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Best VPNs for Belgium

Several years ago, Belgium was ranked in the region as one of the European countries to guarantee largely unrestricted internet access. The freedom of speech and expression is constitutionally guaranteed for Belgians surfing the net as well. However, the sun is slowly setting on free internet use in Belgium in light of recent terrorist attacks that have traumatized the region.

But still, a VPN for Belgium is a must-have in 2024. Have a look at 5 best VPN services below:

  1. ExpressVPN: will overcome geo-restrictions in Belgium through a 3000+ server park!
  2. NordVPN: will make you safe while you are in Belgium (IKEv2/IPSec protocol, 256-bit encryption, and kill switch)!
  3. Surfshark: will guarantee you extra security with NAT Firewall!
  4. CyberGhost VPN: can be used on 7 devices simultaneously per one subscription!
  5. Private Internet Access: is compatible with multiple platforms and has 3380+ ultra-fast servers!

Why to use VPN in Belgium?

The Belgian government is on the path to introduce legislation to severely restrict access to online content, and also to monitor citizen activities on the net.

The government of Belgium added new capabilities for monitoring users’ activities performed on the network. According to the amendment, Internet Service Providers in Belgium are obliged to cooperate with the police when they conduct investigations. Viber and WhatsApp are among the services that will become the targets for online surveillance.

As it has been mentioned above, such measures are taken because of frequent terrorist attacks in Europe. The legislation is aimed at national security, but the majority of common internet users in Belgium take use of the network for streaming and online communicating, and it seems no one wants to be under the prying eyes of the government.

But here’s the kicker…

While the worst is yet to happen in Belgium, the government restricts access largely based on copyright violations claims. Belgium made headlines several years ago by banning Pirate Bay. The country has since blocked a number of torrents downloading sites based on copyright claims.

More troublingly, the Belgian government is known to request ISPs to filter certain sites. This means a serious lack of access to Belgian users browsing the net for legitimate reasons.

Luckily, there’s a way to bypass the Belgian government and ISP filters: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Belgians who cannot access certain sites because the country restricts them can simply switch nationalities online using a VPN and access blocked content. There are huge numbers of VPN services available in the world, but not all would suit users in Belgium.

How does VPN work for Belgium?

As you know, three main principles of Virtual Private Network are privacy, anonymity, and security. Of you are new to it, you might be wondering how it works…

And this is the way VPN works for Belgium:


Taking into account the abovementioned issues on online surveillance in Belgium, an ordinary internet user would like to avoid third-party interference (What is even more, Google is changing its Privacy Policy, which means that internet users’ are not only under prying eyes of the government Read more in our dedicated news about the best VPN for Google Chrome).

Having applied a VPN service to make internet connections more confidential, you not only change your real IP address to hide it from your ISP but also codify the traffic that goes through the network. Encryption will allow you to avoid third-parties monitoring what you do online.


Being anonymous online, you both avoid revealing your identity on most tracked sites such as torrent trackers and get unrestricted access to those websites which are not available for you in Belgium.

You are anonymous as you fake your native IP address and perform on the network as if you were the ‘’resident’’ od another country. No one, even your Internet Service Provider, will understand it’s you, because they track the IP address of your VPN provider.

It’s worth noting that one should trust only respectable VPN providers. A lot of them were reviewed by our team, and 5 best VPN providers for use in Belgium were picked out for this rating.


Cyber attacks are just as serious matters as online surveillance. Though you have made the most important resolutions for your cybersecurity at New Year, you need to remember that a VPN app is that tool that will provide you with complex online security.

Such VPN functions as data passing through protocols, double VPN, split tunneling, and others, are aimed at protecting netizens against hacking attacks.

How to get a VPN for use in Belgium?

After you choose the best VPN for use in Belgium in our rating, you are to perform a few steps to get it. What are they?

  1. Select a VPN from the rating above.
  2. Go to the official website of the VPN provider.
  3. Find the section with the tariff plans and choose the one that suits you most of all.
  4. Then subscribe to the chosen plan (for this you need to create an account and select the payment way).
  5. Take advantage of the free trial if it is provided by the service (Optional).
  6. Download the app compatible with your device.
  7. Set up the downloaded app and be ready to use it in Belgium.

How to unblock torrents in Belgium?

You know VPN services in Belgium are needed for confidential surfing. But that’s not all…

As you remember it has been mentioned a few paragraphs above that torrent websites are banned in Belgium. The biggest torrent tracker in the world was blocked there according to the court order because of copyright issues.

TPB is not the only torrent site unavailable in Belgium. According to Wikipedia, among them are:

  • ISOHunt
  • KickassTorrents
  • BitSnoop
  • ExtraTorrent
  • H33t
  • Monova
  • TorrentReactor
  • TorrentHound
  • Yuify

Then how to download torrents from these websites in Belgium? A VPN for Belgium will solve the problem. Be sure your VPN for Belgium doesn’t leak IP addresses. If it is, you will fail to access those torrent trackers from Belgium.

How to do it with a VPN?

Take 5 short steps below if you want to torrent in Belgium anonymously.

What’s the conclusion?

VPN services are in demand in Belgium and that’s all due to obvious reasons. Firstly, nobody wants to be monitored by Internet Service Providers. Secondly, internet users have a strong desire for accessing more websites on the network.

Thus, whether you live in Belgium or go there for a few weeks or months, you’d better have a VPN service at hand. It will ensure you with more secure and private internet experience.

Want to share your experience? Not sure what VPN to choose for Belgium?

We are here to answer all your questions!