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Biggest Russian online retailer Wildberries lost data of more than 1 million users

Hackers don’t have a weekends.

This weekend a database with more than 1,064 million records of Russian giant retailer clients fled on DarkNet forum for free.

How that hacker got the shared database remains unclear, since he didn’t provide any information regarding a source of the database.

Leaked Wildberries database leaked

What data was leaked?

Since there was no clearly provided data on leaked information, the Cooltechzone team investigated leaked data.

The database consists of the following columns:

  • unique user ID
  • full name
  • special comments to profile
  • mobile number
  • telephone number
  • email
  • full address

The leaked file is completely written in Russian, and all postal addresses belong to Russia, so this leak is localized only within Russian customers.

Part of leaked database with users info

How serious are the consequences?

Since the information includes a lot of comments for specific orders, this can be used for scamming or other forms of social engineering, like phishing.

There are no passwords, and credentials are directly included within the leak, but having verified emails can be very handy to hackers wanting to brute-force known accounts and email addresses.

Warning: Always check the URL of the site you are visiting! Be careful: even one minor character in the site address (for example, a comma or a separating line) can indicate fraudsters.

We analyzed the compromised database in detail and concluded that the full name, mail, and social networks info is enough to implement a large-scale cyber-attack.

About Wildberries

Wildberries is not just a retailer for Russia – today, it operates in many European countries and even ships the goods to the USA.

This online retail is the biggest one in Russia and has over 11 million visitors every day and more than 1,5 million orders every day.

Companies owner and founder Tatyana Bakalchuk is the first self-made woman billionaire in Russia.

Check this recent leak, where data of 18 million Twitter accounts were leaked to the DarkNet forum.

Stay tuned and watch around!

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