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AirVPN review

Last updated: January 5, 2021 By Dean Chester

Have you ever walked through a store or small shop and had a shop assistant follow your every step and watch your every move to ensure you don’t steal anything? It’s quite terrible because you feel convicted before you had ever done anything and it completely diminishes your enjoyment of your shopping spree. Internet censorship is doing exactly that. They are following your every move, have access to all your private conversations and watch every website you visit. AirVPN is a good VPN service that restores your internet freedom so you can surf anonymously and do whatever you like online without the risk of being fined for downloading illegal content or visiting restricted sites. 

AirVPN Review

AirVPN also supplies you with free access to websites that are restricted in your area so you can enjoy the internet the way it was intended to be, namely as an unrestricted haven that provides you with instant access to anything you would like to view or download. 

Tariffs and prices of AirVPN

AirVPN is one of the best VPN services because it offers great versatility with various package options that allows you to save more as your commitment contract increases. AirVPN has five different options to make their services more convenient because these memberships include all VPN features.

  • Three day membership – This option costs €1 and is basically a trial that allows you to try all the services for three days. 
  • One month membership – The one month package may seem a bit expensive at €7 but is still a great investment if you take in consideration that you can enjoy all the benefits of the reliable VPN service for such a short commitment period.
  • Three month membership – With the three -month membership, you can save 28% on expenses because you will only be paying €15 for the three months that you will be using this private VPN service.
  • Six month membership – At €30, the six -month membership is quite affordable and allows you to save 28 percent of what you would have sent if you were using the daily membership.
  • One year membership – The one year package allows you to save up to 35% of expenses and you can enjoy all the benefits for an entire year after a onetime payment of only €54.
  • Two years membership - The most profitable plan. It will cost you €84 per two years or €3,5 each month.

There are no troubles with payment options as a lot of them are available: credit cards, PayPal and even bitcoins (we’d recommend using bitcoins for VPN!).

AirVPN add-ons

Any advanced VPN service works on additional extensions that make the customers more advantageous while using the service.  Thus, AirVPN has worked out several essential additional features, which are to boost your experience when running the service.

Here are just some of them, which can be found on the official website:


Having entered the official website, you can choose the ‘status’ section where you will see the latest issues coming from the servers’ usage:


Besides, the latest issues can be checked in the dedicated section called ‘latest issues’ here:


According to the data achieved, you can draw conclusions and decide on the right server usage. The function is of a critical use in case you live in a highly restrictive country like China, India, Iran, etc. where access to any forbidden web resources is forbidden by law and heavily fined or lead to arrest.

The company has also provided its customers with the ‘checking route’ section:


This tool helps you see what are the most appropriate servers for the web resource usage.

What is more, the service offers you to use the following section ‘ping matrix’:


From where you can see all the ping results between servers suggested by the company:


Besides, the ‘stats’ section contains such helpful information, as top 10 users speed, which is to make you able to choose the fastest VPN server and run it for heavy traffic transferring without any hits, delays or bugs. 

Here you can find the service’s servers, which are supported with OpenVPN:


Also you can check stats on geo - distribution of the customers here:


Thus, the service is one of the most advanced and customer-oriented of those presented on the Internet today. Therefore, having decided to subscribe for the service, you have all chances to achieve all the benefits the best VPN can offer.

All the additional features are being constantly improved by the company and made better for its clients. Therefore, if you have some questions before deciding on the subscription, you need to ask the support team to give you all the answers you need. (We’ll tell you how AirVPN’s support service works a bit later).

However, having considered the service is what you need, you are highly advised to look through all the terms of service and privacy policy, as long as there are some pitfalls you can overcome rather than come across.

Besides, the service doesn’t supply their customer with a money-back guarantee, which can result into some bad consequences in case you are dissatisfied with it. Therefore, before filling in the form and making a subscription you need to make sure the service meets all your demands. AirVPN suggests a free trial, but you need to make a request via Contact form.

Nevertheless, sometimes it’s impossible to foresee all the possible consequences, which can do much of harm to your budget. That’s exactly why, we have decided to give you a hands-up for not to jump to fast conclusions. Such as there were, it’s up to you to decide whether to use it or not. But be sure you are acquainted with all the data posted on the official websites and gathered by you from the FAQ and ‘forum’ sections. 

Info on servers

AirVPN has multiple servers in 19 countries. This SSL VPN service is one of the few VPNs that are completely transparent about all their services, advantages, technical aspects and reach. AirVPN is available across the globe on multiple servers that you can easily choose from on the internet. You can access servers from popular countries like Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands and much more. The online server guide is completely clear on its capacity and availability.  

The whole list of countries with AirVPN’s servers is provided below:


  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • The UK
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • Ukraine


  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

North America:

  • Canada
  • The USA

As you can see, most of the servers are located in Europe. It is worth noting that US servers are available in quantity, which is quite worthwhile for unblocking such services as Netflix or YouTube via American servers. German servers are popular for their fast speeds.

Besides, AirVPN has internal servers which are not available to get connected directly and used to avoid internet censorship. They are in Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the US, UK and others.

On the one hand, it seems that AirVPN’s server park is not rich, but on the hand, after ‘’diving’’ into details it is clear that server locations are picked out thoroughly to provide more opportunities for clients.

AirVPN features

AirVPN has a great set of features available for each of 5 plans:

  • Hidden IP-address
  • No-logging
  • Advanced data encrypting
  • Remote port forwarding
  • DNS routing
  • Access to all AirVPN’s servers
  • No maximum limit speeds

Got interested? See more about them:

Remote port forwarding

Having subscribed for AirVPN, you are provided with a remote port forwarding service, which routes traffic transported between the global net and the VPN server ports to a specified local port of the AirVPN client.

The operation process is user-friendly and clear for non-techy customers. When you forward a port remotely, one of AirVPN servers opens it with TCP or UDP according to your preferences and forwards incoming traffic to your gadget.

Be sure the service can’t be accessed from the outside even if one of the ports is not remotely forwarded. This is because AirVPN server rejects the proper data packets to your service.

As practice shows, remote port forwarding is a decent protective measure against cyber-attacks. But along with that, it keeps from reaching your services over the Internet.

AirVPN make you able to forward up to 20 ports at the same time. All detailed information is available on the official website.

DNS routing

In order to circumvent internet censorship fast and smoothly, use DNS routing system provided by AirVPN. Instead of other geo-spoofing utilities, the system double-hops your internet connection via an internal server allowing to access restricted content.

In such a manner, you can access geo-restricted media services, like Netflix or Hulu, even having connected to VPN servers outside the US.

By using DNS routing system, you have no need to select a US-based VPN server (or any other country, which hosts the restricted service) for accessing a desired content. Indeed, this technology deserves your attention and should be tested by every netizen, which looks for reliable geo-spoofing utilities.

But that’s not all …

What else AirVPN will do for you?

  • You can get a new IP address so no one can identify you when you use the internet or hack into your personal accounts or network.
  • AirVPN protects against monitoring and keeps no logging which means your online activities will stay completely safe.
  • With Diffie-Hellman key exchange (DHE) a re-keying is performed every sixty minutes to ensure that all online activities stay completely secure.
  • Different connection types are available for ISPs or countries that disrupt OpenVPN services. These types are SSH, SSL or Tor. 
  • AirVPN has 4096-bit encryption and uses AES-256-CBC data channels to ensure your online information will be completely inaudible.
  • It is impossible for censoring software to identify the type of information and websites that you are viewing which means you can do what you like on the internet.
  • You can connect to wireless networks and still enjoy complete security from other users that share a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Why can you surf anonymously with AirVPN?

➱ You can fake your true identity by means of hiding your real IP address. Neither ISPs nor snoopers will intercept it.

➱ Your online activity is not monitored by the VPN provider as well as your logs are not gathered.

➱ Re-keying takes place every minute so that to provide an excellent level of forward secrecy.

➱ In the AirVPN client extra types of connections are applied: OpenVPN over SSH, SSl or Tor.

➱ Diverse encryption methods are used: 4096-bit RSA, AES-256-CBC Data Channel and HMAC SHA1 Control Channel.

➱  AirVPN enables additional protection while using Wi-Fi networks.

Why can you avoid geo-restrictions with AirVPN?

➱ All protocols are supported by AirVPN.

➱  Root servers are enabled with Internal VPN DNS.

Port Forwarding and DDNS for better performance are applied. 

Security and Privacy

AirVPN VPN software uses some of the best connection and encryption protocols to ensure that you are completely safe when you use the public internet. A 4096bit RSA key size encryption is used along with an AES-256 CBC data channel that encrypts all online activities and URLs visited. The VPN also keeps no user logs which protect online activities and AirVPN openly welcomes p2p which is restricted in most VPN services that lack the security department.

What security protocols are used by AirVPN?

OpenVPN on ports:

80 TCP / UDP,

443 TCP / UDP,

53 TCP / UDP.


OpenVPN over SSH

OpenVPN over SSLand 

OpenVPN over Tor.

Support service

AirVPN provides support to their clients from their website you with a FAQ list which you can have a look at for some answers to the most commonly found problems. Alternatively, you can also email them from the online support form and get help for any and all problems and questions that you may have about the apps and services.

Alternatively, you can also email them from the online support form and get help for any and all problems and questions that you may have about the apps and services.

What is more, you can find a reply to any point of interest by visiting AirVPN exhaustive forum. You may find it quite terrifying, because the discussions include functional lexis and comprehensible terms. But they are written in plain language, which is possible to understand even for non-techy VPN customers.

Among other issues, AirVPN forum provides the service related knowledge, which can be discussed with the VPN team providing more targeted details and features. For many web surfers, this forum gives a new horizon in the sphere of cybersecurity and personal privacy. This is because AirVPN support provides detailed responses to all the posed questions. What is more, it strains after supplying forum members with up-to-date and reliable info, and takes part in off-topic discussions. 

AirVPN team consists of highly-skilled and competent professionals that make every effort to help you. Their responsibilities include:

  • delivering technical services in keeping with the fundamental Right to Privacy;
  • rendering services capable to guarantee a strong anonymity level exercising the Right to Remain Anonymous;
  • preserving and respecting Net Neutrality and end-to-end principles;
  • defending Net Neutrality and end-to-end principles with any possible technical tool in a proper manner;
  • bypassing censorship and any other network barriers, exchanging info with observing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • supporting various projects and NGOs that are aimed to cooperate with AirVPN organization.

In such a manner, working together with AirVPN, you may be sure of high-quality services providing in compliance with global network legislation.

How to get started with AirVPN?

Firstly, you need to create an account with AirVPN by filling out their online application form.

Firstly, you need to create an account with AirVPN by filling out their online application form.

Once your account has been confirmed, you have to select the plan that you are interested in and thirdly you will have to choose the setup app that is compatible with your device. AirVPN is a secure VPN software that allows you to use payment processors like PayPal, Bitcoin, Coinbase and various other credit and debit card options. 

Have a look at the interface of Client Area, it is pretty simple and user - friendly:

Have a look at the interface of Client Area, it is pretty simple and user - friendly:

Update (2018): New version of Eddie Air client!

The provider of AirVPN has announced recently that a new advanced version AirVPN client has been released (new version is 2.14.5).

AirVPN emphasizes that AirVPN users should upgrade their AirVPN clients as the new one was updated with vital bug changes. The client can be downloaded for free as usual.

What new features have been added?

Now IPv6 is integrated and supported in a seamless way. What does it mean for you? In case you connect with IPv4, you’ll manage to access IPv6.

In order to avoid geo-restricted blocks a new tls-crypt was implemented.

It’s worth noting that this new client is supported by Linux, Mac, Windows (Vista) and X OS (Mavericks and higher).

Why is it strongly recommended to upgrade AirVPN client?

First of all, new bug fixes and changes have been added.

Secondly, Tor connections via Open VPN are now available for such operating systems as Linux, OS X and Mac. Windows users are also lucky to take use of more user-friendly Tor over VPN connections, they are now easier.

Eddie 2.14.5 AirVPN clients can be downloaded from the official website of the VPN provider.


AirVPN is completely versatile and allows you to connect securely from multiple devices such as Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, DD-WRT, AsusWRT, Tomato, pfSense, TOR, SSL Tunnel and SSH Tunnel. The software availability is fantastic for improving versatility because you can be completely mobile and convertible when it comes to a secure connection.


The website

AirVPN official website is great service from where you can learn everything needed before making a decision whether to subscribe for it or not. All the essential information such as pricing, AirVPN reviews, and AirVPN reviews from reddit can be found on the home page of the service. Provided that you need AirVPN for torrenting or for a specific geo-location like AirVPN for Venezuela, you have a chance to look though customers’ feedback and professional characterization. AirVPN download and registration procedure are simple and instant, so that you won’t have to spend all your free time to make sense of how the system works. For those who are extra concerned about online privacy the company assures to store no cookies while surfing the AirVPN website.

AirVPN is also called network lock, as its up-to-date technical solutions help users to avoid internet censorship and surveillance. Different packages including AirVPN free trial will help any client to make a right decision and don’t lose the money.

Moreover, the company offers sales for those who have AirVPN coupon, which can be used while subscribing for the service. So, AirVPN has made everything possible to assure its potential customers to subscribe for it. However, the visual design of the website concedes the competitors.

Terms of service

Sure enough we will not enumerate all the points of the section as it’s your direct responsibility as a potential client to read all the terms closely, but we are to highlight the defining moments of the conditions.

From the terms of usage, you can learn many essential details of the service, for example AirVPN runs OpenVPN for establishing a connection between your connected device and a VPN server, as it considers the protocol as the most reliable in the terms of security. AirVPN also complies all the EU directives that protect your privacy. It’s great that the service noticed that AirVPN defends a client’s network but not a computer, so you will still need antivirus software installed on your device. AirVPN can terminate your use of the service at any time provided that you have violated the rules of usage. In case if you have decided to terminate the usage of AirVPN before the expiring data, you should remember that no refunds are expected in the case.

The company assures to treat all the data collected by the servers placed in the EU and outside it with the highest level of privacy. The data collected by AirVPN can be transmitted between the servers for cracking a problem and is deleted as soon as the problem is eliminated. Besides, all the information collected on the servers is saved in anonymous form like statics reports, but not as an open data accessible for any third party.

So, all the conditions of the output usage should be thoroughly examined by you independently, in case if you want to form a subscription or to compare the service with the other one, as this makes you protected from undesirable effects.


If you want a VPN that makes all aspects, technicalities and details about their services crystal clear, then AirVPN is the leading VPN that you can try. Their website is absolutely fantastic because it provides you with in depth information on everything, from the security software used to the servers that you can connect with. The information is explained perfectly and AirVPN’s long term packages are great value for money. The setup process is simple and straightforward and the website allows you to download AirVPN for Mac, Windows or any other device instantly and easily.

AirVPN pros

  • Free trial (by request)
  • A lot of US and German servers
  • Limitless speeds and bandwidth
  • Multiple platforms
  • Port forwarding
  • Reliable encrypting
  • Various tariff plans
  • Free server switches

AirVPN cons

  • No money-back guarantee
  • No online chat

Do you agree that AirVPN is a reliable VPN service to try in 2021? Do you find AirVPN pricy or not?

 Leave your comments and share your ideas with CoolTechZone in our comments section! Any opinion is accepted and appreciated.

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