Is it possible to cause the blackout by hacking 250k electric cars?

Darina Shramko
July 28, 2021
I suppose you have never thought about the fact that your car can become a deadly weapon in the hands of an evil genius. People live a carefree life, naively believing that emergencies and disasters exist only in a parallel reality, which can be read about in newspapers. Of course, if you don't read the news, you can shield yourself from the real world for a while. But you will be able to live in rose-colored glasses exactly until the car in your garage unleashes a war. You think this is something unreal, yeah? Scientists say that hackers are capable of instantly gaining access to an electric car. It's a threat to humanity! How hackers break into cars and what to do to protect electric cars from remote hacking - I'll tell you about this and much more right now! 📑 Table of Contents How do hacking cars can affect the power grid? Can a car be hacked by air? Is hacking cars a threat to humanity? How to protect your car from hack Conclusion Disclaimer: All information in this article is...

Internet Safety for Teens, Kids, and Students

Dean Chester
July 26, 2021
The functionality and convenience of today's Internet are truly staggering. At the same time, it can be an immensely dangerous area for children, students, and even non-tech-savvy adults. Children of all ages spend considerable time surfing the Internet, it’s therefore vital that both parents and teachers are forewarned about dangers that lurk online. As importantly, they must be taught how to avoid them. Below I have prepared Internet safety tips against the most common threats for parents and teachers that will help to protect kids online. The guide goes far beyond the simple usage of a VPN service . Here I will answer the following crucial questions: Why safety on the Internet is a big concern? What are the online dangers for kids of all ages? How unsafe is the Internet for college students? Internet safety for elementary students Internet safety for middle schoolers Internet safety for high school students Privacy and security tips for college students Let’s start without further...

10 biggest data breaches in 2020-2021. Leakage protection.

Dean Chester
July 25, 2021
Data breaches that have happened recently, recent trends, advice from an experienced hacker, new laws, and much more in a detailed article dedicated to personal data on the Internet. The amount of information required for the operation of modern society is constantly growing. But do we stop to think about the fact that companies and government organizations store our digital copy ? Are we sure that this data won’t fall into the hands of malicious actors? Are companies and individuals ready for personal information leaks and what to do if this happens? In this article, I'll talk about the data breach threat that is on a whole new level. Disappointing statistics. Personal experience. 10 sensational examples of data breaches. What are the responsibilities of companies? How to protect against leaks? You will be able to take a look at the other side of the Internet, where information stolen from us is traded . You will appreciate the scale of the problem and make sure that no company can...

Understanding Cyber Security and modern threats. Best practices of safety on Cyberspace.

Darina Shramko
July 24, 2021
Did you know that invisible warriors are fighting for your online privacy right now? We go to work, play sports, and do not even realize that large-scale cyber wars are waged behind our backs every day. It's like a Tarantino thriller, you say. However, this is our reality, and it is more threatening than any movie! By deciding to become a user of the Internet, you have become a link in the dangerous chain of digital reality. I bet you are extremely curious to know what I mean. Today I will become your guide to the world of cybersecurity and will tell you all the secrets that will shock you! Well, sit comfortably because the journey into the mysterious world of information security begins now! This article also: a practical guide for computer users a practical guide for business leaders on how to protect data from unauthorized intrusion by intruders a practical guide for students on how to keep data safe on the Internet 📑 Table of Contents: What is Cyber Security? How to get into...

Phishing: The Great Guide to Protection [2021]

Dean Chester
July 12, 2021
Hundreds of millions of people around the world experience phishing every year. With the help of it, the largest companies in the world are hacked, and over the past year there has been a sharp increase in such cases. In this article, I will talk about phishing and what methods are used by cybercriminals to trick even the most careful users, and how to effectively defend against it. To give the most relevant and comprehensive information, including the one that isn’t in open sources, I contacted my friend, a hacker, who has been on the “dark side” for more than 10 years and knows cybercrime from the inside. He calls himself Irbis. I asked my contact to share information on the latest fraudulent techniques used in phishing, show the real facts, tell about techniques and malware used, and give recommendations on how to protect yourself and your companies from phishing attacks. Irbis also talked about new technology for intercepting cookies through a proxy , which allows you to penetrate...

Mobile Cyber Security Threats [2021]

Dean Chester
July 7, 2021
Is it possible to hack a smartphone that contains an electronic copy of our lives? To answer this question, I turned to a real hacker with experience in the work with mobile platforms. Based on the information received, I created a detailed guide about protecting against mobile threats, which I filled with the most useful information on the topic of hacking smartphones and tablets. Mobile platforms have become so deeply integrated into our life that in some ways they make the biggest part of it. If 10 years ago it was an exaggeration to say so, today there are areas of human activity that are no longer possible without mobile devices. Even desktop users can no longer access some apps without a smartphone. A smartphone can be compared to an electronic key from our digital world. Do we pay enough attention to the security and protection of this key? Do we realistically assess the danger when we install an app from an unsafe source and allow it access to the gallery, camera, microphone,...

How Malware Works and How Much Hackers Earn [2021]

Dean Chester
July 7, 2021
Hello! My name is Dean Chester and I research security issues on the Internet. For this article, I contacted someone who until recently worked on the "dark side." He described how hackers infiltrate victims' computers and smartphones and how they earn hundreds of millions of dollars. In the past three to five years, the activities of hackers and attackers using malicious software have changed dramatically. The main methods of infection have changed, the professionalism of the performers has increased, and private companies, government agencies, hospitals , and even airplanes have come under attack. But for many, malware is still associated with viruses which only "slow down" the computer. It is enough to clean it and you can work on it. Perhaps this was the case 5-10 years ago, but today a real problem has arisen, the scale of which goes beyond all conceivable boundaries. We are talking about at least several billion dollars’ worth of damage in 2020. My contact, who calls himself...

Internet Safety 101: A Parent’s Guide to Their Child’s Safety on the Internet for 2021

Rakesh Naik
July 6, 2021
Worried about what your child is looking at on the internet? Are you sure your child is safe while using the internet? Wouldn't you like to keep your child safe while using the internet? This article is meant just for this. In the article below, I discuss kids' safety on the internet, various dangers that they might encounter on the internet, and a few steps that you, as a parent, can take for keeping your child safe while using the internet. This would include protecting them from online scams, violent or vulgar content, YouTube content intended to scar kids, and much more. 📑 Table of с ontent Threats on the Internet Cyber Bullying Cyber Predators Accidentally Downloading Malware Sharing Sensitive Information Falling for Scams Keeping Your Children Safe Making Your Kids Aware Teaching Social and Personal Boundaries Appropriate Online Etiquette Parental Controls on the Internet Be a Good Role Model to Your Child Conclusion The Internet can be used as a place to have a greater positive...

Our world is expecting billions of new IoT devices to become a part of attacking infrastructure. How can Smart Cities assist Cybercriminals in extending their Botnets?

Ozair Malik
July 3, 2021
Image Source – Can you guess most favorite device type for Botnet creators? It is not hard at all, it is Internet-of-Things. They are spreading out so quick and remain so vulnerable, that any other device can’t be so delicious for operators of Botnets. In this era of information technology, the world has become a Cyberspace where everything is connected through the Internet. You might have observed that every day you hear about some advancement in the digital world. This is because as humans are evolving, so is technology. Alongside, the attack infrastructure, attackers, and security paradigm have also evolved. As a result of technological evolution, the digital world now has IoT-enabled devices . Layman's term for this tech is smart devices. These intelligent devices laid the foundation of IoT-based smart cities. The IoT botnets , their activities in smart cities, and their impact are discussed in this research article. Along with that, smart cities' role in expanding...