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BolehVPN Review: Everything you need to know

Last updated: January 5, 2021 By Dean Chester
BolehVPN pros BolehVPN cons
  • Works well with Netflix
  • P2P allowed
  • Fast servers
  • Multiple levels of encryption
  • OpenVPN
  • Various types of servers
  • No IP leaks
  • Multiple apps and works on routers
  • 14-day money refund + 1-day free trial
  • Obfuscated servers
  • No app for iOS
  • Unclear logging policy
  • Online support is not available 24/7

Are you looking for a new VPN service, but can’t choose a good provider? Today I’m going to share my expert opinion on one of the VPNs I have tested earlier. Got interested? Keep on reading and you’ll know the answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the unique benefits and features of the service?
  2. Is BolehVPN fast and secure?
  3. Does it work with Netflix and torrenting?

Besides, I’ll give you a few answers to frequently asked questions. Finally, you’ll know what other users think about BolehVPN.

BolehVPN: Unique Benefits and Features

What to start with? Let’s start with its advantages. Why I like it? It’s a good VPN service that successfully unblocked Netflix US with its 3 dedicated servers. It offers a decent level of protection: military-grade encryption and OpenVPN for data tunneling. Its servers are aimed at performing various tasks: from unblocking geo-restricted content to torrenting. There are even obfuscated servers for using in countries with strict censorship. It doesn’t leak IPs, which I proved by several tests. Still, there are some disadvantages that make me think it’s not the best VPN provider for 2021. On the one hand, BolehVPN is compatible with multiple platforms and even works on routers, but there is no app for iOS. Its no-logging policy is quite questionable as they claim they don’t log users’ activities, but after reading their Privacy Policy, I realize that they actually keep some logs. Their online chat is not available 24/7 which is inconvenient when you need the reply right now. Taking into account the pros and cons below, I believe that BolehVPN is too expensive for the price they want per month.

Pros and Cons of BolehVPN

Further in this BolehVPN review, I’ll provide you with the details of my in-depth research of the service and the results of testing. Without further ado, let’s start!

Does BolehVPN unblock Netflix US?

Though BolehVPN has only three servers for Netflix, my tests proved that the service works well with Netflix. The US version was easily unblocked. Taking into account its speed performance, BolehVPN allows streaming in HD without lagging of the Internet. Check if I ranked it as one of the top VPNs for Netflix. What’s my conclusion about BolehVPN and Netflix? Good performance, but few servers that allow streaming on Netflix.

Torrenting and BolehVPN

Well, the provider allows torrenting on all its servers, and my tests showed that it unblocks access to all major torrent trackers, like The Pirate Bay and others. Still, I wouldn’t recommend BolehVPN for torrenting. Why? Just because their logging policy is quite inconsistent. They claim they don’t store user logs, but if you read their Privacy Policy, you’ll find out that they keep the information on the usage of their servers on the generic level. Still, they don’t tell the details what particular information is kept. Moreover, it’s mentioned in the document that they can turn on logging if unusual activities are detected. What’s my conclusion about BolehVPN and torrenting? P2P is allowed, fast speeds, but suspicious logging policy.

How safe is it?

What is a secure VPN? The one that offers strong, but fast protocols, encrypts your data with an advanced encryption key and doesn’t leak your personal information to the network? So, does BolehVPN make you safe? Let’s check it! The provider uses two tunneling protocols which you can choose in the app on your own. What protocols? OpenVPN and L2TP. L2TP is recommended for mobile devices that don’t support OpenVPN. It can also be configured on Mac and Windows, but I’d recommend you to apply OpenVPN if you need really secure and fast connections. As far as encryption is concerned, in the VPN’s infrastructure Perfect Forward Secrecy is applied. It will protect the session keys even if the private key of the server is compromised. Besides, SHA-2, a 256-bit AES and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with a key size of 4096 bits are used to encrypt the data transferred through the network. These keys are considered to be dead strong. Like NordVPN provider, BolehVPN applies additional level of protection from VPN detection. It’s called obfuscation. The VPN protocols are masked in such a way that they aren’t detected by network monitoring devices. Does it leak IPs? Well, I tested its servers and the tests are successful! What’s my conclusion about BolehVPN protection? OpenVPN and military-grade encryption is a good match for protection of network connections.

BolehVPN servers

What’s the average number of servers and locations offered by a VPN provider? About 1000 servers in 30-40 locations. The leaders of my ‘’best VPN’’ rating have even more servers: NordVPN (5000 servers on 60 countries) and PIA (3307 servers in 32 countries). What about BolehVPN? The provider has only 35 servers in 12 major countries. That’s the smallest number of servers I have ever met. The countries were BolehVPN’s servers are located: USA, Singapore, Netherlands, Canada, France, Germany, Luxembourg, UK, Switzerland, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden. The variety of locations is quite good for performing major tasks, but its number is very poor. Once it’s more popular, they may be overloaded. What did I like about the servers? All the servers are marked according to the task they can perform:

  • BolehFlix USA
  • BolehGeo Asia – SG
  • BolehGeo EU – Netherlands
  • BolehGeo NA – Canada
  • FullyRouted
  • IPv4 FullyRouted
  • IPv4 SurfingStreaming
  • IPv4 xCloak (SurfingStreaming/Routed)
  • Proxied
  • xCloak (surfing/streaming/proxied/routed)
  • SurfingStreaming

For example, if you need a server for streaming, you have to connect to the one marked with ‘’Streaming’’, and etc.

Are the servers fast?

To be honest, I was quite surprised by the performance of this VPN. Most of the servers turned to be very fast with minimal loss of speeds – about 20-30% in average. Its EU servers are faster, but it’s obvious as they are located closer to my real geo-location. Find more details further in the review.

Multiple compatibility, but no app for iOS

BolehVPN works with Mac, Android, Windows and Linux. In your personal account you can easily download a client for Windows, Mac and Android.

Download BolehVPN for Windows

You can also configure BolehVPN manually on Windows, but I’d recommend you to download a client for Windows, which is quite easier. There’s no client for Linux, but manual configurations are available in a personal account. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t support iOS and has no app for this operating system.

BolehVPN configurations

It’s good news if you want a VPN to set up on a router. BolehVPN can be installed on DD-WRT routers, for example DD-WRT/Asus/Merlin-WRT/Tomato. (link to the installation guide).

Apps aren’t user-friendly

What to say about BolehVPN apps? I tested its Windows client and was not very pleased with the usability of the app. I can’t say it was too difficult to install and use it, but I wasn’t as pleased with it as it was when I tested ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

How to set up BolehVPN?

I logged in my personal account and download the Windows client from there. The installation software was saved on my PC. Then I opened it and in a few minutes the client was setup. No problem!

Installation process

Then I had to enter the details of my account to login the app. Done!

Enter your login details

Here’s the interface of the BolehVPN client for Windows: as for me, there’s too much information I don’t want to see in the app. In comparison with other VPN apps I tested, it seems to be the worst as regards usability. No, I can’t say it’s complicated in use. It’s just not as user-friendly as it should be.

BolehVPN app’s interface

BolehVPN price, free trial & money refund

Let’s have a look at the prices of BolehVPN. The provider has five different plans for 7, 30, 60, 180, and 365 days:

Prices and tariffs

The cheapest price is $6.67 for the longest period of 1 year. Taking into account the features and server network offered by the services, it’s too expensive for such a limited VPN service. Let’s compare with ExpressVPN that also costs $6.67 per month if subscribing for 1 year. ExpressVPN is compatible with all popular platforms (even gaming consoles and SmartTV), has a network of 3000+ servers in 94 countries. It works with Netflix and torrents. The service supports lots of protocols and offers additional features such as DoubleVPN, obfuscation and others. If you want more details, go to my in-depth ExpressVPN review. And what about BolehVPN? This VPN services has some features in common (like obfuscation and working with Netflix), but still, it’s lagging behind ExpressVPN and other popular VPNs. Nevertheless, I like BolehVPN for the opportunity to test the service. It offers a 1-day free trial with accessing to 2-3 servers.

Free trial details

Still, according to their TOS, they may not provide you with a trail period.

‘’We reserve the right to decline to give free trials without assigning any reason in our absolute discretion.’’

The provider of BolehVPN has a 14-day money-back guarantee. Read their Refund Policy before you subscribe for the service. Here’s the main extract you should read attentively:

‘’You may request a refund within fourteen (14) days from the activation of your VPN account for full packages or within 2 days for trial subscriptions if you are not satisfied with the quality of service or the service does not work for you. No refunds will be given for any period outside the refund windows.’’

Remember that subscriptions paid with cryptocurrency aren’t refunded. What’s my conclusion about BolehVPN pricing? Too expensive monthly price even for a 1-year subscription, but it has both money refund and a free trial at the same time.

Logging policy and jurisdiction

The provider claims on the website that no logs about user activities are kept on their servers. What’s more, the provider is under the jurisdiction of the offshore laws – the Seychelles. According to one of the articles on the blog, the provider has a warrant canary on the website that indicates if the VPN provider was requested to monitor users’ data. On January 12, 2020 there’s a warrant canary on the website of BolehVPN. I analyzed the provider’s Privacy Policy and found out that some logs are sometimes kept. First of all, they collect the generic information about the traffic to BolehVPN servers. Besides, in case any unusual activity is detected, the logs are collected at an individual level.

Logging policy of BolehVPN

What’s my conclusion about the logging policy and jurisdiction? Good offshore jurisdiction and warrant canary that indicates if the provider was requested to monitor you. Still, the provider claims about no-logs policy on the homepage, while some logs are actually collected.

Customer support: how good is it?

Online support is off

Despite the provider states its customer service is available 24/7, it's not totally true. I have contacted it at 11.18 PM, and the service was OFFLINE. Thus, users can experience troubles while contacting the support service.

BolehVPN: Speed and Security Tests

In this section, I’m going to tell you how I tested BolehVPN’s servers. I choose several types of servers and tested them on security and performance. So, I started with the speed test. Let’s how I did it.

Speed test

As I mentioned above, all BolehVPN servers are divided into several groups that perform various tasks. So I decided to test its US and EU servers for unblocking geo-restricted content, torrenting and streaming via Netflix. Here’s the speed of my ISP:

Speed of my ISP

For testing, I applied OpenVPN for all servers. It’s one of the fastest and secure VPN protocols. So, I started with the EU servers and was pleased with the speed test results. When I connected to the Netherlands, the download speed was 42.42 Mbps, while the upload speed was even faster – 68.74. As you can see, the speed loss is minimal. Great speeds!

Connected to the Netherlands

Then I continued testing with several other servers: Fully routed and IPV4 Fully routed. The tests showed quite normal speeds – just 20-30% of speed loss. Some of them even have excellent speeds. For example, when I was connected to IPV4 Fully routed France, the speeds were like that:

Connected to France

What can I say about the VPN’s speeds? I’m quite surprised, but BolehVPN is one of the fastest VPN services I have used.

IP leak test

Does BolehVPN leak IPs? I tested several servers and didn’t detect any IP leaks. Here is the screenshot with the IP address and geo-location of one of the BolehVPN’s servers:

IP leak test for the Netherlands

Thus, BolehVPN keeps your data hidden from prying eyes. Good job, guys!

BolehVPN: Benefits and Features Test

BolehVPN has 3 dedicated servers for Netflix:

  • BolehFlix-USA-Only 1
  • BolehFlix-USA-Only 2
  • BolehFlix-USA-Only 3

I tested them for Netflix US, and all of them worked for Netflix.

Netflix and BolehVPN

It’s worth mentioning that it’s not enough to connect to the server for unblocking Netflix with BolehVPN. According to the instruction on their website, you need to change the preferred DNS server address. Use this one from the screenshot taken from the provider’s site:

BolehVPN DNS server for Netflix

BolehVPN also allows P2P connections. I tested the servers if they unblock access to popular trackers. What’s the result? The DO work for torrenting, but I don’t recommend it BolehVPN for this. Find more details above in the article.

Torrenting and BolehVPN

BolehVPN: Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete BolehVPN account?

There’s no opportunity to cancel your BolehVPN subscription from your personal account. That’s why you should contact its 24/7 helpdesk to request this.

How to set up BolehVPN?

In the section about usability of BolehVPN apps, I published detailed instructions on how to set up its Windows client.

You should take the similar steps to install BolehVPN on Mac and Android.

As far as Linux and routers, you will have to configure it in a manual way.

How many devices can I use?

A user of BolehVPN is allowed to use up 3 devices simultaneously per one subscription.

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