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Best Torrent Sites for Games: PC, XBOX, PSx, Handheld [April 2022]


In the age of anti-piracy, it's not easy to download games if you can't buy them. Torrent sites have come to the rescue. They are designed to help dozens, hundreds and thousands of users download and share games and any other files.

I decided to create my own list of torrent sites for games after I started researching hacker attacks on various devices via infected games. In the process, I ran into a big problem - on many torrent platforms I know, like YTS, there is only video content.

A Google search yielded links to reviews that did not have a clear division of games by platform, links to sites often did not work, and they often seemed to be taking information from each other.

Ultimately I decided to create my list of the best game torrent sites that you will find in this article.

I also want to share my experience of finding torrents on several torrent sites at once. 

⚠️ Before downloading any files using torrents:

Do you know or guess about the risks of torrenting (real fines and subpoenas), don’t want to have problems with the law, but want to do it 100% safely?

Then always use a VPN for safe torrenting. This is a legal technology, it is simple and fast to install.

At the bottom of the article, you can find a list of the three best VPN services that are guaranteed to hide the addresses of the visited sites from the Internet provider and encrypt the transmitted and received data without the possibility of interception or analysis. Also, you will not be able to identify the visited resources.

Protect torrenting with best VPN


The article has a research nature and doesn’t call for copyright infringement or otherwise breaking the law. Before downloading torrent files make sure they are in the public domain or not copyrighted.​

Pros and cons of downloading games from torrent sites

Have you ever downloaded games or any other files using torrent clients? If yes, then you should know that when the downloaded file reaches your computer or smartphone, it becomes available for downloading by other members of the Peer-to-Peer community.

Innocuous downloading automatically turns into distribution.

This is the main legal problem with torrenting, as games are mostly trademarked, and distributing them without the knowledge of the copyright holder violates the law. 

How can you avoid this?

The torrent client doesn’t imply disabling the distribution of materials. But you can reduce the upload speed to zero, and after the complete download stop the task.

The second problem of downloading a game from torrent sites is a possible malware infection. These can be Trojans through which cyber criminals take control of a computer and use it in criminal schemes without the user's knowledge.

This concerns set-top boxes to a lesser extent, but hacker technologies are constantly evolving and today not a single device connected to the Internet is 100% protected from attacks.

Cons of downloading games torrent

  • High risk of copyright infringement.
  • In some countries (Germany, Belgium, and some others) any torrenting is prohibited.
  • Installation of a torrent client is required.
  • Games can be infected

Pros of downloading games torrent

  • Absolutely free.
  • Huge selection.
  • Is free.
  • No registration.

In addition to running a VPN, I highly recommend installing an antivirus on the computer on which you plan to install the downloaded game. At a minimum, you need to install all the latest OS updates.

Top 5 torrent sites for PC games

A good torrent site for games must meet three conditions:

  1. Good selection of games.
  2. Division into categories (by type of device)
  3. The sufficient number of participants (seeds) for a quick download.

It is best to use sites with good traffic. The more people downloaded torrents from the site, the more seeds there will be on the P2P network. This means more games are available for download without waiting and at high speed.

The practice has shown that the most visited sites may not have torrent games. Therefore, you need to consider the types of content they offer.

Site functionality and layout play an important role. There are some very popular resources with outdated designs and limited search capabilities. Conversely, some platforms are average in terms of attendance but very easy to find games.

Below I will list 5 torrent sites ideal for downloading free games. I took into account all of the above parameters and created my checked list of sites.

See also the chapter “A quick way to find any games” for an alternative search for any games.


1. 1337X1337X logo

  • Number of visitors: >45 million per month
  • Maximum number of peers: > 4.000
  • Topics: Games, Books, Movies, Music, Software, TV shows, XXX
  • Year of foundation: 2008

1337X for games

The best torrent site for downloading games from less popular platforms is 1337X. This resource, like RARBG, is primarily focused on movies, but will also be interesting for gamers.

Probably the best choice for downloading shared games for Wii, PSP, Switch, and GameCube.

On other sites, I also saw releases for these platforms, but only on 1337X they are placed in separate subcategories.


  • Number of visitors: > 35 million per month
  • Topics: All
  • Maximum number of peers: > 7.000
  • Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX360
  • Year of foundation: 2008

RARBG for games

RARBG can confidently be called one of the best torrent sites in 2022. It is very popular with free video fans. I also recommended this site for e-book lovers.

When I faced the need to download games for different platforms, it was RARBG that made it as easy as possible.

Convenient search with main subcategories allows you to find and download most of the popular game releases in minutes.

A small drawback of RARBG is the need to visit the page of a specific file to get a magnet link or torrent file. On the other hand, this eliminates many errors, since the short information in the file name often doesn’t give a complete picture of the game being downloaded.

The download page has all the necessary information about the file and published screenshots of the game.

3. The Pirate BayTPB logo

  • Number of visitors: >25 million per month
  • Maximum number of peers: > 4.000
  • Topics: Games, Books, Movies, Music, Software, TV shows, XXX
  • Platforms: PC, PSx, XBOX, XBOX360, WII, HANDHELD, OTHER OS
  • Year of foundation: 2003

The Pirate Bay for games

The oldest large torrent site currently in operation, The Pirate Bay also has many game torrents. Hundreds of popular and collectible live game titles can be found on only a handful of torrent sites.

TPB has only one drawback - if you don't know what you are looking for, then the site will be too little information. Finding relevant content is greatly hampered by poor pagination. When you look at the search results, you get the impression that there are only 50 similar files on the site. This isn’t the case. You just need to change the search query.


  • Number of visitors: >12 million per month
  • Maximum number of peers: > 3.000
  • Topics: Games, AudioBooks, E-Books, Movies, Software, Anime
  • Year of foundation: 2008

Zooqle for games

Zooqle could be # 2 or even # 1 on this list, but I don't like its design. It tires the eyes and doesn’t make it difficult to obtain information.

Otherwise, Zooqle is a great torrent site for downloading games. Well-designed functionality, broken down into 11 game subcategories, simplifies navigation.

A big plus of the site is the availability of download links right in the file list. You don't need to go to the page of every material.

RARBG logo

  • Number of visitors: >15 million per month
  • Maximum number of peers: > 6.000
  • Topics: Game, Movies, Music, Books, Software, TV shows, XXX
  • Platforms: PC, PSx, XBOX
  • Year of foundation: 2008

Kickass Torrents for games

Despite the crazy popularity and long history, KAT did not impress me with the games section.

However, I found “DARQ: Complete Edition” there, which I could not find on other sites.

Compared to the resources listed above, KAT has a small selection of games. The number of seeds and leeches is always high. At the time of this writing, Cyberpunk.2077 can be downloaded with 6125 seeds.

KAT also allows Zooqle to download games directly from the file list.

Torrent sites for XBOX / PSx / Handheld games

In the process of studying games torrent sites, I have not come across highly specialized platforms for sharing files designed only for consoles. Therefore, it is better to search for such games on the same sites as PC games (see the list above).

Here's my recommended list of Xbox / PS / PSP torrent sites:

A quick way to find any games

Torrent search engine for games: how it works

What if you need to keep an eye on a new game release?

Browsing all sites is very tedious and time-consuming.

I know a better way. Use Torrent Search Engines. This is the perfect way to control the libraries of all major torrent sites at once.

This method is also suitable for finding rare or outdated games.

For example, we need to download King's Bounty. Go to AIO Search and enter “king’s bounty” in the search bar. The first click on the search button will predictably open the ad tab. Close it and click again.

Done! Here is a list of torrents:

AIO Search result

Now you can not only select a specific distribution by file name and number of seeds but also select a torrent site from which the download will take place (top menu tabs).

Next, you need to click on the file name and you will be taken to the download page, where there is all the information, a link to the .torrent file, and a magnet link.

Using Torrent Search Engines makes finding games and any other torrents much easier. There is no need to keep track of the relevance of the URLs of the torrent sites.

Torrenting safety rules

How can you protect yourself from potential torrenting problems?

There are 4 guidelines to help you safely and anonymously visit torrent sites and download any shared files.

How safe to use torrent for games?

  1. Install VPN.
  2. Activate protection against malicious sites in the VPN app.
  3. Launch the torrent client or open magnet links only when the Kill Switch is on (see below in the description of VPNs).

Any protection method without using a VPN doesn’t guarantee the protection of Internet activity. It is possible to mask the addresses of torrent sites, but when downloading a file, the ISP detects BitTorrent traffic.

You can hide the BitTorrent protocol only when using encryption. You can do this either by creating your own SSH tunnel to your server on the Internet or by installing a VPN.

Top 3 VPNs for Torrenting

You can use any VPN service that allows torrenting, guarantees confidentiality, and works stably without losing connection with the server.

I have tested paid and free VPNs. The conclusion isn’t in favor of free services. They deliberately create obstacles to working with BitTorrent, since it isn’t profitable for them to pass a lot of traffic through themselves and reflect abuses from copyright holders. 

Also, many of the free VPNs for torrenting completely block BitTorrent. For example, ProtonVPN.  

Below are the 3 best VPNs for torrenting and torrenting sites in 2022. They all have paid subscriptions. They start at $2.49 per month.

1. Surfshark is the Strong and Budget VPN

Surfshark VPN for torrent sites

  • P2P / torrenting support: Excellent
  • Privacy Protection: High
  • Price: From $2.29 per month
  • Supported platforms: All OSs
  • Logging: Doesn’t keep logs

Surfshark is ideal for game torrenting due to the best combination of price and features. It is this service that offers the lowest price on the market with no restrictions at all.

Surfshark allows BitTorrent on all of its servers.

It also has an effective Kill Switch. This technology blocks device traffic if the connection to the VPN server is lost. This can happen if the Internet is unstable or there is a problem with the ISP. The danger of this situation is that when you reconnect to the VPN, the traffic remains unprotected. Most VPN users are unaware of this and leak BitTorrent.

Surfshark also has advanced features to protect against malicious sites that can be opened through ads on torrent platforms.

Surfshark Preview
The best offer for torrenting

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2. ExpressVPN is Super Fast Premium VPN

ExpressVPN for torrent sites

  • P2P / torrenting support: Excellent
  • Privacy Protection: Ultra High
  • Price: From $6.67 per month
  • Supported platforms: All OSs
  • Logging: Confirmed doesn’t keep logs

I recommend ExpressVPN to anyone looking for premium software. Superfast servers and proven first-class privacy protection for years, VPN locations in 94 countries, and Split Tunneling technology to work VPN only with selected programs or apps.

ExpressVPN is priced slightly higher than Surfshark or NordVPN. But only with a subscription for more than 1 month. The provider also has a convenient 6-month plan.

ExpressVPN Preview
Connect to a premium VPN

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3. NordVPN is the Strong and Universal VPN

NordVPN for torrent sites

  • P2P / torrenting support: Excellent
  • Privacy Protection: High
  • Price: From $3.29 per month for 2-year plan (2022 Winter promotion)
  • Supported platforms: All OSs
  • Logging: Doesn’t keep logs

NordVPN also has all the features you need to protect your torrenting. Moreover, it has an advanced KillSwitch, which closes the selected app at the moment of loss of size or when reconnecting. You can choose a torrent client as such an app.

I also like the fast connection speed of the NordVPN app. After the introduction in 2020 of support for the WireGuard protocol, apps stopped loading the processor, and connecting to servers began to take 2-3 seconds, instead of 10-15 on the classic OpenVPN protocol.

Note that NordVPN recently lowered prices for its annual plan. Now it is the cheapest VPN with a one-year subscription.

NordVPN Preview
Connect to a fast and affordable VPN

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Downloading games from torrents is easy. You just need to choose your torrent site, which is more suitable for your requirements.

I have provided lists of the best game torrent websites and also suggested an alternative fast and easy way to find games for PC, PSx, Xbox, and other platforms.

Besides, I recommend that you pay attention to security because even if torrenting isn’t regulated by law in your country, you cannot be sure that investigations on the side of torrent sites will not lead to you through the logs of their servers.

Write your comments and ask any questions about torrent games in the comments below the article.

Dean Chester.


prefix 1 year ago
Downloading pirated games is getting harder. Torrent sites keep fighting! Btw is there any news about Far Cry 6 release date? I'm really looking forward to this game! Most games are released at torrents prior to the retail date. I visit ZOOQLEE for downloading fresh games. The last far cry required 20 GB of available space. This means you need to have a fast internet connection to download it. + you need a vpn service to download such content safely without risks.
prefix 1 year ago
Games are getting more and more expensive both on disks and digital versions you download from stores. I understand, it's a hard work, 100 hours per day etc, but as for me, these are corporations having no shame whatsoever. I've got a hacked XBox and download pirate version of games I'm not sure I'd enjoy, so it's more like for checking them out. If I like it, I 100% buy just to avoid bugs that can be in pirate versions. RARBG is my favorite, but I'd also add QBitTorrent to the list, they've got a nice range of games too.
prefix 1 year ago
Have recently got a new PS but decided to try downloading games via torrents. At first, I tried gazellagames torrents, it's quite a popular one, and has a lot to choose from, but the thing is it's a membership-based website where you’ll be asked to log in/register and give your approval, which is not an option for me at all. I'm currently using Kickass Torrents it's stable and works steadily. I also like the fact it's a general torrenting website, so I can download other thing, not only games.
prefix 1 year ago
NordVPN is good if you use torrent for games. been dealing with it for a while now. Didn't notice any flaws in this it, very cheap subscription and fast speed, which is good news. A strict policy without logs, for me it's kinda important. I don't buy a subscription without a reason.
prefix 1 year ago
Sometimes I feel guilty for pirating games, but then I look at the prices... And you know, if a game is good, I'll buy it. But I prefer to give it a try first, and not all games offer a demo version. 1337x is nice, though their search is horrible. KAT is my favorite, but it's a pity I can't see the comments anymore, there was useful info there.
prefix 1 year ago
The tough life of a pirate gets easier with lists like that :) Thank god I don't live in Germany where torrents aren't allowed, have you seen the prices for games? Even on sale, it costs a considerable sum of money. Once or twice I bought games that turned out to be not my cup of tea and I could've spent money on something more useful. At least, if I do love the game, if it's well made and has got nice mechanics and a plot, I will buy it for sure just to support the team, but I prefer to give it a try first. I always try out demo versions if there are any.
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