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VPN reviews

NordVPN Review. Unbiased tests and overview of the best ‘’All-Round’’ VPN provider.

ExpressVPN Review. Everything you need to know about the most popular VPN provider on the Internet: features, servers, platforms, IP leak, and speed tests.

CyberGhost VPN Review. Expert security and speed tests done by our specialists, complete overview of features, and free trial vs. paid version comparison.

Surfshark Review. The article will tell you why this ‘’budget’’ VPN service is not worse than some expensive ones.

Private Internet Access Review. Proven facts about the service and honest tests to identify if it’s worthy or better to avoid.

IPVanish VPN Review. The truth about this US-based VPN provider: features and server tests done by a group of our independent experts.

Avast SecureLine VPN Review. The detailed overview of features, benefits and servers tested for various tasks, including fast and private connections, Netflix, torrenting, and others.

AzireVPN Review. Dean Chester telling about the reasons why to use this VPN service: tests, features, pros & cons.

Betternet Review. The fullest introduction to the service: how to use for free, overview of apps, and security features.

DotVPN Review. The author will share the opinion on its Chrome extension and Android app.  Security tests are included.

Freelan VPN Review. Sam Chester will share his expert point of view about this free service to connect via Virtual Private Network. Review. The website’s expert revealing the truth about this free VPN’s problems related to its servers and privacy.

FrootVPN Review. Unbiased tests done by the author and the detailed conclusion on the service’s pros and cons.

Hola VPN Review. The article that will remove the scales from eyes: it’s free, unlimited, but not a VPN.

Opera VPN Review. The overview of a popular extension for the Opera browser: features, privacy and security, tests for Netflix.

ProtonVPN Review. The updated overview of the VPN service with tests for streaming, torrenting and its trial version.

ProXPN Review. The author’s conclusion on the service after testing: primitive and expensive (with features reviewed, pros and cons).

SlickVPN Review. The expert’s opinion and tests done for this VPN. Find the providers’ pros and cons inside. 

SurfEasy Review. This article is about the service that offers VPN servers free of charge: everything you might want to know about the service just on one page.

TrustZone VPN Review. The review of the service’s characteristics, its pros and cons. Decent alternatives are mentioned as well.

Turbo VPN Review. Everything you might want to know about the service: functions, pros and cons, how-to guide, an overall expert verdict and 3 alternatives.

Unblock-US Review. Learn why it is highly ranked for Netflix among free VPNs, and how Dean Chester tested its features.

VPNBook Review. The honest review confirming that it’s slow and insecure.

VPN Gate Review. ‘’Network of independent servers’’. Learn how it’s free and how it actually works.

Whoer VPN Review. Everything in one place: test results, features, pros and cons, the best alternatives.

Windscribe VPN Review.  Free and paid versions are compared in the review. The verdict is inside.

Hoxx VPN Review. Here and now you’ll know the truth about this provider, and why it’s not always a VPN.

Avira VPN Review.  The expert’s verdict is ‘’good for common users’’. Learn why he thinks so.

AVG VPN Review. The review will set the record straight: why it’s good or bad for users.

HideMyAss Review. The in-depth expert review by Dean Chester: features, tests and detailed conclusion.

TunnelBear Review. Only truth and nothing else! Full vs. free version, tests for torrenting and streaming.

Green VPN Review. 2019’s update: the service is blocked. The best alternatives are suggested to the readers.

TotalVPN Review. 2019’s update: it’s not available anymore. Learn about it in details.

In-depth guides

Internet Safety for Teens, Kids, and Students. The most comprehensive guide to Internet safety for kids, teens, and teachers. The best resource for parents, and teachers.

55 Ways to Save Money on Internet Safety. The definitive guide for Internet users that will teach them to be safe online and not to spend much money on it.

How to hide your IP address on the Web. The in-depth guide with the step-by-step instructions for users to hide the IP address on the Internet.

5 Easy Steps to Protect Your Computer in Under 1 Week. A real case-study where Sam Chester tells how once he helped his friend Derek to protect software on his computer in just 1 week.

Social media safety rules for 2019. Want to maximize your social media safety? Then this complete guide is for you!

Best VPN ratings

Best VPN: Complete Review. Find Top 7 VPN services to perform various tasks in 2019: bypassing censorship, unblocking Netflix, and others. 

Free VPN Services: New Review (Top 7). The detailed instructions on how to choose a free VPN. The expert’s choice of top 7 is included.

The best and free VPN for Canada. The overview of 3 most popular VPN providers and 3 free alternatives to save your money in Canada.

Free and Best VPNs in China. The complete guide and rating of VPNs that still work in China.

Cheap VPN providers for 2019. The updated rating of affordable VPNs that are worth using for multiple tasks.

VPN apps for Android. 3 paid and 5 free VPN providers reviewed for 2019.

The best VPNs for Kodi. Find the overviews of 3 popular and 5 free VPNs that work with Kodi.

Free VPN for Mac. Find the answer to the question if you need a VPN for Mac… And is there any free VPN for Mac?

Best free VPN for torrenting. Can you find a free VPN to download torrents? Learn how to use the best VPNs free of charge.

Free Trial VPN. The best 5 VPN providers that offer free trials: options, nuances and practical tips.

Free and best VPNs for Netflix. 3 best VPN services + 5 free VPNs (with free trials or a free plan) to access Netflix US in 2019.

Popcorn Time VPN: 3 Best + 3 Free. How to use and what VPN to use in 2019.

Free VPN on Reddit. Find out what Reddit users think about VPNs and what services are recommended there.

Roku with VPN. Setup instructions and the list of the best VPNs to use with Roku.

We compare VPNs

ExpressVPN vs NordVPN. We've compared 12 key features of these VPN providers. Read this comparison to know which one would meet all your requirements.

ExpressVPN vs IPVanish: Read the comparison of two popular VPN providers to know which one is better.

NordVPN vs IPVanish: Find 11 distinctions that make NordVPN and IPVanish very different in 2019.

NordVPN vs PIA. 11 differences between NordVPN and Private Internet Access: Updated Review for 2019.