Why your high-speed Internet downgrades to dial-up? Checklist for faster online access.

Ozair Malik
July 24, 2021
In computer networking, they say that your network or Internet is only as fast as its weakest link or wire. You might know that - a home network is connected to the Internet via a router , mostly provided by an internet service provider (ISP). This router is the backbone of a home internet connection. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic corporate sector has adopted a new normal known as work from home. Employees and management is working remotely from the comfort of their homes. However, this new normal has brought immense challenges to a reliable, secure, and fast internet connection . For example, you wouldn't want to have a laggy video in a Zoom meeting or a Netflix show buffering frequently. While working from home often, you came across this thought that why is my Internet so slow? There can be many reasons for slower internet connections . We will have to follow the below-mentioned steps to check each point of failure and find out the problem. 📑 Table of Contents What...

How are modern cars becoming digital gadgets or from "wearables" to "drivables". How much your car knows about you?

Hamna Imran
July 20, 2021
Do you know that certain data is openly accessible to car manufacturers and shared with 3rd parties? Do you unconsciously decide to grant sure their access to your personal data even if you may have generally had a notion that it isn't being shared? Where Wearable technology is efficiently transforming our lives through smartwatches , health tracking bands, and even smart clothes, the automotive industry didn't suffer the loss too. After years of effort, automakers like Ford , Volkswagen , Fiat Chrysler . Automobiles finally managed to incorporate technology yielding smart cars through either collaboration with tech equipped firms or partnerships on particular projects; the automotive industry is the most data-driven industry in the world where intelligent vehicles collect data about drivers, destinations, routes, traffic patterns anticipating major cybersecurity concerns which I will address in this article. 📑 Table of contents: Wearable technology and auto motives Drivable, What...

The Use & Benefits of Android Emulators and the 17 Best Android Emulators in the Market in 2021

Rakesh Naik
July 11, 2021
Do you have a low spec android phone but want to play the latest high-end android games with your friends? Are you an android developer who wants to develop and test apps without having to purchase a new android device? You've come to the right place! In our article about Android emulators , we will discuss all the benefits and drawbacks of using an emulator, their viability in 2021, as well as look at some of the best android emulators available in the market , such as Bluestacks, MeMU, NOX player, LD Player etc. just to name a few. 📑 Table of Contents What is an Android Emulator? Benefits and Drawbacks of Using an Android Emulator Advantages Disadvantages The 17 Best Android Emulators in the Market Bluestacks LDPlayer Droid4X NoxPlayer Genymotion MeMU Play GameLoop AndYroid KO Player Android Studio Emulator Prime OS Remix OS ARChon Emulator Bliss Emulator AMIDuOS Emulator Phoenix OS ARC Welder Are Android Emulators Still Useful? Conclusion Android Emulator Platform Supported Price...

Most comprehensive guideline on IoT. All you need to know about IoT in one place

Ozair Malik
July 11, 2021
Over the past few years, we have seen rapid technological evolution. Resultantly, we now have an advancement in the digital world known as the Internet of Things—IoT . Amazingly, IoT is one of the most dynamic and exciting developments in information and communication technology. Recently, IoT has experienced a significant increase in research and development. As a result, the world is rapidly moving towards super-intelligent devices , cities and, homes . Smart cities consist of smart homes —that are composed of smart devices. All of these are a byproduct of IoT. The laymen generally use the term— smart devices for IoT-enabled devices . These terms are often used interchangeably. However, the Internet of Things has a lot more to offer other than smart devices. In this blog post, we will have a thorough understanding of—what is IoT? 📑 Table of Contents What is the Internet of Things – IoT? Examples of IoT How IoT works? Evolution of IoT IoT-enabled Smart Cities How has IoT evolved...

A Guide to Hosts File and Using it to Block Websites on Windows, Linux and Mac OS

Rakesh Naik
July 6, 2021
Do you encounter a lot of ads and spam websites while browsing the internet? Do you want to block access to certain websites on your PC? The solution you’re looking for is called hosts file ! In the below article, we will discuss the hosts file and how to edit it in Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. A hosts file in any system is a file maintained by the system’s OS that links a hostname to its respective IP address . The hosts file helps address various nodes in the network by translating a numeric IP address into a human-understandable name. It usually is present as operating system implementation and is stored as plaintext or ASCII document. 📑 Table of Contents Why Would I Need to Edit My Hosts File? How to Edit Your Windows Hosts File Windows 10 & Windows 8 Windows 7 & Windows Vista How to Edit Your Hosts File in a Linux OS How to Edit Your Hosts File in a Mac Operating System How to Block Websites Using the Hosts File Conclusion Why Would I Need to Edit My Hosts...

Gaming, Cracking, and Bitcoin - How are they so different and common at the same time?

Rezarta Meni
July 3, 2021
How many of you reading this article do not need to think for a while before answering the question: How are gaming, cracking , and bitcoin so different and common at the same time? What is that thing that unites all these different terms at first sight? Ninety percent (90%) of the people I have met during my experience believe that any activity, like those performed by a hacker, requires very sophisticated computers. The truth is that in 2021, with a not very expensive laptop or cell phone and with the proper techniques, almost anything can be done. The principal exemption is password cracking , cryptographic tasks like bitcoin mining, and gaming . In such cases, it could be important to put some extra resources into the hardware. What I want to say is that everyone who does any of these activities should purchase a graphic card or a computer that has a GPU (graphics processing unit). The reason? Let's figure it out while reading this article. 📑 Table of Contents What's a GPU and its...

All mighty “blue screen of death”. How to win the fight with kernel security check failure in 2021?

Darina Shramko
July 1, 2021
If you are reading these lines now, congratulations, you are in luck! You will learn valuable information that will forever save your computer from the blue screen of death . Imagine: you are watching a movie on your computer when suddenly that is interrupted. All you see in front of you is a blue screen and an error message. You panic, don't know what to do and look for a solution to the problem, but nothing helps. Sound familiar, right? I bet if you had read my article before, the blue screen would never bother you again. However, the blue screen error is not accidental. Such a system failure is called a blue screen of death (BSOD) , and in most cases, occurs as a result of a kernel security check failure. According to statistics, millions of users face the computer blue screen every day, even in 2021. Still, not all of them manage to recover their data. Sometimes users have to contact the service center for help. But everything is not as scary as it seems at first blush. Not...

Securing Your Home Wi-Fi Network and a List of 21 Best Wi-Fi Analyzers That Can Speed Up Your Slow Wi-Fi Network

Rakesh Naik
June 30, 2021
Did you just buy a new Wi-Fi router? Worried it might be attacked? Or has your Wi-Fi become really slow and is now frustrating you? You’re in luck! In our article, we have collected and in-deep tested 17 most reliable Wi-Fi analyzers for June 2021. I will be discussing om how you can secure your home Wi-Fi network and how you can speed up your Wi-Fi too! Let’s explore the world of Wi-Fi, learn how to keep your home Wi-Fi secure and finally look at Wi-Fi Analyzers, that help in improving your Wi-Fi experience! 📑 Table of Contents Is Your Home Wi-Fi Secure? Protecting Your Home Wi-Fi from Any Attacks? Strong and Secure Password Make Your SSID Hidden Use a Secure Network Admin Password Activate Network Encryption Use Antimalware Software Turn Off Your Wi-Fi when You’re Not Home Place the Router at a Well Thought Out Position Wi-Fi Analyzer & What They Do Hardware Wi-Fi Analyzers Software Wi-Fi Analyzers Choosing the Right Wi-Fi Analyzer? Top 21 Wi-Fi Analyzers in the Market...

Reasons Why Your Windows 10 PC Slowed Down & 17 Different Ways to Speed It Up

Rakesh Naik
June 30, 2021
Is your PC slowing down your work? Does it crash when you try to run a new software or take a long time to open an app or even take too long to start up? Are you frustrated of using a slow computer? Millions of users around the globe experience such issues with speed on their computers and laptops. In this article we give you 17 tips and tricks to follow that will help improve your PC speed to perform almost as well as when it was new. 📑 Table of Contents Why Is My Computer So Slow? How Can I Improve the Speed of my Computer? 1. Close Unwanted Apps 2. Uninstall Bloatware 3. Choose the Right Power Plans to Run 4. Clean-Up the Individual Device Drives 5. Go Opaque and Disable Animations 6. Add More RAM 7. Disable Programs at System Start-Up 8. Run an Antivirus/Antimalware Scan 9. Disable Windows Tips 10. Regularly Update Windows and Device Drivers 11. Defragment Your Hard Disk 12. Install a Solid-State Drive 13. Disable Search Indexing 14. Check Your Web Browser 15. Use Automated...

Why does CPU temperature matter for security? How to monitor and control CPU temperature?

Ozair Malik
June 30, 2021
Image source – The CPU or Central processing unit is the brain of the computer. It consists of processors which process the instructions received from users or applications and produce the desired output. A CPU is inside every device, such as our smartphones, washing machines, dishwashers, gaming consoles. I believe this is something that even a novice user of a PC or Laptop is aware of. If you remember that last time, when you touch your laptop and it was „hot as hell“ , then most likely the cause of that was exaclty overheat of the CPU. The speed at which instructions are processed is determined by the clock speed of the CPU. Higher clock speed indicates that the CPU is operating at high speed. While performing complex tasks, processing continuous instructions, and using programs that require intensive system resources , the clock speed increases, which raises the temperature . This article will discuss how higher temperature indicates a possible security breach and what...

Top 7 Free and Most Popular Hard Disk Drive Cloning Tools for Your PC

Rakesh Naik
June 29, 2021
Image source - No computer is 100% perfect! From the high-end IBM supercomputers to your low spec netbook, flaws exist in every system . A major flaw is hard drive failure. When your hard drive inevitably crashes or gets irrecoverably corrupted one fine day, are you going to risk losing all your data? Only if you had created a clone image of the hard drive in the past could you have recovered the whole thing with no issues . In this article, we will explore the possibility of creating such an image and review the Top 7 Free Tools available online to create such a hard drive image! 📑 Table of contents: What is a Hard Drive Clone? What Are Some Free Hard Disk Drive Cloning Tools? Clonezilla Macrium Reflect AOMEI Backupper EaseUS Todo Backup DriveImage XML MiniTool Partition Wizard Iperius Backup Conclusion Computers , as advanced as they may have become, still have bugs and vulnerabilities in their system. Some basic software vulnerabilities are fixable through a simple...