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Avira VPN Review: Good for Common Users


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Avira’s Phantom VPN is not one of the best VPNs, but it’s a simple decision that offers you safe and anonymous Internet. Besides, the company develops a wide range of different products, including antivirus software. Still, one of the most popular products of the company is Avira Phantom VPN.

From my review you will learn:

Features of Avira Phantom VPN

So, I’ll start my review with a detailed overview of Phantom VPN’s features. In this section, you’ll learn about protocols, encryption, logging policy and other features offered by the provider.

Let’s dive in details right now!

What is their logging policy?

The thing that always worries internet users is whether a VPN provider keeps logs. Yes, you should not be worried about that fact, because Avira does not register the sites that you visit.

One of the main reasons why Avira VPN is so popular and why I recommend it to use is that you can use the Internet anonymously. You can be sure of your safety, even if you make some money transfers. Your IP address is safe.

But ...

I have studied the official website and found out in Frequently Asked Questions I found, that the information, such as an IP address, which can easily identify a person, is logged.

Still, Avira does not save connection logs such as the amount of data.

However, the problem of privacy and security on the Internet is very important nowadays, and people try to cope with it in different ways. Recently, Trump has declared a national emergency over IT security to limit the threat posed to the US by foreign IT technologies.

What encryption methods are applied?

Avira VPN guarantees you the safety of all your connections, so you should not be afraid of being hacked. The server offers AES 256-bit encryption.

Avira guarantees you the safety of your personal information because the encryption is secure.

It offers you anonymity when you work on the Internet. Besides, Avira Phantom VPN provides you safe connections and gives you access to different websites.

Kill switch, which works automatically, guarantees, that your online activity will not be exposed by a spontaneous outage. Moreover, your personal anonymous DNS is quite beneficial as you can use your individual DNS on each server and gives no chances to hackers to follow your online activity.

What protocols are used?

I have already mentioned that encryption is very secure, but there are some drawbacks to protocols. There is only OpenVPN for Windows and Android and L2TP/IPSec for Mac and iOS when you download it from its official website.

P2P is allowed and not limited to specific servers.

Servers and platforms

What platforms are supported?

Avira VPN works with different operational systems. What I really like about this app is that you can use an unrestricted number of devices simultaneously. Besides, it works almost with all popular operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.

Still, Avira doesn’t work with Smart TV, game consoles or other devices that can require configurations of OpenVPN. You can’t set up OpenVPN or change your protocol if you have some problems with the connection.

One of the main disadvantages is that it does not work with Linux.

How many servers does Avira VPN provide?

Avira VPN doesn’t offer hundreds of server locations. The last update shows that there are about 38 servers all around the world. And the company confirms that the number of servers will grow. The main accent is made to European countries and the USA. Unfortunately, people from Africa and the Far East don’t have this opportunity to use Avira VPN.

You can choose a country by yourself for anonymous and secure access to your favorite web sites. It is very easy to do!

How can you use Avira Phantom VPN?

If you want to start using Avira VPN, you have to download the app on your platform. After downloading it, you should accept the terms and continue. Then the service will offer you to set up a trial version.

Avira VPN: settings

The interface of the service is quite simple and understandable. You can see a white field, in which you are offered to register or login, change your location, some information about the service, settings, and feedback.  So as you can see, this app is developed for people of all ages and different levels of computer literacy.

You have two variants of working with Avira VPN for free: you can use it with registration and without it. If you need registration, you can use your e-mail address. Then you can also change your location: the service finds your location automatically. But if you want to choose a country by yourself, you can do it manually.

Avira VPN: choice of location

Moreover, you can see some information about the service. You can open the section “Feedback” and answer some questions about the service.

Avira VPN: Feedback

And you can also choose a premium version because your trial free version lasts only 7 days. I can say, that the app meets all the requirements. But when you start working with Avira VPN, it also offers you to download different products of the company. So be careful, while setting up the app.

Find more free VPN services in my recent review.

How to get Avira for free?

When we compare Avira VPN with other VPN services, I can say, that Avira has the main advantage, because it provides its users with a free trial version.

Users, who do not want to register on the official website, can use a trial version, but their traffic will be limited by 500 MB. If you are not an active Internet user, it will be enough for you.

But if you decide to register on its official website, you can use a trial version for free and your limit will be 1 GB. Moreover, the service offers a premium version, in which there are no limits.

Avira VPN: Traffic

One of the main disadvantages, that I have found about its free version is that there is no kill switch. And if you want to protect yourself more it is recommended to use the premium version of the service. This version is not free, and different ways of payment are available. One of the ways is payment with cryptocurrency, which is the safest way of payment and today one of the most popular ones.

Today different apps and even social networks work with cryptocurrency. Even Mark Zuckerberg, the developer of social network Facebook, is going to launch his own cryptocurrency to rival bitcoin.

The price of a premium version is about $9-10 a month and if you subscribe in advance for 12 months, your price will be $5.59 a month.

Avira VPN: payment

Avira VPN Tests

I am going to tell you about the tests that I have done. I hope that these tests can help you to make the right choice about the service.

IP leak tests for Avira

Avira Phantom provides its users with secure encryption and has no logs policy. So the users shouldn’t be afraid of being hacked.

As for me, one of the main advantages of Avira is that it hides your IP address. So outsiders can’t find your real location. Moreover, you can change your location manually, by choosing each country you want. Nevertheless, some servers leak user IPs

Speed Test for Avira VPN

Speaking about the speed of Avira Phantom VPN, I can say that there is no speed of high level. And when we compare the speed with other popular VPN providers, I can say, that it is slow. Sometimes you have to wait several minutes to download websites. That is the main disadvantage.

Avira VPN: Speed

Avira VPN: Original Speed

But the speed of your VPN also depends on the speed connection of the Internet. And today soft developers try to find the solution to the problem of speed of the Internet. And they have developed EE, which is the UK’s first 5G network and is launching next week. Because in most cases the speed with VPN depends on the speed of your Internet connection and the power of the device.

Test for Netflix and Torrent

In most cases, people choose a VPN service to work with Torrents and Netflix. Because with VPN services they are sure that they are protected from third parties. And they have also access to different websites. If a website is not available in their country, they can change their location manually with the help of VPNs.

Moreover, today some ways of saving Netflix and Amazon videos are developed. You can save Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO and Spotify with cord-cutter credit cards.

But if you are an active user of the Internet, and you always work with Torrents or Netflix, it is better to find another VPN service, which provides its users with a high level of speed (Find the list of the best VPNs for Netflix).  Still, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Netflix loaded content while connected to an Avira VPN server in the US.

Conclusion: Pros and Cons

To my mind, Avira Phantom VPN is developed for common users who use the Internet not for their professional goals, just by surfing the Internet. But if you want to work with Torrents or Netflix, the speed will not be adequate for you. And I recommend you to find another VPN service.

With Avira Phantom VPN you will not be afraid of being hacked or chased by censorship. It provides its users with anonymity and no IP leaking. The interface is quite easy and understandable for all users of different levels of computer literacy and age.

What I also like about this service is that you can avoid censorship using different geographical locations, setting your Internet connection this way as you are in another place.

One of the main advantages about this service is that it provides its users with a free trial version. You even do not register, but your traffic will be limited by 500MB, and with the registration, your traffic will be 1GB. So if you are not an active user of the Internet, it will be enough for you. But you will not get any technical support, if you have some problems with the server. If you need VPN just for simple work, Avira Phantom VPN is for you!

Top 3 Alternatives to Avira Phantom VPN

Now I am going to tell you about the alternative services of VPN.

Nord VPN

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services. There are a lot of advantages of using this service. Nord VPN hides your IP address and all your personal information, that is why it is impossible to find your IP address. Access to different websites is unrestricted. Moreover, it provides its users with some additional functions such as Double VPN, Internet Kill Switch, App Kill Switch. All these functions help to protect you and your computer from hackers and double your anonymity on the Internet.


Surfshark is a prospective newcomer, which was founded one year ago in the British Isles. The main advantages of this server are speed and user-friendly apps. In most cases, all new VPN servers have high speed, but Surfshark, to my mind, continues to develop and enlarge its server network and the speed of the connection is still the same. Using this service, I found some new functions such as Clean Web and a large-scale blackout, and also special apps almost for all operational systems. And it also provides its users with strict no-logs policy. Speaking about security, which is one of the main points of choosing a VPN service, I can say that Surhshark meets all the requirements of quality and uses 256-bits encryption AES and works with such protocols as Open VPN and IKeV2.


Mullvad is not a big service, but it provides its users with security, stable and fast connection. Moreover, it guarantees anonymity and does not register the personal data of its clients. You even do not need to use the number of your mobile phone or e-mail address. I can say that VPN Mullvad is an interesting service, that has a high standard for privacy. This service works with the most popular operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux. I was impressed that it is easily used on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and computers. Mullvad is a reliable service provider, which is located in Sweden. Mullvad VPN does not register the actions of the users online. I think, that the most impressive advantage of this service is that it is easy to install, set up and use it. Besides, it offers a trial account before payment. It gives you a chance to decide if you would like to use it or not and do not waste your money for nothing.


Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez
prefix 2 years ago
Hi there! I have a question: I use Avira as my VPN and now I want to make my computer a wi-fi hotspot. Can I do it and if so, can you give me a bit of advice on that?
prefix 2 years ago
I’ve heard that Avira was not the most stable service in the world but I’m not so sure about it. I guess it may just be different for different users. I, for one, had no bugs or glitches with it, and I’ve been using Avira for several years now. I think it’s a pretty decent service in terms of speed as well--at least for me.
prefix 2 years ago
Not a fan of the marketing tactics of this one… Lotsa false advertising going on… Just need to look at customer reviews to see it. Many stores list it as free which it is not - as you say, it’s just a trial.
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