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EZTV Proxy: 10 working URLs & 5 Alternatives [April 2022]


EZTV has become one of the most popular torrent sites. Recently its domain disappeared from the net for a long time. I found several mirrors and decided to publish their list in one place for your and my convenience for the future. You will also learn how to use it safely.

Recently, the situation with the blocking of torrent sites at the level of their domains has become aggravated again. And EZTV also had to change its main domain.

Fortunately, today torrent platform owners have learned to think ahead and prepare backup URLs in advance.

At first glance, everything is simple, but in fact, this situation is used by unscrupulous competitors or scammers. They create fake mirrors and place their content and ads on them.

How to avoid falling into the trap?

How to always have only original EZTV proxies on hand?  

What if all URLs are blocked?

Next, I will answer all these questions, and also tell you why EZTV is worthy to be in the favorites. 

⚠️Do you know or guess about the risks of torrenting (real fines and subpoenas), don’t want to have problems with the law, but want to do it 100% safely?

Then always use a VPN. It's simple and fast.

At the bottom of the article, you can find a list of the three best VPN services that I use and test personally, and which are guaranteed to hide the addresses of the visited sites from the ISP and encrypt the transmitted and received data without the possibility of interception or analysis. Besides, they won’t be able to identify the visited resources.

The article has a research nature and doesn’t call for copyright infringement or otherwise breaking the law. Before downloading torrent files, please make sure that they are in the public domain and that their use isn’t copyrighted.

Protect torrenting with a VPN

What is EZTV and what is it for?

EZTV is one of the largest torrent sites in the world, but it isn’t in the top five. However, I am sure that this resource ranks significantly higher than it appears in ratings or traffic statistics.

So, we have approximately 7th place in terms of attendance with approximately 18-20 million visitors per month.

It seems to be not bad, but now I will reveal the "secret" that I learned while studying torrenting after a period of massive torrenting in 2016-2018.

You've probably already heard about torrent search engines, which allow you to search for materials from several torrent trackers at once. So, EZTV is in 2nd place after RARBG in terms of the number of torrents available through them. And we are talking about sites with millions of visitors!

And that isn’t all.

Are you familiar with Kodi add-ons for movies? If not, then this is a great way to watch streaming content without paid subscriptions. But it also uses torrent sites in part to display video content. And guess what resource is in the leading places as the source of movies? EZTV.

I liked EZTV even without new facts. But now I consider it an indispensable resource with other useful projects linked to it.

Main advantages of EZTV:

  • A large number of own torrents.
  • Sorting and filtering by the video quality.
  • Links to other good torrent sites.
  • Not too intrusive advertising.
  • Has been working since 2005.

Disadvantages of EZTV:

  • Not too visual.
  • Contains only video content.
  • No categories and no filter by genre.

EZTV proxies/mirrors

Below are the official and some unofficial EZTV proxies. All URLs are tested for fraudulence and found completely safe.

The list is regularly updated:


This is the main domain of EZTV. It was last changed in November 2020. Usually, new domains work for a year or more. Therefore, I recommend choosing this URL.

At any time, you can use any of the following proxy / mirrors, which are 100% identical to the original site.


A rare domain zone that is an extension of the .fr zone. It has been working since 1997. The mirror has also been working for a long time and has not been blocked until now.


A good domain for accessing from networks where there may be problems accessing other URLs. The CH domain zone belongs to Switzerland and is generally open everywhere. The proxy on this domain works with minimal DNS ping.


The main proxy for EZTV. For over a year now, it has been in the first place on the list of mirror sites. It can be assumed that it should be the next main domain of the torrent giant, but it isn’t. When the main URL is down, EZTV adds a new, previously unknown domain, and the proxy URLs remain spare.


Domain registered in French Southern and Antarctic Lands. This “jurisdiction” guarantees the long life of the proxy. This makes it one of the best alternatives to the main URL.


I would also like to note proxies that work through the Sitenable Web Proxy. This is a free service that allows you to bypass ISP blocking. Through Sitenable, you can open the main URL of EZTV or any mirror of it, if they are functional, but not accessible through your ISP.

Above, I posted 3 unique proxies that no ISP knows about.

Best EZTV alternatives

Comparison of alternatives to EZTV

At some point, it may turn out that all EZTV proxies aren’t working. This can happen if all domains of the torrent site are globally blocked or if they stop working.

In this case, the search for new proxies will be meaningless and you will need to work with a decent alternative to EZTV.

How do I find a good alternative to EZTV?

I know at least 25 good torrent sites, but not all of them are like EZTV. The best alternative should contain as many movie torrents as possible and have a large number of users. The more users a torrent site has, the faster the files download and the more new products and movies there are in high quality.

I believe the following 5 torrent sites are the best EZTV replacements.

1. The Pirate BayTPB logo

  • Number of visitors: > 28 million per month
  • Topics: All (Movies, software, games, e-books)
  • Maximum number of peers: > 6.000
  • Number of torrents: > 1 million
  • Year of foundation: 2003

The Pirate Bay website

Included in the Top 3 largest torrent sites, The Pirate Bay is considered to be one of the best alternatives to any torrent website of any subject. It, like UYAYAM, has an extensive database of torrents of video files of all subjects and genres. With The Pirate Bay, you can watch the latest TV and movie releases, access golden movie collections and much more.

The Pirate Bay, like EZTV, went through a period of active war against torrent sites in 2016-2018, retaining a torrent base and audience.


  • Number of visitors: > 65 million per month
  • Topics: Movies
  • Maximum number of peers: > 10.000
  • Number of torrents: > 1 million
  • Year of foundation: 2010

YIFY website

This torrent site has four times the traffic of EZTV. This isn’t because the fact that it has more and better video materials, but because it is much more convenient to work with them.

Take a look at the screenshot. In terms of functionality, it is similar to a streaming site. It is very convenient to search for the necessary movies. Search results are rendered with large previews. There is also brief information - name and year.

YIFY is the most convenient alternative to EZTV today.

4. 1337X1337x logo

  • Number of visitors: > 45 million per month
  • Topics: Movies, Music, Software, Games, TV shows, XXX
  • Maximum number of peers: > 7.000
  • Number of torrents: > 1 million
  • Year of foundation: 2008

1337X website

The large and popular torrent site 1337X will appeal to those who use the Top 100 lists. The site has not one, but several such lists on different topics.

In terms of popularity, 1337X is ahead of EZTV, and in terms of the number of torrents and seeds - about the same.

It is also important that the 1337X has links to other good large torrent sites in case the user doesn’t find the necessary shared files.


  • Number of visitors: > 35 million per month
  • Topics: Movies, Music, Software, Games, TV shows, XXX
  • Maximum number of peers: > 7.000
  • Number of torrents: > 1 million
  • Year of foundation: 2008

RARBG website

I liked RARBG as much as I liked EZTV. In some ways, it is even more convenient. For example, it has a functional menu on the left where you can quickly select the movies category. There are also torrent directories for music, software, and games.

But the most interesting thing in RARBG is hidden just like in EZTV. It is the # 1 platform for torrent search engines. At least 30% of all materials that can be found through them are downloaded through RARBG.

This speaks not only of a large number of torrents available but also of the high rate of seeds.

The disadvantage of RARBG is the excessive amount of advertising. It isn’t uncommon when 2-3 clicks on the same link lead to the opening of browser tabs with ads. Also, the site often requests captcha.

5. NyaaNyaa logo

  • Number of visitors: > 40 million per month
  • Topics: Anime, Anime music
  • Maximum number of peers: > 5.000
  • Number of torrents: >300k
  • Year of foundation: 2005

Nyaa website

Previous sites have similar torrent content to EZTV. What if you're an anime lover? Then feel free to switch to Nyaa, even if EZTV works well for you.

There is no more extensive collection of anime-themed material than Nyaa. This is a specialized torrent site that features Japanese cartoons in multiple languages, anime music, pictures, and other themed content.

How not to get caught on a fake EZTV

Unfortunately, hackers and unscrupulous torrent site owners often create fake mirrors that have nothing to do with the originals. For example, many people took advantage of the popularity of ExtraTorrent and created dozens of fake addresses. At the same time, the original site stopped working forever.

EZTV works but gets blocked from time to time. At the same time, it is important not to end up on fake sites, which are always worse than the original and may contain advertisements with malicious code.

How to avoid being cheated?

There are three ways to keep yourself safe and secure yourself:

  1. Use a strong VPN with protection against malicious sites (list below in the article).
  2. Use the proxies published in this article. It is safer to combine this method with the first one.
  3. Visual comparison. If you went to the EZTV mirror and see that the site looks something wrong or doesn’t look like it used to show ads, use a different URL.

Torrenting safety rules

Whether you are using an original EZTV, proxy, or alternative, it is extremely important to ensure protection when visiting the site itself, downloading a torrent file, and especially when downloading shared files using a BitTorrent client.

How to safely use EZTV group alternatives?

  1. You need to ensure complete anonymity using a VPN.
  2. Protect traffic from your ISP.
  3. Activate protection against malicious addresses in the VPN app.
  4. Launch torrent client or open magnet links only when Kill Switch is on (see below in the description of VPNs).
  5. Don’t publish information about your activities on social networks and other public platforms.

Top 3 VPNs for torrenting

Always use a VPN for torrenting to bypass blocking, achieve complete anonymity, and secure traffic. It's simple, fast, and significantly cheaper than the fines that can be imposed after the ISP detects P2P activity.

Many neglect this, citing lenient laws in their country. But don't underestimate the complexity of the torrenting situation. Even if your ISP doesn't care what traffic goes through it, no one can guarantee that in the next major investigation on the side of a torrent site, your IP address won’t come up as part of this process. All torrent sites keep logs. This is necessary for their work.

All user IP addresses are recorded in these logs. Therefore, it is important to hide your address with a VPN.

You can choose any VPN from Cooltechzone or take advantage of the best options from the list below. Among them, there are both premium and the cheapest professional service.

1. Surfshark is a strong budget VPN

Surfshark VPN for torrent sites

  • P2P / torrenting support: Excellent
  • Privacy Protection: High
  • Price: from $2.49 per month
  • Supported platforms: all OSs
  • Logging: Doesn’t keep logs

Surfshark is a super optimized VPN for torrenting. It is perfectly balanced for P2P / torrent use.

The provider is notable for allowing torrenting on all of its servers. Today, there are more than 3000 of them in 63 countries of the world. According to this indicator, Surfshark almost doesn’t lag behind the premium providers, which I will discuss below, but at the same time, it costs 2-3 times cheaper than them.

Surfshark Preview
The best offer for torrenting

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2. ExpressVPN is a super fast premium VPN

ExpressVPN for torrent sites

  • P2P / torrenting support: Excellent
  • Privacy Protection: Ultra-High
  • Price: from $6.67 per month
  • Supported platforms: all OSs
  • Logging: Doesn’t keep logs (confirmed)

ExpressVPN differs from its competitors in its higher maximum speed (over 150 Mbps) and support of TrustedServer technology, which is based on the use of so-called diskless servers. Thanks to them, it isn’t possible to register user activity. This ensures that there are no logs.

There is also a Kill Switch and a handy Split Tunneling feature that allows you to run the VPN for selected apps only.

I love ExpressVPN's super-fast speed. This is very well felt when the next episode of your favorite TV series is downloaded in a few seconds.

ExpressVPN Preview
Connect to a premium VPN

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3. NordVPN is a strong universal VPN

NordVPN for torrent sites

  • P2P / torrenting support: Excellent
  • Privacy Protection: High
  • Price: from $3.29 per month for 2-year plan (2022 Winter promotion)
  • Supported platforms: all OSs
  • Logging: Doesn’t keep log

NordVPN is an even stronger VPN service. Without advertising, I admit - I most often use it. High connection speed and connection stability are extremely important to me. In my opinion, NordVPN is the most convenient to use and has everything you need for maximum protection.

The provider has special torrenting servers, which are easy to select from the app menu. The setting also includes Kill Switch and Ad Block

NordVPN Preview
Connect to a fast and affordable VPN

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The best days of torrent sites are over. More and more streaming platforms are entering the entertainment market with affordable subscriptions and a good selection of content. Nevertheless, EZTV remains among the leaders and the few sites that think ahead and have several proxies for guaranteed availability.


prefix 2 years ago
eztv torrent site is safe and legit. EZTV has been through numerous changes and shutdowns in the past but it's currently working well. If it's blocked in your country - use vpn. It's quite simple. I don't agree with you that the best days of torrent sites are over because of streaming platforms. You can't pay for 10+ subscriptions per month to get all content legally. Torrent clients give you a chance to download old movies, games, and software too.
prefix 2 years ago
EZTV.RE + vpn = 100% works. I download and watch all movies and series via eztv. If you want to watch them legally you'll have to pay a lot. Just imagine: Netflix + Hulu + amazon prime + apple tv plus + disney plus + hbo max.... = an ENORMOUS amount of money! Or you can pay approximately $100 for vpn and enjoy all series and movies. Too obvious choice for me.
prefix 2 years ago
I remember being really upset when EZTV was down, it was a perfect way for me to see what tv show was airing at the moment. It took me time to find a new torrent service and it still wasn't the same, not as good as EZTV. After a while, I found proxies and it was amazing. Also, unblockit.buzz has got a huuuuge list of sites that have been blocked and you can get access through it. As for the VPN for torrenting, I've been using Cyberghost for a pretty long time and can recommend it as well.
prefix 2 years ago
Everyone who is a fan of the tv shows torrent is aware of the EZTV. For me, it is by far the best website of the torrent for downloading all the TV episodes which are new. Dean, you're absolutely right that there are at least 25 good torrent sites, but they are not the same as EZTV. Want to watch all the latest episodes? EZTV is the only place to do it. But don't forget to use VPN to avoid conversations with authorities.
prefix 2 years ago
Thank you for this information! I cannot access EZTV unless I use a proxy now. My ISP/NBN has now officially blocked the eztv.wf. So, I use one of the proxies above for full pirate access. But sometimes all EZTV proxies aren’t working, so I have to wait or visit Nyaa to download my favorite anime or exploring new titles. If you only download anime you can easily switch from EZTV to Nyaa. And I don't agree with you that the best days of torrent sites are over.
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