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5 Best VPNs for the USA in 2021

Last updated: January 4, 2021 By Dean Chester

Living or working in the USA, you won’t probably face geo-restrictions or limits based on internet censorship. After all, some websites can be restricted to schools, colleges, or offices.

The easiest way to go round these restrictions is to use one of the best VPNs for the USA:
  1. ExpressVPN: enables its subscribers from the US to open any site notwithstanding the used ISP, rules of an employee, or a school.
  2. NordVPN: allows feeling as if one is located outside the US - in one of 62 countries available in the NordVPN server network.
  3. Surfshark: is perfect for the US residents because it’s located in the BVI which jurisdiction is beneficial for VPN providers!
  4. CyberGhost VPN: can make your workplace free of any limits due to 5944 servers.
  5. Private Internet Access: offers more than 3300 servers in 32 countries worldwide, which makes web surfing several times less restricted!

In spite of visible freedom in the virtual space in the USA, the FBI may monitor users’ activities. According to the USA Patriot Act signed into law in 2001, ISPs may be forced to reveal information about users.

Fortunately, there are ways to go online, browse through different things, and use the software without being watched. We have what we call VPNs or Virtual Private Network. In layman’s term, VPNs are a tool to securely use the internet without worrying that you are being watched.

We DO know how to make it real with a VPN for the USA and are going to tell you about it, as VPN is one of the best privacy tools today.

    Why to use the best VPN services for the USA?

    When it comes to VPN services out there, you will realize that the same rules cannot be applied to all the countries as the laws vary from country to country as far as Internet usage is concerned.

    What do you know about the USA internet using?

    1. As for the USA, we all know that they enjoy the completely uncensored Internet. What is legal in one country can be illegal in another. But owing to Edward Snowden, we are aware of how vulnerable our online privacy is.
    2. Besides, their constitution protects them from government surveillance as well.


    … we know that the NSA had been servicing the public for a long time, making it difficult for Americans to use the internet freely and without fear.

    So, Americans have enough reasons to look for more privacy and security.

    Therefore, the relevance of VPN services has only increased in the USA. If you are looking for free VPN for the USA or VPN IP USA gratis, it’s readily available.

    USA VPN is available for free on the Internet, sparing Americans the fear of being watched when they are online.


    If you are living in America and care for your online privacy and security, then it is better to use paid VPN services.

    Depending on:

    • why you want to be invisible online,
    • whether you need a good VPN router for watching videos outside of the USA or…
    •  best country VPN to use for the USA,

     you can choose to make use of the services of the VPN provider or not.

    There is no doubt that VPN will protect you from hackers and cybercriminals, but it is also often used for doing something illegal on the Internet. This is when you could get into some trouble with the law. ( doesn’t condone illegal actions via VPN!)

    Is using a VPN for the USA legal?

    Anyone has the liberty to make use of a VPN service as using it is not considered to be illegal. The only thing you do by making use of a VPN is to surf the web through another IP address. So using a VPN to access blocked websites, streaming sites and social media sites is no way illegal.

    Another good news aside from the thing that VPNs are not really considered illegal is the fact that there are so many VPNs to choose from out there, making it a whole lot easier to go online without a trace.

    If you find problems in one VPN, you can always freely choose to work with another, and there are hundreds out there, so there is no danger of running out of VPNs. Your only problem is really to find a VPN and to understand how to use them. There are various VPNs that are considered to be the fastest VPN in the USA or just the best VPN out there.

    What can I do with a VPN?

    According to cybersecurity statistics, there are too many threats and troubles on the internet today.

    In simplest terms, VPNs can allow you to…

    • do normal streaming,
    • browsing…

    or whatever you need to do online without being traced.

    As a result, the NSA will not be breathing down your neck, and you have free access to everything online that have been censored in your home country, which is actually a natural occurrence even in highly-accessed websites like YouTube.

    That’s important!

    You should remember that a built-in VPN for Chrome won’t provide you with strong protection.

    You get to enjoy free access and connectivity, which is supposed to be how the internet is used, right?

    Let us dive deeper into how VPN can help us, how to use them, and how to choose the best VPNs out of a hundred to choose from. Now, let’s take a look at the best USA VPNs below.

    Censorship in the USA

    The United States of America is not the most severe country in terms of content filtering and restrictions. Vice versa, US-based VPN services are used by the residents of other countries to watch censored movies and read the news that is presented from various points of view.

    Nevertheless, many educational establishments in the US install special equipment that blocks many services and websites disabling the students to access some sources. In this regard, VPN is an efficient tool that serves to bypass the restrictions of this kind.

    Besides, there are several cases when the US police made a request to remove some content on Facebook. Such cases indicate that content removal and filtering take place in the USA and VPN is the only means that will help to go round such restrictions efficiently.

    The Privacy Shield has been negotiated with Washington

    A challenge dealing with the transfer of personal data has emerged between the EU and the US. Confirming to the latest news, France has just disputed the acceptance of the Privacy Shield pact by the EC, as well as Ireland, which made it before. Earlier this year it has been forbidden for the European ISPs to transfer personal data to the US-based on the fact that the US commits intrusive surveillance.

    According to the latest agreement the US can store any data from people’s searching history to hotel booking on their servers. In agreement with some security professionals, the restrictions being imposed earlier should be abolished due to their inappropriateness. Other comments on the ongoing court process can’t be revealed.

    Being a cautious customer, you know that even your browser and apps can become a terrible tool for your compromising in the wrong hands. That’s the main reason why you should fall back on more reliable defensive technologies, such as the best VPN for Firefox or Opera, which is to secure your access to the Internet by the usage of the up-to-date effective encryption protocols and shifting your authentic address.

    When thinking about online protection you need to rely on credible services only. Therefore, we have decided to compare ‘tasty-looking’ free outputs with paid ones to learn whether a commercial one is worth paying money.


    Free VPN

    Paid VPN

    • The service is free.
    • The service is less reliable, as soon as it provides no guarantees and can save some logging or metadata on its customers for further revenue.
    • The service offers no customer support or the support assistance is not well-timed, which may influence the use of a free VPN service negatively.
    • The level of protection is comparatively low, as long as the most usable protocols are more often than not limited to PPTP usage.  
    • The product is highly restricted in features and permits advert companies to post their products there.
    • The service is supported by a team of professionals that make everything possible to provide their clients with all the required assistance.
    • The output is full of useful features as well as additional goodies.
    • The product is supplied with utmost protective measures such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec protocols, as well as long-termed bit-keys.
    • You need to pay money for using the service.
    • The service offers a free trial version and a money-back guarantee, which makes your use of it protected from extra expenses.

    So, you don’t need to be an advanced customer to see all the benefits that a paid service gives and underline all the disadvantages a free service implies. Therefore, having decided to arm your network with military-grade protection, you need to take a fundamental approach to service usage and concentrate on its main characteristics.

    What makes a VPN for the US the best?

    The internet is overloaded with numerous outputs, however by no means all of them require your attention. Having decided to help you, we have made up a list of necessary points you should mark while looking for a suitable output:

    A vast variety of server locations

    When looking for a reliable VPN service for the US you need to take into account all the main aspects/characteristics, which make a service the best. Providing that you live in the US and have to travel a lot for business, you need to find a VPN service that offers numerous US-based servers. In this case, you will be protected from servers’ overloading and will be able to choose another server with the same placement.

    What is more, you need to pay attention to the servers’ enhancement. The thing is that there are companies, which make the servers boosted in speed and operation with the use of special extensions. Such servers are known to be better in operation and speed. Besides, the US-based servers will help you run your ‘home’ network wherever you are.

    Strong encryption protocols

    Actually, there are dozens of standard and self-created protocols used for traffic encryption by many VPN companies. However, there are three most usable of them:


    Although the protocol is assured by many security experts to be out-of-date, it is still much sought after by many customers. The reason for such popularity is that the encryption technology doesn’t reduce average upload and download speeds. Therefore, users with low internet connection speed recourse to the very protocol.


    This variant seems to be more liable in terms of encryption. However, it acts as a middle variant between the least protective and the most protective protocols. Therefore, people who cherish their online safeness, but can’t afford good connection speed rely on this protocol.


    The protocol is stated to be the latest one and the utmost in terms of protection. However, it consumes a lot of bandwidth, which reduces its popularity among streaming services’ lovers and keen gamers.

    Unlimited bandwidth and speed

    If you look for a VPN service, which is to let you unblock and watch any streaming service in high quality, as well as enjoy multi-player games, you should pay attention to such characteristics as bandwidth and speed. As soon as a VPN service you choose offers limited bandwidth and speed, you will definitely face difficulties coming from lags and buffering.

    A free trial version or money-back guarantee

    Providing that you choose a VPN service that offers a free trial, you’ll be able to test the tool before investing money into it. However, not all the services offer a free trial. Besides, the trial version is usually restricted not only in a period of usage but also in some basic features, such as bandwidth, speed, servers’ switches.

    Find more details about free trial VPNs if you are in search of a VPN app for the USA.

    Therefore, sometimes it’s better to have a money-back guarantee as well. If you are supplied with the feature, you can get your money back in case you are dissatisfied with the service you have chosen.

    Support for different payment methods

    You are highly recommended to pay for VPN service with cryptocurrency, as long as the method is considered to be the best in terms of anonymity. However, not all companies accept the payment method. Therefore, you need to learn it in advance before subscribing to it.

    24/7 professional technical group assistance

    Well-timed support is to make your service’s usage easier. Thus, one will find numerous guides, blog posts, installations tips on the official website of the VPN providers described in this article. However, the support through live chat is always preferable because it allows solving all possible troubles with the service’s functioning, installation, VPN account and other vital for a good VPN work issues in a matter of minutes.

    Multiple logins

    Opting for a VPN as a security tool to use in the USA, an internet user will definitely want to install and run it on several devices. In this regard, the number of simultaneous connections per 1 VPN account is necessary to take into consideration.

    Compatibility with diverse OSes

    The operating system of a device you are going to protect by dint of a VPN application is to be taken into account. If the necessary operating system is not in the list of compatible OSes of a VPN provider you like, one will have to search for another one.

    What about extra VPN features?

    All the characteristics are essential for the good functioning of a VPN service. Besides, the best VPN for the USA can offer some additional features like kill switch, warrant canary, or encrypted live chat.

    What is a kill switch?

    A built-in Kill Switch disconnects you from a VPN service each time there is a break on your internet connection. This helps to prevent online data exposure.

    Why warrant canary is useful?

    A warrant canary makes a VPN company possible to warn its customers about government surveillance being committed over one of its servers.

    Why encrypted live chat is so attractive?

    Whereas an encrypted live chat helps customers make all the correspondence between them and the support team encoded and thus inaccessible for all the prying eyes.

    So, as you see a lot of your future success in online protection depends on the right choice of web defensive tool. Therefore, having decided to subscribe to a VPN service, you need to make your best effort to achieve all the goodies. Besides, it is recommended to use a VPN for online banking to make your transactions secure.

    How does a VPN help us?

    As mentioned, VPNs make it possible for you to get access to websites securely. In addition, you get access to more content because censorship can be evaded. For instance, when you go to streaming sites like Netflix, there is some content there that cannot be viewed using your original IP address (it's better to hide your IP outside the US).

    Here are cases wherein some movies are restricted and blocked in different countries due to the content of the movie -- perhaps the government will not allow it for political reasons, maybe the government thinks that it disrespects a major organized religion in your country.

    The reason really varies, and most of the time, it is not explicitly mentioned. A VPN can be your trusted partner that will help you to access websites from public Wi-Fi hotspots.

    It will help in unblocking the blocks on your Internet access that are put forth by your government, ISP provider, schools, colleges, or offices.

    You can access all the Geo-restricted sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ABC family, etc., from the comforts of your home, no matter in which part of the planet you are.

    If you are a person who loves to download everything from the Internet, you do not want to be on the hunt list of companies just because you are using a torrenting app to download content. One of the safest ways to make use of Bit Torrent and P2P file sharing and downloading in America is through reliable VPN service.

    Anyone who is a globetrotter and loves to watch favorite TV shows, live sports events, or listen to Internet radio would be benefitted by making use of VPN service. It will help in easily bypassing location-based Internet restriction so that you will not miss anything, even if you are out of the US.

    Torrenting in the USA: with VPN or without it?

    The issue of piracy and copyright infringement is under discussion and regulated by severe legislation in the USA. It is not a secret that the US government keeps a strict policy on monitoring internet users’ online activity on torrent websites.

    Many American Internet Service Providers block or restrict access to such websites for their clients. Such ISPs, like Time Warner Cable, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon Fios, and Charter Communications, keep an eye open on torrent users.

    Is torrenting really illegal in the USA?

    It is one of the most frequently asked questions about peer-to-peer file-sharing in different countries, including the USA.

    Torrenting as a technology created for sharing files is not illegal, but it is considered that within the torrenting networks copyrighted material is transferred which is really punished by law. For example, it is not recommended to download torrents without a VPN in Germany. As a seeder can be fined and even imprisoned.

    Is torrent file-sharing safe for users?

    Before we try to answer the asked question above, consider the saying: ‘’There isn't such thing as a free lunch’’. What do you think about it? It seems that the saying can be perfectly associated with torrents. If you think that torrenting for free is completely secure, you might be mistaken.

    Peers are under risk when they download torrent content. If you doubt, here you can find some possible risky situations, when one makes use of torrent trackers and clients in various countries, including the USA. Have a look at them:

    Malicious attacks

    The downloaded torrent files are often infected with viruses and other potentially damaging malicious programs. The file interferes with the computer system and causes undesired shutdowns or blockages.

    Virtual hackers

    No one is 100%-sure who actually visit torrent sites: average netizens or highly advanced hackers. As IP addresses are open to the public, any malicious technician is able to crack and use them for unknown purposes.

    ISPs and Copyright Trolls

    Internet Service Providers, especially in the USA, and copyright trolls (nowadays they are not rare everywhere) monitor online activities of torrent users in search of copyright infringement. ISPs even restrict or block access to the most widely-used torrent trackers. (You will read about it further in details, keep on reading)

    Warning letters

    It is widely-known that ISPs and copyright trolls target the IP addresses of those users who torrent copyrighted material (either on purpose or accidentally). One may be accused of copyright infringement which is punishable by law in the USA.

    Note: If you are a beginner in torrenting, you may get basic knowledge in our guide here.

    Who will benefit from the best VPN software in the USA?

    Just as a man reads the acronym ''USA'', surveillance is the next thing that comes up. American citizens undergo severe monitoring on the part of governmental agencies all the time.

    But the total monitoring, Americans experience, is not the only reason that makes them look for security tools.

    People from the USA have lots of reasons to subscribe to a VPN service while being both inside and outside the country.

    Check if you need VPN:

    1. Unblock YouTube in case you are outside the USA

    YouTube is awesome, isn't it?

    It is a great source of entertaining content, tutorials, music, and whatnot.

    Don't know how to fix a car, change the settings on your new iPhone, or set up an app?

    There are no issues for concern!

    YouTube will help you find answers to all the questions. Of course, this service is accessible on the territory of the US, but what if a man leaves the country for a while?

    Thus, planning a visit to countries like Syria, Turkmenistan, China or Pakistan one is to think about a US VPN beforehand. It will NOT be an uphill struggle to unblock YouTube outside the USA with a reliable VPN provider!

    2. Play online games without fear of the speed being reduced

    Online games need lots of traffic and as a result, many ISPs in the USA start choking or blocking data transmit.

    The use of VPN software prevents your ISP from interfering and reducing the speed.

    3. Let your Netflix account travel with you

    Lucky you are if you live in the USA! The best streaming service – Netflix, allows all the people inside the country to access its full library. No restrictions at all!

    But what if one wants to keep on watching new episodes of series or shows while being abroad?

    VPN will be there for unblocking Netflix notwithstanding the restrictions of the place you go to.

    4. Make your data secure

    It does not matter what kind of information is stored on your device (list of contacts, photos, notes, etc.), as resourceful hackers will find a way to use it.

    VPN prevents such incidents due to the top-notch algorithms of encryption. User's traffic, passwords, browsing history, kept data are encoded. Consequently, hackers will not have a chance to use them.

    5. Surf the Internet anonymously

    In order not to fall victim to copyright trolls, an internet user in the US is to take all reasonable precautions to become anonymous online. It is necessary to hide all users' activities on the Internet.

    VPN manages to do it at a very high level.

    It ciphers all the activities, search results, browsing history, and whatnot.

    6. Stream TV channels of other countries

    Currently, there are more than 117 TV channels in the USA. They are broadcasted in 2 languages mainly: English and Spanish. 

    Undoubtedly, streaming services and TV channels in the US surpassed the ones outside the country in quality and content diversity.

    Any but not all gate…

    Many foreign channels are NOT available in the country. Besides, there are no ways to access them on the Internet unless…

    … you are a VPN subscriber.

    How do ISPs track what you do online?

    Most of the American ISPs fall back on DPI, which is Deep Packet Inspection, to monitor their users’ activity on the network, especially those who take advantage of torrent websites. The method allows them not only to trace what sites are visited but also to watch the content of the transferred packets on the net.

    By means of DPI, they block or restrict access to the torrent trackers throttles internet connections for the netizens. Moreover, the technology is used for collecting detailed statistics of any individual internet surfer’s online activity.

    Local US Internet Service Providers adhere to different policies in relation to data retention. How long the information about internet users is kept and what type of it is collected varies from ISP to ISP.

    As you can see from the chart the longest period of keeping users logs is at Verizon FIOS, but fortunately, it is believed that they do not throttle torrent activity and are considered to neutral in concerns of torrenting. Nevertheless, they are engaged in a six-strikes alert system that is why users should upload and download only legal material in order to prevent copyright violations.

    What is the Six Strikes Alert System? Does it still work?

    The following system was created to fight with Copyright violation and obliged the ISPs to monitor the activity of torrent trackers’ users. According to ‘’Six Strikes’’, if the user is caught with sharing some illegal torrent content, six steps are taken then.

    Firstly, the user receives a letter that his or her IP address has been spotted in doing something illegal. If it is repeated, the next step will be another notice or a warning call from the ISP.

    The next level (third and fourth) seems to be more severe and implies watching an educational video before accessing a website.

    The final step stands for throttling the torrent traffic or URL forwarding. The info about the IPs which are suspected of copyright infringement is passed to copyright holders who decide whether to start a legal process against such internet users or not.

    Update: Still, there are certain reports that the system has stopped its work.

    How to use VPNs?

    So how exactly do VPNs work its magic for all internet users?

    Basically, we all have a unique IP address that tracks our connectivity online. This is used for many things, but it could be a disadvantage for you because your IP address has geo-tagging, which is why some of the things you want to see on YouTube or Netflix are not available specifically for you and other people from where you are.

    A VPN, then, hides your IP address. But you need an IP address to go online, so what a VPN does is that it gives you a different IP address that has more access to more content online. For instance, you are from the USA but some web content is not available to you.

    You may hide behind an IP address from Europe, or somewhere that the web content you wish to view is available. That is basically how the magic of a good VPN works. For you to make the right choice you need to test a VPN free trial for the USA.

    What’s important for you to find, then, is the right kind of VPN for your use. People use the internet differently, and there are various VPNs that can cater to that. You either want the fastest VPN in the USA, free US VPN for Hulu, or free US VPN for Android. It really depends on what you need.

    How to choose the best VPN for US?

    It may be overwhelming to find the right VPN for you out of a lot, but you really just have to look at certain elements of a good VPN that you may use, based on your online activity and behavior. The best VPNs must offer you a perfect balance of features, servers, and its apt locations, attractive pricing and packages, and connectivity protocols. Each of the VPN services will be offering various kinds of features and hence you need to choose a VPN in the USA that meets your Internet usage, security, and privacy needs.

    Server locations

    If you are looking to get over a local Internet restriction in the US and watch TV content offered in Britain or Germany, etc., then you need to choose a VPN service that has servers located in the above countries. There is no doubt that the US laws are getting stringent and NSA is nowadays looking to keep track of people’s online activity. Hence, you need a VPN service that will offer 100% privacy and will not be ready to reveal your usage data to the authorities on request. There are various top VPN servers that cater specifically to geo-tagging, as most problems that arise for any internet user is really the restrictions in terms of access. A good VPN service allows you to unblock sites that are not allowed in certain places.


    It is highly necessary that you select a VPN service that offers you the highest level of security through encryption protocols. Some of the popular encryption protocols you need to look into when selecting a VPN service are Open VPN, L2TP, SSL, PPTP, and IPsec.

    All these ensure a secure connection and no third party will be able to access data that you send and receive from your computer or devices to the VPN servers.

    This is especially important because the reason why VPNs exist is primarily to make you untraceable, especially in the USA where there are so many laws regarding internet use - what not to do and what you should avoid at all costs.

    Mobile apps

    It is vital that you find a VPN service that offers complete online security and privacy on all the devices that you are using. The popular VPN services will be offering desktop as well as mobile solutions to keep you safe on the Internet. You should choose a VPN that offers you at least 2- simultaneous connections through a single account.

    Nowadays, the major operating systems for mobile apps are iOS and Android. Some content may be available only to either one, which makes it a disadvantage whichever you choose. There are VPNs that cater to that, for instance, there are free US VPN for Android, so you can access anything through your mobile device.

    Logging policy

    World smartphone sales statistics in 2016There is no point in choosing a VPN service that keeps logs of your online activity. Your communication must be kept secure not only from eavesdroppers but also from the VPN operator. What is the point of using a VPN if somewhere, somehow, your online activity can be traced?

    What is the point of using a VPN if somewhere, somehow, your online activity can be traced?

    Hence, you should make it absolutely sure to take a detailed look into the logging policy of the VPN provider before you sign up for an account. Information can be easily accessed online in means that we are not always sure of it.

    In fact, there are plenty of rumors that VPN providers based in the US are asked by the government to keep logs of the user’s activity. This is not true, but the government can request data if providers do log.

    Better make sure that your VPN’s logging policy is safe and secure. A good VPN will assure you that they will not keep any data from you, ensuring that no one gets to track your online activity, even your VPN operator.

    Best VPNs for the USA: Android and iOS

    World Smartphone Sales in 2016The first thing you take into consideration choosing a VPN for the USA is platform compatibility, don’t you?

    We decided to make your life easier and provide you with definitive hacks on choosing a VPN app for the operating system you need.

    4 simple hacks to choose your top VPN for Android

    Before we reveal you our 4 simple hacks, we’ll impress you with some stats.

    According to statistics, far more than 95% of smartphone sales in 2016 belong to Android and iOS platforms. While 81,7% out of them were Android-based mobile phones.

    Are the figures impressive?

    Now let’s turn to 4 simple hacks as we keep our promises. Here you are:

    1. Check for a log-in policy of a VPN provider!
    2. Make sure that VPN for Android doesn’t leak your IP!
      Note: Kill Switch is a must-have feature for any platform.
    3. Testify the VPN for Android: how fast it is!
    4. Prefer OpenVPN protocol to other ones while choosing a VPN for Android!

    Read in detail on the hacks in our article Best VPNs for Android.

    It is worth noting that all the VPN services we suggested in the rating are compatible with Android OS and have user-friendly apps. Such VPN services as NordVPN,  CyberGhost VPN, and Surfshark kill switch as well. OpenVPN is offered by all 5 Best VPNs for the USA.

    4 Useful ideas to choose to the best VPNs for iOS

    Our traditional figures to impress you! iOS was the second mobile phone platform sold in 2016 according to

    If you want to buy a VPN for iOS, check for the following:

    1. How many servers does it have?
    2. If OpenVPN is provided?
    3. Does it offer a free trial or money-back guarantee?
    4. Can you pay with cryptocurrency?

    More details in Best VPNs for iOS, where you’ll find a thorough comparison of top 5 VPN services for the platform (They are worth using in the USA as well).

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    Hi Hol! You are right! There

    Hi Hol! You are right! There are services and websites that are blocked for people who browse with the US IP addresses. But of course you have a chance to play the games you want being in the USA. And a VPN in the USA will help you. Study the list of VPN services in this article and choose the one that has VPN servers located in India. Subscribe for this VPN and all the content you got used to in India will be unblocked in the USA as well.

    Hi! I'm a rookie in tech

    Hi! I'm a rookie in tech sphere and don't understand many notions. Neither can I boast of knowledge about VPNs. But I'm absolutely sure that VPNs are mast have services today for any person living in the US. I know that our gvn spies on us every single second and all our actions on net are traced. Some guys write they have nothing to hide but it's too troublesome to know that someone knows about your every single step. Now I use a VPN service on all my gadgets. I even installed it on my home router to protect all devices at once. Of course, when I leave home to go to work or somewhere else I run the VPN on my portable gadget to protect my privacy. But I'm not completely satisfied with the VPN I use now – Private VPN service. The speed is often awful. And some sites deny access. And its logs bother me as well. I don't know much about VPN logs, but have I understood it right that only VPNs that don't keep logs are worth being used?

    Dean Chester's picture
    Hello Nick! Logging policy of

    Hello Nick! Logging policy of VPN providers is to be taken seriously in case you aspire to obtain privacy on the Internet. VPN services are designed to encrypt users' traffic and make it indecipherable for third parties. If you are not a VPN subscriber yet, it is recommended to compare VPN services for the USA to choose the one that would meet all your demands. Give an eye to the following VPN characteristics: server network, compatibility, features like kill switch, NAT Firewall, split tunneling and number of simultaneous connections. And one more advice that will definitely help you to cut corners on a VPN purchase. Have a look at all VPN packages, as the most of VPNs for the USA offer large discount in case the period of subscription is long enough.

    Hello, Dean! I wonder what

    Hello, Dean! I wonder what you can recommend to me. I am from the USA and an active Netflix user. I am moving to Europe for six months. Of course, I don’t want to stop watching my favourites. I read on Netflix website that various countries’ versions have different content. Can I access American Netflix via one of these VPN apps?

    Dean Chester's picture
    Thank you for asking, Juliane

    Thank you for asking, Juliane. You are right that accessing US Netflix from another country you need a VPN service. The VPNs form the list above are appropriate for these needs. Moreover, you can find another rating created for unblocking Netflix.

    Awesome post, Dean! I

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    I agree that free VPNs are not good for the US. With that Patriot Act, who knows how protected you are with a reliable paid VPN!

    I don’t believe VPNs can

    I don’t believe VPNs can really protect internet privacy. I read a lot about data leaks and how accounts are cracked even under VPN protection.

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    Daniella, we appreciate your

    Daniella, we appreciate your point of view. Indeed, there are no perfect services, every new technology needs updating after some time. But we are here to testify VPN services to help you to choose the one that will be helpful for you.