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Best VPNs for Namibia in 2024


Although it is one of the most developed and freest countries in Africa, Namibia still has certain imperfections in its Internet sphere like pretty much any country in the world. To counter those imperfections and make the use of the Internet as convenient as possible in that state, one can use a VPN.

But choosing a right VPN can be tricky for a person who has no prior experience with the technology. To ensure that Namibian netizens can secure their Internet connection no problem without having to spend exorbitant amounts of time and money, we have compiled this article. It provides 5 best services to use in Namibia.

Internet in Namibia

With a population of 2 million people Namibia has about 392 thousand Internet users. While travelling to the country, you may be supplied with hotspot connection from Namibian accommodation establishments or internet cafes at major shopping centers. According to the preceding information, you need an additional level of defense for your Internet-connected gadgets when travelling to Namibia.

Although the government is known to block no famous sites like Twitter or Facebook, the Communications Act allows the government to issue permissions for monitoring one’s personal correspondence online:

The President must establish such interception centres as are necessary for the combating of crime and national security.

your network must be protected from any uncontrolled interference when being in Namibia. One of the most effective defensive measures you can take today is a VPN service.

What does a good VPN do, though?

Being primarily used for business networking, a VPN service gains more popularity with each passing day due to its functionality. The main functions of a VPN are to make your network private, secure and anonymous.

While using the best VPN for Namibia, your proper IP address is hindered and one of the server’s is used instead. With this function you are able to choose any virtual location you like and get access to any geo-restricted content, but it depends largely on the number of server locations provided by a service. Thus the most satisfactory VPN for Namibia is to possess multiple servers in different countries in main continents.

If you want to be sure that no Namibian intelligence agencies are to get your email correspondence, the best VPN for Namibia is to protect all your Internet traffic while flowing it through a secure tunnel created with the help of up-to-date protocols and keys.

When talking about anonymity, you should rely only on a responsible VPN for Namibia, which keeps no logging or metadata and accepts different secure payment methods (crypto currency or digital gift cards).


Not all services on the list have servers in Namibia. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t work there, as a VPN server simply gives you an IP of a country: e.g., when connected to a Namibian server, your IP will appear Namibian as well to the sites you visit - same as when you visit it from Namibia without a VPN.

Best VPNs for Namibia

  1. ExpressVPN: Best choice for Namibia in 2024 as it will help you to unblock all restricted websites fastly and securely!
  2. NordVPN: Amazing provider that will protect your data while using public Wi-Fi spots in Namibia
  3. Surfshark: You can choose one from 3200+ servers of this robust VPN for Namibia!
  4. CyberGhost VPN: With this fast VPN you will get access to social networks that are blocked in Namibia!
  5. PIA: Intuitive and easy to use VPN is available for various platforms.

ExpressVPN ended up the winner of our tests for Namibia. It effortlessly gives access to any website that may be geo-restricted or have parts of its content unavailable for certain countries including Namibia.

With its servers in more than 105 countries, the coverage of ExpressVPN is pretty much the best around. Its only slight disadvantage is that it doesn’t have as many servers as some of its competitors but the amount it does have is still enough, as it’s easy to find a server with the speed that will satisfy you.

Here are the prices of ExpressVPN:

1 month6 months1 year
Monthly price$12.95$9.99$8.32
Refund guaranteeYesYesYes

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NordVPN is almost as strong as ExpressVPN in many regards. Granted, it doesn’t cover as many countries but it makes up for it with its 5900+ servers.

Its safety features are also top-of-the-line. You can increase your protection by turning the double VPN feature on, build a chain of VPN servers to route your traffic through, set up the kill switch just as you like, and do so much more.

Here are the prices of NordVPN:

1 month1 year2 years
Monthly price$12.99$4.99$3.39
Refund guaranteeYesYesYes

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Surfshark is, as you will see in just a moment, the cheapest service on our list. Its hard to say for sure how exactly Surfshark is able to support its considerable infrastructure while taking so little money in return but it does just that and very successfully.

Surfshark grants you access to blocked websites. It has the fewest servers among our top picks for this list but more than 100 countries.

Here are the prices of Surfshark:

1 month6 months2 years
Monthly price$10.99$6.49
Refund guaranteeYesYesYes

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CyberGhost has more than 100 countries and more than 10200 servers, which makes it the largest all-round service.

Apart from that, it provides good security and unblocks restricted content.

Here are the prices of CyberGhost:

1 month1 year2 years3 years
Monthly price$12.99$4.29$2.03
Refund guaranteeYesYesYesYes

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Private Internet Access

PIA is the most technological service out of the five listed here. It doesn’t mean, though, that it requires you to be some l33t hackerman to use: it’s great if you are but you can find your way in PIA’s settings even if you aren’t.

Here are the prices of PIA:

1 month1 year2 years
Monthly price$11.95$3.33$2.03
Refund guaranteeYesYesYes

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