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Cookies; Essential yet Dangerous

Cookies from – better not

Hamna Imran
March 15, 2022
Thousands hunting domains are waiting for new account given away
Computers are being turned into bots by hackers to perform DDoS attacks.
Sabrina Lupsan
Feb 25, 2022

Why using Torrents can trap your computer into a botnet

An analysis of botnets and how your computer can become a part of them without you knowing it.
Hacked airport
Jugersa Smaja
Jan 18, 2022

How your laptop can be hacked at the Airport

Even leaving your laptop unattended for a few minutes without properly power it off can create potential danger to stored data.

Is it possible to cause a blackout by hacking 250k electric cars?

Darina Shramko
December 22, 2021
Image source - Shutterstock I suppose you have never thought about the fact that your car can become a deadly weapon in the hands of an evil genius. People live a carefree life, naively believing that emergencies and disasters exist only in a parallel reality, which can be read about in newspapers. Of course, if you don't read the news, you can shield yourself from the real world for a while. But you will be able to live in rose-colored glasses exactly until the car in your garage unleashes a...

Understanding Cyber Security and modern threats

Darina Shramko
December 20, 2021
Image source - Shutterstock Did you know that invisible warriors are fighting for your online privacy right now? We go to work, play sports, and do not even realize that large-scale cyber wars are waged behind our backs every day. It's like a Tarantino thriller, you say. However, this is our reality, and it is more threatening than any movie! By deciding to become a user of the Internet, you have become a link in the dangerous chain of digital reality. I bet you are extremely curious to know...

Top identity threats to watch for in 2021 and how to protect against them

Nihad Hassan
December 16, 2021
Image source – Did you know that your lovely Internet shop can store your payment methods nonencrypted? Or your smart home device can be spoofed with all private detail revealed to malicious actors? There are thousands of different methods for stealing your private data, which can threaten your identity authenticity, meaning somebody can use your digital-me. Here, we will look at most evolving threats and learn effective ways of protecting against them. Table of Contents What is...

Internet Safety 101: A Parent’s Guide to Their Child’s Safety on the Internet for 2021

Rakesh Naik
December 14, 2021
Image source - Shutterstock Worried about what your child is looking at on the internet? Are you sure your child is safe while using the internet? Wouldn't you like to keep your child safe while using the internet? This article is meant just for this. In the article below, I discuss kids' safety on the internet, various dangers that they might encounter on the internet, and a few steps that you, as a parent, can take for keeping your child safe while using the internet. This would include...

How can Smart Cities assist Cybercriminals in extending their Botnets?

Ozair Malik
December 10, 2021
Image source – Shutterstock Can you guess most favorite device type for Botnet creators? It is not hard at all, it is Internet-of-Things. They are spreading out so quick and remain so vulnerable, that any other device can’t be so delicious for operators of Botnets. In this era of information technology, the world has become a Cyberspace where everything is connected through the Internet. You might have observed that every day you hear about some advancement in the digital world. This is because...

Mobile Cyber Security Threats [2021]

Dean Chester
December 3, 2021
Is it possible to hack a smartphone that contains an electronic copy of our lives? To answer this question, I turned to a real hacker with experience in the work with mobile platforms. Based on the information received, I created a detailed guide about protecting against mobile threats, which I filled with the most useful information on the topic of hacking smartphones and tablets. Mobile platforms have become so deeply integrated into our life that in some ways they make the biggest part of it...

Metaverse and security risks through VR and AR

Hamna Imran
November 23, 2021
Image source – "Fantasy world is no longer imaginative." With Facebook introducing Meta and Virtual Reality, a new wave of concerns and critiques has arisen. Comments like " These technologies will never be able to avoid the risk radar, no matter how sophisticated or evolved they are!" Although, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality advancements are flooding the market at breakneck speed, reality is that the threat landscape is also quickly expanding to encompass new emerging...

SMS-based attacks and leak from SendPulse

Sabrina Lupsan
November 17, 2021
Image source – During 2021 , FluBot, a malware that spreads through SMS messages, infected tens of thousands of Android devices . Attackers send texts telling you that you have: a pending parcel delivery received a voice mail or other variations. These texts contain a link where you can download what is supposed to be a message for you, but it is actually a malicious app: the FluBot. Once it is installed, it tries to obtain your credit card and banking credentials , as well as uses...

SQL Injection targets AWS S3 Buckets and Azure Data blob

Sabrina Lupsan
November 15, 2021
According to a vulnerability report made by Edgescan, SQL Injection accounts for 42% of the critical vulnerabilities found in the internet-facing infrastructure of companies. SQLI also ranked first in 2017 and third in 2021 on OWASP Top 10 , a list made by the OWASP Foundation that introduces the most critical vulnerabilities in web applications. In 2020, a data breach caused by a successful SQL Injection attack caused a leakage of 8.3 million addresses and hashed passwords from Freepik Company...

”Money doesn’t equal happiness” - reality of hackers’ life

Darina Shramko
November 12, 2021
Image source – I would live my life differently and never embark on a cybercriminal career that forces me to lie to my relatives. Trust me: money doesn't equal happiness. Influential hacker of the famous scam group LockBit, who saw fit to remain anonymous. The life of hackers is not sugar. Behind multi-million-dollar bills hide a lack of regular sleep and food . The cybercriminal must be ready at any moment to go on the run so as not to be found. The fear of being caught covers the...

Knocking to Microsoft Azure targets

Adam Kohnke
October 26, 2021
Image source – Enterprise usage and adoption of cloud technologies continue to experience tremendous year-over-year increases as the cloud pricing model, implementation flexibility, and ease of adoption are difficult to compete within a world of ever-tightening technology budgets. According to results of the 2021 Flexera State of the Cloud Report , the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption in both public and private sectors on a global scale despite cloud adoption...

Online game cheats – a threat to the E-sports industry in 2021

Ozair Malik
September 24, 2021
Image source – Did you ever come across a player (hacker) with exceptional powers while playing Dota 2, Fortnite or, PUBG? The E-sports industry revenue soon hit the $1 billion mark. This whopping revenue includes the share of pro-gamers that mint cash prizes in tournaments worldwide. Players use cheats and hacks to enhance their gaming skills in this hyper-competitive industry with million-dollar prize pools. Thus, increasing their chance of winning by getting an unfair advantage...

10 biggest data breaches in 2020-2021. Leakage protection.

Dean Chester
September 9, 2021
Data breaches that have happened recently, recent trends, advice from an experienced hacker, new laws, and much more in a detailed article dedicated to personal data on the Internet. The amount of information required for the operation of modern society is constantly growing. But do we stop to think about the fact that companies and government organizations store our digital copy ? Are we sure that this data won’t fall into the hands of malicious actors? Are companies and individuals ready for...

Internet Safety for Teens, Kids, and Students

Dean Chester
August 6, 2021
The functionality and convenience of today's Internet are truly staggering. At the same time, it can be an immensely dangerous area for children, students, and even non-tech-savvy adults. Children of all ages spend considerable time surfing the Internet, it’s therefore vital that both parents and teachers are forewarned about dangers that lurk online. As importantly, they must be taught how to avoid them. Below I have prepared Internet safety tips against the most common threats for parents and...

How to organize threat intelligence data?

Dmytro Cherkashyn
August 2, 2021
Image source - Shutterstock I bet you have seen the pyramids of Giza at least once in a movie or a picture. But have you ever seen Pyramid of Pain (PoP) , which is really famous among threat intelligence and threat hunters? We will take a look at the concept of PoP and why it became so popular. But most importantly, we will check practical cases on its use. Table of contents: Why does this pyramid representation called Pyramid of Pain? What are the 6 levels of the Pyramid of Pain? Hash values...

Phishing: The Great Guide to Protection [2021]

Dean Chester
January 3, 2022
Hundreds of millions of people around the world experience phishing every year. With the help of it, the largest companies in the world are hacked, and over the past year there has been a sharp increase in such cases. In this article, I will talk about phishing and what methods are used by cybercriminals to trick even the most careful users, and how to effectively defend against it. To give the most relevant and comprehensive information, including the one that isn’t in open sources, I...

How Malware Works and How Much Hackers Earn [2021]

Dean Chester
January 3, 2022
Hello! My name is Dean Chester and I research security issues on the Internet. For this article, I contacted someone who until recently worked on the "dark side." He described how hackers infiltrate victims' computers and smartphones and how they earn hundreds of millions of dollars. In the past three to five years, the activities of hackers and attackers using malicious software have changed dramatically. The main methods of infection have changed, the professionalism of the performers has...