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proXPN Review: Primitive & Expensive


Officially, it has a free trial version. Such a version does not differ from a paid one. In fact, it is a paid tariff with an option to get your money back within 30 days.

proXPN is able to unblock Netflix. It has an advanced Kill Switch function and supports several VPN protocols.

If you are interested in this provider, keep reading and you will learn:

  • proXPN features
  • Strengths and weaknesses of proXPN
  • proXPN pricing
  • Why consider alternatives

Use the quick navigation for easy access to the needed sections:

proXPN features

Rating of the free version of proXPN Low
Rating of the paid version of proXPN Low
Platforms Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Speed Low
Encryption 256-bit
VPN protocols OpenVPN, IPsec, PPTP (for Premium account)
Torrenting +
Netflix +
Logs Zero
Advertising -
Customer support Phone, E-mail, Twitter
Price $6.25 - $9.98 per month

The main functions

  • IP and online activity masking
  • Unblocking websites
  • Robust encryption
  • Option of protocols

Additional functions and features

  • Advanced Kill Switch (VPN Guard)
  • Torrenting
  • Unblocking Netflix

Despite proXPN is not a new service, it doesn’t give an expression of being an advanced VPN provider. I spent a lot of time looking for a free version of the VPN, mentioned on Reddit and Google Play Market. However, I failed to find it. On the official website of the provider, it is noted that the VPN has not only a Premium plan but also a limited one:

General and premium features of proXPN

There are general features of proXPN and premium ones

However, in reality, there is no alternative to Premium Plan neither for desktops and Android nor for iPhone. The only thing that available today is a money refund for new users who will subscribe to a one-year account. proXPN calls this “Free Trial”.

Well, let’s have a look at the Premium account of the VPN.

I have tested all features of proXPN on all platforms. For Windows and Mac OS X, the VPN has the most functional versions. Using a VPN on these platforms, you can choose a protocol and use Kill Switch. proXPN for iOS and Android allows only switching between locations. The app is primitive, it has small drawbacks, though.

proXPN pros

No IP leaks

proXPN successfully passed the IP leak test. Neither WebRTC, DNS nor IPv6 leaks were detected.

the absence of IP leaks

IP leaks are not detected

WebRTC is“vulnerable” because it can work outside the VPN channel. In such a case, a simple script on the side of a visited server is able to detect a real IP of a user.

DNS leak can be exploited in the same way. It will not show your real location but the country only. However, it might be enough to discredit a website visitor.

IPv6 leak can emerge in the case of IPv4 and IPv6 coexisting. In such a case a VPN has to block the IP, which is not connected to the VPN. As a rule, it is IPv6.

proXPN copes with these tasks. It is, of course, a big advantage for users’ safety.

Advanced Kill Switch

Kill Switch allows fending off IP leaks when there is a VPN reconnection for some reason.

But proXPN provides not a simple but advanced Kill Switch for Windows and Mac. Due to it, it’s possible to switch the function on only for particular apps:

Advanced Kill Switch

Unfortunately, the function is not available for mobile devices. Android, iPhone, and iPad keep being highly vulnerable when reconnecting from Wi-Fi to mobile web, as well as while switching to another signal coverage of various Wi-Fi hotspots. Android is specifically vulnerable when there are reconnections of this sort, as proXPN doesn’t connect all over again. You have to switch it on manually.


proXPN delicately bypasses the question about using the VPN for P2P/torrenting, directly through the VPN or using KODI. However, the service does not prohibit customers from using the VPN for torrenting, unlike many other providers do.

Besides, due to the absence of IP leaks and no-logging policy, you can safely use proXPN for torrenting.

The speed connection with the majority of proXPN servers allows downloading and seeding torrents fast.

Get acquainted with our list of VPNs for torrenting before paying for a subscription. You can find the most suitable paid and free VPN providers there.

Unblocks Netflix

It is, probably, the main advantage of proXPN. The VPN has two servers optimized for unblocking Netflix US. I managed to open the film catalog for the US region and launch a movie at the first attempt:

ProXPN for Netflix

It is, undoubtedly, a big advantage as the “war” between VPNs and streaming services is continuing. However, can we include proXPN on the list of the best VPNs for streaming videos? Is it enough to use only two locations for this purpose? Definitely not!

There are other VPNs with optimized servers for Netflix. For example, CyberGhost VPN offers 15 locations for Netflix and other streaming services. Its cost is only $2.25 per month.

Speed of the major VPN locations

proXPN provides fast speeds with the locations in the USA, Canada, and European countries.

Download speed with the server in the USA is 39.7Mbps

Speed test results with the server in the USA

However, the speed is extremely low in Costa Rica and Hong Kong:

Speed with the server in Costa Rica is 0.45Mbps

Speed test results with the server in Costa Rica

So, decent speeds with popular locations are a plus.

However, these speeds are not the fastest. There are VPNs that provide 100Mbps. However, such download speed as 80Mbps is considered to be high. Have a look at Top 10 VPNs according to CoolTechZone.

So, there are not so many advantages. Now let’s cover the minuses of proXPN.

ProXPN cons

The number of locations

ProXPN offers only 19 servers in 12 countries. It is not enough if compare with NordVPN or CyberGhost VPN, they have several thousand servers in 60 and 90 countries throughout the world.

The VPN doesn’t offer such popular locations as Germany and Russia.

The list of available countries:

Australia AU
Canada CA
China (Hong Kong) CN
Costa Rica CR
France FR
Iceland IS
Japan JP
Netherlands NL
Singapore SG
Sweden SE
Switzerland CH
United States US

The majority of proXPN servers are located in the USA. The VPN doesn’t have a well-developed infrastructure. In my opinion, the amount of servers is not in line with the price for the service.

Lack of settings in mobile apps

For Android and iOS, Kill Switch is inaccessible, as well as the choice of protocols. In other words, the additional functions of proXPN are unavailable.

It worth mentioning that the apps for mobile devices were launched nor less than two years ago, but their website contains outdated information:

Outdated information on the main page of the proXPN site”

So, we can see that those customers, who use the VPN on mobile devices, do not get a fully-functional version of the VPN. However, the price is similar for all platforms.

Lack of a reconnection function on Android

I have tested proXPN while using mobile devices with an unstable Internet connection and reconnecting from one Wi-Fi hotspot to another.

In all cases, Android devices failed with this test, but iOS gadgets successfully passed it.

Android apps didn’t recover a VPN connection. If you are going to use the VPN on your Android device, you have to pay attention to the icon at the top of your screen in order to stay safe while using proXPN.

VPN status on Android

Problems with the official website

The website that offers a VPN service should meet the highest standards of security. Nevertheless, security is one of the main missions of VPN technology.

However, I have found two problems with secure.proxpn.com. I didn’t even have to look at the code.

1. Unsafe page

If you try to visit this page:

Link to the unsafe page

Chrome and Firefox will show you the warning signal:

The website is not safe

But there is more!

2. Nonworking support page

If you try to visit the “Help” section, the redirection to a nonworking domain will appear. The same link on the download page goes to another address, where the browser protection appeared as well.

The provider with nine-year experience? You’re joking! Such minor problems with the site. However, exactly the site gives the impression of the whole service!…

Special aspects of the use

In this section, I will share my experience of using proXPN.

The usage of VPN Guard

I recommend using proXPN’s VPN Guard function (Kill Switch) for a high level of security. However, you should properly choose the apps that should be protected with the help of Kill Switch while reconnecting the VPN (network changing, unstable connection).

Which apps should be added to your VPN Guard list?

  • Your browser
  • Torrent client
  • Messengers
  • Other apps that require an additional level of security

Logging error in iOS

If you have downloaded and installed proXPN on iPhone or iPad, you won’t be asked to enter your logging or password. Unlike other devices, the VPN connection on iOS will be available at once.

However, it won’t work until you enter your credentials (email and password) to the app’s settings.

Besides, it is a little bit confusing that the app shows the status “free trial” before entering a password. However, the app doesn’t work. Probably, it exists since that time when proXPN had a full-fledged free plan.

As for the rest, you will hardly face any problems while using proXPN.

If you want a really user-friendly app for any OS, I recommend you to try NordVPN or TunnelBear.

Plans and prices

ProXPN is a paid VPN without a habitual free trial, no matter what the owners claim.

They pay customers’ attention to the fact that they charge their PayPal accounts immediately in order to prevent fraud. However, they do not clarify what exact fraud is so dangerous.

proXPN sales and refund policies

There are a lot of advanced VPN services, which provide a free trial, such VPNs do not afraid of frauds and do not force their customers to pay for the service before using a trial version.

ProXPN is available at the following prices:

$6.25 per month for the 12-month account ($74.95 a year)
$8.33 per month for the 6-month account ($49.95 every 6 months)
$9.98 per month for the 3-month account ($29.95 every 3 months)

For the first time, I see a VPN without a 1-month subscription.

ProXPN tariffs

ProXPN supports the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex),
  • PayPal.

It is noticeable that prices are higher than other VPN providers have. Besides, it concerns all tariffs.

Look at our review of the best and cheap VPN providers if you want to save money and get VPN services of high quality.

Information about the company that owns proXPN

ProXPN has relevance to three countries: the USA, the Netherlands, and the UK.

proXPN Direct LLC
548 Market St. #27713
San Francisco
CA, 94104-5401

proXPN B.V.
1970 AE

proXPN Ltd.
145-157 St John Street 

Official website: secure.proxpn.com


One of the oldest VPN providers turned out to be rather weak. Probably, if it had lower prices and more qualitative software, the pluses would have crucial importance and I would recommend it to my readers. However, not in this form. Not at these prices.

Yes, the VPN has good technical security characteristics for desktops. It doesn’t store logs and allows torrenting. However, the fact that the VPN has relevance to the USA and UK, which are the members of 5 “Eyes” (FVEY), makes the service not so reliable.


proXPN is suitable for:

  • unblocking websites
  • hiding real location
  • torrenting
  • US Netflix

proXPN is not suitable for:

  • mobile devices (crippled version)
  • tasks that require special confidentiality
  • convenient usage (because of a limited number of locations and high price)

As proXPN has a lot of serious minuses, I recommend looking at the list of the best VPN providers.

Top 3 alternatives

NordVPN – 5000+ servers in 60 countries, high speeds, fully functional apps for all devices and many other functions. It cost only $4.13 per month and gives the possibility to use the service free of charge.

CyberGhost VPN – more than 15 optimized locations for streaming and torrenting, perfect security features, favorable jurisdiction. It is only $2.25 per month. It owns 5900+ servers in 90 countries.

Surfshark – the cheapest of the best VPN servers. It offers traffic obfuscation and apps for all platforms. It also allows paying with cryptocurrency and many others.


prefix 2 years ago
As of July 25, stopped working on both pc and mobile. Support page is gone. Looks like they took the money and ran.
prefix 2 years ago
Screw this service! ProxPN charged me duplicate fees
Peter Out
Peter Out
prefix 2 years ago
Can confirm that it at least sometimes works with netflix
prefix 2 years ago
A really bad service do not buy
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