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Torrenting can be completely safe if you use a good VPN and follow some simple guidelines. But how do you find the best VPN for torrenting and how do you use it correctly? We’ll show you in this article!

Today, almost everyone knows that there are some legal complications with torrents. People are used to being wary of using BitTorrent even in countries where torrenting is not illegal. At the same time, thanks to torrent sites, an incredible amount of useful materials, such as programs, films, music, and much more, have become available to people who would not be able to find them any other way.

Why do people think that in some countries you can easily download files from torrents, while in others you can be threatened with a large fine? Is this not a delusion?

Why is torrenting considered illegal at all, and is it always?

Are VPNs really safe?

How do I find a really safe and trusted VPN? Which VPN is the best for torrents?

I will try to explain all of this in simple terms. After reading this article, you’ll be able to separate the myths from the facts about torrenting through a VPN as well as when to be careful and when you don’t need to worry.

If you want to jump straight to using a VPN, use the links below to find our recommended top 10 torrent protection services.

Best VPN services for torrenting

  1. Surfshark: Over 3200 servers available for P2P file sharing. Profitable offshore jurisdiction. Cost - $2.30 per month.
  2. ExpressVPN: Probably the fastest VPN. Under the BVI jurisdiction.
  3. NordVPN: High speed servers in 60 countries for unlimited torrenting. Under the jurisdiction of Panama.
  4. CyberGhost: Try it risk-free with a 45-day return period. Under the jurisdiction of Romania.
  5. ProtonVPN: Swiss quality and reliability. The most secure VPN for the most delicate tasks.

Best free VPN services for torrenting

  1. Hide.me: No payment is required with 5 allowed servers and 10 GB of traffic per month.
  2. Hotspot Shield: Has a simple and convenient free plan for small downloads.
  3. TunnelBear: Fast VPN to unblock geo-restricted torrent sites. 500-1000 MB per month.

Why is torrent VPN needed?


Cooltechzone is not responsible for the misuse of anonymizers, including VPNs, when downloading or distributing copyrighted materials. The information presented is intended to familiarize you with tunneling data and P2P connection technology.

Explicit and Hidden Dangers of Torrenting

Copyright laws develop whether we want it or not. Something perfectly legal yesterday can cause a serious problem tomorrow.

It’s dangerous to open a torrent site without a VPN in many countries already. Just look at real Reddit posts about it:

Reddit thread
Example from Reddit

The screenshots show real-life cases of legal trouble described by Reddit users. These are real situations where people received large fines after the ISP recorded torrent activity.

This is a clear and well-known danger.

It is known that this happens only in some countries. But I will not specifically indicate which ones, as this may negatively affect the attitude towards anonymity when downloading files from torrents.

And that’s why.

Have you ever wondered what P2P and BitTorrent are?

P2P stands for Peer-To-Peer, which is a direct connection between users' computers without the need for an internet server. Peers and Seeds in torrenting are the number of computers connected to one torrent. Each member of this "network" can download a file simultaneously from all connected computers.

And in order for one torrent client to download the file, the other torrent client must distribute it.

And if you understand the difference between downloading copyrighted materials and distributing them, then you will understand the hidden dangers of torrenting anywhere in the world, which means that you could be participating in the possible illegal distribution of copyrighted materials. And this is a real issue in almost every country.

The use of BitTorrent can lead to intentional or unintentional copyright infringement through distribution.

Are you willing to take risks, no matter where you are or whether your ISP prohibits torrenting?

How VPN Protects P2P Connection

VPN is a technology that safely and effectively protects immediately against explicit and latent threats.

What does a VPN do?

  1. Encrypts traffic to make its essence and purpose completely "incomprehensible" to the ISP.
  2. Hides the real IP address of the user, replacing it with the IP address of a server in another country thereby masking the location.

That is why VPNs are used by millions of people all over the world and their number is growing.

How does a VPN work?

The VPN application creates an encrypted virtual channel between the user's device and a special server on the Internet. All device traffic, including P2P, is routed through this channel.

Good VPNs have a dedicated Split Tunneling setting that allows only a fraction of the data to be routed into the tunnel. For example, uploads and downloads from a torrent client....

How VPN works

Thanks to VPN, all Internet activity of the user is encrypted: end sites, services, and other P2P network participants will not be able to find out your real location.

What do you need to run a VPN?

In order to protect your Internet connection, you need to install a special VPN application or VPN add-on, if we are talking about Kodi...

Such software is provided VPN services and is available for all platforms that can be used for torrenting.

In the next chapter, I will provide a short description of VPNs that have been tested and have a fair amount of positive VPN user reviews on Reddit...

The best torrent VPNs

What should a VPN for torrent users be?

To protect its user, a VPN should:

  • Hide their network activity (the most important function);
  • Mask their real location (hide an IP address and show an IP from another country instead);
  • Not keep any logs (ensuring its after-use safety);
  • Be torrenting-friendly (not all VPNs allow torrenting);
  • Protect their IP if the connection to a VPN server fails (the Kill Switch technology is superbly important for anonymity).

It’s also preferable for a provider to have good speed, safe jurisdiction, good reputation, and enough positive reviews.

We’ll start with paid VPN services the characteristics of which take care of all the mentioned parameters (unlike those of free VPNs).

1. Surfshark

Here are the main features of Surfshark:

  • Bypassing geo-restrictions
  • High level of server speeds (there are more than 3200+ in 100 countries)
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Safe jurisdiction in an offshore zone
  • Apps for all platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux)
  • Kill switch
  • Whitelister. You can set up the connection so that all your apps or only your torrent client will work through VPN.
  • Total absence of advertisement.

To my mind, I suggest you the most advantageous offer for torrenting – Surfshark VPN. It also has special servers for P2P and contains all the best features of VPNs in the field of security – no IP leaking, Kill Switch, “No logs” policy.


And all these features are available for one of the lowest prices on the market:

1 month1 year2 years
Price (monthly)12.95
Money-back garantee303030

You can also refund your money during 30 days, if you wish.

If you are interested in torrenting for Android, you can also use a free trial version for 7 days.

2. ExpressVPN

Here are the main features of ExpressVPN:

  • 100% hides the traffic from the internet service provider.
  • Hides the addresses of the websites you visit.
  • Has a kill switch.
  • Affects all the apps on your device at once.
  • Lets you choose separate apps to work without a VPN.
  • Has the best 24/7 customer support.
  • Supports all platforms.

ExpressVPN combines the premium quality with great speeds, huge choice of torrenting-dedicated locations, an offshore jurisdiction and a high price.This service is well-rounded and suits any sphere of use that requires privacy and security.

It is an experienced provider whose No-Logging policy has been proven. In 2017, TorrentFreak wrote about an investigation incident that involved ExpressVPN.

That investigation had proved that this provider doesn’t keep any logs.


ExpressVPN is a premium service with an average price which depends on the subscription length:

1 month1 year2 years
Price (monthly)$12.95
Money-back garantee3030-

New customers get 3 extra months for free when subscribing for 1 year.

Accepted payment methods include:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin and 11 more methods

The provider has a 30-day refund guarantee.

ExpressVPN’s price compared to other services.

(compared to the same-length subscriptions of the VPNs on our Top 5)

Provider12-month plan (monthly)6-month plan (monthly)1-month plan
CyberGhost VPN$4.29-$12.99

Test results

We have studied the performance of ExpressVPN with apps that use peer-to-peer (P2P) technology on all the platforms and confirm that using this software does indeed make any torrenting activity safe:

  • Visiting torrenting websites
  • Using torrent clients
  • Using apps for viewing free video content (Popcorn Time, for example)
  • File sharing

100% protection of torrenting traffic on any platform. Up to 5 simultaneous device connections

3. Nord VPN

Why is NordVPN one of the best?

  • Bypassing geo-restrictions
  • The high level of server speeds (there are more than 5400+ in 60 countries)
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Safe jurisdiction in Panama, torrent-friendly
  • Apps for all platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux)
  • Kill switch, which allows preventing IP leaks during the reconnection to the Internet
  • Additional protection from malicious websites and hacker attacks
  • Total absence of the advertisement

NordVPN has all qualities for anonymous and safe torrenting. “No logging” policy, no IP leaking and 256-bit encryption.

Due to this fact that this provider is paid, you won’t have any doubt that the information about your online activity on the Internet is not collected or saved. This service doesn’t need it.


Prices for services and the opportunity to use it for free:

1 month1 year2 years
Price (monthly)$11.99
Money-back garantee303030

The provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you cancel the subscription.

So, Nord VPN gives you an opportunity to avoid risks of using torrents in each country. Moreover, you can set it up simultaneously on 6 devices using only one subscription.

Panama jurisdiction, automatic kill switch, high speeds without traffic restrictions.

4. CyberGhost VPN

Here are the main features of CyberGhost VPN:

  • Bypassing geo-restrictions
  • High level of server speeds (there are more than 9299 in 91 countries)
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Safe jurisdiction in Romania, torrent-friendly
  • Apps for all platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux)
  • Kill switch
  • Smart rules. You can set up the connection so that all your apps or only a torrent client will work through VPN.
  • Total absence of advertisement.

There are such kinds of VPNs that have special servers for P2P/Torrenting. The best one is CyberGhost VPN. This one is the most convenient and safe. If you use torrents through these servers, there won’t be any questions to you.

In other aspects, like NordVPN, it’s a large and professional provider with highly-developed infrastructure and apps for each platform:

You can feel safe with CyberGhost VPN when you download the content from torrent-trackers. The price is quite affordable and you have an opportunity to refund your money during 45 days.


1 month1 year2 years
Price (monthly)$12.99
Money-back garantee303030

5. ProtonVPN for torrenting

Characteristics of ProtonVPN *:

  • Openly declares support for P2P;
  • Bypasses blocking;
  • High speed of servers;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Swiss jurisdiction;
  • Apps for all platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux);
  • Kill Switch;
  • No ads.

* The listed specs do not apply to the free plan, which currently does not support torrents.


1 month1 year2 years
Monthly cost$9.99$5.99-
Money-back guarantee, days-30-

Despite the fact that ProtonVPN is considered the best free VPN, its free plan doesn't support torrents. We checked - torrenting really does require an upgrade to the paid version.

A refund is available within 30 days.

We noticed that it is cheaper to pay for ProtonVPN in US dollars than in euros or Swiss pounds.

Can you use a free VPN for torrenting?

Yes, you can. Both paid and free providers use the same basics of the Virtual Private Network technology.

However, just like in any other field, if there are paid and free versions of some service, there are going to be significant differences between them.

I will tell you about all those differences between paid and free VPNs in the next section. You’ll see for yourself if a free VPN suits you.

Why I don’t recommend such free VPN services for torrenting as Hola VPN and Hoxx VPN

You need to know that not every service that claims to be a VPN actually provides a Virtual Private Network. It is especially true for Android devices but is also sometimes present in software for Windows and macOS.

Such services offer either a proxy browser plugin or a browser with a built-in proxy plugin instead of a VPN.

Remember that a proxy, unless you enter it manually in your torrent client settings, is completely useless and won’t protect you.

Such VPN services are suitable only for web surfing and shouldn’t be used for torrenting.

Here’s a list of popular services that claim to be a ‘’VPN’’ but are not (or not fully) ones:

  • Hola VPN (proxy on all platforms)
  • Hoxx VPN (proxy on desktops)
  • Proxy Master (proxy)
  • Thunder VPN (proxy)

And that’s far from the full list of providers that are poorly suited for torrenting.

But you can read our list of VPN reviews with the best providers of 2023.

To see if a service is really a proxy, just install and run it. If it will install a browser extension or a new browser, then it’s a proxy beyond any doubt.

Free VPNs for torrenting

There are two kinds of free VPNs that are not time-limited:

  • Freemium VPN (free + premium). This is the main type of a free VPN. It offers both paid and free subscriptions. There are certain limitations in the free one that I’ll talk about later.
  • 100% free VPN. There are very few of these ones. They are maintained by ads and provide service of the lowest quality possible. VPN Gate is an exception. It is funded by a Japanese university and promotes its own VPN protocol. It’s unsuitable for torrents because it uses computers of other users instead of regular servers.

Both types allow enciphered connection to a P2P network.

A Freemium VPN ensures good enough anonymity. Some even have a Kill Switch.

A fully free VPN doesn’t offer any software. To use it, you have to download third-party programs or set your OS up. Such VPNs don’t have a Kill Switch.

You will find the main differences between paid and free VPNs that matter for torrenting in the table:

Paid VPNFreemium VPNFully free VPN
SpeedHighVariesVery slow
Traffic limitUnlimited0.2-10Gb per monthUnlimited
Kill SwitchOptionalOptional-
Torrent policyOften allowedRarely allowedPartially allowed
Log-keepingSometimesSometimesKeeps logs
Service qualityHighAverageVery low

There are freemium VPNs that have no traffic limits. Such providers, however, forbid the use of torrents.

You can see from the table that a Freemium VPN can be used for torrenting but only partially. It imposes a strict limitation on the traffic. In most cases, this limitation is around 0.5 – 1 Gb per month. Only hide.me offers a 10 GB limit.

So, using a free VPN provider with torrents will lead to one or more issues:

  • Speed drop;
  • A significant limitation of traffic;
  • Worse privacy protection and increasing risks;
  • The inconvenience of use.

However, the use of a free VPN can be justified in some cases.

You can choose one of the five best free VPNs for torrenting from our list. Each of them is efficient and has been tested to qBittorent support.

1. Free Hide.me

Hide.me offers 10 GB of monthly traffic with the opportunity to choose from 5 locations for all platforms except Linux. With the help of hide.me you can safely hide your IP, and if you need to, you can unblock torrent websites.

I've twice had trouble setting up its software on Windows 10. I had to reinstall the application and reboot my computer. But regarding the other aspects of the app, I have no complaints.

Learn more about hide.me

2. Hotspot Shield

Great for small files is Hotspot shield... This popular VPN has one free location and a data limit of 500 MB per day.

The security level of Hotspot Shield allows you to safely download materials from torrents, even on the free plan. To remove the restrictions, the service offers an upgrade to a paid version.

Learn more about Hotspot Shield

3. Free TunnelBear

TunnelBear is considered as one of the best VPN providers. Its features help to cope with different tasks, including anonymous torrenting and unblocking of websites. Moreover, you can use it for free from 500 Mb to 1000 Mb per month without any speed restrictions and ads.

Beautifully designed animated apps offer to use the VPN on every platform.

You can register a few accounts on different e-mail addresses because TunnelBear doesn’t demand any credit cards for free plans.

Learn more about TunnelBear


Once being created for easy and fast file-sharing, now torrenting is associated with such words as copyright infringement and piracy.

Still, I must say that after some research, I found out that technology itself is not banned, while one may share (intentionally or accidentally) content which is not legal to distribute it for free because of copyright abuse.

If you are an active visitor of such torrent trackers as The Pirate Bay or took use of KickassTorrents which is longer ‘’alive’’, you should be aware of copyright trolls or ISPs tracking.

How to use a VPN with torrents correctly?

There are some peculiarities of using a Virtual Private Network together with torrent apps. Unlike many other aspects of using a VPN, torrenting requires constant and impenetrable protection.

That’s why it’s so important to know certain rules of the VPN use.

Here are 5 rules to safely use a VPN service for torrenting:

  1. Check the settings in advance to see:
    1. if the Kill Switch is on (this feature is called the Network Lock in ExpressVPN);
    2. if the auto-reconnection is on;
  2. Always turn the VPN on before starting the torrent client.
  3. Choose countries that are torrenting-friendly (countries that are not are going to be listed in the “Why and how do ISPs track torrent users’ activity?” section).
  4. Check your IP address and DNS with any service such as ipleak.net, myip.com, etc.
  5. Make sure that the VPN indicator is there on Android.

If you adhere to these simple rules, you will reliably hide your activities and location.

I’d like to elaborate on the importance of the Kill Switch use.

There are a few situations when a VPN doesn’t protect you for some time:

  • Changing a VPN server (or location);
  • Server issues;
  • Unstable signal (on Wi-Fi or the mobile Internet);
  • Changing a network (to another Wi-Fi or from Wi-Fi to 3(4)G and vice versa).

Even when the disconnection is very brief, the VPN tunnel breaks. After that, depending on your settings, the app will try or not to reconnect. In any case, while the tunnel is broken, your computer or mobile device isn’t protected.

Activating the Kill Switch beforehand will help you in such a situation. All your traffic (or only the traffic of certain apps, depending on what the VPN application can do) will be blocked until the VPN connection is restored.

This is especially useful while torrenting because devices in a P2P network exchange data almost constantly.

In all states but the UAE, China, Iran, Russia, and several other ones that censor the internet, using virtual private networks is perfectly legal. Moreover, millions of people use VPNs on a daily basis even in those countries.

The technology itself doesn’t use any forbidden methods. It has been in existence almost since the very start of the internet’s development and is indispensable for the operation of modern companies and even power structures.

What should a VPN service for torrenting be?

The best fit for torrenting is such a VPN service that openly states that it allows torrenting activity. A good service has apps for the OSs or other platforms you require, a kill switch, and high speed. In some cases, the port forwarding function is of use because it can provide the visibility of the computer by the P2P network.

According to Wikipedia, Copyright troll is… a party (person or company) that enforces copyrights it owns for purposes of making money through litigation, in a manner considered unduly aggressive or opportunistic, generally without producing or licensing the works it owns for paid distribution.

Why and how do ISPs track torrent users’ activity?

As the issue of torrenting is ambiguous and copyright infringement takes place on the torrent websites, Internet Service Providers may track or even block access to torrent trackers for users in some countries. Various techniques are applied to perform this, among them is DPI which is quite powerful to technology to ‘’look through’’ the torrent traffic.

Both copyright trolls and ISPs may pass the collected information to copyright owners or officers. Bad news for it is that in some countries you may get a warning letter or fine. Want to pay for anything that you probably didn’t do?

Take a look at the chart with legal issues in some countries:

CountryCan I torrent freely in this country?
  • Torrenting is not banned, but…
  • Torrenting of the copyrighted material is illegal! And…
  • Torrent websites are strictly monitored by the authorities.
  • ISPs are to keep data about torrent trackers’ users for 6, 12 or even 18 months (depends on the provider).
The UK
  • Many of torrent trackers are blocked, for example, Kickass Torrents, The PirateBay, Demonoid, ISOHunt.
  • ISPs have the right to throttle bandwidth for torrent users or disconnect them from the network.
  • Copyright trolls can follow those who are supposed to abuse copyright.
  • Copyright infringement is considered to be a crime there.
  • ISPs have a legal right to inform torrent users of piracy (if they committed it).
  • Most of the popular torrent trackers are not accessible.
  • Those who download copyrighted files on torrent trackers commit illegal actions.
  • Copyright trolls sue and send warning letters to torrent users downloading copyrighted files.
The Netherlands
  • According to the Act of 2014, Canadian ISPs are to send warning letters to copyright abusers.
  • The data about such torrent users are kept for half a year.
  • Though warning letters are more for educational purposes, ISPs can turn to throttling as the means of restricting.

Thus, the obvious reasons why to use a VPN for torrenting are:

  1. ISPs, copyright trolls and authorities observe torrent users’ activities.
  2. Torrent users may be accused of piracy and receive warning letters or fines.
  3. A lot of mainstream torrent websites are blocked. You need a VPN simply to access them.


prefix 1 year ago
I've tried a few VPN's in the last year and, in my opinion, Express vpn is the best in terms of safety and easy access. I'm originally from the UK, so I prefer using UK servers, though USA servers are great for torrenting. NordVPN was not the best experience, to say the least. It's too crowded and the speed is...welp. Leaves much to be desired.
prefix 1 year ago
Thanks! Gonna show this article to my friends. They have reported getting notices from their internet service providers after using torrents. This is crazy! I always tell them to use VPN services if they download something online. VPNs hide your torrent use. Windscribe is a good one. There are traffic restrictions, but 15 GB per month is enough for me.
prefix 1 year ago
Thanks for the article! The problem of the modern world is that there are so many products you simply don't know which one to choose. Torrenting is a great solution for those who aren't able to buy all the content cause of different reasons. And sometimes you are just not sure if the product would suit you. Then, it's good to check it out before buying (Photoshop, I'm looking at you). I came across positive reviews about ZenMate, maybe I should give it a try, start a trial version. Before that I only used Opera built in free vpn. Good for using some blocked sites, but no exactly what I need.
prefix 1 year ago
I remember how a lot of torrents that worked steadily before got blocked one way or another. Thanks to VPN services, it was possible to avoid blockage. As for VPN, I'm originally from West Europe, so torrenting is not legal and I use it only if I need to download something important. I personally use Express VPN, it's an absolute must-have and it hides IP really fast. In other cases, I always try to buy legally.
prefix 1 year ago
Been using Hoxx Vpn for a long time since couldn't find decent alternatives. I won't say it's bad but the free version is just...idk, doesn't provide as much as I need. I am currently using FreeVPN but I think I'm gonna switch to windscribe, it's more solid for me. to tell the truth, It's been difficult to find a safe VPN for torrenting lately. Most of them are constantly being blocked.
prefix 1 year ago
I'm using the nordvpn free trial at the moment. Works great for downloading torrents, on their site it says they have no logging on their site which, I guess, means they can't keep track of you? Not quite sure how it works exactly, but sounds reassuring. Also, I heard Surfshark has got a Killswitch function, haven't tried it yet but surely going to.
prefix 1 year ago
What is the best VPN for torrents in 2021? Not all VPN providers are torrent-friendly. I use only VPNs with no data cap. They cost money but I'm ready to pay for my privacy. I don't recommend free VPNs. They sell your personal data, all of your traffic, and all of your sensitive secrets. If you're not ready to pay for legal content - pay for premium vpn service and use torrents. It's not safe to directly download torrents without any proxy and VPNs.
prefix 1 year ago
Thank you for this article. It was quite useful to get all the advantages and disadvantages. Finding a site for torrenting can be very tricky. Even the most popular torrent sites are being shut down really quickly. There also are torrent sites that offer low-quality torrent files, fake torrents etc. In such a case, for me, 1337x has always been the best torrent site for safe downloading in terms of its safety and reliability.
prefix 1 year ago
It's quite hard to say what is the best VPN service. It depends on the requirements you have towards it and what files you are going to download. I'm currently using Surfshark VPN and I can agree with you on its main advantages. For me, it has one of the widest choices of geo, and it also works via different platforms (macOS and Android for me) so it's easier to choose the most suitable option. These two features make me choose Surfahark over other services.
prefix 1 year ago
Hello Torrent users! I won't recommend you to go for free VPN services if you need them for torrenting. Torrent is not legal in most countries, so you have to hide your IP. You can still be charged with piracy even in countries where torrents are legal to use. CRAZY! Don't be a miser - pay for VPN. I also recommend you look more for VPNs that claim a “no-logs” service. As was mentioned in the article, CyberGhost VPN is a good choice. They offer 45 days trial period. I also recommend you connect to servers located closer to your real location to avoid speed drops. It's pissing me off. Which VPN has the fastest speed?
prefix 2 years ago
It’s best to stay away from utorrent if your VPN is Nord. It makes speeds really slow because they two are not optimized for each other. Qbittorrent is a much faster option.
Pagar man
Pagar man
prefix 2 years ago
Hi all and I would like to offer some more advice about implementing security for torrenting:

1) Like you say, VPN is necessary

2) Make sure you don’t have your torrenting client start automatically with Windows or the operating system of your choice, only start it after you launch VPN client

3) Always block the torrenting client with firewall, do not let it connect to networks Just allow it to connect through your VPN network

Do this trcik and you will never have to worry about fines or penalties! Just be sure your VPN is good. One from the list on this page is good enough.
No Name
No Name
prefix 2 years ago
According to my own experience, I cannot say there’s any good free service for Bittorrent. A VPN is to be premium (read ‘paid’) to cope with the task to both unblock torrent sites and make your online activity anonymous and hidden from the prying eyes. Besides, free VPNs have very poor speed performance – it’s hardly possible to download an average movie. You’ll spend hours on it.
prefix 2 years ago
Hi all and I’m a NordVPN user ;) I use it extensively for torrenting but recently it seems like the speed is lacking no matter what server I’m connected to. I’ve seen some comments on Reddit and whatnot where other customers complain about the same thing but no solution sadly. Maybe someone here can help me?
prefix 2 years ago
Ppl here have mentioned port forwarding and I want to share my experience on setting it up… It can be difficult with some services such as PIA a bit. Nothing you can’t handle but it won’t just up and work out of the box… So my recommendation is Mullvad because it has the easiest port forwarding setup of any VPN I tried. Very good for torrenting or p2p.
prefix 2 years ago
Another free VPN that (kinda) works with torrenting is Betternet. I haven’t used it in a while, but when I did, it had like 500 Mb a day. That’s not much, but you could use it strategically and download something in a month or so. Sadly, there’s simply no free VPN that has no such limitations D:
Frank user
Frank user
prefix 2 years ago
Windscribe is not a bad free VPN for p2p. Torrent sites are unblocked. ISPs didn’t catch me. But one obstacle makes the use of this VPN inconvenient. I’m talking about capped bandwidth. 2 GB per month without registration and 15 when using an email to sign up. What can I do with such restricted bandwidth and traffic limit? Perhaps download a couple of 4k movies a month and that’s it.
prefix 2 years ago
Previously, I tried to use numerous proxies to unblock torrent sites. But they helped me to open mirror torrent sites only. They are not bad as an alternative. But in general, they contain far less material to download. VPNs are better in this respect. They unblock real torrent sites and therefore their content.
Crazy Daisy
Crazy Daisy
prefix 2 years ago
Why not use a seedbox to download torrent files instead of using VPNs?
Amazing Pete
Amazing Pete
prefix 2 years ago
What’s up my dudes, and thanx for the review! I’ve tried some of the services you’re talking about here such as ExpressVPN (was okay, though some of the speeds left much to be desired; I guess it’s more of a VPN to maximize security -- which is a great thing in and of itself) and Kaspersky (was complete bollocks and worked in about 50-60% of cases). So I’m not a complete n00b in this sphere. But I have a question that I hope you can clarify: what’s port forwarding and how can I set it up for torrenting with a VPN? I’m hearing a lot about it but I’m yet to find a comprehensible answer. Thanks!
prefix 2 years ago
prefix 2 years ago
Dean, good job on your writings and recommendations. Never thought that I'll be in need for the good VPN but these crazy times changed a lot for me. Tried NordVPN (price and quality seemed right), and so far so good. Remote work is ten times easier with this..
prefix 2 years ago
Hi Dean! Thanks for your review! I got a question based on some news I heard lately: there’s apparently this brand new VPN service WeVPN some people online seem to swear by when it comes to torrenting. However, I feel like it’s too new to actually tell for sure what’s up with it and if it can be trusted because it’s too early to see if there really aren’t any letters from ISPs and so on. Anyway, what’s your opinion on it?
prefix 2 years ago
Been using Surfshark for a couple of months now, one of the main reasons I decided to get it was because of unlimited devices logins and their support for torrenting. Decent VPN no complaints from me.
prefix 2 years ago
VPN for torrenting is a good solution if you’re concerned about getting access to the top torrent sites. I’m happy!!!
prefix 2 years ago
I usually torrent through my Android phone. Once I was caught while torrenting (I’ve left my phone connected for a night). So it was anything but a pleasant “surprise”. That incident made me subscribe to a VPN. My choice turned next to NordVPN as I’ve read it’s good for torrenting (and not just that). But how upset I was when the speeds were about 600 kb/s instead of usual 15-20 mb/s.
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Hi guys and great review… Very comprehensive and I like that you include free VPNs instead of just dismissing them completely. I feel like I’ve got something to add: I’m using Surfeasy for torrenting and really can’t complain about the results! No spam from my internet provider or anything… I think the coolest thing is that it’s only $2 a month and it’s a fixed cost mind you so you don’t have to buy it for a year or more to get this cost efficiency. Anyways, I hope this info will be useful to someone!
James Rofl
James Rofl
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I seriously don’t recommend using HideMyAss for torrenting, like super seriously. It often gives you a fake IP so that it shows you are in one country but really if you check your IP it’s a different one…
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Thanks for your advice! I know what to use for torrent trackers now. I tried Hotspot Shield for torrenting. It is not the best choice I should say. Connection speed is too slow with all clients. Will try Surfshark. Sounds reliable and it is low-priced. Nice!
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Everything is written here is good. However, the first rule while choosing the best vpn for downloading movies or other entertainment staff is zero log policy. It is the first thing a user should pay attention to. Zero logs mean that if for some reasons you are subpoenaed, the VPN has no information to hand over even if they wanted to.

Being in the USA, I got a letter from my ISP when I was using a torrent tracker. Since that time I never visit torrent websites without a good VPN. Now I use NordVPN and it is awesome. It is reliable as I know they will never pass my private info to any third party. This is the first reason why I am ready to pay for their service. Gotta love its advanced functions and especially Kill Switch.

Of course, there are cheaper VPNs on the market. However, taking into consideration that today not all VPNs are honest with their users regarding no-logging policy, I prefer using one which is truly reliable and fast. I will never save money on your privacy. Moreover, considering how much money torrent trackers allow us to save on music, games, and many other forms of entertainment. Stay private, guys!
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I’ve chosen TunnelBear for torrenting because of its attractive app and user-friendly nature. I haven’t studied forums or sites with ratings to learn about this service because I’m convinced they all are just the same. Besides, I think that such comments and ratings are promotional on the whole. The difference in VPN services is minimal and not significant for an average user. Well, I used the app do download torrents through BitTorrent client. The trackers I used were available for me, no issues. But a controversy arose. My friend said that it doesn’t allow torrenting, whereas I used it for P2P file-sharing and it was ok. Or maybe my torrenting was successful because TunnelBear just doesn’t work and all my traffic hasn’t been encrypted? I don’t know whom to believe.
Dean Chester
Dean Chester
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Allan, TunnelBear supports P2P but it’s required to change the settings. Read our review and find the detailed information there.

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Hello! Thank you for your review! I decided to go with Nord BTW. As I am pretty new to VPNs and still don’t know the ropes, I hope you can answer my question. Is it safe to use a smartphone in the household without a vpn enabled while torrenting on the main PC with a vpn? And another question (the last one, I promise))) Is there any free alternatives to VPNs or they are obligatory for torrenters? Hope you’ll answer me soon

Dean Chester
Dean Chester
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Bobby, it is not only safe but useful, as well. Firstly, a VPN channel does not interact with the traffic of another device. Secondly, your Internet provider will identify mixed traffic but not a suspicious connection to a single IP address (the same is for VPN-banned countries). As for free VPN alternatives for torrenting, think about this: torrenting consumes a lot of traffic and P2P technology does not have built-in user protection, which means intermediary services are needed. Transferring traffic requires financial expenses anywhere on the Internet. Who is going to take on massive amounts of traffic for free? Do not waste time. It will be either prohibitively slow or unsafe.

you may burst or you may crack
you may burst or you may crack
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Greetings to you, good sir, and thank you for this roundup! I do agree 100% with your assessment that there are no good free VPNs for P2P. To think otherwise is to delude oneself because safety is just not good enough. I would also like to spread the word about the service I’ve been using for close to 2 years now for numerous purposes including P2P. I speak, of course, of AirVPN which is, in my humble opinion, a nearly perfect tool for flying under the radar on the Internet. Its security, namely its analogue of kill switch, is very strong and I haven’t received any spam from my ISP talking nonsense about my use of torrenting once since I started using Air. As to its current price, I cannot speak, because I bought it quite a while ago but I don’t believe it’s much higher than that of most other VPNs.

Dean Chester
Dean Chester
prefix 3 years ago
AirVPN indeed can be considered one of the 10 best VPNs for torrenting. Within the confines of this review, however, I have chosen 5 providers. I will take your opinion into account when I update this page.

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