SurfEasy: Maximum Servers for Zero Price

  • Posted on: 26 January 2019
  • By: Dean Chester

The Internet integrated into our lives approximately 20 years ago. For some people, it is the source of knowledge, for others – a tool to earn money. There are even users who thank the Internet for new friends and love.

The Internet helps us to watch new movies, develop creativity, play games and so on.

At the same time, there are people who use the web for lucrative purposes: crack users' devices and steal sensitive data.

Virtual Private Networks serve to prevent such troubles on the net. However, not all people can afford to pay for them. 

SurfEasy is a great way-out!

This free VPN provider will cost you $0! Would you like to know how to make use of this beneficial offer?

Keep on reading this SurfEasy VPN review and get to know about:

How to get SurfEasy VPN for free?

Unfair it would be to say that SurfEasy is absolutely free VPN.

If one needs round-the-clock protection on the Internet and unlimited access to online content even when being in the most censored countries like China, a paid package is required. The price starts at $3.99 per month.

SurfEasy VPN free Starter planBut…

There is another deal.

SurfEasy VPN offers a Starter plan free of charge. In its turn, the traffic protection is limited up to 500 Mb a month.

For those people who are going to use a VPN to bypass censorship for a short period of time (for instance, on vacation abroad) or to access a blacklisted service, this plan of SurfEasy VPN is perfect. 

Privacy and Security features

Online safety is the global challenge of our age. And SurfEasy VPN undertakes this task successfully!

Just make this free VPN client run and enjoy the high level of online protection.

What's its logging policy?

The provider doesn't keep logs on its subscribers' activity. It has NO the foggiest notion on what has been done by net surfers online.

What encryption methods are applied?

Strong encryption mechanisms keep users' data safe. AES 256-bit key encryption is known as very secure. When users' data is encrypted by means of this technology, no one will manage to decode it. 

What protocols are used?

Some tunneling protocols are weaker, others are stronger, but the ones used by SurfEasy VPN will not let you down.

Well, the provider offers 3 secure protocols: IKEv2, IPSec and OpenVPN. Each of them is known due to reliable protection of information. 

Any additional features?

Lucky you are if you have chosen free SurfEasy VPN client. The provider supplies users with other advantageous facilities such as:

  • protection of up to 5 different devices by means of 1 account only;
  • Tracker Blocker feature prevents third-party websites' cookies from tracking your activity;
  • experienced support service is available 24/7 (actually, not each free VPN provider can boast of it). 

Servers and platformsSerfEasy features

But wait! 

SurfEasy would mean nothing for you without a rich network of servers. Moreover, it wouldn't be so popular among consumers in the event when it could be installed on Windows personal computers only.

Well, let's come to the next part of our SurfEasy VPN review! 

Platforms supported by the service

This provider offers a client for the gadgets running on the following operating systems:

  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Mac;
  • Windows.

Also, it supports Amazon and has extensions for browsers (Opera and Chrome namely).

In case you use a Linux device, it is better to use ProtonVPN for example, as it supports this OS. 

How many servers does SurfEasy VPN provide?

Although online security is above all these days, many internet users tend to use VPNs to bypass the restrictions imposed by local ISPs or targeted websites.

SurfEasy provides users with over 500 VPN servers located worldwide (in 28 countries in particular). It serves to get rid of regional restrictions and get access to any content on the net. 

How to use SurfEasy VPN?

It will not take hours to run the VPN, but this instruction will definitely help to cope with this task in a matter of minutes.

Are you ready?

Then here we go!

Step #1. Open the official website and create a personal account. A valid email is the only thing required. It is used by the provider to send you a verification link.

open the SurfEasy official website

Step #2. After a user clicks on the link, a password is required.

create a password

Step #3. The client can be successfully downloaded through a user account.

Download SurfEasy VPN client

Step #4. When the client is installed, it's necessary to connect to a VPN server.

choose a SurfEasyVPN server

SurfEasy VPN tests

As soon as this free VPN client has been installed, we have started testing it to make this review really useful for our readers.

Thus, we have carried out some tests and came to the conclusion that SurfEasy has both weak and strong sides.

IP Leak Test for SurfEasy VPN

Luckily for both present and future SurfEasy subscribers, the provider has passed IP leak successfully.

SurfEasy VPN speed test

It is very unfortunate that the speed decreases dramatically when this free VPN client is on. In such a way, it's rather problematic to stream video when being connected to the VPN servers. 

Conclusion: pros and consSurfEasy is a good free VPN provider

On second thoughts, SurfEasy is a good free VPN provider that offers real protection and a wide server network. 

Despite traffic restrictions, the service would be appreciated by people who need more freedom on the net.

To cut a long story short, it's better to have a look at its positive and negative sides to make the choice:

SurfEasy VPN pros

  • free plan for an unlimited period of time;
  • 500+ servers;
  • 256-bit encoding;
  • 5 devices per 1 account;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • no IP leaks.

SurfEasy VPN cons

  • 500 MB of traffic is allowed;
  • slow speed;
  • not Linux-friendly.

In the event you won't decide in favor of this free VPN provider, it is possible to subscribe for some good alternatives. 

Top 3 alternatives to SurfEasy

Aren't you in love with SurfEasy free VPN plan?

Don't worry! We have prepared for you the list of worthwhile alternatives:

Turbo VPN – in case your aim is streaming, this service is definitely for you. It offers high-speed servers in 8 countries of the world.

Unblock US – the best free VPN to unblock Netflix! You won't be sorry!

Whoer VPN – offers servers in 45 places.

Do you have any other ideas about SurfEasy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!