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AzireVPN Review: What are the main reasons to try the VPN?


AzireVPNToday every prudent Internet user tries to find the provider that will be able to satisfy all needs: protect against malware, unblock restricted websites and hide sensitive information from prying eyes. AzireVPN is one of the best VPNs with brilliant customer service, up-to-date protocols and many other advantages. However… Is the provider worth using? In this AzireVPN review I’ll cover the following information:

How to get AzireVPN for free?

AzireVPN is a paid service that provides its customers with 3 different tariffs. It also offers 24 hours of free VPN trial upon registration. It is dead easy to get AzireVPN free of charge.

  1. The first step you should do is to register on the official website of the provider. Just enter your password and username. The next step is to click an activation link that was sent to your e-mail.
  1. As soon as you follow the link, your account will be successfully registered. Now you need to enter your password and username once again.

enter your password and username

  1. Now you can see all the data of your account. Click “Configuration files” and select the country you wish to connect, operating system, Nat or Public IP, port, etc. Click “Download configuration”.

Download configuration

  1. The last step is to download AzireVPN on your device. Click “Guides” and select your platform, for example, Windows.

download AzireVPN on your device

At first glance, the process might appear complicated. However, I haven’t faced any difficulties while installing the software, just follow step by step accurately. I’ll cover how to use AzireVPN in another section. 

Privacy and security features

It’s stated on the AzireVPN official website that the provider focuses on security and aims to help customers to avoid censorship, interception, and regulations. The main features that make the VPN really worth using are reliable protocols/encryption and clear privacy policy. What about AzireVPN security? Let’s see. 

What’s their logging policy?

I haven’t found Privacy Policy on the official website of the provider. However, the information that I’ve found in their Terms of Service was immensely satisfying. As you can see, the provider doesn’t save any logs. Moreover, even AzireVPN providers are not able to protect your information!

AzireVPN doesn’t save any logs

What protocols are used?

AzireVPN proposes a variety of solutions regarding different tunnels and proxies. The protocols the provider uses will definitely cover all the needs of customers. OpenVPN protocol is used by default. This protocol is undoubtedly one of the best as of now. However, AzireVPN also offers WireGuard, cutting-edge protocol that runs on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and OpenWrt routers. 

What encryption methods are applied

WireGuard encryption is implemented by the ChaCha20 stream cipher. Whereas OpenVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption. Nowadays this protocol has proven itself as the most robust and trustworthy. It’s used by the governments to hide the most sensitive information.

Any additional features?

To deal with some issues regarding the VPN, you just need to click on the support tag. Here one can find installation guides, configuration files, FAQ and security check.

contact the AzireVPN team

To contact the AzireVPN team, scroll the page to the bottom and leave your e-mail address and password.

Servers and platforms

Let’s cover the number of servers the provider owns. It may be crucial for those, who want to unblock specific content from this or that country.

How many servers does AzireVPN provide?

The server park is not so wide. There are 22 servers and 5 locations: Canada, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and the USA.

AzireVPN servers

AzireVPN offers SOCKS5 servers as well. You don’t need any authentication to use them, they are available while connecting to AzireVPN servers. They also can be used in a chain with suitable software. 

Platforms supported by the service

Can I call AzireVPN cross-platform software? Actually, yes. It runs with macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. It is also compatible with routers that run OpenWrt (WireGuard), DD-WRT (OpenVPN), pfSense (OpenVPN). Unfortunately, AzireVPN does not work on FireTV, Roku, PlayStation, and other smart devices.

How to use AzireVPN?

As you might remember the installation process wasn’t so difficult. The interface of the software is also user-friendly. To connect to any server, you just need to enter your username and password, select a server and a protocol and then click on “Connect”. So, now you surf the internet from another country.

how to use AzireVPN

AzireVPN tests

It is not a secret that the prime purpose of any VPN is to hide the user’s IP. Let’s see if AzireVPN has managed to mask my IP on the Internet.

IP Leak Test for AzireVPN

No IP or DNS leaks were detected when I connected to the server in Canada. However, I’ve noticed some suspicious IP addresses while checking the UK and the USA servers of AzireVPN.

IP Leak Test for AzireVPN

AzireVPN speed test

I’ve checked Internet speed two times. The first time I wasn’t connected to the VPN (the first screenshot), the second – I was connected to the AzireVPN server in Sweden (the screenshot on the bottom).

AzireVPN speed test 1


AzireVPN speed test 2

AzireVPN allows torrenting. However, the low speeds can make the process of downloading inconvenient.

Conclusion: pros and cons

At first glance, AzireVPN seemed to me like a secure VPN service with trustworthy protocols and reliable no-logging policy. However, IP leaks can become the first reason for a potential user to avoid this provider. In addition to IP leaks, the speeds can be also unsatisfying for many customers. Moreover, the provider available for free only 24 hours. Let’s see the main advantages and disadvantages of the VPN in brief.


  • No-logging policy;
  • Robust encryption;
  • Up-to-date protocols;
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Low Speeds;
  • Limited server park;
  • IP Leaks were found.

Top 3 alternatives

I want to pay your attention to the following free VPN providers that can cater to many cautious Internet users’ tastes.

  1. Betternet
  2. ProtonVPN
  3. Windscribe

Good luck. Find the best free VPN for your needs and stay safe while surfing the Net!


prefix 2 years ago
completly outdated review!

maybe this is 2+ years old - there are much more locations as discribed: they have 57 servers in 14 countrys

also great pro`s against most other vpn: no persistent cookies or trackers, also no proprietary apis used and selfhosted (no Cloudflare, etc.)
prefix 2 years ago
I remember learning about azire when it was like the official vpn for the pirate bay. Like literally, you went to the site and there was the huge logo of AzireVPN there-hard not to notice. It was maybe about a year ago give or take. I did not try it out then because I had another service subscription but recently it ended so I started looking for something else and remembered about Azire. Guess it’s good that I read this review and a couple on other sites first you know! Its poor speeds are especially damning since it was recommended by a torrent tracker.
the dog whisperer
the dog whisperer
prefix 2 years ago
I remember using Azire a while back… It was good like in the very beginning but then got worse and worse until I wouldn’t take it no longer and switched to another VPN...
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