OperaVPN: efficient way to access Netflix for free in 2019

  • Posted on: 16 February 2019
  • By: Sam

Once inside 2019, hacking attacks are something to reckon with. For example, data of 617 million users were hacked on February 13 this year. This information is sold on the dark web, and resourceful fraudsters would know how to use it pursuing own benefit.

We are ready to present you a replacement solution to a free VPN – Opera VPN built-in a browser.

The controversy surrounding it rings its head off. This situation made us prepare this OperaVPN review to dispel myths.

Here’s what we are going to highlight:

Download extension on the official siteHow to get OperaVPN for free?

At the time when many VPN providers the so-called free plans with limited bandwidth, speed

or servers, Opera provides its users with the facility to be protected online and unblock restricted services free of charge. No limits!

The app installer might be found on many sources.

However, it doesn’t mean it secure to download them.


In order for you not to face troubles while the setup process and not to infect your device with a virus, it’s indicated to use the official Opera site only.

Click ‘Download now’ and run the setup process.

Open Settings to enable OperaVPN in the browser

After it, you are to open the Settings and enable VPN (see the screenshot above).

If it is still unclear for you how to make OperaVPN run, follow the steps:

  1. open Settings;
  2. go to Advanced;
  3. choose Privacy & Security;
  4. enable VPN.

It’s unbelievably simple!

Privacy and security features

And now it’s time to tip off OperaVPN strong and weak sides in terms of security and privacy.

What’s an OperaVPN logging policy?

A zero-logging policy of a VPN provider attracts internet users because of the facility to be really safe online.

As for Opera VPN, it declares that “Opera browser for computers implements a no-log VPN service”.

It neither connects nor stores any sensitive data on the people who make use of this browser.

Thanks to it, we can safely assume that advertisers and ISP would not disturb us with the ads in the first case and notices in the second case.

What encryption is applied by OperaVPN?

It doesn’t cipher user traffic. And there is no way to do it.

Although it is stated that OperaVPN uses HTTPS/SSL encryption, your traffic is still unprotected.

Anticipating your question, I’ll explain why.

The thing is that OperaVPN is not the real Virtual Private Network. In reality, it’s some kind of a proxy server.

It’s received wisdom that proxy servers are used only to go round the restrictions when trying to access one or another website. But unfortunately, it doesn’t make user traffic safe.

What protocols are used?

As far as OperaVPN is not a VPN service in the usual sense, it doesn’t offer any protocols.

Any additional features?

It has already been mentioned that Opera differs a lot from free VPN providers we got used to. Using it, you won’t make use of such functions as automatic Kill Switch or Split Tunneling, for example.

However, you will definitely like OperaVPN for the opportunity to stream Netflix. Perhaps you know that Netflix blocks users who access the service through a VPN connection.

This VPN included in your browser will help to bypass such restrictions and unlock Netflix series and movies.

Also, a user has the opportunity to bypass VPN for default search engines. This function can be switched off as well.

Servers and platforms of OperaVPN

The number and diversity of a VPN server park and compatibility with various platforms and operating systems are the key points for some internet surfers when choosing a VPN provider.

The next section of this OperaVPN review will help to study up on these points.

Compatibility with different operating systemsPlatforms supported by the service

It is clear that the free VPN under consideration can be used on any device that works with the Opera browser. Thus, you might enable it on:

  • Android gadgets;
  • Linux gadgets;
  • macOS gadgets;
  • Windows gadgets.

Note! Of course, OperaVPN cannot be installed on Chrome or Firefox browsers.

How many servers does OperaVPN provide?

Unlike other free VPN providers (like VPN Gate or ProtonVPN, for example), Opera does not afford an opportunity to switch between VPN servers.

What’s more, we haven’t found any information about VPN servers offered by Opera (wherever its ancestor Opera VPN app offered servers in Germany, the US, Singapore and other countries).

How to use OperaVPN?

As you might notice at the beginning of this OperaVPN review, it is rather user-friendly and handy VPN to use.

No installation-specific settings or manual setup. Everything is dead simple.

If you use the Opera browser, start with step 2. If you don’t, start from the very beginning:

Step 1: download and install Opera browser on your device (remember it’s compatible with Android, Linux, macOS and Windows).

Step 2: Open Settings of the browser and choose Advanced.

Step 3: enable VPN.

You see, it’s simplicity itself!

Conclusion: pros and cons

It depends on your needs whether to use OperaVPN or not. If you are concerned about your online security and privacy and want your traffic to be close to 100% secure, it is better to show preference to another provider.

But in the event you are interested in being less restricted when surfing the Internet and stream Netflix from any corner of the world, OperaVPN might help you.

To sum up, let’s have a look at its pluses and minuses.

Pros of OperaVPN:

  • free;
  • unblocks Netflix;
  • compatible with all popular platforms;
  • easy to use;
  • no logs.

Cons of OperaVPN:

  • no opportunity to choose a server;
  • works as a proxy;
  • no strong data ciphering.

Top 3 alternatives

If the weak points of OperaVPN make to search for the alternatives to it, you may have a look at the following:

  1. HolaVPN – an absolutely free VPN provider for non-commercial use.
  2. TurboVPN – easy to set up and use. Servers in 8 countries.
  3. DotVPN – a service with a free package. Compatible with Android, iOS and browsers.

Keep on reading us and be ready to new free VPN reviews!