Best VPN for Reddit: can I use a free one?

  • Posted on: 28 February 2019
  • By: cooltech

We’ve already learnt what people say on Reddit about VPN services in one of our latest articles. Now it’s time to find out if VPN is necessary for Reddit itself. After you read today’s post, you’ll get 5 comprehensive answers to the questions:

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Do I need a VPN for Reddit?

It’s unnecessary to go into details and tell you that websites owners collect internet visitors’ logs. The logs may include such kinds of information as time of connecting, time you spend on a webpage and even IP addresses.

The website of Reddit is not an exception and their Privacy Policy tells in a quite clear way everything they collect or don’t.

Information collected by Reddit (taken from Reddit website):

  • Account information;
  • Content a user submits (comments, chats, messages and others);
  • Taken actions (voting, sending and others);
  • Information on transactions;

Information we collect

  • Log and usage data;
  • Cookies;
  • Data about your location.

As it has been mentioned on the screenshot above, they MAY collect IP addresses. But there is an interesting comment I found in one of subreddits about missing of their warrant canary since 2015.

What is more Reddit is not available everywhere. Countries with severe censorship banned it and blocked access with local IPs. That’s why one needs to bypass the restrictions to visit Reddit from those countries.

The two abovementioned reasons are essential why you need a VPN to use Reddit website. Still, the latter one needs more facts and details.

  • Why is Reddit banned in some places?

First and foremost, Reddit is banned at schools. According to the Children’s Internet Protection Act every school receiving federal funds should restrict access to certain websites and Reddit is among them. They do it not only for protecting children against inappropriate content, but so that students focus on actual studies as well.

I told that states with strict censorship block Reddit. Every country has its own reasons why they do this, but the most widely-spread is the web content shared on the site. The governments of such countries might not be willing people know something so it’s easier to block access to Reddit.

It may happen that only certain subreddits containing content which is censored are banned. But still, Reddit can’t be visited in some countries…

Thus, there is another question should be answered…

  • Where is Reddit blocked?

The website is banned in such Asian countries as Indonesia and North Korea. In such a way the population of the countries is enclosed from the Western influence.

A couple of year ago Reddit was not available in China, but now the Internet says that at present China’s government doesn’t care about blocking of Reddit as few people are aware of it.

Actually various countries may block some subreddits or the whole website because of some ‘’dangerous’’ content posted there. Russia, for instance, blocked the website of Reddit for 1 day as it was suspected that there was content banned by Roskomnadzor  on Reddit.

  • What are the benefits of VPN for Reddit?

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is the software that lets network users visit websites in a private anonymous way through changing true IP addresses. For the reason that information is transferred with the help of protocols and what is more, the traffic is encrypted with a 128-bit and higher encryption keys.

What advantage does a redditor take of when visiting the website via VPN?

  1. First and foremost, a VPN user will be able to unblock Reddit pages where it is unavailable because of censorship applied.
  2. Another benefit of VPN for Reddit is privacy. As it has been mentioned above, users’ logs are collected by the website. IP addresses might be among them, so it’s better to hide your own one.
  3. Being codified, traffic passed on Reddit is protected against undesired actions of malicious technicians that might ‘’put on a mask of a common redditor’’.

  • How to unblock Reddit with VPN?

In case Reddit is not accessible for your region or you just want to make yourself more private on the network, you need to install a VPN on your device.

As far as unblocking of Reddit, is concerned free or paid VPN services can be installed. Still, it is necessary to choose the one with lots of VPN servers and military-grade encryption.

In order to unblock Reddit, one has to undertake the following:

  1. Go to the website of a VPN service you want to use for Reddit.
  2. Then download the VPN software for the operating system of your gadget.
  3. After it is downloaded, it is necessary to set up the VPN app. It is usually easy enough, a few clicks. Moreover, there can be setup instructions on the website.
  4. The next step will be to turn the free VPN app on and change your local IP. Choose the one that is located in another country where Reddit is not blocked.

Try to unblock Reddit with these best free VPN services:

  Strong sides for Reddit  Weak sides for Reddit 


I want to read Betternet review


256-bit key is supported.

10 locations with servers.

Log-free policy and p2p is supported.

OpenVPN is disposable.

Still, it has only 2 protocols.


I want to read Windscribe review


11 countries with Windscribe VPN servers

No-logging policy and p2p are followed.

OpenVPN configurations are fee-paying.

Free Lan

I want to read FreeLan review

256- bit and 1024-bit encryption are used.

It is suspicious that there is no info about logging policy

OpenVPN is not used in this software.

VPN Gate

Read more in VPN Gate review

256-bit encryption is available for free.

8 server locations are allowed for users.

Several protocols are used, including OpenVPN.

Only one type of encryption.

VPN book

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128-bit and 256-bit key cyphering.

OpenVPN ia applied to transfer data.

Logs are kept, but deleted weekly.


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