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If you thought с is a classical news portal then we need to perform better.

In CoolTechZone we strongly believe in the supremacy of objective information analysis and non-ambiguity over a hype and precarious declarations.

Whether it is an ethical hacking techniques to disclose critical vulnerabilities or Dark web threat intelligence probing, we plunge into the depths of our digital environment to reveal all treasures landed on the bottom of cyberspace.

Our editorial team is collection of international cybersecurity enthusiasts, researchers and practicing professionals who are studying most emerge topics and security calls to community to deliver you most relevant and unbiased results validated by our own expertise.

CoolTechZone is methodology- and product-agnostic resource meaning that we are adapting our approaches and choose best suitable instruments towards the main goal – deliver most complex intelligence as a coherent and effortless-digestible publications.


Dmytro Cherkashyn, the Editor-in-Chief of Cooltechzone
Dmytro Cherkashyn
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Being a passionate security expert from Ukraine, Dmytro has passed through various security domains for the last 12 years, starting with the physical security of nuclear facilities and coming to operational technology cybersecurity for critical infrastructure in Germany.

He is active the member of European Energy Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EE-ISAC), curator of International Telecommunication Union Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity in Europe for his organization, speaker by NATO events, and contributor to many training and educational activities across the globe on subject of cybersecurity.

He is currently holding position of the Head of cybersecurity development in German private research and training organization.

Adam Kohnke, Author
Adam Kohnke
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Adam Kohnke is an information security professional with over 12 years of experience in IT operations, incident management, IT audit and information security management.

Adam is an Information Security Manager at Infosec, where he oversees the company’s information security policies, processes and technologies. He is a regular contributor to the ISACA Now Blog and Journal authoring subjects on cloud audits, artificial intelligence risks and various security subjects.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Science in IT Security from Western Governors University and multiple cybersecurity certifications, including CISSP, CISA and GPEN.

Bob Diachenko, Contributor/Independent researcher
Bob Diachenko
Contributor/Independent researcher
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Bob is possessing over 12 years experience in corporate/product/internal communications with a strong focus on infosecurity, IT and technology. In the past Bob has worked with top tier media, government agencies, and law enforcement to help secure exposed data.

Jeremiah Fowler, Author
Jeremiah Fowler
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Jeremiah Fowler is a cyber security researcher and the co-founder of Security Discovery and has spent over a decade in the tech industry.

Some of his discoveries have been featured in outlets such as TechCrunch, Forbes, BBC, and many others. Data protection and privacy are what he cares about most. Jeremiah has helped secure the data of millions of people all over the world.

Susan Morrow, Author
Susan Morrow
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Susan has worked for over 20 years in the cybersecurity and digital identity space. Before moving into the tech sector, she was an analytical chemist working in environmental and pharmaceutical analysis. She currently holds the position of Head of R&D at data orchestration specialists, Avoco Secure, based in the UK.

Susan’s core areas of domain expertise include usability, accessibility, and data privacy within a consumer digital transaction context. Her mantra is to make sure that human beings control technology not the other way around.

Susan is on the advisory board of Virtual Private Network vendor, Surfshark, and event organizers, Think Digital Partners.

Susan was listed as one of the most influential women in technology in the UK in 2020 and 2021 - Computer Weekly. She was also shortlisted in top “100 Women in Tech”.

Susan regularly writes on identity and security in publications such as CSOOnline and Infosec Institute’s blog.

Nihad Hassan, Author
Nihad Hassan
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Nihad is an experienced cybersecurity specialist with more than ten years of proven expertise in different cybersecurity domains. Prior to joining CoolTechZone, he already published several cybersecurity books and online publications around the digital globe.

As a computer security practitioner, he is familiar with many computer forensics and threat intelligence tools and method, but also perfect for anti-privacy theft measures.

He also a passionate cybersecurity training architect.

Rezarta Meni, Author
Rezarta Meni
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Rezarta is a Cybersecurity author who conducts research for new and emerging security issues and writes at CoolTechZone.

She is also a Security Compliance analyst with a broad range of knowledge and experience in multiple security domains focusing in identifying and remedying security deficiencies and gaps, investigating security needs, and recommending information security improvements based on the latest security events.

Rezarta is totally a fan of the field of information security and especially ethical hacking. She has a passion for traveling, photographing, enjoys hiking and loves watching comedies.

Rakesh Naik, Author
Rakesh Naik
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Rakesh is author at CoolTechZone and freelancing cybersecurity consultant. He is cybersecurity professional with degree in Cyber/Computer Forensics and Counterterrorism from the University of Salford.

His strong experience in cybersecurity projects and passion to analytic helping Rakesh getting maximum of any topics he is researching on.

He is practicing expert doing code analysis for different applications and classical security audits and assessments as part of his daily tasks.

Darina Shramko, Author
Darina Schramko
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Darina is a writer and information security expert at CoolTechZone. Darina quickly responds to any global incidents in cybersecurity and writes analytical articles and guides at CoolTechZone.

She conducts research and scientific activities in the university and plans to get a PhD. degree. She is in love with science!

Darina is an ardent admirer of her work! She is interested in technical channels of information leakage and ways to resist hackers. She is also interested in social engineering and is studying psychology to understand the motives of cybercriminals and fight evil. Despite her love of technology, Darina also enjoys cooking, traveling, and playing the piano.

Hamna Imran, Author
Hamna Imran
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Hamna is cybersecurity student and author. Prior to joining CoolTechZone she was writing for other resources, but now she finally can research and publish relevant to cybersecurity topics.

Oreoluwa Jetawo
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Oreoluwa is holding electronic engineering degree and decided to follow security researcher track at his professional development and career.

He is writer at CoolTechZone with strong believe to help organizations and private entities from all sectors operate securely in the digital world.

Helping companies reduce their exposure to threats, improve their defenses and respond to cyber incidents is what he enjoys.

Sabrina Lupsan, Author
Sabrina Lupsan
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Sabrina Lupșan is a writer at CoolTechZone, a cybersecurity enthusiast, and a future penetration tester. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Economics.

She has strong knowledge of computer networking and she became a CCNA in 2020. Since then, she has been dedicating her time towards becoming an ethical hacker and participating in Capture the Flag contests. You can also find her many programming projects on her Github!

When she is not immersed in the world of cybersecurity, she loves to read fantasy books, try out new food recipes and play video games.

Jugersa Smaja, Author
Jugersa Smaja
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Jugersa Smaja is a Security Scientiest at the Institute for Security and Safety (ISS) and author for Cooltechzone. In her role, she specializes on the technical aspects of cybersecurity with a focus on Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Security Assessments and Cyber Forensics.

She holds a Master's degree in in Cyber Security from the University of Salford and a Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics from Tirana University.

Muhammad Ozair Malik, Author
Muhammad Ozair Malik
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Ozair is a cybersecurity author at CoolTechZone. He is passionate research writer and doing seasoned researches for other resources as well.

He is also doing community work by raising awareness about personal data security and privacy through his Instagram page and public talks. Alongside, he is working on many research and development projects in collaboration with members of security community. He is head of Cyber Awareness at a local cybersecurity club.

Ozair takes Information Security as a hobby and loves spending time on polishing his skills, reading about latest developments in cloud security, network security, digital forensics and ethical hacking. His other hobbies include swimming, football and socializing.

Mosopefoluwa (Sope) Amao, Author
Mosopefoluwa (Sope) Amao
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Mosopefoluwa is author at CoolTechZone. She is passionate quick learner who continues researching and learning cybersecurity to maintain certification and provide the highest quality tech support at her main job position.

She is active community member, who are talking about cybersecurity, cyber attacks, hacking and cyber crimes. She is holding degree in Laws and interested in Governance, Risk and Compliance topics.

Dean Chester, Senior Researcher
Dean Chester
Senior Researcher
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Dean is true cybersecurity and online privacy expert and researcher. He is been published on OpenVPN, EC-Council Blog, DevSecOps, AT-T Business, SAP Community, etc. He has been testing VPNs for 8 years.

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