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Keenow Review – Is it Worth Buying it for Netflix?

If you open this page on the look-out for a free VPN service, I’ll have to disappoint you – Keenow doesn’t have a free plan anymore.

In 2022, the service holds itself out as a universal tool for paid websites unblocking and access to geo-restricted Netflix content on any platform, including TV.

Let’s look into the way it works and if it’s worth buying Keenow, taken into account its prices and aspects identified while testing it. It’s a good practice to compare its features with the best VPN in 2022 - ExpressVPN.

Keenow homepage

Keenow Unblocker was launched in June 2016 as a free smart DNS application that gives access to streaming Netflix.

The provider unblocks content streaming through both the netflix.com site and Netflix app available for mobile platforms and devices running on Android.

It’s also significant that Keenow possesses a Smart DNS feature that serves to change the region of video content on TV platforms directly. For example, on Samsung Smart TV.

What can Keenow do?

Let’s analyze the key features mentioned by Keenow and study the results of the actual use of the service.

The service offers:

  • IP address masking
  • Access to locations in 40+ countries
  • Netflix unblocking
  • Safe torrenting on two locations
  • Applications for all OSs

The results of conducted testing in brief

On a first-priority basis, I’ve tested:

  • Connection speed and stability
  • The quality of Netflix support and configuration ease on Smart TV
  • Work with a BitTorrent client
  • Usability and software security

What results have I obtained?

All the stated functions have been confirmed, but I have some questions about the speed of the US servers and software security level in the context of unstable internet.

Most of the tested providers have significantly slower speed on the most popular US locations and faster speed on the European servers. Keenow is not an exception.

The average speed is hardly more than 20 Mbps.

To put that in context, the best VPN from our top 10 perform 50 Mbps and up.

With the aid of the strong concentration of servers in the United States and Europe, one can try to find a less popular location.

High concentration of servers in the US and EU

I’d like to draw your attention to an important feature of the provider – it doesn’t support Kill Switch. It makes it less protected under real-life conditions when the Internet is not 100% stable. That’s why Keenow isn’t the best option for privacy protection. Read more about it in the section “Torrenting support” (и анкор на этот раздел).

Streaming support

Keenow gives the best fit for Netflix streaming. That’s all. It’s better to unblock other video services with geo-restrictions through more universal VPNs for streaming.

The provider supports all three necessary technologies for streaming:

  • Unblocking of streaming on a video service site
  • Unblocking of Netflix app
  • Opportunity to configure Smart DNS on TV platforms

Also, I’d like to mention that it’s possible to configure Keenow on a Wi-Fi router.

I’ve checked the send rate on the servers that support Netflix and evaluated the stability of streaming for the US content:

  SD HD Ultra HD
American Netflix
streaming stability
Stable Stable Buffering

Read also:

Torrenting support

Despite the provider uses the protected OpenVPN protocol, I don’t recommend using it for torrenting in the countries that prohibit it.

The technologies used by Keenow don’t guarantee efficient protection when the secured connection with a VPN server is lost. It can happen for a set of different reasons:

  1. Signal loss when switching a device between cellular and 3/4/5G Internet
  2. Low signal level
  3. Unexpected troubles with the server (shutdown, reload, etc.)
  4. Troubles on the ISP side

Only a VPN with Kill Switch can guarantee security in these cases.

Conclusion: Keenow is not efficient enough for torrenting.


Keenow plans

Keenow has an average price in the market. The only remark – it doesn’t have a cheap plan that lasts for more than a year like for example Surfshark with $1.99 per month.

Keenow plans:

  1 Month 6 Months 1 Year
Monthly cost $9.95 $6.95 $5.79

The provider offers a money-back guarantee in case of a reasonable refusal of the subscription within 30 days.


Keenow can be esteemed as a good Netflix service suitable for protected web surfing.

It’s better to entrust more difficult tasks as well as other streaming services support to more powerful providers.

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