VPN it'll be easy to unblock Reddit from any region of the world.

#2 Use the best torrent trackers

As it happens, the word 'torrent' is associated with the illegal content. All the while, torrents are only the resources that contain certain information, irrespective of whether its distribution infringes a copyright or doesn't do it.

There is a great number of torrent platforms where you could download music, books, soft or any other content. In the event you argue into the lawfulness of your actions, a free VPN service will assist you in downloading all the necessary material no questions asked. 

#3 Good IP changer

Are you sick and tired of the ads with microwave ovens, T-shirts, and weight-loss drugs? Perhaps, once the curiosity got the best of you, and you clicked on the pop-up with an attractive picture. And now the browser 'thinks' such information is interesting for you.

Many companies monitor your online activity all day long to make use of the gained data with the advertising purposes.

Good news!

You can jump the monitoring of Google, Amazon, and other companies. Any time you open your browser, your IP address will be different (of course, if you are a VPN user). It makes impossible for third parties to monitor you and as a result spam you with ads.

#4 VOIP apps are yours

The increasing popularity of audio calls and video chats through messengers and online services make the adversaries be interested in such application. However, it is not always safe to use such apps today. For example, Skype was in the rating of the worst applications if take into consideration the security characteristics in 2016.

Thus, it is reasonable to show preference to the messengers which cipher users' data. Telegram is one of such secure applications for communication. And here is one more Telegram, as well as some other VOIP apps, cannot be used in some regions. In such a way, Telegram is blocked by the governments of China and Oman, whereas it is partially blacklisted in Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia.

The VPN usage steps up the chance of reaching security while communicating on the net.

#5 Public WiFi can be safe

Nowadays, any popular public establishment (whether it is a cafe, cinema or a bookshop) is furnished with a free WiFi hotspot. On the one hand, it attracts people and makes them spend more time (and money) in this place. But on the other hand, it can bring many troubles for both free WiFi hotspot users and the place.

Such hotspots attract hackers, as public establishments don't pay much attention to WiFi hotspots. As a result, it becomes a child's play for hackers to crack them. In its turn, instead of a free access to the net, people fall victims to data leakages, snooping, and money theft.

When a free VPN is installed on a device connected to the net through a public WiFi hotspot, there're no worries here.

#6 Make your cloud storage protected with a free VPN

Modern gadgets become very convenient. They substitute other things like notebooks, camera, calendar, and many other things. Cameras on smartphones undergo development on a regular basis. Therewith, gadgets don't cope with the storage and the need in additional place to keep arises.

Clouds are the best tools that can be used for this purpose. However, it is not always safe to store personal information there. Cloud services are inconceivable without a user-friendly interface. The developers sometimes neglect access control mechanisms in chase of an attractive and simple interface.

As a result, your photos and other sensitive information can be stolen and shared with third parties. Does such outcome of the case attract you? I doubt! 

Be convinced that the best free VPN app will solve this problem in a matter of minutes.

#7 Watch Bing Bang Theory

Users, who tried to stream any content online, quite often face the problem of lags and buffers. Moreover, many internet users face the problem of inaccessibility. When dealing with foreign streaming sites like Hulu or Netflix, it is not always possible to enjoy the content to the full. 

Using these services through a free VPN allows changing your IP address and forget about the restrictions of your region.  Just connect to a free VPN server and unblock Big Bang Theory.

#8 No speed troubles

Unfortunately, some Internet Service Providers regulate the load performance of some sites as agreed with third parties. Why do they need it? It's evident! When a user spends too much time on opening a site, it's unlikely he will use it again in the future.

The good news is that a VPN service can help you with such speed reduction, which will allow you surf the net, download files, and stream movies at high speed.

Some ISPs strive for the prohibition of VPNs. But the number of Virtual Private Network providers increases daily, so that such ban becomes hardly probably.

#9 Find advantageous offers

One of nontrivial benefits of a VPN usage is the facility to save on hotels and flights. Having connected to a VPN server located outside your region, you have an opportunity to compare the prices of different providers and pay for the cheap flights, tours, hotel rooms, and many other things.

This owes to the fact that the most part of sites collect charge on the basis of the IP address of a user.

Try several VPN IP servers to check which country is the most advantageous in terms of prices and save your money.

Try several VPN IP servers to check which country is the most advantageous

Have you made a decision to become a VPN subscriber?

That's great!

How to choose a free VPN service: #5 аwesome hacks for you

In order for you not to fall into adversaries’ clutches, I’ll assist you in finding the best free VPN. Here are several tips you are to follow to find a really worthy VPN provider free of charge. Be attentive!

Search for a free VPN service compatible with various platforms

At present, modern gadgets are based on various operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux. Free VPN services are also compatible with various platforms, but not all free VPN services work with all of them at the same time.

That’s why you need to be sure whether a free VPN app can be compatible with your devices. The more platforms there are available, the more functional this VPN is. It seems that most of the free VPN services (for example Whoer VPN) can be installed on three main operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS/Mac.

Note! In fact, we’ve already prepared a report about the best free VPNs for Mac gadgets!

Analyze what encryption is used

Encryption is one of the most crucial functions for free VPN services as the security of user’s personal information depends on it. Still, the degree of encryption shouldn’t be too high, so that your Internet won’t be too slow. 128-bit/256-bit encryption seems to be enough for a common user.

The level of your data protection depends on this characteristic, so it is necessary to take seriously to this issue.

Find a free VPN service with strong data transfer protocols

OpenVPN is the coolest protocol and to keep your data safe and protected against hackers, snoopers and other third parties. PPTP is not recommended as it is not believed to be a reliable one.

You will not have to be a tech savvy-person to know how to download a free VPN.

Study the list of free VPN servers

I'm not going to misinform you saying that the server networks of free VPN providers count thousands of servers placed worldwide.


In deed and not in name, the number of servers and their location is usually rather small. On average, a free VPN offers its servers in 10 countries around the world. Such small amount of locations is explained by the fact that servers need money to function properly.

One way or another, free VPNs manage to cope with all the tasks of the modern world wide web (for example, a free VPN can unblock Roku. The only rule you should follow is to choose a VPN server to connect to wisely. 

Do a couple of tests

One way or another, free VPNs manage to cope with all the tasks of the modern world wide web. The only rule you should follow is to choose a VPN server to connect to wisely

I dare assume that if you turn to a free VPN service, you look for privacy and security on the net. However, not all providers can make this kind of display.

In order for you not to suffer from a chancy provider, it is strongly recommended to do a couple of tests:

  • IP leak test allows identifying if the provider hides your IP in a reliable way or not.
  • DNS leak test will help you to find the holes in your VPN provider. In case a user experiences a DNS leak, the provider know what sites are opened by a user whereas the rest traffic is encrypted.
  • Speed test shows the speed reduction (if it is) when a VPN connection is established. To understand if your free VPN provider influences the speed of your internet connection significantly.

It is important to note that free services can also be worthwhile otherwise they wouldn’t be so commonly used. The traffic of some free VPNs reaches 1 petabyte a day, millions of people all over the world regularly use them, and the names of free VPNs are mentioned thousands of times by mass media.

Besides, thousands of network users discuss free VPN on Reddit and be sure there’re lots of positive free VPN reviews. 

Are there any alternatives to free VPNs?

Nowadays, there are several tools that are known as alternatives to VPNs. However, not everything is so simple.

Proxy servers

Security on the net is as important as a reliable protection against viruses. Well selected proxy server can be used to meet these goals. They differ in protocols (SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP, AND HTTPS) and… of course, price. There are both paid and free proxy sites.

The main disadvantage is a rather short period of a stable work.

However, if you have opted for a paid proxy, a lot of useful functions will be offered.

Pluses of proxies:

+ anonymity of a client (achieved only if all the rules are followed);

+ compatibility with all browsers;

+ DNS requests belong to the server used;

+ fake IP is offered.

Minuses of proxies:

 browsing history is stored on the server;

​ attacks through XSS and plug-ins are still possible;

​ it lacks data ciphering;

​ old versions of sites can be shown.

Thus, proxies may be used instead of a free VPN when you want to bypass censorship and unblock sites. However, they don’t cipher your traffic, and even your IP may be stored.

I don’t think they are useful!

The Onion Router

This tool is also known as Tor. It is usually used by journalists, activists, and bloggers who want to express their ideas on the net anonymously. The weakest point of Tor is the speed. In view of multilayer encoding, the speed becomes unfit for streaming.

Together with it, the Onion Router has a very attractive positive side – it is absolutely free of charge. You will never have to pay for its use.

Pluses of Tor:

+ access to any site you like;

+ social networks are at your disposal wherever you are;

+ personal interface customization;

+ protection against malicious sites and files.

Minuses of Tor:

 DNS requests are not encoded;

 server contains your browsing history;

 problems with the speed are possible;

 traffic is possible to be monitored.

Well, you see, Tor is not a bad variant to make use in case you strive for less strict access to online content. However, if you look for real anonymity, it is better to show preference to VPN providers.

A free VPN combines the best sides of Tor and proxy technologies and makes it possible to:

  • bypass censorship without speed reduction;
  • be absolutely anonymous on the net;
  • access any site you like.

Why do free VPNs exist?

So many myths about free VPN software you can read on the net… But not all of them are worth entrusting.

Everyone has the right to privacy notwithstanding his age, place of birth and… income! But not all people can afford to pay $10 or $20 a month to acquire this privacy and protection on the net.

The best free VPN services solve this problem!

People don’t have to pay for a subscription.

The issue is that sometimes even paid VPN services may be used free of charge. That’s why it’s necessary to identify what are the kinds of free VPNs.

 VPN service with a free package

The majority of Virtual Private Networks presuppose payment which can be compared with a user charge for the net or cable TV. Many of them offer discounts in case of a long subscription, while others propose network users free VPN plans.

Alongside with 3-4 paid VPN plans (that are usually differ in duration of subscription and cost) 1 free is usually allowed.


As a rule, such free VPN packages lack the features of paid plans. The number of servers and their locations are usually less diverse, while the number of connections per account may remain constant.

Free VPN trial

Another variant not to pay for a VPN subscription and be safe online is to take use of a free trial period. Some VPN providers require credentials for a free trial period, while others – don’t. It’s up to decide what to choose.

This variant is perfect for those who want a temporary VPN protection. For example, during vacation period or to make a purchase on the site inaccessible in a place one lives.

Free VPN trial usually allows its consumers to evaluate all the facilities paid plans do. That’s why they are very advantageous but only for a while.

Money-back guarantee can make VPNs free

VPN providers offer money-back guarantee to make people certain that they will not lose money in case of dissatisfaction with the service. And for us it’s one more loop-hole to use a VPN free.

How does it work?

A user subscribes for the service and pays for it. But it is possible the refund money within a period that is defined by the provider. Money-back guarantee usually lasts up to 30 days. After this period the money you’ve paid aren’t refundable.

Attention! Don’t pay before reading the terms of Refund Policy. Sometimes, it’s impossible to take money back. For example, it may be stipulated that a user can’t take use of money-back guarantee in case his traffic is over “X” mb. 

Free unlimited VPN services

Luckily for us, the VPN providers that offer their service free of charge and supply users with advanced features exist in 2019. That’s why this site was created for you.

The benefits of the best free unlimited VPN services cannot be overestimated. They are TOTALLY free VPNs.

However difficulties are quite common:

users can’t find unlimited free VPNs;

there’re free VPNs that keep information about users activity on the net;

​some free unlimited VPNs are not restricted in the duration only.

You don’t believe that VPN services may be good, do you?

There’s one popular myth that free VPNs aren’t trustworthy. But actually, it’s only partially true. Not only free but also paid VPNs may be unreliable and untrustworthy. Thanks to this site I’ll explode this myth. There’s one popular myth that free VPNs aren’t trustworthy

Firstly, not all VPN providers keep logs. You can check it by reading Privacy Policy.

Secondly, don’t believe that free VPN providers always sell data on its users.

Thirdly, it’s always possible to test the service and know for sure whether it is good or not.

Also many network users are interested in the issue of how free VPNs exist without payment.

It is not a secret.

The best free VPN services make out a living from:

► donations from their consumers;

► short videos users are to watch before launching apps.

You see? You have nothing to be afraid of.

Rock solid protection is real thanks to free VPNs as well.

What makes people subscribe for free VPN services?

The internet is the greatest information provider. We find out about news, search for necessary information, find friend. But there is the other side of the story. The network is full of threats:

➯  1085 attacks (targeted personal data) were registered in the second half of 2017;

 1 in 5 network users loses money because of cyber-attacks;

➯ about 250 000 new malwares are registered daily.

The figures presented above are only a small share of the events occurring on the net these days.

Having subscribed for the best free VPN provider, you won’t fall a victim to cyber attacks.

I’ve already subscribed!

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