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VPN for Netflix in January 2022

Updated review of VPNs to unblock geo-restricted Netflix content

Updated: January 1, 2022 By Dean Chester
How do you access Netflix content for any country? How can you bypass blocking? Which VPN services should you choose and why? We will answer these and other questions from users of the world’s largest streaming service.
5 best VPNs for Netflix
  1. ExpressVPN: The most stable Netflix access at the best speeds. Supports all devices including TV platforms, Kodi, Firestick, etc.
  2. NordVPN: A very efficient VPN with the ability to bypass internet censorship. It supports most Netflix regions at high speeds, which is good for 4K.
  3. Surfshark: Probably the cheapest VPN, working consistently with almost all regions of Netflix.
  4. CyberGhost: Netflix VPN with dedicated streaming servers. Confidently supports 4 Netflix regions.
  5. ProtonVPN: Fast VPN with support for 10 regions. Confirmed Swiss quality.
3 free VPNs
  1. Supports at least two regions. Has a monthly bandwidth limitation.
  2. TunnelBear: Confidently bypasses Netflix protection. Has a high speed, but a significant bandwidth limitation.
  3. UrbanVPN: Ample opportunities, but someone else's traffic will pass through your computer.

Netflix is ​​the most visited streaming site in the world today. It contains over 15,000 titles of video material. But in reality, the amount of content available is highly dependent on the user's country.

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter which country your account is registered in. If you travel to another country, then without a VPN, you will only have access to the content broadcasted for that country.

With a Netflix VPN, you can bypass any of the media giant's restrictions. Moreover, this is easy to do on any device, including your TV. The entire VPN setup and configuration process takes a few minutes and requires no additional knowledge.

Netflix unblocked

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After reading this article, you will know:

  • How to unblock Netflix;
  • Which VPNs support Netflix better than others;
  • How to install a Netflix VPN on your TV, computer or smartphone;
  • How to unblock Netflix for all devices at once;
  • Is there a free solution?

Do you have to pay for the best VPN for Netflix? Unfortunately, this is most often the case. Technology to bypass geo-restrictions involves additional costs. But there are exceptions! I have tested over 50 services and found 3 free Netflix VPNs that also support streaming sites. True, they have significant limitations.

But first things first.

Why is Netflix VPN needed?

What is Netflix and Why Do You Need a VPN?

Netflix is ​​the largest and most popular video streaming service. As of the second half of 2022, its subscriber base numbers more than 207 million, which is 7% more than at the time of last year's review of the best VPN services that support Netflix.

Netflix streams TV shows, movies, sports, and other video content in 190 countries around the world. In doing so, the company strives to comply with licensing agreements and various restrictions in force in these countries.

Due to this, the content available in different regions may vary greatly.

At the same time, users do not have the opportunity to change the region at their own discretion. Even if they are on a trip and are in fact citizens of another country.

Netflix locates users by IP address and offers relevant content on this basis.

Take a look at how different this content might be:

Differences in the number of available Netflix titles by country

Information source -

For example, in addition to the fact that there are 1000 more titles available in the UK than in the US, the available content is often very different.

It's quite predictable that people look for ways to bypass Netflix's geo-restrictions. Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved within the service itself. But the underlying VPN technology comes to the rescue streaming VPN.

How Netflix VPN works:

The VPN application on the user's device creates a virtual tunnel leading to a special server in the desired country. The data, passing through this tunnel, goes to using the IP address of the server. In doing so, the site accepts this address as the user's real location. The same thing happens in reverse - the video broadcast goes in the direction of the VPN server, then enters the tunnel and is transmitted to the user.

Not every VPN works with Netflix

The main problem is that Netflix ​​actively fights against anonymizers, of which VPN is one type. It calculates the IP addresses of VPN servers and blacklists them.

UI3012 error report related to VPN blocking

The resources of conventional VPNs are insufficient to counteract this. Nowadays, only large, specialized VPN services offer consistent access to this media giant.

But how do you find such a VPN among the hundreds on the market? How do you determine whether it is both large and specialized? Also, how do you know which regions it can unlock?

Today, the easiest way is to use the results of specialized testing sites such as Cooltechzone. We conduct repeated testing of over 30 VPN services that have proven themselves to be Netflix-enabled, and regularly check the capability of other emerging VPN providers.

What should the best VPN for Netflix offer?

  • Support streaming. The service should endeavour to maintain stable support for streaming sites.
  • Availability of multiple servers in the required countries. Today, a good Netflix VPN has locations in 60+ countries.
  • Support performance protocols such as WireGuard or Lightway to reduce CPU utilization and extend battery life.
  • Maintain TV platforms. 8 out of 10 people watch Netflix on TV.
  • Offer plugins for web browsers and Kodi.

Below you will find 5 winners that are perfect for Netflix and many other streaming sites, plus three free VPNs suitable for testing the technology.

What is a VPN for Netflix and how does it work?

Well, there’s a substantial difference in what content users from different countries can watch. But the Internet possesses a useful feature – location sensing through his/her IP address. And in case an IP address is changed, the region will be changed as well.

There are three ways to change IP:

Ways to access Netflix

  • Proxy. This technology routes traffic through a special computer or server on the Internet. Proxy is to be written in the settings of the app or web browser you use to open Netflix.
  • Tor. It’s possible to set up the Tor browser and reliably hide your real address. But Tor is worked out in the way that there’s no way to choose the country through which your traffic routes.
  • VPN. The most convenient and generic method. In 2022 the Virtual Private Network technology is available at low cost and can be configured thanks to user-friendly secure apps in a few clicks.

I recommend the best way to change IPrun a VPN app.

VPN software creates an enforced path between a user device and a special server on the Internet. The traffic passes through this server and the visited sites will see only its IP address. You change your location to the one where the server is placed.

The principle of how Netflix VPN works

It is therefore possible to change the region of video content to anyone where your Netflix VPN provider has servers. It’s always easier to do it with the best VPN for Netflix.

Netflix unblocking issue

Virtual Private Network technology works simply, legally, and efficiently. But Netflix is ​​well aware of this and therefore responds to user attempts to get around its restrictions.

It works like this - Netflix blocks the IP addresses of the VPN servers used for streaming video.

This simple and effective method presents an insurmountable hurdle for most VPN services. This is why only a few VPNs support Netflix. If you set up the first VPN app you come across, you'll almost certainly see error UI3012 or "Error Code M7111-1331" on your screen.

But Netflix VPNs can bypass these restrictions.

Some of them manage to support the main regions, others offer special complex services for an additional fee, and some do it more confidently than others and cover almost all countries thanks to their experience and technical capabilities.

What should the Netflix VPN have?

  • Servers in the required country (in the one whose content you would like to watch).
  • High speed. You will need at least 20 Mbps, as the speed can vary significantly from time to time, and it is better to have some headroom. Plus, Netflix Premium lets you watch videos in full quality.
  • Streaming support. The service must be able to bypass geo-blocking.
  • If you watch Netflix on mobile devices, it is recommended to use "fast" and powerful protocols such as WireGuard, Lightway, or NordLynx.
  • Support for TV platforms. Android TV and other types of Smart TV.
  • Plugins for Kodi and add-ons for the ability to install web browsers (optional).

Next, I'll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to set up a VPN for Netflix. You can easily unblock the streaming service step by step for the region you need.

I have also prepared some tips for subscribing to Netflix, for those who are just about to become Netflix users.

Netflix VPN launch: step-by-step guide

Now you’ll be up to speed on what VPNs are the best ones and the steps to set up a VPN as exemplified by the best Netflix VPN - ExpressVPN.

If you still don’t sign up for this media service, I recommend you to study the next section with the description of all tips on registration and use.

3 steps to unblock Netflix

  1. Register with the VPN service.

    It’s the most critical step. It’s important to use the service with the required characteristics:

    It’s not necessary that you need all these functions. But the more, the better for a VPN.
    To subscribe to ExpressVPN, follow this link. It’ll provide an extra 20% off when subscribing for 1 year.

    Switch to enter a subscription to ExpressVPN

    • Servers in the required country (which content you would like to watch. High speeds. You’ll need at least 20 Mbps as it can vary significantly from time to time.  
    • Streaming support. The service should monitor the quality of geo-blocking.
    • “Fast” and powerful protocols are recommended if you watch Netflix on mobiles.
    • Support of TV platforms. Android TV and other types of Smart TVs most of all.
    • Plugins for Kodi and add-ons for web browsers installability.
  2. Set up a VPN app.

    Download the app on all devices on your radar. ExpressVPN and other providers from the list of the best ones offer software for all known platforms. You can use from 5 up to unlimited number of devises simultaneously (Surfshark).
    When signing up to ExpressVPN, you’ll get an email with the link to the page where you can find app for any OS and log in without a username and password. It’s very convenient and I haven’t seen anything like that when testing other services.

  3. Connect to the necessary country.

Choice of necessary location

Good VPNs possess advanced features. It’s handy to use Split Tunneling for Netflix and other streaming services. It allows choosing apps and programs for which the IP will be masked. It’s convenient when a VPN disturbs the work of the regional sites.

After you’ve connected to the necessary server (the app will inform about it), you can start watching Netflix for this region from any part of the world. You won’t have to do any extra movements like for Amazon Prime Video, for example.

Netflix VPN use on TV platforms

How Netflix VPN works on TV

With the advent of new TV features that can be compared to powerful computers, more and more people want to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on their TV, without connecting to a computer or sharing from their smartphone.

How to do it?

Use Smart DNS. This advanced technology allows you to unblock Netflix and any other video or radio streaming service without installing a VPN app.

I have already described the process of configuring VPN settings on your Smart TV. In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide and a description of all the details.

In addition, more and more people are buying Android TVs, Apple TVs and other TV platforms that offer rich options for installing third-party applications through the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore and Huawei AppGallery. There are fully functional VPN apps you can install.

Find out more about the services these applications offer, and about the Smart DNS settings, on the pages of your chosen VPN provider.

Netflix sign up with a VPN and without it

Generally, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel to watch Netflix.

For a normal registration you’ll need:

  • open the site
  • click Sign In -> Sign up now
  • enter your e-mail
  • activate a 30 day trial version

After it, you can connect to the VPN and enjoy streaming.

But in some cases a normal registration is impossible.

There are two reasons why Netflix sign in can be unsuccessful:

  1. In case your physical location differs from the country where your banking card was released.
  2. If is not available in your country (China, Crimea, North Korea, Syria, and some other regions).

Let’s consider the case when a normal registration is impossible.

Firstly, in 2021 the service has changed payment rules and now honors the cards of the country where the user is located. It might become a big problem if you are on a trip or just use the card of a foreign bank.

Secondly, access to the sites that violate religious or moral standards is restricted in some countries with online censorship.

In both cases, it’s necessary to use a VPN. It’s a very multi-purpose tool and millions of users around the world use it in different spheres of internet activity: from IP masking to creating protected virtual networks of large enterprises.

What to do when it’s impossible to sign up for Netflix in a general way

  1. Set up a VPN according to the guidelines mentioned in the section “Netflix VPN launch: step-by-step guide​”.
  2. Connect to the country where your banking card was released.
  3. Open the site and sign up.

Sometimes the selection of a VPN location is required. But nearly always it works from the word go.

Top 5 Netflix VPNs according to test results

Having repeatedly tested dozens of VPN services for Netflix support, Cooltechzone has created a list of minimum parameters that VPNs must meet in 2022:

  • Support for 50 or more countries
  • Using multiple IP addresses in each location
  • Availability of applications for Android TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, Windows, Mac, mobile platforms and routers, support for Samsung Smart TV and its analogs
  • Data transfer rate above 25-30 Mb/s
  • Experienced technical support 24/7 (the ability to navigate in non-standard situations - old versions of devices, features of the user's network, etc.)
  • App of powerful VPN protocols
Over 6 months of testing, the best VPN is ExpressVPN. It is the most stable Netflix VPN, supports most countries, and has the best streaming server speed compared to the competition.

Comparison of the best VPN services’ features

Service Ranking
(out of 10)
Speed, Mbps Netflix supported regions Price
ExpressVPN 10 >100 all $6.67-12.95
NordVPN 10 >60 all $3.30-11.95
Surfshark 10 >60 all $2.49-12.95
CyberGhost 8 >40 3-4 $2.25-12.99
ProtonVPN 7 >50 10 $8-30

1. ExpressVPN for Netflix

ExpressVPN for Netflix


ExpressVPN has outscored while testing Netflix support on all platforms. It’s easy-to-use and doesn’t need advanced customization. The app selects a suitable location in the country chosen by a user.

Fast speed and perfect stability of connection suit perfectly well for streaming video even in Ultra HD.

Split Tunneling serves to combine movie streaming and other activity on this device.

ExpressVPN uses the state-of-the-art Lightway VPN protocol to stream high-definition video without overburdening the device's processor.


Certain popular regions and aggregated speed test results

Country Speed, Mbps
US (United States) 25-60
CA (Canada) 30-65
JP (Japan) 12-25
UK (United Kingdom) 30-70
DE (Germany) 40-90
AU (Australia) 13-28
IN (India) 20-30

Prices and plans

  1 month 6 months 1 year
Monthly cost $12.95 $9.99 $6.67
Money-back guarantee, days 30 30 30

*the prices are mentioned considering discount when using a custom link.

On the surface, Express VPN seems to be more expensive than alternative VPNs. But if you subscribe to not more than a year, you won’t see the substantial difference. The prices of less than $5 per month are possible only when you subscribe to 2-3 years. ExpressVPN just doesn’t offer such long-terms packages.


  • ExpressVPN is perfect for Netflix
  • It supports other popular streaming services
  • Superfast servers
  • Proprietary Lightway protocol
  • It has a reasonable price
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Suitable for any other activity as it one of the securest VPNs
ExpressVPN Preview
Get extra 20% off

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2. NordVPN for Netflix

NordVPN for Netflix


The second efficient service is NordVPN. It’s also ideal for streaming. What it takes is to choose the location on a visualized interactive map and click on it. The app will choose the best server for this country itself and it’ll be fine for watching content that was unavailable for you with a probability of 10/10.

NordVPN has a very stable connection. Testing has not revealed VPN outages during the more than three weeks that US, UK, JP and FR locations were tested. At the same time, the speed was also stable.


Certain popular regions and aggregated speed test results

Country Speed, Mbps
US (United States) 20-40
CA (Canada) 10-30
JP (Japan) 8-20
UK (United Kingdom) 20-60
DE (Germany) 25-70
AU (Australia) 10-15
IN (India) 6-20

Prices and plans

  1 month 1 year 2 years
Monthly cost $11.95 $4.92 $3.30
Money-back guarantee, days 30 30 30

*As of this writing, NordVPN offers a 59% discount for a 2-years package.   

And what about the prices and opportunities for free use?

  • One of the most affordable prices in the market is $3.30 monthly if you buy it for 2 years. But if you want to buy NordVPN for a shorter period, you should be ready to buy it for another price. But this policy is common to all services. That is why it is always profitable to buy “long-term” plans.
  • You can use a 7-day trial version for mobile phones (Android and IOS).

Would you like to use it for free for 30 days for all platforms? There are no problems! You can buy a subscription and you cancel it after 29 days. It’s legitimate and easy. It is necessary to contact service support with this request. And after one week you’ll get your money back.


  • NordVPN provides stable support for streaming Netflix and other services
  • Easy server selection
  • Many positive user reviews on Reddit
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • NordLynx (WireGuard) protocol optimized for mobiles
NordVPN Preview
Make use of the share – 59% off

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3. Surfshark for Netflix

Surfshark for Netflix


Would you like to get a cheaper VPN service? No problems. Wonderful, professional, dynamically developing service Surfshark can give you the pleasure of stable access to Netflix, not worse than NordVPN or CyberGhost VPN.

Right, neither Surfshark offers an interactive map to choose a country, not it has as fast speed as ExpressVPN does. But in practice, the provider’s functions are more than enough to unblock video streaming services almost in any situation.

As the provider is particularly attractive thanks to its 2-year subscription, the issue of trust takes place.


Certain popular regions and aggregated speed test results

Country Speed, Mbps
US (United States) 8-30
CA (Canada) 20-50
JP (Japan) 20-30
UK (United Kingdom) 20-50
DE (Germany) 40-70
AU (Australia) 15-25
IN (India) 30-50

Prices and plans

  1 month 6 months 2 years
Monthly cost $11.95 $6.49 $2.49
Money-back guarantee, days 30 30 30

Currently, there’s no provider with the lower cost that would go round Netflix protection so good. Besides, Surfshark doesn’t restrict the number of connections!

Is it worth having trust in the provider when subscribing to a long-term plan? I’ve been testing Surfshark since the beginning of 2019 and during this time it is becoming better. I experience only a very stable US, UK, and other regions’ support at least for a year.


  • Surfshark allows to successfully change the region for Netflix in every corner of the world
  • Support of other popular streaming video services and online radio
  • Unlimited number of connected devices
  • Very low cost when subscribing for 2 years
  • Suitable for any purpose
  • It has advanced technology of VPN protocol masking
Surfshark Preview
Set up an efficient VPN for $2.49 + per month

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4. CyberGhost VPN for Netflix

CyberGhost for Netflix


The next service, CyberGhost, is attractive because it shows what servers support Netflix or other streaming services. It might seem to be trivial but only if we compare it with the other three providers. Most other Netflix VPNs either don’t support all regions or cannot select suitable servers automatically and a user is to do it manually.

Among the drawbacks – the tests of some servers have shown slow speeds. Besides, I didn’t always manage to stream at the first try because of the M7111-1331 error.


Certain popular regions and aggregated speed test results

It has been found that there are only 3 locations for Netflix on the list – US, UK, and DE.

Country Speed, Mbps
US (United States) 10-30
CA (Canada) Not supported
JP (Japan) Not supported
UK (United Kingdom) 30-70
DE (Germany) 30-60
AU (Australia) Not supported
IN (India) Not supported

Prices and plans

  1 month 1 year 3 year
Monthly cost $12.99 $3.99 $2.25
Money-back guarantee, days - 45 45

CyberGhost also offers dedicated IP addresses that cost $5 per month. You can contact the support service and ask if such addresses are available at the moment for Netflix unblocking.


  • CyberGhost possesses a special location to access Netflix and many other video services
  • Support of 3 countries
  • It’s possible to order a dedicated “blank” IP address
  • Up to 7 simultaneous connections
  • Testing has shown slow speeds of streaming servers
  • App for Windows can overload processor that can cause excessive noise
Start using CyberGhost

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5. ProtonVPN for Netflix

ProtonVPN for Netflix



Among Netflix VPNs, the Swiss service ProtonVPN is gaining popularity. Our testing has confirmed the support of countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia, and Canada. The provider claims to support 10 countries.

ProtonVPN specializes primarily in data and location defense in depth. Nevertheless, I like the way it works with streaming sites. It has high speed and has the ability to connect using the WireGuard protocol. This helps to conserve battery power on mobile devices.


Certain popular regions and aggregated speed test results

Country Speed, Mbps
US (United States) 10-30
CA (Canada) 10-30
JP (Japan) Not supported
UK (United Kingdom) 15-40
DE (Germany) 30-60
AU (Australia) 5-20
IN (India) 5-15

Prices and plans

  1 month 6 months 18 months
Monthly cost $10-30 $8-24 $6.63-19.96
Money-back guarantee, days - 30 30

* prices shown include Netflix support

Unlike most other VPNs, ProtonVPN's pricing depends not only on the length of the subscription, but also on the available features. Whereas, for example, ExptressVPN offers the same functionality on different tariff plans and all of them have Netflix support, this is not the case for ProtonVPN.

Only Plus and Visionary tariff plans work with streaming services. I tested this by using a free VPN. When I try to access any popular streaming site, I get a warning that you need to upgrade to at least the Pro plan to unblock it.

Since these are the 2 most expensive plans, ProtonVPN is slightly more expensive compared to the competition.


  • ProtonVPN is known for its free plan, but Netflix needs a paid version
  • 10 popular locations available, including US and UK content
  • Suitable for other streaming services
  • High speed
  • Somewhat more expensive than competitors
Start using ProtonVPN

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Best free VPNs for American Netflix library: 1, 2, 3!

First of all, I would like to point out that all VPN services, I describe here, have been tested, and that is why I can state it for sure that these 3 free VPN providers can help you to avoid restrictions and watch Netflix as if you live in one of the American cities. But with some limits.

I tested more than 50 VPNs and, unfortunately, I haven’t found any VPN provider which can give unlimited access to Netflix. In some cases, Netflix identified the VPN, and in other cases, the VPN blocked the website and offered a paid premium subscription for unblocking.  That is why Netflix free watching is available only with some restrictions from a few VPNs, which I will publish for you.

If you need permanent unlimited access to Netflix, it is easier to use paid VPN services, which are described in this article.

And now it is high time to find out more about the ways of using free VPNs for Netflix.

1. Free for Netflix

The best free VPN for Netflix is the advanced and easy-to-use Its free plan has a limit of 10 GB of monthly traffic. In addition, the speed of has increased considerably lately.

Unfortunately, I was only able to unblock US Netflix. Other than that, there were several DNS errors. But in the end I was able to watch the movie in average quality.

It took me about 20 minutes to do it. But it works!

What are the restrictions of using the free plan of doesn’t have many restrictions but they are very severe:

  1. Acceptable speed (less than 2-3 Mbps)
  2. 10 GB per month
  3. 4 available countries (US confirmed)

The video is only available in low and medium quality, and I was only able to run it when connected to the US server.

But why does have the third place?

  • Limit removal for traffic volume
  • Unlimited speed (up to 10-40 Mbps)
  • 47 countries

How to use for free?

A free version of is available without registration. There’s no need to register on the site. It won’t give you any extra functions.

Apps are available for any OS. The setup process is simple and intuitive.

I’ve noticed a high load on the processor on Windows when trying to connect to the VPN server.

Read VPN review to learn more!

2. Free TunnelBear

TunnelBear for Netflix

TunnelBear is considered to be one of the best VPN providers. Its unique and handy animated apps for Android, Windows, Apple, and Linux give the opportunity to unblock Netflix from any location: when you travel with your smartphone or when you are at home in front of the computer screen.

You can do it for free, using a free tariff plan.

What are the restrictions of using the free plan of TunnelBear VPN?

Unfortunately, I can’t cover it. TunnelBear VPN capacity is limited for the free tariff (only 500 – 1000 MB are available). That is why Netflix streaming is limited.

Who can use TunnelBear VPN for free for Netflix?

  1. If Netflix's official online cinema is available in a place where you live.
  2. If the library for your region differs a bit.

In other cases, free traffic won’t be enough for you.

But why does TunnelBear have the second place?

  • no time limit;
  • no necessity to enter payment details for a free version, you can register some accounts from different e-mails;
  • the inconvenience of traffic limits;
  • no add.

How to use TunnelBear VPN for free?

Although TunnelBear is a paid service, it offers to its subscribers a free tariff plan as a bonus.

In contrast with some VPN providers, TunnelBear can be used for free and for a long period of time because it is not a free trial version but a free package.


  • run TunnelBear VPN on your device only in the case if the video is blocked for your region;
  • choose the low quality of the video in the account settings.

Setting for Netflix quality

Increase your traffic from 500 MB to 1000 MB by means of a tweet TunnelBear:

TunnelBear 500 Mb for free

  • register several accounts using different e-mails;
  • monitor your traffic.

These simple pieces of advice can help you to prolong you TunnelBear free traffic plan

Read TunnelBear VPN review to learn more!

3. UrbanVPN

UrbanVPN for Netflix

All VPNs described above work according to the classic scheme - the user installs an application that creates a tunnel to a server on the Internet, which is owned by the service.

But there are at least two solutions that use the computers of other users instead of servers. We tested both and chose UrbanVPN.

Things to Know When Using P2P Netflix VPNs Like UrbanVPN

Your computer, smartphone, or Android TV will be used as a proxy by other users. This means that the traffic of strangers will pass through it.

P2P VPN has several disadvantages:

  1. Foreign traffic reduces your internet bandwidth.
  2. It may be illegal for people to use your computer as a proxy.
  3. Finding an available server in the desired location can take a long time.
  4. Low speed.

Do not install P2P VPN on computers with important information. I also do not recommend using UrbanVPN for purposes other than watching videos. The type of VPN connection that uses your device as a VPN server or proxy is not completely secure.

What features does UrbanVPN provide?

  • Access to a large number of regions
  • Low chance of blocking
  • Completely free with no bandwidth or data limits

What are the identified shortcomings?

  • P2P VPN (not 100% secure)
  • Internet slowdown
  • Slow speed (low-quality video)
  • Frequent disconnections and the need to start a new one
  • On Windows, the program may not connect to servers


So is UrbanVPN worth using? If there were enough other classic free Netflix VPNs out there, I would definitely say no. But today there are fewer and fewer freeways to bypass the geo-restrictions of streaming services, and UrbanVPN really works.

Although it suffers from interruptions and low speed, it is, on the other hand, completely free.

VPN services with limited Netflix support

The aforementioned services will help you almost in all cases. But what if for whatever reason you cannot connect to those very providers or if they lack some features you need for other tasks?

For such an occasion, here is a list of VPNs for Netflix that have some limitations of drawbacks but still support video streaming.

VPNs that work with Netflix to some extent

  • Astrill – too expensive IMO (and has a different specialization)
  • BTGuard – too few countries and low speeds
  • Goose VPN – requires additional payments
  • ibVPN - low speeds
  • Ivacy VPN  - unstable Netflix support
  • Hide My Ass – occasional speed problems
  • Mullvad – 1 out of 10
  • PureVPN – low speeds
  • TigerVPN – pricy
  • TorGuard – streaming for a surcharge
  • Trust.Zone – special server for the US Netflix
  • VPNArea – limited country list
  • VPN Unlimited – 5 out of 10

There are no providers that can guarantee geo-ublocking but the best ones have a possibility of it close to 100 percent. The rest either support only important Netflix regions or have insufficient speeds or connection stability.

There are also VPNs that work well enough with Netflix but can’t be used with other streaming sites.

A regular person can’t take every single factor into consideration so I recommend using the results of my work and install an app from the Top 5 Netflix VPNs list from the first section of this article. These are the most balanced and time-tested providers with good discounts and subscription conditions.

VPNs that don’t work with Netflix

Below is a list of services that do not work with Netflix. Their servers are blocked by the streaming service and cannot be used to bypass its geo-restrictions.

  • Ipvanish
  • Astrill VPN
  • Mullvad
  • AirVPN
  • Norton Secure VPN
  • Opera VPN
  • SaferVPN
  • VPNhub
  • TorGuard
  • VyprVPN
  • HMA (HideMyAss)
  • Avira VPN
  • Whoer VPN
  • Turbo VPN
  • Betternet
  • Avast SecureLine VPN
  • Hola VPN

This list is far from complete. Most of the VPNs tested (especially VPN apps for mobile devices) failed the tests. Also, many services showed unsatisfactory performance indicators or were able to unblock a streaming site only for low-demand countries.

Tor browser

Arguably the most popular IP address change and anonymizing tool. Its servers connected to the Tor network are known and blocked, however. Therefore, it doesn’t work with Netflix.

Opera VPN

This built-in the web browser of the same name VPN (or, more precisely, proxy) consistently DOES NOT SUPPORT streaming sites. You can access their catalogs but not start a broadcast. Besides, Opera VPN has a strict country limit.

Unblock-Us (closed)

This service has closed customer registration. It is most likely being shut down. Once a popular tool, now it can’t be used to bypass geo-restrictions.


When I was downloading its installer, a security system message appeared saying that this file could be harmful for my computer. Is the risk worth it? Additionally, testing showed issues with speed.


Has IP addresses in just 10 countries and testing has found out video quality problems on 5 of them.


Its primary specialization is the Chinese market. Doesn’t support streaming sites. I tried, however, to watch videos ton  American and European locations but they didn’t work.


It is a device with a pre-installed VPN. My testing showed access issues for many Netflix regions.


This service is similar to Opera VPN in some ways and is technically a proxy. During my tests, no location of it managed to unblock Netflix. Besides, it uses its own separate browser which isn’t extremely convenient.


This VPN specializes on educational websites. It doesn’t work with Netflix and other such sites.

Whoer VPN

It sometimes works with but most often, its servers are banned. Most likely, it is related to the small number of addresses and slow addition of new ones.

The majority of free VPNs are not suitable either. Free services do not aim to make the bypassing of Netflix’s restrictions easy as this feature is very much in demand and is an efficient way of selling their paid subscriptions.

My Netflix VPN is not working - what should I do?

What to do if your VPN suddenly stops working with Netflix? This can happen for three reasons:

  1. No websites or services are opened via VPN.
  2. Netflix has blacklisted the IP in use and "Error Code M7111-1331" appears on the screen.
  3. The connection speed is insufficient to watch the video.

But don't be in a hurry to get upset. This is possible because Netflix is ​​actively fighting all sorts of anonymizers.

Далече список в нейтральном акценте:

Here are 3 ways to fix Netflix VPN problems:

  • Reconnect to your VPN or change location within the country of your choice. If you are using NordVPN or CyberGhost, then you can also select a specific server in your location.
  • Contact technical support. In our experience, in most cases they provide really actionable recommendations.
  • Order a dedicated IP address that is not blacklisted. This can also be done through the support team.

All VPNs presented in this article have been tested multiple times over a long time period. This means that all possible problems in their operation are temporary and are promptly corrected by service specialists.

What are the alternatives to a Netflix VPN

In 2022, you can watch Netflix of any region with the aid of VPNs with dedicated IP addresses or dedicated servers.

Those aren’t exactly VPNs for Netflix. More like, it is a bonus of using your own IP or even server.

Which VPNs offer a dedicated IP address?

  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • Ivacy VPN
  • TorGuard
  • Trust.Zone
  • VPN Unlimited
  • VyprVPN

Despite the fact that some of these services support 0 out of 10 Netflix locations on their main subscription, they work well on the dedicated IPs.

My advice to people buying a dedicated IP is to ask the customer support if this address has been used before and to tell that its main purpose for you is to unblock Netflix.

Dedicated IPs, let alone servers, are provided for a surcharge. The prices of it differ. The average one starts at $0.99 per month and can reach hundreds of dollars, depending on the service and its terms.

Flaws of dedicated IPs for Netflix

Despite the forementioned advantages, this alternative to a regular Netflix VPN has some flaws.

The biggest one is the necessity to buy an IP for every region you need.

The second problem is how difficult it is to buy such an IP. To view Netflix via a dedicated IP, you need to contact the support service beforehand and ask for a test drive. If the service uses a chatbot, it can take a long time.

The third possible problem is the extra payment. You can be told that “clean” IP addresses that aren’t banned by Netflix are only available at a special tariff that may cost much more than the regular one.


How do I use VPN for Netflix?

It’s so easy! All the VPN services listed in this review don’t require any extra settings. All you need to do is:

  • subscribe;
  • download and install the software for the platform you need (all the VPNs on the list work on every OS);
  • choose a region;
  • launch the VPN.

It doesn’t matter if you log into your Netflix account before you start the VPN up or after. You just have to turn it on for the required region before you play a movie, series, or show.

Don’t be afraid to pick a wrong server, disconnect from the VPN, or change your region. My account hasn’t been blocked once during my tests even though I used many unreliable VPN services, changes my location, and frequently watched movies without a VPN.

If you use the VPN services we recommend, you’ll be able to unblock the region you need without any trouble and watch video content in high quality for as long as you like.

What free VPN is the best for American Netflix?

The best free VPN service for Netflix US is ProtonVPN.

Unfortunately, as of this day (January 2022), there isn’t a free VPN provider that can unblock Netflix with no time or traffic limitations.

Furthermore, each month, there are fewer VPNs that manage to do that task. It’s entirely possible that in the future, geo-restricted content will be only unblockable with paid services.

Where to download VPN for Netflix?

Every VPN provider on this list has detailed instructions on how to download an app for any platform (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, TV platforms).

A paid VPN can be downloaded from its website or installed from the Google Play Market or Apple App Store. To turn it on, you’ll need to sign up by entering your email and to pay for the subscription you choose.

The only way it’s different to download a free VPN is that you don’t have to pay before you launch it for the first time.

There are also VPNs that don’t offer software or aren’t available on some platforms. To use such VPN services, you have to install a third-party VPN client or configure the VPN protocol built into the system by using config files provided by the VPN. Such services did not make it to our Top 10.

Is it safe to use a VPN for streaming?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. VPN technology is perfectly legal and is used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world with different goals. Virtual networks have been used to stream Netflix since the very day when its content started being separated by regions.

Can my account be blocked?

Unlikely. We haven’t run into any block despite using a single regular subscription to perform all our tests. This subscription has been in use for more than two years now and “seen” dozens of different VPN services.

Senior Researcher
Dean Chester
Cybersecurity and online privacy expert and researcher. He's been published on OpenVPN, EC-Council Blog, DevSecOps, AT-T Business, SAP Community, etc. Dean has been testing VPNs for 8 years.

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44 comments for VPN for Netflix in January 2022

H.Brown's picture
geo restrictions

Did you know that Netflix’s library is different from one region to the next? US’s library is the biggest one. If you want to watch all series without restrictions and censorship - you need to change your IP address to USA. But if you want to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Prison Break you need a Canadian IP address since Netflix US removed them from its platform. VPN services give us access to all content.

Andrew1991's picture
stop killing me

Netflix's geographic restrictions killing me! There is no way to remove them officially. The only way to change Netflix country catalogs is with a VPN. NordVPN is very effective with Netflix. I've been using it for 3 years already. I'm ready to pay for netflix original series, we have a family account with my relatives. New movies, games, and music - only via torrent clients!

brennisteinn's picture
Netflix VPN

I'm visiting UK for a month, can't live without tv series.I tried using ipvanish but Netflix kept showing “Streaming Error - we detected you used a proxy” message. I heard NordVPN is pretty fast and uses good servers and has a good infastructure. On the other hand, I heard SurfShark is the cheapest one. But I'm not sure if I have to pay lots for a month spent in the UK. What would you recommend?

BoyLilikoi's picture

Got a bit tired of downloading the whole seasons of tv shows from torrents, decided to give Netflix a try. It''s cool I can use it even though it doesn't officially work in my country. Thanks for the list of VPNs, I used Pure VPN before and it was okay, but I see there are better options. I heard about Nord VPN a lot, maybe it's time to buy a subscription.

steven93's picture
Accessing content that

Accessing content that shouldn’t be available in my region is the thing Netflix doesn’t want me to do since it's forbidden according to their terms of usage. Been using nord vpn it's one of the services Netflix doesn't block yet. It's probably the most convenient tool for me.

darri's picture
I constantly got errors and

I constantly got errors and "whoops, something went wrong" when I used TunnelBear for netflix, so I don't think it's a good choice. Though it can be only my problem, idk. I decided to try out IPVanish vpn service, and it seems to work steadily so far, also the app is easy to install and doesn't take much time.

jihmina's picture
I get the hype about Netflix

I get the hype about Netflix because it can be used on different devices. The only thing is, it's important to use VPN for Netflix to get a safe connection. I usually connect through Cyberghost, have not experienced any difficulties with blocking so far.
Great coverage of servers and they're also being added all the time. Nice one for me:)

F0R3ST's picture

My brother told me that Browsec is one of the best Netflix VPNs. He has to be kidding me. I hate it!! Very slow to start, takes 3 or 4 tries to make a VPN connection. When browsec is in use my Netflix cannot be used at all as it slows my internet speed down tremendously. So I use CyberGhost. I tried several different VPNs before deciding on CyberGhost, and this is the easiest to set up. Highly recommended! It is the best way for bypassing the Netflix block and region restrictions.

Krigsgaldr's picture
thanks for the guide! very

thanks for the guide! very detailed, would be easy to set up a VPN even for a person who has never dealt with it. though I'm not a fan of VPN due to the possible leakage of data, so I'm glad I found out Smart DNS. gotta try it out this weekend, thanks again <3

jeonblixx's picture
It's Surfshark for me

To tell the truth, it was my first try using Netflix. And I definitely had no idea I need to use a VPN service for that aha. It blocks a lot of them so I had to look for an effective one, able to unblock the access quite fast and the one that has no issues during the process. Express VPN is a good choice if the number of shows is not important for you and you get what it has to offer. For me, Surfshark is more convenient in terms of fast IP change and price.

rodriclar25's picture
It's a shame Netflix is not

It's a shame Netflix is not available in some countries. Thank god we have the internet geniuses and their tips. Thanks for the article, I bet it will be helpful for lots of clueless users. As for me, I use CyberGhost, it's not the most expensive one and it works great so far. And sure, it's better to pay for the subscription than to have headaches with a free one.

cookliet28's picture
Thank you so much for this

Thank you so much for this detailed review! It's true it became kinda difficult to get access to Netflix content. In my opinion, Surfshark is the most optimal option considering the number of regions it works with and the sufficiently low price. Supporting Android is quite a convenient feature since I often use it via smartphone. It shut down once, but after accessing the support, the problem was solved. Maybe there was something wrong with my device idk.

JamesTheBest's picture

Thanks for your review! Netflix has started blocking most of the VPN services. But there are still a few which you can use to access region-based content anywhere in the world. Netflix offers different content depending on what country you're in right now. I’ve tried Express VPN and Browsec and they both showed me Netflix with a really limited selection of shows. I spoke with their support crew and they had no answers. Now I use NordVPN. I've never had any issues with it. Quite expensive for me, but they allow up to 6 connections so we pay together with friends. 8/10.

volantemie's picture
I have never used Netflix

I have never used Netflix before, it was a bit more expensive than I was ready to pay. I usually just download the whole season from torrents, though I try to buy products instead of, well, stealing them. The issue is, I don't live in America. As I got it, NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the most popular services. Also, I've seen Windscribe being called a good option. I live in the UK, which is the best for me? I'm not very good with tech tricks, so the easiest one to install and set would also do. As for NordVPN, I came across a couple of complaints.

Paola4fx's picture
How can I bypass Netflix

How can I bypass Netflix block? I've been looking for an option since I can't watch anything at all. And one more thing I'm curious about: may it be possible that VPN is flagged? I keep reading to find out a lot concerning VPN obstruction and the way I can fix it. Anyways, can anybody of you recommend any good services you've been using for a long time and having no issues with it? And to tell you the truth, the price is important to me as well, so some variants with reasonable prices are highly appreciated.

AncientHorrorDrinker's picture
Help with NordVPN pls

Okay so I ran into a problem with NordVPN. It was working for me alright and unblocked Netflix no problem but now it does not. Now Netflix finds out I’m using a VPN and prohibits me from watching things. What can be done? I have cleared the cache but no result.

ISOLATED's picture
Reddit's recommendations

I see that Reddit also recommends VPNs like WeVPN or TorGuard… those are relatively obscure, so I was wondering if they are actually worth their salt? They are also expensive, so it would be nice to know in advance if I should get them.

AbsoluteUnit's picture

Help! I’m getting insane buffering with Express! The vid on Netflix loads up in bits and then plays for like half a minute before stopping! I’m pretty sure it’s a bug and not a provider issue, but I’d like to get rid of it. Does anybody know what to do about it?

Tom's picture
What to choose?

I’ve been using OpenVPN server to watch American Netflix for more than a year. It works not bad if forget about speed. I was very happy to unblock the US content but later on I was a bit upset because I have to wait for the video load all the time I’m going to stream something on Netflix. That’s why I need a VPN that works with Netflix, has good speed, doesn’t cost too much, and protects from ISP. What would you recommend?

Henry's picture
What about proxies?

Why don’t you highlight free Netflix proxy servers in this review? Some might be really useful for users who cannot pay and don’t want to experience restricted traffic limits?

MZC's picture
free VPNs aren't good

don’t think vpn that works with netflix free are a good idea. streaming isn’t perfect even if you’ve managed to connect to some server and unblock the service. speed is so low that it’s hardly possible to watch something online. besides, there’s a serious problem a free vpn provider might cause – ban of your netflix account. the system detects vpns and blocks access. you won’t be an honest user in the opinion of netflix. i don’t think it’s worth it.

Robert's picture
Only pro VPN plans work

Sorry, guys! I don’t believe in free VPNs for Netflix. I’ve tried many of them. Some of them were 100% free, others - were basic free plans of paid services. But there’s nothing better than pro plans. Free VPNs impose too many restrictions on users. It’s hardly possible to watch and enjoy a video, to say nothing of downloading torrent files.

Primo Victoria's picture
Speeds of VPN with Netflix

Considering speeds: you need about 30 MBPS to be able to watch Netflix in Ultra HD quality. Sometimes I get speeds this high with ExpressVPN on American servers but other times I don’t. Just HD is consistent though, and I can watch Netflix in it no problem.

WC Witch's picture
No love for bears :(

Alas, TunnelBear doesn't work with Netflix. I tested it not once but several times over the course of three months and no luck. If you want to have access to Netflix and other such sites, better choose one of the VPNs in the article.

Paul J.'s picture
I tried free apps and Nord

Hey everyone,
When looking for a VPN for Netflix, I’ve paid attention to good speeds and US servers of course. The first feature is significant to prevent buffering while streaming. The second one – to unblock Netflix content to the full. What I’ve done is evident. I’ve started with free plans of VPNs because I hoped I wouldn’t have to pay. But I failed. Of course, it’s impossible to watch 1040 videos at 2-10 MBps. That’s why I had to subscribe to a paid service. I’ve heard that ExpressVPN might cause buffering so I decided to start with Nord. What can I say? I have no claims to its service. Netflix US content is successfully unblocked. Speed is also good because I haven’t experienced buffering. The only mistake I’ve made was to subscribe to a 1-month plan only:(

Tanim's picture
It was very helpful article..

It was very helpful article....thanks for the tips

Seniche98's picture
Free Netflix VPNs

I kind of hoped to see Atlas VPN on the list as well. Any reason why is it not there? Its free version is phenomenal imo

Brian's picture
Very informative

Just want to add that I am using PureVPN for netflix and it works very well, currently they are offering trial for 7 days.

t-bone's picture
text code verification

I also use a VPN to watch Amazon Prime from a different country. When I do it, it sometimes asks me to enter a code it sends me to verify that I’m actually the owner of the account. I think they will implement something like that with Netflix too at some point (and save us all a lot of trouble lol). While it's annoying, it also shows they don't care so much about it.

Y's picture
Free VPNs not active

The free VPNs listed no longer seem to work.

At least not on the iPhone apps.

Vicki A. Mease's picture
My choise is Nord!

Of course, you’ll find no VPN that would allow you to watch US Netflix online for free like some untrustworthy providers persuade. Netflix is a paid streaming platform on default. However, a good VPN helps to unblock those series and movies that might be unavailable for your place of residents. To put it simple, it helps to open it as if you are in the US:) I’ve selected NordVPN and have no reasons to regret about it! Good speeds and no troubles while login.

Frankie Satriale's picture

If money is not a problem for you, I can recommend using Torguard for Netflix. Yes, it is quite a bit pricier than most services but I’ve had the best experience with it out of at least like 10+ VPN services I tried.

Call me Pete's picture
Need your help!

I’m from New Jersey and Netflix is available here. But sometimes I face Netflix site error when I cannot log in. I have a 4-profile subscription so can use it on several devices simultaneously. So I tried to log in on all 4 devices and result was just the same. The support service didn’t help, the only working advice from their part was to wait for 24 hours. But it makes me mad. I’ve paid for the subscription, don’t break their rules but still experience troubles. Can a VPN solve it?

Carbon Cabron's picture
What should I do?

Recently I got an email from Netflix about suspicious activity because I’ve been using a VPN. It got me a little worried. Can they ban my account if I continue to use VPNS?

tash 's picture

Proton VPN isn't showing any free trials signs. how do I get the 7 day free trial??

james's picture
netflix vpn

I would recommend to use PureVPN.

Rebeca's picture
something about the topic

Here is the thing – there are no free vpns that work with Netflix. You will have to pay to access it. I used Windscribe free version but their Netflix servers – WINDFLIX are provided with a paid one. Last time I checked Express vpn for Netflix and it worked good. But the price is high, IMHO. I’ve been always wondering how they can identify that you are using a proxy or vpn? Do they have special people who check every IP address and add the wrong ones to the blacklist?

Dean Chester's picture
Rebeca, Netflix doesn’t

Rebeca, Netflix doesn’t disclose its methods of fighting proxies and VPNs. All we know is that they block IP addresses by blacklisting them.

Oliver580's picture

Hi there. Just wanted to leave my review on AVG VPN for Netflix here. As soon as I subscripted for the VPN I faced some problems with my connection. I know that I have to contact the AVG customer support but it seems to me so strange. Also, the Android app works poorly. It is not always possible to connect to any country’s server through this app. Don’t know if I use this VPN for streaming services.
Meanwhile, your ranking sounds interesting. I think I will try NordVPN. Hope everything will be fine with it. By the way, thanks for your ranking!

Jeremy's picture
Netflix bans VPNs

This week I faced Netflix VPN ban like many other users. This streaming site is available in my country, but I had to use a VPN to get access to its full library. Why should I pay for partially available services?! I think it’s my right of choosing what to do. I’ve paid for Netflix subscription and therefore I can watch all its movies and series. I don’t want to come round to Putlocker (despite I’ve been using it for 3 years before buying Netflix account). Hope the leader of this rating will help to turn this around.

Ann's picture
Troubles with Netflix!

Sometimes, when I start using Netflix, I face proxy error notwithstanding the VPN is enabled. My VPN is CyberGhost and it works perfectly well with other streaming services like HBO and Hulu. I live in China and such problems are commonplace here. But VPNs are designed to solve this issue. So I suspect that the trouble lies in the VPN itself. Maybe the servers can be detected by Netflix. Has anyone else experienced the same situation?

Dean Chester's picture
Ann, none of VPN services

Ann, none of VPN services guarantee stable Netflix support. Sometimes it’s really necessary to change a server. It happens in any country, not only in China.

that30yoboomer's picture

Got a hint for y’all: if you watch Netflix with a vpn be sure to always have it on when you log in. It’s no secret, fellas, that there’s a Netflix crackdown on vpns as well as account sharing. So if you log from one country and then in five minutes from another one, they’ll think you’re either sharing your account with somebody overseas or using vpn. Hasn’t happened to me thus far but I know a few folks who got their accounts suspended for this kind of activity.

Dean Chester's picture
Thank you for your advice!

Thank you for your advice! This information is really useful.