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7 Best Torrent Websites For Music + Music Torrent Search Engines (April 2023)


Download any music for free on one site? Easy! There is a great way that requires no registration or subscription - torrent sites with mp3. In this article I've collected the main music torrent sites that are relevant in 2023, and I also offer a way to quickly search for any music on several sites at once.

There are quite a few streaming music services out there today that let you listen to music for almost free. But I don't like using them. Mobile internet can be unstable, and often you just want to listen to a new selection of songs without bothering to click on the screen in the menu of a music website.

Torrent websites are best for downloading music directly to your device.

There are at least 7 major sites literally packed with music torrents.

Also, there is a great way to download music collections from several such sites at once. It's incredibly convenient! I'll cover this method after a quick roundup of the best torrent sites for music.

Before downloading any files using torrents:

Do you know or guess about the risks of torrenting (real fines and subpoenas), don’t want to have problems with the law, but want to do it 100% safely?

Then always use a VPN for safe torrenting. This is a legal technology, it is simple and fast to install.

At the bottom of the article, you can find a list of the three best VPN services that are guaranteed to hide the addresses of the visited sites from the Internet provider and encrypt the transmitted and received data without the possibility of interception or analysis. Also, you will not be able to identify the visited resources.


The article has a research nature and doesn’t call for copyright infringement or otherwise breaking the law. Before downloading torrent files, please make sure that they are in the public domain and that their use isn’t copyrighted.

Protect torrenting with a VPN

Pros and cons of downloading music from torrent sites

As you can see, torrenting music files has not only obvious advantages but can also be dangerous in some cases.

If you have not yet downloaded files from torrents to your device, but you need to attend to the installation of special software - a torrent client. It is this app that will download materials and place them in the device's memory or on disk. Torrent sites don’t directly contain MP3, MP4, or any other music files themselves. They contain .torrent files or magnet links that only a torrent client can handle.

Do you live in Germany, Belgium, or any other country where BitTorrent is prohibited? Then this way of downloading free music without effective VPN protection would be too dangerous.

Many novice users of torrent websites for music and other types of content don’t pay enough attention to the fact that torrenting isn’t only downloading but also distributing files. Any downloaded file becomes available to other members of the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network.

I don't think I need to talk about the difference between a harmless download of a song that is protected by a license from distributing it without the knowledge of the copyright holder.

The final disadvantage of music torrenting is that advertising on torrent platforms is very different from regular sites where ads are limited to search giants like Google. On torrent websites, ads often open in new tabs with every first click on any element on the page. Anything can be in these tabs.

Torrent ads

In the screenshot, I gave an example of intrusive advertising that misleads the user. It seems that notifications need to be activated to continue working with torrents. But this isn’t the case. This is a dummy. These pop-ups must be closed immediately.

Besides, there is no guarantee that a phishing page will not open there. This is why I recommend using a VPN that blocks phishing URLs (read at the end of the article).

In addition to running a VPN, you can install an antivirus on the device that will be used for torrenting. It is also advisable to install all the latest OS updates.

Top 7 torrent sites for music

A good music torrent site must meet four conditions:

  1. Good selection of performers (musicians).
  2. Division into categories (genres).
  3. The sufficient number of participants (seeds) for a quick download.
  4. Availability of both audio files and music movies.

It is best to choose music torrent websites with good traffic. The more people downloaded torrents from the site, the more seeds there will be on the P2P network. This means that it is more likely that the selected distribution will be immediately active and the download speed will be high. This is especially important for music movies.

At the same time, my research on torrent sites showed that the top sites in terms of traffic may not have music files. Therefore, you also need to consider the specialization of sites.

Site functionality and layout play an important role. There are some very popular resources with outdated designs and limited search capabilities. Conversely there are average traffic but very convenient platforms for finding music.

Next, I will list 5 torrent sites ideal for downloading free music. I took into account all of the above parameters and created my checked list of sites.

Also see the chapter “A quick way to find any music” to find songs, music tracks, and music movies from multiple torrent platforms at once.


  • Number of visitors: >5 million per month
  • Topics: Music, Movies, Software, Games
  • Maximum number of peers: > 2.500
  • Formats: Audio (MP3, AAC, FLAC), Video
  • Year of foundation: 2007
TD music category

Even though TorrentDownloads doesn’t occupy the first positions in the overall ranking of torrent sites, it is undeniably the best of all competitors for downloading music.

It was only on TorrentDownloads that I found a complete breakdown into subcategories by music genre. 43 subcategories for every taste! Here are just a few of them:

  • Alternative
  • Game Music
  • Heavy/Death Metal
  • Jazz
  • Rap
  • Soul
  • Music Videos

Other sites, at best, have subcategories by file format and by type of source (DVD, Album, Radio).

I also liked the number of files available for download (about 400,000).

But not without a drawback. Most of the presented music torrent files have zero seeds. This means that it is impossible to download them until at least one owner of this file appears on the network.

This applies primarily to unpopular genres and performers. Trending hits and famous compositions can be downloaded without problems.

2. 1337X

  • Number of visitors: >45 million per month
  • Maximum number of peers: > 4.000
  • Topics: Music, Games, Books, Movies, Software, TV shows, XXX
  • Formats: MP3, FLAC, AAC, DVD
  • Year of foundation: 2008
1337X music category

One of my favorite torrent sites. There is no category in which 1337x doesn’t have a good selection of torrents. His music is also good.

Only a few torrent platforms have Top 100 directories. 1337x has 5 such directories at once:

  • Popular Today
  • Popular This Week
  • Trending Today
  • Trending This Week
  • Top 100 this Months

You can find them by visiting the popular music page.

According to my observations, 1337x is perfect not only for fans of modern hits but also for fans of collectibles. So, for example, at the time of this writing, one of the most popular downloads on the site was "Cyndi" Lauper 1994.

Read the detailed review of 1337X


  • Number of visitors: > 35 million per month
  • Topics: All (Music, Videos, Software, Games, Other)
  • Maximum number of peers: > 7.000
  • Formats: MP3, FLAC
  • Year of foundation: 2008
RARBG music category

RARBG is considered one of the largest torrent repositories of the past 13 years. This also applies to music. The site has thousands of songs, compilations, and music videos.

If you know what you're looking for, you will likely find it on RARBG. And if you want to download something new, then you risk spending too much time on the site. The RARBG search isn’t optimized for relevant content. You need to come here when you already know what to download.

But if you find “your” uploader, similar to your tastes, you can find many new mp3 files for yourself.

RARBG Proxies

4. The Pirate Bay

  • Number of visitors: > 25 million per month
  • Topics: All torrents
  • Maximum number of peers: > 6.000
  • Number of torrents: > 1 million
  • Year of foundation: 2003
TPB music category

Be sure to try The Pirate Bay. This is a legend of the torrent industry - one of the oldest and most strong torrent sites. There can hardly be more torrents than there are on TPB.

There is really a lot of music on it.

The disadvantage of the site, I consider an outdated search. As with RARBG, TPB is inconvenient for finding new materials. It's better if you know in advance what you are looking for.

It is worth knowing one peculiarity of the location of music files in the TPB directory. FLAC files aren’t located in the Music category. They have their category of the same name.

10 best alternatives to The Pirate Bay


  • Number of visitors: >25 million per month
  • Maximum number of peers: > 6.000
  • Topics: Music, Games, Movies, Books, Software, TV shows, XXX
  • Formats: MP3, FLAC
  • Year of foundation: 2008
KT music category

Kickass Torrents (KAT) made it to this Top 7 due to its popularity and a large number of active music distributions.

As with The Pirate Bay and RARBG, it's best if you know the artist or the title of the theme song. It is hardly possible to use KAT to search for something new.

But if you are looking for a specific album or single, then the site will offer you gifts and even hundreds of active options.

For example, when searching for “Burl Ives”, I got 25 results.

Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives


  • Number of visitors: >8 million per month
  • Maximum number of peers: > 3.000
  • Topics: All
  • Formats: MP3, FLAC, MP4, AVI, Z3K
  • Year of foundation: 2018
TG music category

TorrentGalaxy – с TorrentGalaxy is the youngest major music torrent site I know.

The site stands out for having separate directories for audio files and music videos. I emphasize this because, on most other torrent websites, music movies have to be searched among movies and TV Shows. The only exception is, perhaps, TorrentDownloads.

TorrentGalaxy offers about 30,000 songs and about 500 music videos.


  • Number of visitors: > 18 million per month
  • Topics: Music Movies, TV shows
  • Maximum number of peers: > 3.000
  • Formats: Video
  • Year of foundation: 2005
EZTV music category

At the bottom of my list is a torrent site, which at first glance may seem far from music. EZTV is focused on TV shows and all kinds of TV broadcasts and TV Packs.

But among them, there were many recordings of concerts, music shows, awards, and competitions.

There are also collections of music videos of the middle and late XX, classics and novelties of the XXI century.

All EZTV proxies

A quick way to find any music

Don't want to be tied to one torrent website? Is the music you are interested in scattered across multiple platforms? Want to have everything in one place like Kodi аdd-ons?

Then use the Torrent Search Engine. This is the perfect way to access libraries of all major torrent sites at once to find music or any other material.

For example, we need to find Rihanna's discography. Go to AIO Search and enter “Rihanna discography” in the search bar.

AIO search engine

The first click on the search button will predictably open the ad tab. Close it and click again.

Done! Here is a list of torrents:

AIO search engine 2

The arrow marks the menu tabs where you can select a torrent site.

There are also search engines that give results in one list.

Using Torrent Search Engines makes it much easier to find music and especially music videos. And it's completely free.

Torrenting safety rules

How can you protect yourself from potential torrenting problems?

There are 4 guidelines to help you safely and anonymously visit torrent sites and download any shared files.

How to safely download music from torrents?

  1. Install VPN.
  2. Activate protection against malicious sites in the VPN app.
  3. Launch the torrent client or open magnet links only when the Kill Switch is on (see below in the description of VPNs).

Why VPN?

Because only this technology simultaneously does:

  • hides the user's IP address
  • packs and encrypts traffic
  • hides the addresses (domain names) of visited sites
  • works for all programs or apps of the device
  • completely legal
  • doesn’t require additional professional knowledge
How VPN works

Only the SSH tunnel has similar properties, but its configuration requires its server on the Internet. There are no services that provide such services.
You can hide BitTorrent activity from your ISP, hide your location, and, in some cases, speed up the Internet using VPN services that provide full-featured protection apps on all OSes.

Top 3 VPNs for Torrenting

In this chapter, I want to talk about VPNs that I regularly test and use myself. As I write this article, I have NordVPN running.

You can use any VPN service that allows torrenting, guarantees confidentiality, and works stably without losing connection with the server.

I have tested paid and free VPNs. The conclusion isn’t in favour of free services. They deliberately create obstacles to working with BitTorrent, since it isn’t profitable for them to pass a lot of traffic through themselves and reflect abuses from copyright holders.

Also, many of the free VPNs for torrenting completely block BitTorrent. For example, ProtonVPN.

1. Surfshark is Strong Budget VPN

⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank:#2 out of #32
📖 No logs policy:Unaudited
💵 Price:From $2.30/month
🖥️ Servers:3200+ servers in 100 countries
🍿 Streaming services:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and more
🔥 Coupons:Surfshark VPN coupon 83% OFF + 3 months FREE

Surfshark is ideal for music torrenting due to the best combination of price and features. It is the cheapest high-end VPN available today.

Surfshark allows BitTorren Surfshark allows BitTorrent on all of its servers (in all countries). This eliminates the additional risk of terminating the connection.

It also has an effective Kill Switch. This technology blocks device traffic if the connection to the VPN server is lost. This can happen if the Internet is unstable or there is a problem with the ISP. The danger of this situation is that when you reconnect to the VPN, the traffic remains unprotected. Most VPN users are unaware of this and can leak BitTorrent.

Surfshark also has advanced features to protect against malicious sites that can open in pop-up windows.
Also read: Review of all the features of Surfshark

2. ExpressVPN is a super fast premium VPN

⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank:#7 out of #32
📖 No logs policy:Court-proven, independently-audited
💵 Price:from $8.32/month
🖥️ Servers:3000+ servers in 91 countries
🍿 Streaming services:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and more
🔥 Coupons:ExpressVPN coupon 35% OFF

I recommend ExpressVPN to anyone looking for premium software. Superfast servers and proven first-class privacy protection for years, VPN locations in 91 countries, and Split Tunneling technology to work VPN only with selected programs or apps.

ExpressVPN is priced slightly higher than Surfshark or NordVPN. But only with a subscription for more than 1 month. The provider also has a convenient 6-month plan.

Also read: Review of all the features of ExpressVPN

3. NordVPN is the Strong Universal VPN

⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank:#1 out of #32
📖 No logs policy:Independently-audited
💵 Price:From $3.19/month
🖥️ Servers:5800+ servers in 60 countries
🍿 Streaming services:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and more
🔥 Coupons:NordVPN coupon 68% OFF

NordVPN also has all the features you need to protect your torrenting.

I like this provider for its high connection speed and almost no CPU load. This is achieved by supporting the most advanced VPN protocol to date, WireGuard.

NordVPN also has an advanced Kill Switch that closes the selected app when the connection is lost or when reconnected. Loss of connection can occur at any time with an unstable Internet and for many other reasons.

Note that NordVPN recently lowered prices for its annual plan. Now it is the cheapest VPN with a one-year subscription.

Also read: Review of all the features of NordVPN


So, I showed that by choosing a good torrent site with a lot of music or a convenient torrent search engine, you can quickly download almost any song or music movie.

The trend in the development of torrent sites is such that in the coming years the situation is unlikely to change and millions of listeners around the world will be able to continue downloading files shared using BitTorrent for free.

Pay attention to safety and don’t violate copyright. Torrenting isn’t a tool for criminals. It is a community of enthusiasts and is often the only way to access music content.

Write your comments and ask any questions about music torrent websites in the comments below the article.

Dean Chester.


Jan van westland
prefix 1 year ago
Why is rutracker.org not on your list. For music they deliver the largest library of all torrent websites. rutracker.org completely blows the others out off the water.
prefix 1 year ago
Thanks for listing amazing song torrent sites. I can't wait to try Pirate Bay and EZTV because they look promising! I love downloading music with AtopShare MP3 Downloader Online for a high-quality result in MP3 format. But I want to try something new like torrent sites to see what best works for me. Amazing post Dean!

Char Mei
prefix 1 year ago
Nice post! I love downloading music from YouTube with Acethinker MP3Juice downloader, and it's a real bother when it's not working. That's why I usually rely upon articles like this. So now I got a lot of alternatives to torrent music. These sites are really reliable especially PirateBay and TORRENTGALAXY. Thanks much!
prefix 2 years ago
magic site. Dean is pure genius
prefix 2 years ago
I was sure that torrent downloading sites would fade into the background due to the streaming sites popularity. I was wrong. There are still many people who prefer an offline version of their favorite music. I use TORRENTGALAXY to download old albums. It's almost impossible to find something new there, but it's perfect for downloading old unpopular songs.
prefix 2 years ago
Which one will be a good option if I also plan to download books and series, not only music? I tried using MixtapeTorrent but didn't really like the navigation, and the lack of tracks it provides. It also doesn't update the list of tracks at all though I like this feature in torrent services.
prefix 2 years ago
For me, it was kinda hard to find a decent torrent site to download music for free since I can't currently afford to pay for it. The Pirate Bay is a great tool 'cause I can find almost every seed there, even if it's difficult to do. But I use lime torrents as well when I need a lightweight site since my computer is quite old ahah. I mostly use it when hunting for something popular.
prefix 2 years ago
Thanks for the list! Currently, I don't have an opportunity to use paid streaming services, but I can't live without music. I used RARBG to download tv series, turned out, they've got a good range of music. RockBox is also great for fans of the genre (mostly metal). To make my consciousness clear, I'm making a list of albums I will have to buy later :D
prefix 2 years ago
You can find music anywhere. There are many streaming music services out there today that let you listen to music. But you can also download music on your phone and listen to music for free. If you already have a torrent client such as UTorrent. Just check out TORRENTDOWNLOADS or TORRENTGALAXY. There you can find subcategories by music genre. If you don't want to get caught for copyright violation - use VPN! No matter what torrent website do you prefer.
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