About us

Hi guys!

We are two brothers, tech geeks. We live and work in a country where people know about censorship and online restrictions firsthand. Many services which can be used in much of the world are blocked here.

Such restrictions become a common practice. Thus, the political elite of
North Korea only has access to the Internet, whereas all other residents of the country can open about 30 websites. Various streaming services also impose restrictions on a set of countries.

Besides, the incidents taking place around the world in the sphere of cyber security undermine government agencies’ authority. Face recognition system, implemented in China, gets in the hair because its residents know that every step taken is controlled by the government. And Snowden’s leaks in June 2013 became a stunning eye-opening experience for the whole world.

We do not always have a chance to choose a country to live in, but we are always in a position to choose HOW to do it. We’ll help you to become less restricted and more secure on the Internet notwithstanding your location. You’ll get to know how to be anonymous while using IoT devices.

It’s kind of crazy today that we live quite comfortably in a world that George Orwell would have thought is super crazy. Like we all carry a phone with a microphone that could be turned on really at any time without our knowledge, with a GPS that knows our position, and a camera and, well, kind of all of our personal information.

- Elon Musk -

We don’t disclose our true identities for confidentiality reasons. For you, we are Dean Chester and Sam Chester (Oh yes! They’re the main characters of our favorite series:) We bear similarity to them to a great extent:).

Fake names should not come as a surprise to you. It allows us to publish as honest VPN reviews as possible, without further persecutions by the VPN providers. People who highlight events and products in their true colors can be subjected to persecution. We don’t want to undergo it.

Thus, we use the leader of our rating to hide our identities. The fact that we succeed in it proves its position.

We identify ourselves as technology evangelists, as we engage in  bringing the propaganda of network security into the open. Unlike most of the specialists in this area, we don’t generate fees for our articles. Neither do we help VPN services to make money through our reviews.

Our aim is to provide an expert source on cybersecurity and to lift online restrictions. We search for the services which are worth linking and affordable for anyone: from students to IT professionals.

How did we arrive at this business?

Our dad had a small company, and in 2014 its database was hacked through Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL. The whole family put minds to this problem, and the solution was to configure Virtual Private Network for corporate internet security.

It was our hands-on review of the VPN. Go deep down. Here’s how we became cybersecurity specialists.

It turned out to be our “family business”!

How do we fight for Internet security and digital freedom?

We belong to non-commercial organizations that fight for net neutrality and digital rights (Fight for the Future and Electronic Frontier Foundation) and support the developers of opensource software which is aimed at helping Internet users bypass restrictions and censorship (Tails, OpenMedia, Open Source Initiative).



Just a few remarks about us:

I read for the law at collegeSam (25 years old, “lifelong student”)

First, I read for the law at college, but the “family business” kept on the hop me. My brother got me to change the faculty and devote myself to IT.

Currently, I also work as a cybersecurity assistant in the company engaged in antivirus software development. It serves me to understand what a perfect security tool should be.

Being a “lifelong student”, I not always can afford to pay for services and therefore prefer using free software. That’s why I use torrenting sites to watch movies and listen to the songs of “Metallica”.

Having been using torrents for more than 10 years already, it’s safe to say that free software is a great solution!

Free VPN is not an exception. Free VPN is more than adequate in many scenarios.

I don’t think I can be targeted by the authorities, as I’m a law-abiding citizen.

However, Internet Service Providers keep logs about their users over a number of years. Besides, they monitor their online activities. Unfortunately, it’s a running practice all over the world.

Protection against hackers would not be out of place for me as well as for any other consumer of the Internet:)

My elder brother reckons I’m wrong because he is my polar opposite:)

At times, our viewpoints are diametrically opposed. It makes us strike into the subject, find pitfalls and, as a result, prepare the fullest reviews of VPN services.

There’s one thing we both agree – no one can dispense with VPN these days. State of technology and globalization came up to the moment when we should make use of everything we have to keep on developing.

We respect morality, ethics and religious view, but restrictions, sanctions and censorship hold back progress, acting in politicians’ favor only.

We believe our experience, knowledge and different points of view will be useful for internet users.

I grasped the science of cybersecurityDean (36 years old, “know the ropes, 100%”)

While my brother took things easy at college, I grasped the science of cybersecurity in practice: tutorials, conferences, forums, etc. What I have sized up is that “If you don’t pay for the product, you are the product”.

Currently, I’m a practicing cybersecurity expert at a web hosting company. The field I am good at is VPN. I don’t use free VPNs like my brother does because it’s a waste of time: no privacy, no anonymity. If I need to change my IP, I use a proxy.

Being a practicing cybersecurity specialist, I often contribute to technology and security related online editions with expert articles. You can find my posts on:

Besides, unlike my brother, I’m not so naive to think that I’m not under governmental surveillance. Hiding behind the will to achieve “peace throughout the world”, they make new laws which bring along total monitoring.

I’m here to get to the bottom of VPNs and find all their drawbacks and vulnerabilities.

If you share our viewpoints, you’re on the right track. You’ll find the right solution on our site!