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DroidVPN Review

According to the Ben Gurion University’s researchers, Android 4.3 and above versions are not inherently well protected from security loophole that can easily invite hackers, phishers, and spammers. These unauthorized entities can easily bypass all the security mechanism to access all critical information, in case a malicious app exists on your phone. 

To overcome this security breach, having only an antivirus will not suffice. There needs to be additional protection that can easily breach these entities and their scandals without much effort or impact on mobile network performance. This is exactly what a smart VPN for Android can ensure. Well, one such good VPN service to consider is DroidVPN, a VPN client that imparts full protection your Android tablets and smartphones while browsing the Internet, especially via public Wi-Fi and hotspots. Consider getting it if you are concerned about your privacy, are going abroad where federal restrictions block some handy sites or apps or do not trust the plaintext traffic.  

DroidVPN is clever VPN software designed only for the Android platform. What makes it stand out from other apps is its Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) tunneling ability for unblocking the blocked sites by Internet Service Provider (ISP). However, it is certainly not an alternative to ISP. The other selling points of this USA IP VPN service are ease of use, OpenVPN support, servers as per plan is chosen, free and premium accounts, and affordable premium price.

Plans and Prices for Reliable VPN Service for Android

DroidVPN seems to be quite flexible here. You can subscribe to the option of a free trial, which never expires, or choose the premium plan by paying $4.99 per month. Of the two, the latter comes with more options and features, including the most tempting one of access to all servers across the globe. 

On the other hand, the USA VPN free DroidVPN option has a few limitations. You can only access some servers in the Netherlands as well as in the United States. Further, the bandwidth usage does not exceed 100 MB a day. However, the premium plan comes with unlimited bandwidth at a very reasonable rate.  

This private VPN service also comes with a 7-day refund policy. However, to avail that, you should not have used over 50 MB of data. This means you should remain quite vigilant while testing.

Plans and Prices for Reliable VPN Service for Android

Server Locations

The DroidVPN VPN software gives access to local content from servers located in nine nations namely, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Panama, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Tokyo, and Singapore. However, this private VPN service is reliable enough to access blocked sites from restricted regions such as the Middle East, China, and Latin America as well as GEO-IP restricted sites available in the aforementioned nations. 

You can even switch to unlimited servers in the network. However, on the con side, only some servers in the Netherlands and United States are available for access to free users, thus restricting the directness to the Web.

Functions Delivered by the Secure VPN Software

This service provider gives access to its servers through its VPN app that allows encrypting data, surf in anonymous mode, and unblock sites. The DroidVPN VPN download process is quite simple and easy to experience, with just a few clicks. It is really no rocket science to install the DroidVPN VPN software on an Android platform. 

To further increase your convenience, the app is pre-configured, due to which it is easier even for the beginner or naïve to start browsing a secure and open World Wide Web. It just takes on tap to connect to the VPN servers.  
The app tunnels all online traffic from your device to the targeted servers. It aids in unblocking ISP restrictions, browse the Web in a hidden mode, and bypass firewalls.

In the case of speed, this app is not going to disappoint you. While the browsing speed is beyond satisfactory, it is always limited to your own ISP. Still, the speed is really superb even on the free trial of the app, despite the fact that it has a 100 MB per day limitation. 

Because of the high speed and bandwidth, the premium service is ideal for tasks such as streaming, VOIP, torrenting, downloading, and gaming. Of these, the bittorrenting sessions are only available from the German and Dutch servers.

Security and Privacy of the VPN Client Software

The DroidVPN app employs its proprietary VPN protocol for protecting both privacy and data on the Web. This protocol allows tunneling via ICMP, which indicates browsing even if you only permitted to ping and not browse. However, this is possible only on rooted devices.

The app encrypts data for guaranteeing superb security over WIFI and GPRS networks through OpenVPN protocol, the most reliable one for security. It also secures several types of activities triggering from an Android device, such as VOIP, chat, and email, which ensures end-to-end privacy as well.

The app does not log or track any of your activities. However, the servers keep a timestamp, bandwidth, and duration records for some days, which is only for maintenance purpose. Still, the company has the right to look into an illegal activity occurring in its VPN network and give the related and personal details to the legal authorities in case of court’s notice.

Support Service

In case of a problem being experienced in the VPN network, you will rarely find yourself cut off. This is because of its highly responsive support staff, who do not delay in replying to your e-mails. Even before sending an email, you can simply explore the vast knowledgebase online to troubleshoot problems.

The Purchase Process via a Client Account

Creating your own account for using DroidVPN is simple and quick. You start by signing up for a free trial by providing your email ID after which a mail is sent to inform your account's password. You can now log in and can upgrade to premium plan whenever you want, usually via PayPal. Next, you should install DroidVPN on the tablet or phone even if it has Android 5.0. Finally, you enter your email address and password and tap the Start button. That’s it!


DroidVPN works on all versions of Android, however, a version below 4.0 needs rooting and a working tun.ko installer APK on the device. The app is also available at the Google Play store. 

Good news!

DroidVPN is available for PC since January 2017! Don't miss your chance to test the service.


DroidVPN is efficient enough to deliver an open Web experience with good security. It is one of the simplest VPN apps for the Android platform. Don't forget to read our beginners guide for Kodi

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