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Hoxx VPN Review: ‘’Partially’’-VPN


Hoxx apps are available for all OSes. Proxy plugins are available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

There are different opinions about Hoxx. Some people like it, others consider it less capable. I tried to test Hoxx VPN impartially and assess its features and opportunities.

If you're interested, keep on reading further and you'll find out:

Hoxx VPN characteristics and opportunities;

Why Hoxx isn't always a VPN;

Why I don’t want to buy a paid version

Use this quick navigation for easy access to the chapters:

Hoxx VPN characteristics

The score for free VPNs Average
The score for paid VPNs Low
Platforms All major ones
Speed Low
Encryption ?
VPN protocols OpenVPN
Torrenting -
Netflix -
Logs +
Adds -
Customer support Email
The price of a paid version $2.08- $3 per month

Basic functions:

  • hiding IP and visited websites (be careful with desktop versions)
  • unblocking websites
  • encryption

Additional functions and opportunities:

  • The choice of applications for a VPN (only Android)

The tests revealed a strong difference between mobile and desktop versions. The PC application is more than 170Mb. The average size of other VPNs applications is no more than 20-30Mb. And then I thought that the installer may include additional software. I found out that there is Chrome Browser. When installing the Hoxx VPN app, Chrome Browser is additionally installed. When the application runs, it starts after choosing a location.

It means that the PC application is an ordinary browser that works via a proxy. The situation is similar with Hoxx for Mac. What's wrong with it? The fact that the main browser and other applications are not protected and Hoxx does not warn about it.

The only opportunity of the proxy is hiding IP addresses for the websites opened in this browser.

A full-featured VPN is available for mobile devices. You can use it to unblock sites in any application running on these devices. Up to 11 countries are available.

Mobile applications do not have:

  • VPN Protocol settings;
  • port settings;
  • Kill Switch;
  • additional features.

As for encryption, it remains unclear which encryption protocol Hoxx uses. We only know that it applies a 4096-bit RSA key. I have tested all the features of Hoxx VPN for all platforms and found other disadvantages in its work.

But let's start with the pros.

Hoxx VPN pros

A free trial version

Perhaps, the main advantage of Hoxx is a free version. It is available without registration and payment details. You may download Hoxx and use VPN.

What does Hoxx provide for free?

The choice of 6 countries: the US, CA, DE, FR, NL, JP. But this is the only available setting. Most freemium VPNs offer limited speeds in addition to a small choice of locations. I measured speed using the speedtest.net service and got good speeds for a free VPN  in Europe and Japan:

NL: 23 Mbps Download, 8Mbps Upload

And I got a low speed for the US and CA:

US: Download 4.2Mbps, Upload  2.3Mbps
CA: Download 7.7Mbps, Upload  3.6Mbps

These are good speeds for a free VPN. Especially, when Hoxx does not limit the amount of traffic. I’d like to mention that I tested the service on Android and iOS. The PC and Mac versions are unstable because it is not a Virtual Private Network. So I do not recommend using it at all.

Thus, Hoxx VPN is a good free VPN for mobile devices.

The lack of IP leaks

There are three privacy threats - DNS, WebRTC and IPv6.

  • DNS can reveal your location through the transfer of website domains;
  • WebRTC is used for video streaming and because of bypassing VPN, it doesn’t hide the real IP;
  • IPv6 is "vulnerable" because it runs in parallel with IPv4. And a VPN protects only IPv4. Hoxx has developed apps that don’t allow the leaks. However, a VPN has another weak point. There is an IP leak during the change of location or reconnection with an unstable connection to the VPN server. At these moments, the real IP is not hidden and all direct requests operate without hiding. This function is called Kill Switch which Hoxx VPN doesn’t have. If you want to be as secure and private as possible, then use the best VPNs which also have the opportunity of free using.

Setting “VPN by app”

Hoxx for Android offers one additional setting which is the opportunity to choose applications for which the VPN will be active:

VPN by app

Probably, it is really convenient if the VPN cannot be used for all applications at once.

So, I've listed all Hoxx pros. Now let me turn to the cons some of which are very significant.

Hoxx VPN cons

The choice of locations

Hoxx VPN offers:

  •  6 countries for a free plan
  • 11 countries for a paid plan

The list of the countries available for Premium subscription:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • India
  • Switzerland

+ Free countries:

  • Netherlands
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • United States
  • Germany
  • France

Why is this not enough? The fact is that the more locations, the more user traffic is distributed between servers. For example, NordVPN has more than 5000 servers in 60 countries and this is very good for speed performance. That’s why it’s one of the fastest services. But there is a disadvantage -  6 countries out of 11 are overloaded with free use. Moreover, you need a good choice of countries for many tasks. For example, for iGaming or using services with geo-restrictions.

A proxy-browser for desktops

Traditionally, people solve more important tasks for desktops. Therefore, many services primarily develop high-quality software for Windows and Mac.

I think that Hoxx VPN is only marketing oriented. It doesn’t develop applications, don't add the country and has released a terrible app for the desktop. This is not an application but a little advanced browser where you can choose the location before starting but you can change it only by a reboot. They didn’t even care about its name. I did not understand what happened when after choosing the country an application window was gone and Chrome Browser was opened. I mean the new one but not the one I have installed. I don’t like it when a new browser is installed without my knowledge.

Furthermore, it is inconvenient to use:

  • I can’t see the status of VPN and IP
  • After a while, it became impossible to open websites but the restart helped.

Thus, sites opened via Chrome are protected. I checked the IP address through other browsers and it was open to others. The same situation is with messengers and other applications. So, the disadvantage of Hoxx VPN is Windows and MacOSX apps.

Logging policy

Hoxx VPN keeps all your activity! I have tested dozens of VPNs but for the first time, I see the provider which so openly claims that it records private information:

The fragment from Privacy Policy

It keeps:

  • IP address;
  • Browser type;
  • Language;
  • Access time;
  • Domains of websites visited.

Do you want to entrust your privacy to a VPN provider? Who has access to this data? And what about hacking?

In any case, I do not recommend trusting delicate secrets to this provider. Also, I do not recommend using it for torrenting.

It doesn’t work with Netflix

Netflix actively discourages the use of proxies or VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions. Netflix believes that it violates the license agreement of the streaming service. But what about people on trips who have a paid service? Therefore, people do not want to sacrifice their interests for strange agreements of right holders. So, there is a stable interest of users to the VPN service. But I couldn’t unblock Netflix with Hoxx. VPN. When I tried to play video, the message about the prohibition of using an unblocker appeared. This action was for all locations. So, Hoxx doesn’t support Netflix. You’ll find a proper provider in the article about VPNs for streaming.

Hoxx VPN features

The use of stunnel

Hoxx VPN offers the stunnel protocol to advanced users because its using requires experience in installing utilities and configuring network connections. It is slower than ordinary OpenVPN because it develops two tunnels which one is to the local port 1194. And then the traffic is redirected to the stunnel.

To run a VPN via stunnel, you need to download configurations from the official website of Froot VPN here. Then you should import or copy your OpenVPN which you can download here.

After that, you need to launch a command file .bat which is located in configurations and activate the right connection in OpenVPN.

Don’t forget to download and install a free utility for Windows, Android or Linux from the stunnel’s official website.

The problem with Quick Connect in the app

When you quit sleep mode or an app is after a long period of inactivity, the application refuses to respond to Quick Connect. Fully unloading the application from memory via the system tray and reboot help:

Hoxx VPN tag mark location

Be careful if the torrent client is active at this moment because Kill Switch will turn off together with the application.

UDP IP leak is possible

If your ISP limits UDP connections, so you may use TCP. Probably, you don’t know about it. If you use Hoxx VPN app because of problems with UDP, you will not start a VPN but the app will not tell you about it.

In order to make sure that the VPN is connected correctly, you need to pay attention to the displayed flags. If the top flag shows your country, but the connection is successful so it isn’t good because your IP is not hidden. And if the top and bottom flags are the same as the selected location, so everything is fine:

Hoxx VPN correct connection

Plans and prices

Hoxx VPN is Freemium VPN. That’s mean that it has both a free plan and a Premium subscription.

Hoxx VPN is affordable at the following prices:

$2.08 per month with the subscription for 2 years ($50 per year)
$3.33 per month with the subscription for 12 months ($40 per year)
$5 per month with the subscription for 6 months ($30 per 6 months)
$6 per month with the subscription for 3 months ($18 per 3 months)
$4.99 - a monthly subscription
$3 per week

Hoxx VPN tariff plans

Hoxx VPN plans and prices

You can also return your money within 14 days from the date of payment. Hoxx VPN supports the following types of payment:

  • credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Yandex.Money
  • Alipay
  • Mobiamo

Premium prices are affordable depending on the period of the subscription. If you want to pay more for extended functionality, I advise you to look at the top 10 Best VPNs or the top 10 Best Cheap VPNs.

Information about the company-owner

Hoxx VPN is owned by “VPN1 LLC.” which is registered by the United States. It also owns SetupVPN.

Address VPN1 LLC: 815 PONCE DE LEON BLVD, SUITE 209, CORAL GABLES, FL, 33134, Florida, United States

website VPN1 LLC: vpn1.com
website Hoxx VPN: hoxx.com

Hoxx is not a registered international trademark.


So, free Hoxx VPN works well on Android, works worse on iOS, and badly on desktops. But why wouldn't I change a free plan for a paid Premium subscription on Android? I wouldn’t because of the logging policy and a small choice of locations.

Since I have tested a lot of paid and free  VPNs, I know about really professional VPNs links to which I previously published in this review.

The Premium version of Hoxx VPN is poor in comparison with professional VPNs.

What is it good for and what is not?

It is good for:

  • unblocking websites
  • hiding location
  • mobile devices protection in public Wi-Fi

It isn’t good for:

  • desktops
  • tasks which require privacy and anonymity
  • Netflix
  • torrenting

You may download Hoxx VPN by following these links:

Window, Mac, browser extension

The top 3 alternatives

NordVPN is the largest multifunctional VPN. It has more than 5000 servers in 60 countries, traffic obfuscation, supports Netflix and torrenting with “No logs” policy. NordVPN has a 7-day trial period for mobile devices from $3.49 per month and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

CyberGhost VPN is another largest multifunctional VPN with support for all platforms, user-friendly applications and special servers for streaming and torrent. It has more than 5944 servers in 90 countries. The price is from $2.75 per month with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark is the most affordable professional VPN service with the possibility to develop a double VPN tunnel, traffic obfuscation, and many other features. Surfshark has a 7-day trial period for mobile devices from $1.99 per month and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  1. Stunnel on Wiki
  2. Digital certificate x.509 on Wiki


prefix 2 years ago
Hoxx also SEEMS to work in China btw. At least there are a ton of positive reviews of it in Chinese on its Mozilla addons page. Which makes me wondering if it’s just shilling or actual info
AK Vanderhall
AK Vanderhall
prefix 2 years ago
Beware that there have been cases of doxxing people who used hoxx so I guess it doesn’t protect your private info that well
prefix 2 years ago
Hi Dean! Just out of curiosity: is there any reason to use this service today over any other VPN?
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