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Updated: August 6, 2021 By Dean Chester

The tests show there are no the last year’s drawbacks on the Android app and prove its leading position on other criteria. As a result, ExpressVPN is ranked first among the strongest VPN services and has outranked even NordVPN.

? Table of contents:

What has a 6-month ExpressVPN study shown? What features of the service are still at a high level. What functions run better? Does the service cope with the system load concerned with the most dramatic events in the world? Is an additional 20% off + 3 months for free permanent for users?

To answer these questions, I’ve tested the provider for all the spheres of VPN use on all OSs (including Netflix, Hulu, anonymous torrenting, websites unblocking and censorship circumvention).

Based on the obtained data, you’ll decide whether you can use ExpressVPN or find other services but less universal.

Dean Chester
Best ‘’Equipped’’ VPN
ExpressVPN is the best service to use in 2021 due to user-friendly apps and outstanding features. Its diskless servers and the BVI jurisdiction in combination with large server park and numerous functions make it possible to become almost 100% protected on the Internet.

Why can you trust this study?

I’ve been using a VPN since 2003, spent several years to build virtual networks. Then, I used them to get 100% privacy for a long time and I’ve been testing VPN services since 2016 to check if they conform promises. With that in mind, ExpressVPN is one of the first providers that fell in my hands and I know almost everything about it

I’d like to emphasize that this article is not a paid one and I have received no reward from ExpressVPN or any other VPN service. I used a regular paid subscription to conduct my tests:

I used a regular paid subscription to conduct my tests

Despite this issue, ExpressVPN is still one of the best VPN services. Here’s why:

  • Access to a large number of VPN servers in 94 countries
  • Proven high level of security on Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Support of all the systems including TV, routers, etc.
  • Consistent support of Netflix, Hulu, and other video services
  • Proven no-logs policy
  • Diskless servers
  • More than 15 payment methods.

Are there any flaws other than the data leak on Windows?

Unless you consider its relatively high price to be one, the provider doesn’t really have any other significant flaws. On the contrary, ExpressVPN managed to get rid of its kill switch issues on Android as well as the high energy consumption issues by 2020.

Features and opportunities

ExpressVPN pros ExpressVPN cons
  • High speed
  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries
  • Streaming support
  • Allowed torrenting
  • Support of all OSs and platforms
  • Best browser extension
  • No-Logs policy
  • Diskless servers
  • Lack of advantageous 2-year and 3-year plans

What are the main benefits of ExpressVPN?

This question is hard to answer because the provider is versatile and adapted for all the modern needs of using a VPN. That’s why it’s hard to point out any of its unique advantages.

Judging by the user comments, ExpressVPN is mentioned most frequently in relation to IP hiding, torrenting, and streaming (you can read more about the user opinions in our extended review of Reddit posts). It used to be considered capable of bypassing the Great Firewall of China but now it is not true anymore.

The list of the provider’s biggest upsides and downsides:

+ A 7-day free trial on Android with no card required

+ 256-bit traffic encryption

+ High speed

+ Kill Switch on every OS except for iOS;

+ OpenVPN (UPD and TCP), IPsec, L2TP and PPTP tunneling protocols

+ 94 available countries

+ P2P/torrenting allowed

+ Servers for streaming

+ Split Tunneling

+ VPN browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox (unlike other VPNs, they are actually VPN and not proxy)

+ 5 devices simultaneously.

But at the same time:

- No obfuscation (to work in China or other countries that block VPN)

- No ability to choose a specific server within a location

- No double VPN, dedicated IP, port forwarding, custom DNS, IP automatic change, etc.

These four points are the most important ones on the list:

  1. A 7-day free trial. Good news for Android users: ExpressVPN provides 7 days of using the full version of its app for free.
  2. Supports 94 countries. It seems like only HMA VPN (HideMyAss) offers more countries. However, ExpressVPN doesn’t restrict the user’s choice by a single IP range (HMA gives only one subnetwork in most countries).
  3. Consistent Netflix support for almost every region.
  4. High speed. You’ll see later on in the review that ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN providers.

So, despite the data leak issue, ExpressVPN is deservedly on the list of Top 10 VPNs.

ExpressVPN free trial

There are three ways to use ExpressVPN for free:

  1. By using their 30-day money-back guarantee
  2. By using the free trial on Android
  3. By getting an invitation that gives 30 days of using the VPN completely free of charge from a subscriber.

I’ll tell you about the first way in the Plans and pricing chapter, while the third one is not very likely.

As for the free trial period, it is available to anyone who has an Android device. Besides, the app functionality on this platform is almost identical to the Windows one. That’s why this period will help you get a grasp on the provider’s performance to the fullest extent.

What can the free version of ExpressVPN do?

It has the same functions and settings as the paid version. There’s also no difference in speeds or the number of available locations whatsoever.

What peculiarities of the trial version do you need to know about?

  1. It is available only on Android.
  2. You don’t have to subscribe to start using it.
  3. No credit card required.
  4. The free trial is only available once.

When testing ExpressVPN, I used both the paid and the free versions of the Android app. I can confirm that all the provider’s features, streaming included, are available for free.

ExpressVPN pros

Moving on, welcome to the largest and the most interesting chapter of this review. From it, you will learn not only about some widely known features of ExpressVPN but also about the real customer reviews and certain hidden peculiarities of the provider.

Update April 2020: CoolTechZone has also tested the speed and other important properties on the main providers because of heavy load on streaming services and the Internet in general concerned with the quarantine and pandemic time. The result: ExpressVPN features satisfy the previously highlighted material completely.

Perfect security

ExpressVPN has passed security test

Outbound traffic interception of the device with a VPN is the most authoritative way to test security and privacy. Many services flub up at the very beginning as their software allows the transmission of unencrypted data sets bypassing the VPN channel.

ExpressVPN is totally secure and prevents data leaks with OOB settings. Having analyzed the app’s options and the features of the used protocols, I’ve concluded that the credit is due to the enabled Kill Switch (the feature “Stop all internet traffic if the VPN disconnects unexpectedly”).

To be certain that this feature is enabled on default, actually, this software is used for a long time and reinstallation doesn’t guarantee reset, we’ve contacted the support service of ExpressVPN. And here’s the answer:

...The kill-switch option has been default ENABLED since the very first version of our network lock in 12/2015 on Windows.

I’ve studied outbound traffic on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The result - proven security.

ExpressVPN had a problem with data protection under the condition of unstable connection and power consumption. These problems are eliminated now. A protection rate of the visited URLs analysis, operational stability on mobile devices, and security of DNS queries have shown 100% efficiency and security.

Here’s the example of test on visited URLs protection:

VPN and DNS IP addresses are located on the same server

In the above screenshot of, you can see the IP address of ExpressVPN’s VPN server at the top. Down below, there is its DNS. They are either the same or are located within the same subnetwork.

In such a way, ExpressVPN meets the privacy protection standards on the Internet on all OS.

ExpressVPN is totally secure VPN

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Netflix support

ExpressVPN supports Netflix

ExpressVPN is very popular among those who are like to use Netflix to unblock Netflix for the US, UK, and any other region.

Indeed, I’ve been observing how VPN providers perform with streaming services for about three years now and ExpressVPN consistently copes with the task. What’s more, it almost never fails in a single instance during my tests (10 out of 10 are usually successful).

What regions are available for Netflix?

This provider supports all the regions. I know only of four VPN services that are equally good at bypassing the restrictions of the streaming giant essentially in any country.

My tests returned positive results for the following countries:

  • United States (US)
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Germany (DE)
  • Canada (CA)
  • Netherlands (NL)
  • Japan (JP)
  • France (FR)

What video quality is available with ExpressVPN?

Thanks to the provider’s great speeds (more on them in the next chapter), Netflix is available in the highest quality without any extra period of buffering.

So you just turn it on and watch whatever you want!

However, it’s not only Netflix that is available with ExpressVPN. HBO, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime (though not on every server) as well as other video services and TV channels can be unblocked for the country you require.

Successful Hulu support:

ExpressVPN supports Hulu

Thus, ExpressVPN is a great service to use for streaming. However, it’s placed fifth in our ranking of VPNs for Netflix because of its high price.

ExpressVPN is efficient when unblocking Netflix

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Really high speed

High speed

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest services I’ve ever tested. What’s even better, its speed doesn’t get slower as time wears on. On the contrary, new servers with speeds of more than 100 Mbps get added all the time.

The speed tests took me three days. During that time, speeds did not change much but were dependent on the specific location chosen.

Since ExpressVPN doesn’t allow choosing a definite server, I couldn’t determine how the speed changes depending on the time of day because the system connected me to different IP addresses most of the time.

Here’s the table with the aggregate figures for 5 locations:

Country Download speed, Mbps Upload speed, Mbps
United States 30-80 20-70
Canada 30-80 20-80
Germany 50-90 40-90
Australia 40-70 15-50
Japan 20-60 20-40

*- the test was conducted on a 100 Mbps channel

Sadly, numbers can’t convey the feeling I get when the internet is fast as wind despite the active VPN. With ExpressVPN, its use can’t even be noticed. The only thing that reminds you that your traffic is protected and your IP address is hidden in the service’s icon located next to the battery charge indicator. Neither do websites load slower nor does the video quality drop – there are no ‘’symptoms’’ common for most services.

Large number of servers

More than 3000 VPN servers in 94 countries allow hiding your IP address very effectively.

That really is a few!

Not many VPNs have more servers and only one provider that supports more countries.

ExpressVPN has been the leader in terms of the technical infrastructure for a long time. However, it was outdone by at least three other services in recent years. Two of them, NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN, offer access to any specific server they have while ExpressVPN only allows choosing a VPN location.

You can choose a precise location within several countries (cities):

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong (3 data centers)
  • India
  • Japan
  • Singapore

ExpressVPN doesn’t only have a wide server network but also is one of the first services that support diskless servers, which allows it to guarantee its no-logs policy. I’ll tell you more about it in the next section.

Confirmed no-logs policy

ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs

More and more people start to consider a logs policy when choosing a VPN service. At the same time, many users think that VPN services can’t be trusted because they can store user activity data secretly. Such cases are not unheard of.

ExpressVPN is one of the VPN services that have proven they do not keep logs.

How, you might ask?

In 2017, an ExpressVPN server was put under arrest during the investigation of a high-profile case in Turkey. The criminals’ activities were conducted through that server. However, no information about its users was found on the server.

I reviewed ExpressVPN’s privacy policy once more just in case and found nothing that would imply a possibility of users’ activity being watched.

Another thing to note is that this provider uses new diskless servers that simply can’t save logs.

Supports all platforms (learn about every difference)

ExpressVPN can be installed on any device that supports VPN technology.

There’s software for every platform on which software can be installed. For all the other ones, there are settings and detailed manuals.

I will now tell you about the results of my latest tests (January 2020) of all the major ExpressVPN apps. You’ll also learn all about the functionality differences and other peculiarities of various versions.


The Windows version of ExpressVPN is the most full-fledged one. It has the highest number of settings as well as the main and additional functions.

Other than the data leak I told you about in the previous chapter, I have no reservations about the Windows app’s performance. ExpressVPN also couldn’t restore the connection after leaving sleep mode sometimes:

Connection failure after leaving sleep mode

What characteristics and settings does ExpressVPN have on Windows?

+ Biggest functionality on any OS

+ 94 countries available

+ Choice between UDP and TCP (UDP by default)

+ OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP protocols

+ Stop all internet traffic if the VPN disconnects unexpectedly (Kill Switch) option

+ Split tunneling for specific apps (turning the VPN on or off for chosen programs)

-  No free trial

-  Insufficient protection with the default settings

-  Infrequent connection freezes after exiting sleep mode or hibernation.

That’s it. There are no visual representation of where the VPN locations are situated on the world map, specialized server lists for streaming and torrenting, and several other modern features found in the best VPNs.

Moreover, as I’ve mentioned before, in my subjective opinion, ExpressVPN for PC connects slightly slower than what is usual.

Generally, it’s easy to use the provider’s services on Windows 10 which is the most popular OS. Thanks to the high speeds and optimized CPU load, the app’s work can hardly be noticed. If the connection fails, it gets restored automatically, allowing you to leave your computer unattended for a long time without worrying about your safety even when you’re using torrents.


ExpressVPN for Android
ExpressVPN for Android is nearly identical to the PC version in terms of its features. On the other hand, it only supports the OpenVPN protocol, doesn’t have the DNS control. However, it has certain extra tools that can prove useful to you.

The Android app has the following benefits and differences from the desktop version:

+ Free trial period

+ Different name of the kill switch function: Block internet when unable to connect or reconnect to VPN

+ No security issues

+ Connects quickly

+ Offers to tweak the system parameters related to the work of the app in sleep mode

+ Has Privacy & Security Tools

-  No choice of the VPN protocol.

It’s worth mentioning that ExpressVPN has improved its app’s performance on Android versions 7 and below. Now it doesn’t have a security issue in nonstandard situations that may arise in the real-world conditions of using a mobile gadget.

I confirmed it by conducting a test with the Realtime IP Logger:

Cool Tech Realtime IP logger test results

As you can see in the screencap, it was only the IP address of the VPN server that was logged when every possible issue with the internet occurred (loss of connection, access point change, switching from a Wi-Fi to cellular internet and back). My device’s real IP wasn’t leaked.

As for the older versions of Android, not everything is so good:

Security failure when reconnecting on old versions of Android

When reconnecting from the Wi-Fi to the cellular internet, the app failed to keep the real IP address from leaking into the network. Moreover, the app couldn’t reconnect to the VPN:

ExpressVPN for Android couldn’t reconnect automatically

To use ExpressVPN safely on the older versions of the operating system, I recommend that you watch the internet connection closely.

I should also note that the app doesn’t drain the battery now as much as it used to.

Therefore, ExpressVPN for Android is better and more stable now than ever before and doesn’t have any significant drawbacks. It can help you to solve the same tasks as on desktops while the level of its security is high even with the default settings.


ExpressVPN for Mac
ExpressVPN for Mac has very few differences from the PC version. Both apps have the identical menu, structure, and settings.

What peculiarities does ExpressVPN have on Mac?

+ Can exit sleep mode without issues

-  No data leaks even when the kill switch isn’t active

Considering that the app for Mac doesn’t have the drawbacks of the Windows version, we put ExpressVPN on our list of the best VPNs for Mac. It allows watching streaming services conveniently, hiding your IP address, and doing everything else that VPN technology enables.


ExpressVPN for iOS
ExpressVPN for iOS has everything necessary for the protection of this OS. It allows choosing the VPN protocol, keeps the connection stable even in the most complicated conditions, and protects data and location very well.

Compared to other VPN services for iOS, ExpressVPN’s features put it among the leaders thanks to its speed and stability. However, it is not the best one of them because it lacks certain extra functionality. On iPhone and iPad, only the choice of countries and VPN protocols are available. There are no extra functions that are present on other OSs.

What peculiarities does ExpressVPN have on iOS?

+ Protocol choice

- No useful extra features from other platforms

- No free trial

If you consider the use of ExpressVPN on iOS complementary to using it on desktops or Android, it is a good service. However, if your primary goal is to use a VPN on an iOS device, you should take a look at other VPN services such as Surfshark.


ExpressVPN for Linux
Like most of its competitors, ExpressVPN offers a console script to access the VPN. This software is relatively easy to install and launch.

You can tweak the functionality of the script with a great deal of flexibility according to your needs. For example, you can choose the VPN protocol, set automatic connection rules up, etc.

One of its flaws is the necessity to check the status of your VPN connection via the console to make certain that protection is active.

What peculiarities does ExpressVPN have on Linux?

+ Command-line software

+ Easy to install

+ Extra features available

- Can only see the VPN connection status by entering the corresponding command in the console.

I found no issues with the performance of the ExpressVPN software on Linux during my tests.


ExpressVPN for Chrome
ExpressVPN for Chrome as well as for Firefox deserves a separate article dedicated to it. The reason for it is that it’s the only VPN I know of that offers not a proxy extension for browsers but a real VPN.

This software is made in a way that allows you to control the VPN connection of the entire device directly from the browser. It’s so convenient and efficient! And it isn’t only the browser traffic and the addresses of the websites visited from it that are protected but all the traffic of the computer including system services and other apps.

What peculiarities does ExpressVPN have on Chrome?

  • Separate settings menu for the browser extension that allows you to go to the main VPN app settings.
  • Spoof your location function prevents websites from accessing your real location via your web browser.
  • HTTPS everywhere automatically changes http to https to increase security.

ExpressVPN for Chrome is the best VPN solution for web browsers today.

TV platforms and other devices

ExpressVPN for TV platforms and routers
ExpressVPN also supports the following platforms:

  • TV and set-top boxes
  • Routers
  • Gaming consoles

It is enabled by these three advantages of ExpressVPN:

  1. Apps for Android TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick
  2. Settings for any device supporting OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, or PPTP
  3. Huge knowledge base with detailed instructions and even videos

You can go to the ExpressVPN website to look for in-depth information on how to set your device up.

Effective protection of torrenting

ExpressVPN is effective to use with torrenting

ExpressVPN holds the fourth spot in our best VPNs for torrenting ranking.

There are three reasons for it:

  1. High speeds
  2. Torrenting-friendly disposition
  3. No-logs policy and safe jurisdiction

However, its higher-than-average among other VPNs price is worth mentioning. It can make a difference for torrent users because the very purpose of torrenting is free access to content. It’s up to you to decide if you want to use a premium service that costs more than twice as much as its closest competitors while it doesn’t exceed their characteristics security-wise.

In any case, technically speaking, ExpressVPN is a great tool to protect your torrenting activities.

Safe jurisdiction

ExpressVPN is based offshore in the British Virgin Islands.

It allows it to stay independent and safe from any potential pressure coming from the governments that are not interested in developing their citizens’ freedom on the Internet.

I have also analyzed open sources from recent years to find any trustworthy information about what country or countries the management of the provider is based in. This information, however, is kept secret and all we got is rumors and assumptions despite the provider working for 10 years in the market.

All these facts speak of the company’s high level of professionalism and big experience on matters of privacy.

ExpressVPN cons

And now let’s discuss if ExpressVPN has any peculiarities that can be drawbacks for someone.

I’ll start my detailed review of this provider’s features from analyzing its cons. This decision is caused by ExpressVPN leaking data on Windows with the default app settings and this is something you should know about.

Lack of double VPN

No Double VPN
ExpressVPN doesn’t offer any means of double protection (double or multihop VPN). This feature can hardly be called important but it does provide extra privacy protection in some cases. It can be especially useful when you need to use a VPN without government agencies catching wind of it. Double VPN allows connecting to a server located inside the user’s country and through it, to another one in any available country.

One way or another, you can’t do that with ExpressVPN.

If you need this technology, you can find VPN services that support double VPN on our website.

Lack of dedicated IP

No static IP
Another useful function unavailable with ExpressVPN is fixed IP addresses (dedicated IP).

Its purpose is to connect through the same virtual address every time. For example, it’s useful when you need to log into a website that has high security requirements and prohibits connections from different IP addresses or makes them harder. It can be a payment system, a corporate VPN, or some other system.

Other VPN services do offer double VPN for free (like NordVPN) or for a surcharge (CyberGhost VPN, Windscribe).

No feature to mask VPN use

We’re talking about obfuscation - a variant of the standard tunneling protocol. It's not concerned with data encryption and doesn’t refer to security when using in other countries where there no political censorship.

No traffic obfuscation
Obfuscation is needed to bypass any blocks of VPN protocols. For example, it is necessary in China, very useful in the UAE, and indispensable in private corporate networks that prohibit the use of VPN.

Obfuscation alters the standard protocol and makes the use of VPN technology untraceable to tracking devices. It bolsters the user’s security a lot.

  • Clarification. VPN obfuscation isn’t related to the encryption of transmitted data. It is a separate extra function that doesn’t affect the traffic directly.

Several other large VPN such as NordVPN and Surfshark providers offer obfuscation.

Doesn’t have certain extra functions

The following minor flaws of the provider are only noticeable if you compare it to the best VPN services, one of which many researchers including CoolTechZone consider to be ExpressVPN.

Customer reviews

ExpressVPN is one of the services that are often talked about and recommended. I’ll show you several Reddit posts that mention the pros and cons of this provider.

About torrenting:

ExpressVPN is recommended for torrenting

About Disney Plus support:

Disney Plus streaming support

Issues with reinstallation on Windows 10:

Issues with reinstalling the app

I cannot publish all the recent posts discussing ExpressVPN in this article. The general attitude towards this provider is a positive one:

  • It is often recommended.
  • It has very few issues.
  • It is a good fit for Netflix and torrenting.
  • However, it doesn’t work in China.

Plans and pricing

The price of ExpressVPN is unequivocally high. Compared to the market’s average, the lowest price is more than twice as expensive. As for the 1-year plan price, it exceeds that of the competitors by about 30-100%.

What is interesting about ExpressVPN’s tariffs?

  • The longest plan is 12 months long.
  • There is the Dedicated IP extra feature available for a surcharge of $5 per month per IP address (choice of 5 countries).
  • Can be paid for with credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin (via BitPlay), AliPay, UnionPay, Webmoney, and other payment systems.

Can you save money by using a coupon?

There is such a possibility. You can go to the page on coupons on the website of the service and get an additional 20% discount for the 12-month plan and 3 more months for free (CoolTechZone doesn’t benefit from this link).

Any other coupons you may find online are just variations of this 20% discount. I advise against using them because you can often get scammed by third-party websites that offer coupons: sometimes they demand that you install potentially dangerous software or enter your email to put it on their mailing list. All the while, the ultimate price of ExpressVPN will be the same as the ones displayed on our website:

  • $6.67 per month for the 12-month subscription (3 more months for free)
  • $9.99 per month for the 6-month subscription
  • $12.95 for a 1-month subscription

As I have already mentioned, you can make use of the 7-day free trial period on the Android version or of the 30-day money-back guarantee when you subscribe to any tariff.

Information about the company owner

The ExpressVPN service belongs to ExpressVPN International Ltd which is registered in the BVI offshore.

There isn’t much info about this company’s origins on the Internet at all. Some relatively credible clues point at Hong Kong as its birthplace. At least, it was Hong Kong that was mentioned on ExpressVPN’s website back in 2009 when it was founded.

There were attempts to find out who exactly owns the company in 2018 and the traces led to Hong Kong again.

Almost nothing is known about the company’s activities apart from its participation in and support of projects related to security and privacy:

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (
  • The Internet Defense League (
  • Fight for the Future (
  • Access Now (
  • OpenMedia (

The address of ExpressVPN International Ltd:

Road Town, Tortola, VG1110  British Virgin Islands



So, when should you use ExpressVPN and when should you not?

+ Hiding the IP address (location)

+ Unblocking websites when the use of VPN isn’t traced or blocked

+ Using a particularly fast VPN

+ Getting access to any region for streaming

+ Torrenting

+ Exchanging data safely (considering the issues described in the article)

+ Safeguarding oneself in public networks

- Saving money

- Solving sensitive matters that require stronger data and privacy protection without extra settings on Windows.

I personally used this VPN quite often once but lately switched to cheaper VPN services that are just as safe.

FAQs in brief

? How to cancel ExpressVPN?

To cancel ExpressVPN subscription, you are to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the user area on the ExpressVPN website;
  2. Open “Subscription settings”;
  3. Disable automatic subscription renewal and confirm it twice.

After it, the subscription is canceled.

If less then 30 days after the registration date have passed, you can get a refund. Contact the support service and describe your will.

? How much is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN price depends on the subscription term. Here you can find the prices including an additional 20% discount if you open the site through links:

  1. $6.67 per month when subscribing for 1 year (get 3 additional months for free);
  2. $9.99 per month when subscribing for 6 months;
  3. $12.95 when subscribing for 1 month.

The service has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

? How to install ExpressVPN on Firestick?

The service offers a special app for Fire Stick (2nd Gen) and Fire TV available on Amazon.

It's necessary to follow the steps below to install and set up the VPN on Firestick:

  1. Download ExpressVPN on Amazon AppStore or APK file on the website of the service.
  2. Activate the app.
  3. Choose the country and customize the interested for you location through Fire Stick settings  (Your Account -> Your Content and Devices -> Preferences -> Country/Region).
  4. Connect to the VPN.

After it, you’ll get access to the content of the chosen country.

? How to use ExpressVPN?

The provider offers applications for all OSs and platforms for your convenience. To connect to a VPN quickly, you need to:

  1. Register on the ExpressVPN website (only email is required)
  2. Pay for the chosen plan. A 1-year subscription is the most saving one as it offers a 20% off when visiting the website through
  3. Download and set up the application on your OS (you can use it on up to 5 gadgets per 1 account).
  4. Run the app.
  5. Choose the country you want to use to hide your location.
  6. Connect to the VPN.

After it, the traffic of all apps of the connected devices will be protected.

Also, you can use the Split tunneling feature to route the chosen programs or apps not through the VPN.

How many devices?

You can use up to 5 devices at a time with one subscription.

You won’t have to manage them through the user panel. ExpressVPN detects how many devices are connected to the VPN at the moment.

Leave your comments and questions about ExpressVPN down below! My colleagues and I will be happy to answer them.

Senior Researcher
Dean Chester
Cybersecurity and online privacy expert and researcher. He's been published on OpenVPN, EC-Council Blog, DevSecOps, AT-T Business, SAP Community, etc. Dean has been testing VPNs for 8 years.

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Mary's picture
ExpressVPN is good all around

I completely agree with the idea that there are no good free VPNs. I use ExpressVPN for several years. Yes, it is pricey. Though I feel protected and safe. All issues were successfully solved with the help of savvy customer support.

Johnny Boy's Ego's picture

Hi, do we know for sure what the country of origin of ExpressVPN is? There are some weird rumors online that it’s owned by the Chinese or something. I’m almost 1000% sure it’s just a nothing burger and possibly someone is trying to discredit the service but I REALLY don’t want to buy anything that is Chinese owned.

Dean Chester's picture
Johnny, these are just rumors

Johnny, these are just rumors. There isn’t any credible information about who the real owners of ExpressVPN are. Though ExpressVPN denies it, it can be the Chinese. But this anonymity of the owner is a positive of an offshore jurisdiction.

Lucy's picture
Nord is the best!

NordVPN or ExpressVPN… the never-ending battle! I would prefer the first one. Being a user of both two providers I may claim that NordVPN has better applications for mobile devices. Besides, its Kill Switch is easier to toggle. On the other hand, Express VPN has better router configuration and would be extremely useful for those who need a VPN for gaming.
Actually, Nord and Express are the best for sure. Their functionality and service cannot be compared with other paid or free VPNs.

BobbyB's picture
Phone number???

It’s OK but they do have some weird verification process… When I bought ExpressVPN I was asked for my phone number to confirm it’s me. I guess it’s selective and not all clients are asked this but it’s still odd.

Mel's picture
Awesome VPN

I’ve seen ExpressVPN in many ratings, and after using it for more than a year I can say, the provider is worth its money!

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Kill Switch ''kills'' Internet

I’m a first-time user of ExpressVPN and I’m dead satisfied with it. Wide server network, strong functionality, but… But its Kill switch ‘’kills’’ my internet. Every time there are problems with server connections, I’m disconnected from the Internet. I do understand that it’s very helpful as regards data privacy, but it’s so irritating to watch films while the connection is not stable.

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Help with Express VPN

Hi there, Thank you for lots of useful info! However, there is still a question that wasn’t covered in the review. Being a noob in the VPN topic, I am not sure if Express VPN is good for gaming. I know that it is compatible with Xbox but how difficult is to set up the VPN on it? As far as I understand, I need to do it manually. Could you, please, help me with this task? And finally, is it safe for gaming? Thank you!

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Xavier, all above-mentioned

Xavier, all above-mentioned VPNs are suitable for gaming. I recommend reading the instructions on how to set up Xbox One and Xbox 360, which are published on the ExpressVPN website. The process is clearly laid out there.