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Best VPNs to Prevent Monitoring in Singapore

Updated: January 1, 2022 By Dean Chester

Whereas Singapore seems to be a bulwark of democracy and independence of juridical power, the local constitution doesn’t create the right to personal privacy. It means the government bodies are entitled to interfere with the activity of internet users.

VPNs for Nigeria

As a result, proxies and VPN apps are quite popular among local internet users and travelers coming to the country.

Do you hear about it for the first time?

Table of contents:

Top 5 VPNs for Singapore
  1. ExpressVPN: It’s dead easy to unblock any streaming service due to a very beneficial function ''SmartPlay''. Netflix, Hulu, and other websites will be available for you in Singapore.
  2. NordVPN: If you are a blogger or writer, you will have a chance to find more sources of information and share your ideas without being punished for them.
  3. Surfshark: Access to servers in 60+ countries and a handy VPN app is exactly what you need when making your way to Singapore!
  4. CyberGhost VPN: With fast servers located in 90 countries all around the world, CyberGhost VPN is a great helper in bypassing restrictions.
  5. Private Internet Access: Its dedicated VPN servers will make your web surfing in Singapore really safe.
5 free VPNs for Singapore
  1. ProtonVPN: A trustworthy VPN with a free plan to use without time limits.
  2. Windscribe: Its free plan offers servers in 10 locations and a monthly traffic limit of 10GB.
  3. A free VPN package with a 10GB monthly traffic limit and access to the servers in 5 countries.
  4. HotspotShield: Although it’s slower than other VPNs on the list, its daily traffic limit is 500MB.
  5. TunnelBear: It’s also a free package by a premium VPN provider. It restricts its users in monthly traffic (500MB – 1,5GB).

Recommendation: It’s advisable to check the features of VPNs before subscribing to it. Pay attention to server locations, protocols, encryption methods, and security features.

Censorship in Singapore

Do you think you don’t have to unblock all websites in Singapore?

Are you REALLY sure that any site is freely available for netizens?

Well, you’ve never been to Singapore.

According to the world press freedom rating of Reporters without Borders, Singapore occupies the 158th position in 2020, which is seven positions worth than in 2019.

The current internet status in Singapore is known to be partially free. It means there are some obstacles to access, limits on content, and violation of user rights.

Among the most demonstrative user rights violation, there were cases like:

The internet in Singapore is partly free

  • A blogger Roy has been fined and ordered to pay $106 000 for defaming the prime minister of the country.
  • The Real Singapore website’s owner has been sentenced to ten months for exploiting racial feelings.
  • Amos, a teenage video-blogger, has been arrested again for wounding the feeling of religious people.

All these actions have taken place in the year 2017 only. So, the citizens are waiting for what is to be the next governmental step towards internet surveillance and censoring.

Besides, the number of cyberattacks increases both worldwide and in Singapore namely. Not only big corporations but average internet users become the victims of cybercriminals.

Thus, over $175.2 billion was lost because of cybercrime around the globe. Singapore lost $400 million, which is significant for the country with a population of 5.7 million.

Cybercrime damage in the world

You might be wondering:

Some netizens still ignore VPN providers and opt for surfing the network without protection. And that’s exactly why these impudent people become the victims of criminals. Let’s have a look at some figures:

  • 1 billion Yahoo accounts underwent a breach in 2016.
  • Experts predict that the damage of cyberattacks worldwide will reach $6 trillion in the year 2022.
  • The increase in crypto mining malware increased last year. Over 1 650 000 people succumbed to this kind of malicious software.
  • New viruses appear regularly. The bar graph presented below indicates that the number of total malware has already increased as compared to 2017.

Malware cases by year

Well, in today’s world, internet users need to get well-prepared for the challenges of cybercriminals. And VPN services are the best invention to resist them. However, some reckon that it is not worth using VPNs.

The most common argument against VPN use is its price. But having studied VPN plans, it becomes evident that VPN providers care for their clients and some of them offer discounts up to 80%. Besides, there are rather cheap VPN providers.

Fast Internet vs. strict censorship in Singapore

The use of the Internet is high in Singapore, and about 75% of the population makes use of the Internet. The Internet is pretty fast in the country.

It is one of the countries in Asia with the fastest internet speed, so one could imagine how easy it is for people in Singapore to stay online and connect.

However, even though there is wide use of the Internet, it is also a country where Internet censorships and geographic restrictions are in place.

As a country, Singapore is still pretty conservative, regardless of how advanced it is. You do not enjoy 100% Internet freedom in Singapore, and this is an issue that many foreign nations and business people face when they land in Singapore.

Thus, it is not so easy to unblock Hulu library (there are some restrictions for the people who browse with no American UP address).

The ways to get read of bypassing censorship in Singapore

Having lived in Singapore at least for a month and socialized with the natives, you realize that the most popular internet service for the region is a Singapore proxy server. Proxies help the netizens to hide their true addresses and shift their virtual location to where the server is placed.

However, more often than not users don’t want to pay huge sums of money for paid services and subscribe for free ones. While using the free services their data can be collected and further sold to any interested party. Besides, such services are filled up with ads and have nothing to do with security.

Therefore, when considering your network protection, you need to subscribe to the best paid VPN for Singapore. The thing is that the best VPN for Singapore is, as well as Singapore proxy server, to make your authentic address hidden and physical geo-location shifted.

Comparison of the main features of VPN services for Singapore

Service Speed, Mbps Country selection Number of servers Price (monthly)
ExpressVPN >100 94 3000+ $6.67-12.95
NordVPN >60 59 5400+ $3.29-11.95
Surfshark >50 63 1700+ $2.49-12.95
CyberGhost 40-70 90 6000+ $2.25-12.99
PIA >50 74 15000+ $2.69-9.95

Top 5 paid VPN services for Singapore

All the VPNs mentioned in this rating are really worth paying money for them. They cope with the task to unblock Hulu, Netflix, and other services and sites in Singapore.


Main advantages:

  • 30-day refund period
  • No-logs
  • Servers in 94 countries
  • The BVI jurisdiction


Although ExpressVPN cannot be called the cheapest one, it’s definitely worth using it in Singapore. The provider offers relatively stable speed on many servers around the world. Besides, its diskless servers guarantee anonymity and privacy in Singapore. 


ExpressVPN plans and prices

  1 month 6 months 1 year
Price (monthly) $12.95 $9.99 $6.67
Money-back guarantee 30 30 30


  • Offshore jurisdiction
  • 256-bit encryption


ExpressVPN Preview
20% off and perfect protection by ExpressVPN


Read more:


Main advantages:

  • 30-day refund period
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Servers in 59 countries
  • Dedicated IPs


NordVPN ranks among the top 5 best VPNs for Singapore because of its geographical scope. Many of its servers are located in the Asia-Pacific region. With its app installed on your devices, your privacy will be safe and secure.


NordVPN plans and prices

  1 month 1 year 2 years
Price (monthly) $11.95 $4.92 $3.29
Money-back guarantee 30 30 30


  • No logs
  • Kill switch


NordVPN Preview
Get NordVPN and save up to 59%


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Main advantages:

  • 30-day refund period
  • Unlimited devices
  • Servers in 59 countries
  • 30-day refund


This relatively young VPN provider has grown rapidly. Singaporean appreciate Surfshark’s price in combination with great security functions. Besides, it serves to hide P2P traffic efficiently.


Surfshark plans and prices

  1 month 6 months 2 years
Price (monthly) $12.95 $6.49 $2.49
Money-back guarantee 30 30 30


  • Multi-hop connection
  • Support of all popular OSs


Surfshark Preview
Save up to 81% with Surfshark


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CyberGhost VPN
CyberGhost VPN

Main advantages:

  • 14-45-day refund period
  • 7 devices per account
  • Servers in 88 countries
  • AES-256 encryption


CyberGhost offers numerous functions and special servers for P2P. The speed is slower if compared with the service in the top 3. Some servers are placed in Europe. It helps to go round restrictions and access streaming services.


CyberGhost VPN plans and prices

  1 month 1 year 2 years 3 years
Price (monthly) $12.99 $3.99 $3.49 $2.25
Money-back guarantee 45 45 45 45


  • Ad blocking
  • Dedicated servers for different activities

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Private Internet Access

Main advantages:

  • 30-day refund period
  • Servers in 74 countries
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • No logs


I cannot but mention that PIA is increasing the number of its servers these days. It has a good effect on speed and the opportunity to unblock services and websites in Singapore.


PIA plans and prices

  1 month 1 year 2 years
Price (monthly) $9.95 $3.33 $2.69
Money-back guarantee 7 7 7


  • Immediate account activation
  • The biggest possible server park

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5 VPNs for Singapore to use for free

When choosing between free and paid services, you need to judge by your financial possibilities.

Providing that you can afford a subscription for a paid service but unwilling to give money for it, you will be amazed to know how many qualities a free VPN misses.

Warning: You’ll have to pay attention to pricing, round-the-clock assistance, trustworthy protocols for data encryption, a vast diversity of IPs to make use of additional functions that make users anonymous.

ProtonVPN logo
Free ProtonVPN

The best VPN provider among the free ones is ProtonVPN. It’s available for free for a lifetime. The speed is medium with servers located in 3 countries. 

Windscribe logo
Free Windscribe

Windscribe provides protection of 10GB traffic per month. 4 protocols are available for the users. logo

The provider allows using the app without paying for it. But monthly traffic is restricted to 10GB. Its servers are located in 5 countries.

Hotspot Shield logo
Free HotSpot Shield

Its monthly traffic is only 1.5GB. The speed offered by this VPN is fast enough for a free package.

TunnelBear logo
Free TunnelBear

It’s another free plan of a premium VPN. The provider offers all servers for its free plan users, the traffic restriction is 500MB-1.5GB.


What’s the difference between a VPN for Singapore and a proxy?

Apart from hindering the address, the best VPN for Singapore is to create secure tunneling between your connected device and a VPN server you are connected to. The tunneling is usually created with the use of up-to-date protocols and long-term bit keys.

When passing through the tunneling, all your generated traffic comes to be encoded and thus inaccessible for any adversaries or spying eyes. Besides, it serves to unblock the best streaming sites without detriment to speed.

In its turn, proxies serve to change users’ IPs without protecting traffic.

Is VPN legal in Singapore?

Using a VPN is not legal in Singapore. But there’s a catch! You may have trouble with the Singaporean authorities if you intend to access censored content. That’s really serious!

Another possible concern might happen when you are trying to stream or torrent pirated material which is copyrighted. The laws regulating this issue are very strict in this country.

Why is a VPN perfect to unblock all websites in Singapore?

A VPN is the ideal solution that will overcome all the blocks and the local restrictions that you face online. By making use of a reliable and genuine VPN service, you are NOT ONLY gaining access to ALL the contents on the web but also accessing them anonymously.

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Dean Chester
Cybersecurity and online privacy expert and researcher. He's been published on OpenVPN, EC-Council Blog, DevSecOps, AT-T Business, SAP Community, etc. Dean has been testing VPNs for 8 years.

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12 comments for Best VPNs to Prevent Monitoring in Singapore

Asher's picture
Hello Dean, the article is so

Hello Dean, the article is so awesome that I made my friends read it. They like it as well. But one section of the article (Is VPN legal in Singapore?) made me think about a possible punishment for using a VPN in Singapore. Well, I want to subscribe for a VPN service, as I need it. And I need it not to have fun or watch entertaining programs. I’m an owner of a small company and I want to keep the technologies we work out here away from the prying eyes. Besides, the rivals can break the computers of my firm and steal all the information. So I’m in search of a VPN for Singapore business. My business is like a child for me. It isn’t big, but very meaningful for me. As I may conclude VPNs make data theft impossible, as all the data are ciphered. Well, I scramble between security of my business and possible punishment.

Dean Chester's picture
Hi Asher! I understand your

Hi Asher! I understand your interest in this topic. Any law-abiding person wouldn’t like to be punished for almost nothing. But there is a loop-hole in the law. According to the Singaporean legislation, it is prohibited to access the censored services. In case you are going to use VPN service in Singapore to make your digital gadgets protected against malware, hacking attacks and data theft, you won’t have any problems even in case you will be identified. But, if you follow several simple steps while looking for a VPN for Singapore, you will NEVER be caught (even if you access blacklisted websites). Firstly, don’t use free VPNs in Singapore. It is unsafe! Secondly, choose a reliable and trustworthy VPN provider to use in Singapore. Don’t know how to do it? It is not a problem! Opt for the VPN that offers strong encryption protocols, secure ciphering algorithm, DNS leak protection, the function of a kill switch, NAT Firewall, etc. In general, the more additional features a VPN possesses, the better it is in terms of privacy, security and anonymity. Thirdly, study all the documents presented on the official website of a VPN provider you are going to use. As a rule, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use documents contain data about the rules a VPN provider follows. Thus, studying these pages, you will get to know if the VPN service you are going to use keeps logs on their subscribers’ activity. It is better not to use such VPN providers, otherwise the problems with the law are possible. Follow these simple rules and you will never be caught by ISP or the authorities.

Salmon's picture
Just need an advice. What do

Just need an advice. What do you think is it enough to use proxy server for torrenting or it is better to use a VPN in Singapore? I’m at the parting of the way, as on the one hand I want to torrent without any problems with the ISP and the rightholders, but on the other hand I don’t want to pay money. But as far as I know only paid VPN services are worth using for torrenting.

Dean Chester's picture
Salmon, right you are! It is

Salmon, right you are! It is recommended to use only paid VPN servers for torrenting, as they guarantee that your identity will be masked and no one in the word could find you. Thus, I would recommend you to read the article “Best VPNs for Torrents”. Due to this article you will get to know about the facilities of the best VPNs for torrenting; how to choose the VPN that will meet all your needs; detailed characteristics of the best VPNs for torrenting; torrenting status in different countries and what not.

Nika's picture
Salmon, I doubt that you need

Salmon, I doubt that you need proxy! I tried so I know it for sure! It makes the network connection too slow for torrenting. If I had to choose between proxy and free VPN, I would choose the second one. It’s better! It’s possible to find a good free VPN for Singapore that wouldn’t reduce the speed significantly. Hope my comment was useful.

Leo B.'s picture
Hello Dean! I like this

Hello Dean! I like this article! The information is presented in an easy way and what is more pleasant, it is very easy to read and absorb it. The info in the article represents the real state of affairs in Singapore. And as for the censorship policy in the country, I totally agree with all which is written here, it’s not a joke! Due to the MDA rules and banns we are not fully informed about the events happening in the world. However, it is not a problem to use a VPN service here. Luckily, the VPN sites aren’t banned. I don’t know whether all VPN sites are available. But those I tried are available. So I subscribed for NordVPN and forgot about all possible restrictions. Besides, I got traffic protection as a bonus. In fact, I didn’t aimed at it, but got! Hoooooray:)

Dean Chester's picture
Hi Leo! The VPN you have

Hi Leo! The VPN you have chosen to use in Singapore is really great! This provider is one of the most advantageous. Paying only $2.75 per month, one gets an unlimited protection of up to 6 devices. The servers in more than 60 countries worldwide serve to make all the services and websites available for a netizen. Bitcoin payment gives an opportunity to become really anonymous while surfing the Internet. 256-bit OpenVPN encryption makes all your traffic hidden from the prying eyes. Thus, opting for NordVPN, you are opting for security and stability!

Dorothy's picture
I believe Gom VPN is another

I believe Gom VPN is another good example for using it in Singapore. They developed it in Singapore specially for local factors. It I awesome to avoid Singaporean censorship.

User's picture
If it is based in Singapore

If it is based in Singapore where censorship is strict, can it be reliable.

Dean Chester's picture
It seems that it would be

It seems that it would be better to avoid VPN services placed in countries with strict peculiarities concerning censorship, privacy and etc. It should be mentioned that VPN providers selected for this rating of 5 Best VPNs for Singapore are under jurisdiction of VPN-friendly countries.

Sean's picture
Is there a need for VPN if I

Is there a need for VPN if I travel to this country?

Dean Chester's picture
Hi, Sean. Whether you live in

Hi, Sean. Whether you live in Singapore or just visit it for business or pleasure, you need to use a VPN service for accessing more content which is not available in Singapore. Besides, taking into consideration it strict censorship, a VPN will serve as the means for protecting your privacy. Another reasonable feature is security-oriented encryption. It will defend your traffic from being hacked into.