proXPN Review: Is it Safe to Use?

  • Posted on: 20 February 2019
  • By: Dean

Today a cautious Internet user wishes to hide his or her private data from prying eyes. The best way to stay anonymous online is to use a VPN. A Private Virtual Network technology is widely known on the Internet as of now. In this review, I want to cover proXPN. This IP masking software is not widely known. However, it can become a nice choice for those who want to protect identity and data, conceal their locations and avoid monitoring. Keep reading and you’ll learn the following information:

How to get proXPN for free?

There’re two ways to get proXPN free of charge: use a free trial of a Premium Account or create a Free proXPN Basic Account. As it’s noted on the official website of proXPN, the benefits of a paid account are unlimited speeds and the most advanced features of the provider, including support for mobile devices.

However, a Basic Account caters to every simple need. Let’s see the main features of a proXPN for free.

Privacy and security features

It is an open secret that privacy and security are the first things a prudent user is looking for in a reliable VPN. Anyway, the prime purpose of a VPN is to protect customers from web threats and ensure private network.

What’s proXPN logging policy?

I am happy to inform you that proXPN has a strict no logs policy. They do not keep such logs as an origin IP, connection times or an activity of a customer. As you can see on a screenshot below, the only collected information is users’ email addresses, passwords, and their sign-up data.

proXPN logging policy

What protocols are used?

On the one hand, proXPN allows their users to connect the Internet using both PPTP or OpenVPN protocols. You may think that the provider allows a limited number of protocols. However, it cannot be considered as the main stumbling block because OpenVPN is still the most reliable and trustworthy VPN protocol.

What encryption methods are applied

On the other hand, I was dissatisfied with an encryption method of the provider. The provider offers weak 512-bit cipher and 2408-bit encryption. This is the main reason for a potential user to avoid proXPN.

Any additional features?

The safety of a VPN depends not only on a logging policy, available protocols, encryption standards but also the company’s jurisdiction. As for proXPN, it’s headquartered in the Netherlands. It means that the provider is more secure than those VPNs which are based in the USA or other five eyes countries.

Servers and platforms

Servers and platforms matter as well. They show if the provider is relevant to our needs. For example, if a customer wants to unblock Netflix, it’s better to pay attention to the provider with a huge number of servers in the USA.

How many servers does proXPN provide?

As for proXPN servers, there's a lot of them located all around the world. The majority of servers are situated in the USA. There are also servers in London, Amsterdam, Australia, Singapore, and other countries. However, while testing proXPN free account, I was able to connect only to the server in Chicago.

Platforms supported by the service

proXPN runs on all popular platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. You can use software either on your computer or mobile phone. Unfortunately, it’s impossibilities to install a VPN on Linux or a wireless router.

proXPN supports

How to use proXPN?

It’s dead easy to create a free proXPN account. You just need to enter your mobile number, email address and password. Confirm an account via your email and download proXPN on your device.

download proXPN

Now you have to log in. Enter your email and password once again.

proXPN client

Connect to the server in the USA. That’s it.

proXPN servers

proXPN tests

Now I have proXPN on my computer. Let’s test it to see if it’s worth using or not.

IP Leak Test for proXPN

The screenshot below shows that no IP leaks were detected. Now my location is Chicago (US).

proXPN test results

proXPN speed test

I’ve tested my Internet connection speeds with proXPN and without it. The first screenshot demonstrates the connection speeds with a VPN, the second – without.

proXPN speed test

proXPN speed test 2

As you can see, the free server of proXPN is far from being fast. It’s reduced my speed a lot.

Conclusion: pros and cons

Is proXPN safe?

As it was noted above, the prime purpose of a VPN is a secure and private Internet connection. However, proXPN encoding method can make users hesitant to use it, as the provider doesn’t support AES 256-bit encryption. The speeds are also left much to be desired. Meanwhile, proXPN has its own advantages. To make a long story short, let’s have a look at them.


  • Based in the Netherlands;
  • No-logging policy;
  • Easy to set up and use.


  • Slow speeds;
  • Weak encryption;
  • No live chat support;
  • Only one free server;
  • Torrenting is not available for free.

Top 3 alternatives

I’ve prepared three alternatives to proXPN, in case you aren’t satisfied with poor encryption of the provider and want to get a VPN for free.

  1. Betternet. Undoubtedly, this provider is one of the best free VPNs. It supports OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit encoding. A user-friendly interface is the second reason to try Betternet on your device.
  2. VPNBook. The provider doesn’t require any registration and has quite decent speeds for torrenting or streaming. It owns servers in Canada, the USA and the UK.
  3. Whoer VPN. This provider has decent location coverage. You can choose a server among 16 countries for free. Moreover, Whoer VPN is a little bit faster than proXPN.

Choose the best free VPN for you and stay safe and secure.