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If you are tired of surfing the net in search of decent VPN services, you are on the right website. Today’s Speedify review will answer all your possible questions on this service: ‘’What is Speedify?’’; ‘’Does Speedify work with Mac or Android?’’; ‘’Is Speedify safe?’’; ‘’Is Speedify free?’’ and others.

Tariffs and prices of Speedify

To begin with, the provider of Speedify has 3 different plans geared toward three kinds of customers: beginners, advanced individuals, and teams. Besides, one can choose to pay monthly or yearly. By the way, when having chosen the second option, it is possible to save a bit of money. If you pay for the plan monthly, it will cost ($9.99), while yearly payment is $55.99. Although Speedify is not on the list of cheap VPN services, the prices are moderate.

  • Starter plan: This plan is free of charge, but limited to 1GB of data transfer per month and can be used only on 1 device. All the features included into the package can be seen on the screenshot below (For more information about the features of Speedify VPN go to Functions of Speedify).
  • Individuals: Those who will select the package for individuals will make use of unlimited bandwidth and the chance to use Speedify on up to 5 devices simultaneously. All the features from the Starter are included in this plan as well.
  • Teams: If you are looking a VPN for your business, Speedify VPN provider offers the plan for team users. It includes all basis Speedify features and some extra functions as well (have a look at the screenshot below to see what functions are offered for teams).

When you click ‘’Buy Now’’, you will be redirected to the online store to check out the service. you offered to choose a plan (individuals or teams), being billed monthly or yearly and a dedicated server (extra monthly charge is required). One may pay with debit or credit cards, Amazon or via PayPal order. It’s worth noting that a 30-day money-back guarantee is provided.

Info on servers in different countries

The server park of Speedify contains VPN servers in 32 countries around the world: Europe, Asia, both Americas, Africa, Australia, and Oceania.

The servers of Speedify are P2P-friendly, so one can connect to them to download torrents. Besides, Speedify user may be offered to perform connections via the nearest servers.

RegionServer locations (cities)Servers
Great Britain13
United States1231
Hong Kong18
South Africa11
New Zealand12

Functions of Speedify

What is Speedify? What are its functions? Have a look at what you get if you subscribe for the service:

  • Unblocking of geo-restricted sites. With the help of Speedify VPN, you can unblock most of the geo-restricted streaming services, such as Netflix or Hulu.
  • Data encryption of military grade. The traffic passed through Speedify is encrypted with a 256-bit key which is hard to crack as it is believed to be military-grade.
  • Channel bonding. The feature is helpful for better performance of Speedify network connections as regards speeds and reliability. The bandwidth is increased and the latency is getting lower.
  • Redundant mode. When the function is on, your internet connections are not only uninterrupted but also more reliable and secure. It’s a must-have for streaming on YouTube, Facebook and other social media networks.
  • Automatic Failover. Even if you are disconnected from the Internet, Speedify VPN helps you stay connected and protected online.
  • No-logging. The provider strictly follows no-logging rules: no sites visited or IP addresses are gathered or kept.
  • VPN speed test. Having connected to Speedify servers, one can conduct a speed test of individual and combined connections.

Security and privacy

The provider of Speedify takes care of users’ security and privacy. As it was mentioned earlier, the information is cyphered with a very advanced encrypting key (256-bit), which both keeps your data away from hackers and transfer data 3 times faster than other VPNs.

The developer claims that no traffic is logged when one makes use of Speedify services. That means the information about your online activities stay private and isn’t revealed to anyone.

Support service

In case a customer needs help or has a question about the service, it’s always possible to contact them via e-mail or find the article that may contain the answer to the questions. Unfortunately, online chatting is unavailable at present. We hope that the provider will think of adding it to the website.

Client Account procedures

After you subscribe for Speedify VPN, you are to download app compliant with your OS. We testified their PC client.

Download Speedify
Installing Speedify

After the client is installed, you are to select your region, read Speedify Privacy Policy and type in your login and password to get started with the service.

Select region on Speedify
Sign in to Speedify

Having connected to the server, you may estimate how fast is your Internet with Speedify.

Speedify is on (in-build function):

Speedify test

As you can see the settings are configured quite easily: just a few clicks.

Speedify settings


Does Speedify work on many platforms? Yes! It is compatible with 4 platforms: Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS. It doesn't work with Linux. However, there are other worthwhile VPNs for Linux OS.


Thus, Speedify is worth trying for unblocking streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. It offers plenty of VPN speedy servers, sustainable privacy, and security features. The only drawback is that the provider should think how to make the service more affordable for individual users. Still, if the price doesn’t scare you, it’s worth trying. Why not?!

Have you tried it? Share your experience with us!

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