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Shadows behind matrix rain

Breached Daniels Hosting “onions” data is back

Dmytro Cherkashyn
December 6, 2021
In March 2020, more than one-third of Dark web websites data was stolen
Title image for 5 million user data of the popular online store TaoBao was compromised and put up for sale in DarkNet
Darina Shramko
Nov 23, 2021

5 million users’ records of Chinese TaoBao were published for sale

Email addresses and passwords were hacked and put up for sale for several hundred dollars
Title image for 230 thousand of data of Microsoft employees hacked and put up for sale
Darina Shramko
Oct 29, 2021

Update Oct 29: 230 thousand records of Microsoft employees are for sale

Names, emails, and other data seems to be sold online by a pseudo-Russian hacker

Is that 270 million records exposed by Verizon development?

Jeremiah Fowler
October 21, 2021
Image source – In early September, I discovered a dataset of 104 GB that contained 271,588,696 records . Nearly all of the folders were titled VILS and referenced online learning, students, and other educational keywords. The records also indicated that these were both development and “QA” which I assume stands for quality assurance. Upon further research, the only educational program I could find that used "VILS" was the Verizon Innovative Learning Platform (Schools) . Table of...

24 million records of Vimeo Livestream have been scraped and are available for free on the DarkNet

Darina Shramko
October 20, 2021
Image source – Undoubtedly, this week was one of the worst not only for Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram and Facebook users. A couple of days after the hacking of more than 2 million accounts of Snapchat users, 24 million records of LiveStream user profiles were g ive n for free on the popular DarkNet forum! Livestream Has Joined The Vimeo Family is a streaming service that recently joined the Vimeo enterprise family and is now providing services...

Enterprise software developer exposed 82 million logging records, among them Amazon-owned company

Jeremiah Fowler
October 13, 2021
Image source – Shutterstock In early July, Security Researcher Jeremiah Fowler, in partnership with the Cooltechzone research team, discovered a non-password-protected database that contained over 82 million records . The records had information that referenced multiple companies , including Whole Foods Market (owned by Amazon) and Skaggs public safety and uniform company that sells uniforms for Police, Fire, and Medical customers all over the United States. The logging records exposed a large...

Reputable hacker scraped 6 million Twitter data

Darina Shramko
October 12, 2021
Image source – Hackers never sleep − our team is convinced of every time new confidential user information leaks into DarkNet. This week, Twitter is gaining special attention from cybercriminals . A few hours earlier, a highly regarded hacker in the dark world unveiled a database of 6 million user data over 1 GB ! Well, let's figure out together how serious the consequences of scraping can be. Table of Contents: What is web-scraping? What data was scraped? What's next? Prevention...

Twitter leaked 18 Million users accounts credentials to DarkNet

Darina Shramko
October 6, 2021
Image source – The irreparable happened − the 18 million lines of Twitter users' data were leaked to the network! Hacked user data quickly spread across the DarkNet and can now be used to blackmail or extort money. The CoolTechZone team promptly reacted to the incident and sorted out the details of the leak. So, what happened this night? Table of Contents: Leakage details What data has been hacked? Personal data protection measures Leaked details Today, an anonymous dark forum user...

More than 2 millions Snapchat user accounts has leaked

Darina Shramko
October 6, 2021
Image source – Shutterstock Hackers putted the database of 2,1 million Snapchat users for sale. Snapshot is old and very popular instant messenger for media sharing around kids and young people. 82% percent of teens in US use Snapchat at least once a month I bet you wish to check if your kid in the database. Table of Contents: What happened? What data has leaked? What is the Snapchat? How can I keep my data safe? What happened? In the morning, an anonymous hacker posted on one of the dark...

UK newspaper *The Telegraph* exposed to his first ever giant data leak

Bob Diachenko
October 5, 2021
Image source - Shutterstock UK newspaper *The Telegraph* exposed a 10-terabyte database of logging information on the web without a password or any other authentication required to access it. Among the internal logs, the data included names, email addresses, device info, URL requests, IP addresses, and unique identifiers of readers and subscribers on *The Telegraph* website. Bob Diachenko found the unprotected database on September 14, 2021. After identifying *The Telegraph* as the owner...

Threats of Tor: National Security Services Can Track Us

Dean Chester
October 4, 2021
One of the most popular anonymization tools on the Internet is the Tor network. I'll make a statement right away - the article will not contain instructions on how to download and configure Tor Browser - only information about how the National Security Services can control Tor. For the regular user, the Tor network works quite simply: his data first goes to the guard relay, then passes through a middle relay to the exit relay, and from the exit relay to the destination: Image based on...

462 GB of data from strategically important company Bureau van Dijk hacked and stolen

Darina Shramko
September 17, 2021
Bureau van Dijk is a company that collects and processes information about private companies to make optimal decisions and improve the efficiency of its clients. The company is also the largest publisher of business information and specializes in private company data and analysis software. Bureau van Dijk is part of Moody's Analytics . Orbis is considered the flagship database of the company. On May 15, 2017, announced that Moody's had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Bureau van...

Over 147 million US Social Security Cards listed for sale on the Dark Forums

Darina Shramko
September 15, 2021
Image source – Two hours earlier, we discovered that an unknown hacker had posted a message in one of the dark forums about the sale of USA Social Security Cards . The cybercriminal gained access to such important data as: Personal information Bank data Addresses, etc. Thus, it's a serious threat to the safety of US residents. Let's see what happened and what are the consequences of this leak. Table of Contents What data was hacked? How disastrous are the consequences of what...

US expected perfect banking SCAM storm causing by giant banking app leak!

Dmytro Cherkashyn
September 13, 2021
Image source – Shortly, the Cooltechzone team found a hacker selling user information leaking from a banking application. This information consists in between such critical data as: default bank account ID, full name and address, app settings. Let’s look at this case closely. Table of Contents What has leaked? How critical are the consequences of a data breach? How can I protect my data online? What has leaked? Tentatively, we are talking about 7,52 million users exposed to this...

Adult Sites Blocking App had a data breach

Jeremiah Fowler
September 13, 2021
Image source - Shutterstock On August 2nd, I discovered a non-password-protected database containing a large number of publicly exposed records. Among discovered data are user's personal data, links to Amazon AWS with screenshots, quotes, and other unprotected, at the same time, potentially critical data. Table of Contents What kind of data is being exposed? How is this dangerous for users? What are the consequences for legal entities? What are mitigation steps? Conclusion What kind of data is...

Beware of the car: database of US car owners released on the DarkNet

Darina Shramko
September 13, 2021
Image source – Today, CoolTechZone experts discovered that an unknown hacker had put up the data of US car owners for sale on the DarkWeb. This leak threatens with serious consequences for those who find themselves in this database since the hacker made public all the confidential information, namely: car owner addresses phone numbers place of residence information about the car (class, vin, etc.) Okay, let's figure out what the disclosure of such information is fraught. Table of...

US fintech exposed 277 million records online

Jeremiah Fowler
September 13, 2021
Image source – Shutterstock On July 6th Cyber Security Researcher Jeremiah Fowler discovered a publicly exposed database that contained a massive 277 million records that referenced financial transactions and internal logs. Table of Contents What happened? What kind of data was leaking? How is this dangerous for users? What are consequences for legal entities? What are mitigation steps? Conclusion What exactly happened? Upon further investigation, there were multiple references to Inswitch , a...

Over 2000 Saudi Government member’s private data have been traded on DarkNet

Darina Shramko
August 16, 2021
Recently, one unknown hacker took possession of the strategic data of Saudi Arabia : confidential information about officials, high-rank military, Special Forces etc. Immediately after the hack, the criminal shared his “successes” with like-minded people on one of the forums in DarkNet, offering to buy the “catch” for a certain amount. We have looked at what exactly was stolen from the governmental database. Table of Contents What has leaked? How critical are the consequences of a government...

Over 14.5 million lines of US Green Card employers and applicants data are selling on Dark Web

Darina Shramko
July 20, 2021
Table of Contents What happened with US Green Card Database? What kind of data did leak? What should you consider for your protection? What happened with US Green Card Database? Attention! If you are going to receive a Green Card - be careful because an anonymous hacker group has put up for sale all the personal data of the US Green Card staff and applicants . What happened? A few hours earlier, a message appeared on a hacker forum on the DarkNet that the personal data of applicants of the...