Cheap VPN providers for 2019

Last updated: September 23 2019 By Dean Chester

Cheap VPN services

Today’s market offers a wide range of VPN products. It’s not a surprise that many users look for an affordable but high-quality service. Such services do exist. More than just that, even some of the largest VPN industry leaders provide inexpensive options.

And even the costliest VPN service can be acquired for a lower price when there is a large discount (which happens very frequently).

The problem is, it’s not so easy to find a perfect option on one’s own.

So keep on reading, and you’ll learn:

Are cheap VPNs safe to use?

Are cheap VPNs safe to use

As I mentioned above, a good VPN doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here are some examples of cheap and reliable VPN providers:

NordVPN Starting at $3.49/m. Panamanian jurisdiction.
Surfshark Starting at $1.94/m. Registered in the British Virgin Islands.
CyberGhost Starting at $2.75/m. Romanian jurisdiction.
PrivateVPN A cost-efficient 1-month plan. Registered in Sweden.
IvacyVPN Starting at $2.25/m. Registered in Singapore.

When choosing a cheap VPN, it’s important to be mindful not only of its price but also of the following factors:

  • the number of VPN servers. The larger it is, the bigger and more experienced the provider.
  • the connection speed. The faster the servers are, the less noticeable is the use of a VPN to a user.
  • the privacy policy. VPN providers that do not keep user logs (i.e., don’t save their IPs and information on the websites they visit) are the best for user safety.
  • the jurisdiction of the VPN provider. Depending on the jurisdiction, national or international authorities may legally put users under surveillance.
  • extra functionality. Extra features that affect the security of the VPN and the ability to customize its use.

I chose only safe VPNs for you.

Best cheap professional-grade VPN services

5 best cheap VPNs for 2019 considering relevant discounts

I have researched a few dozen providers and would like to share with you the list of the five cheapest good VPN services that adhere to high product standards.

This doesn’t mean that lower quality VPNs cost less. Quite the opposite, they can often be pricier as their marketing is based on different principles altogether.

So, the top 5…

1. NordVPN ($3.49 - $11.95 monthly)

NordVPN pricing

NordVPN is deservedly considered the leading VPN provider of 2019. At the same time, it is also one of the cheapest.

Pros of NordVPN:

  • great speeds on most locations;
  • military-grade encryption helps you to protect your Internet activity from malware and attackers;
  • this provider adheres to a no registration policy, doesn’t keep logs, has a kill switch, and a security barrier against IP-address leaks;
  • registered in the safe Panamanian jurisdiction, outside of all intelligence alliances;
  • this service also allows torrenting and has dedicated servers for Netflix and other video services;
  • has around 5200 servers around the world;
  • has extra functionality.

NordVPN for iOSes

NordVPN is available on all the platforms

NordVPN simply doesn’t have any cons.

Regarding its tariffs and prices, it’s NordVPN’s 3-year subscription that interests us the most (like all the other VPNs, it offers the lowest prices for the longest subscription):

  • $3.49 per month ($125.64 for 3 years)
  • $4.99 per month ($119.76 for 2 years)
  • $6.99 per month ($83.88 for 1 year)
  • $11.95 per month when subscribing for 1 month

The provider also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if a user cancels their subscription.

I place NordVPN first due to its 10-year-long unbesmirched reputation, the highest grade of its service, and its affordability.

Visit NordVPN

2. Surfshark ($1.94 - $12.95 monthly)

Surfshark pricing

Surfshark is likely the most cost-efficient service to get for 1 year and one of the most cost-efficient VPNs to get for three years.

It is one of the most thriving services. It implements all the modern security features and treats its customers with respect.

Surfshark doesn’t boast such a high level of functionality as NordVPN but it steadily increases the number of its servers. Additionally, it is a great tool for countries that block VPNs.

Pros of Surfshark VPN:

  • great server speed;
  • uses the AES-256 encryption key that is proven to be unbreakable;
  • the service emphasizes its no-registration and no-logs policies, protects your connection with a kill switch, and doesn’t leak your IP;
  • an offshore jurisdiction (BVI) outside of the intelligence alliances;
  • allows torrenting and runs smoothly with Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services;
  • has more than 800 servers in 50 countries;
  • provides extra features.

Surfshark for various platforms

Surfshark is available on all the platforms

Cons of Surfshark:

  • it is a newcomer to the market (was released in 2018).

Surfshark’s price policy is very compelling. Moreover, the usually cheap 3-year subscription costs less than $2.

  • $1.94 per month ($69.99 for 3 years)
  • $2.49 per month ($59.76 for 2 years)
  • $12.95 per month when subscribing for 1 month

You can also get a refund within 30 days.

Visit Surfshark

3. CyberGhost ($2.75 - $12.99)

CyberGhost pricing

CyberGhost is a great solution for those who want to hide their IP cheaply, unblock Netflix or other video streaming services for the US, UK, NL, and other states. It allows to use torrents and provides up to 7 devices simultaneously.

CyberGhost is one of the main competitors of NordVPN in terms of both the server quantity and speed.

Pros of CyberGhost:

  • fast VPN servers;
  • allows turning the VPN off for specific apps;
  • dedicated servers for video streaming services;
  • registered in Romania, where there is personal data online integrity legislation. It is located outside of the influence of any intelligence alliances;
  • around 3800 servers in 59 countries;
  • the AES-256 data encryption, Romania-based NoSpy servers that only CyberGhost employees can access, no IP leaks, the kill switch feature.

CyberGhost for various platforms

CyberGhost is available on all the platforms

I haven’t found any significant drawbacks of CyberGhost.

Its price policy is standard for large cheap VPNs (affordable prices for long-term plans and somewhat unreasonably high prices for the one-month plan).

  • $2.75 per month ($99 for 3 years)
  • $3.69 per month ($88.56 for 2 years)
  • $5.99 per month ($71.88 for 1 year)
  • $12.99 per month when subscribing for 1 year

You can get your money back within 45 days, which is a record among VPN providers.

CyberGhost VPN has been in business since 2011. According to my experience and user reviews, thanks to its continuous improvement of software for all the platforms, CyberGhost is stable, easy, and convenient to use.

Visit CyberGhost

4. PrivateVPN ($3.82 - $7.67 monthly)

PrivateVPN plans and tariffs

Are you surprised to see PrivateVPN on the cheapest VPNs list? It’s there because you aren’t going to find another VPN as good as this one that charges such a low price for the 1-month subscription.

However, the price of the 3-year subscription is much higher than that of NordVPN, CyberGhost, or Surfshark.

What are the advantages of PrivateVPN?

  • servers in 60 states;
  • highest data encryption standards, no IP leaks, the kill switch function;
  • unusual short-term-use-friendly tariffs;
  • well-suited for streaming Netflix;
  • torrent-friendly.

PrivateVPN for various OSes

PrivateVPN is available on all the biggest platforms

Cons of PrivateVPN:

  • no expanded functionality. No ad blocker, VPN protocol obfuscation, etc.
  • Swedish jurisdiction. Sweden is aiming at enhancing its control over the activity of VPN services and their customers.

The pros and cons of this service balance each other out. On the one hand, it offers great prices. On the other, it is located under the Swedish jurisdiction. Sweden is a “Fourteen Eyes” alliance member state. So the choice is yours: you either accept PrivateVPN’s questionable privacy or look for other variants.


  • $3.82 per month ($49.68 for 13 months)
  • $4.88 per month ($14.63 for 3 months)
  • $7.67 per month when subscribing for 1 month

Your money is refundable within 30 days.

5. Ivacy VPN ($2.25 - $9.95 monthly)

Ivacy VPN prices and tariffs

This VPN is the best fit for the 1-year subscription. $3.33 is the lowest price for this term. But the most interesting thing about Ivacy is the current discount that offers a 5-year subscription for $1.33 per month!

5-year subscription for Ivacy VPN

It is the lowest price I’ve ever seen among VPN services.

Ivacy VPN also offers dedicated IPs in 7 countries for a small monthly surcharge of $1.99 (whereas its competitors charge about $5/m for a dedicated IP). With a dedicated IP-address, you can safely use online banking, e-wallets, and other services that may require that you use a definite IP on a constant basis.

Other pros of Ivacy:

  • good speeds;
  • bulletproof AES-256 encryption, the kill switch feature, no IP leaks;
  • dedicated servers for torrenting that include locations in the US, UK, and CA;
  • more than 1000 servers in more than 100 locations;
  • a dedicated app for Kodi;
  • expanded functionality;
  • a great variety of payment options:

Payment methods of Ivacy VPN

Cons of Ivacy:

  • registered in Singapore. That state collaborates with the “Five Eyes” alliance. Thus, there’s no way to guarantee that your activities are absolutely private.
  • Ivacy claims that it’s possible to get a refund within the first 30 days if necessary but it is only the case on long-term tariffs and only if you pay with a credit card.

In general, I am quite satisfied with Ivacy VPN. It showed good speeds on popular servers. The performance of its apps for all devices that I have tested was flawless.

Cheap VPNs for torrenting

Cheap VPNs for torrenting

It’s quite logical to use a cheap VPN for torrenting. It is a task that requires a good speed while maintaining the maximum level of anonymity. However, some VPN services frown upon torrenting. That is why so often one has to spend a lot of time choosing the right provider for an affordable price.

The extra time I put into researching the use of VPNs for torrenting during my tests allows me to be certain that all 5 services on the list are torrent-friendly. Besides, they all offer some of the lowest prices on the market.

Cheap VPNs for routers

Cheap VPNs for routers

Great news for anyone who’s looking for an affordable VPN to use on a router: all 5 services represented here offer either settings or apps for routers.

Choose a VPN provider that suits you best according to my descriptions and recommendations, visit the official website of that VPN service, and subscribe to it.

All the 5 VPNs provide detailed manuals on how to set up a router of any model. Even if it’s your first time setting a VPN up on a router, you won’t have any difficulties.

Choosing a VPN considering the jurisdiction and privacy policy

Choosing a VPN considering the jurisdiction and privacy policy

Affordable prices do not mean that it’s unreasonable to expect that a VPN service should adhere to the main principles of a VPN: anonymity, trustworthiness, privacy, and security.

Whatever a particular provider’s privacy policy is, its jurisdiction is also important.

To better understand such intricacies, read the section below.

Jurisdiction of the provider

There is an alliance known as the Five Eyes (or FVEY). Its members are the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Under the terms of their agreement, every member is allowed to gather, analyze, and exchange citizens’ personal data with each other.

With that in mind, it’s supremely important to choose a provider based outside of this alliance. Besides, there are also the Nine Eyes and Fourteen Eyes agreements.

Nine Eyes (Five Eyes +):

  • Denmark
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway

Fourteen Eyes (Nine Eyes +):

  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Privacy policy of the provider

It’s vitally important to read the provider’s privacy policy. Pay close attention to what logs the VPN keeps. In fact, all VPNs keep at least your username, password, and payment data. On the main pages of their official websites, almost every virtual private network claims that it doesn’t keep logs. However, if you carefully read their privacy policy, you’ll see that definite services are not to be trusted. To put it short, the fewer logs a VPN keeps, the better.

The only VPNs in this review are those that have very user-friendly privacy policies. They don’t keep logs and don’t gather personal data.


Thanks for reading! I hope that this article will help you to find the cheapest and quickest option. And remember: Internet privacy is affordable and easy. Good luck!

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