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10 Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents (May 2022)


In 2019, Kickass Torrents was relaunched after a long shutdown, but it never regained its leadership position. We know how strong this tracker was before 2016. Now it is losing ground to other major torrent sites. In this article you will find a description of the best KAT replacements and links to them.


My name is Dean Chester, and I am a secure Internet provider. For a long time, I followed the development of the situation around torrent sites. I was especially interested in the events taking place around the largest sites when in 2012-2018 there were show trials over their owners, and site domains were blocked all over the world.

Kickass Torrents, the largest torrent tracker in the world until 2016, has become one of the indicatively shut down sites.

Its owner, a citizen of Ukraine, Artem Vaulin, was arrested in Poland on July 20, 2016, as a result of an investigation conducted by the American special services. Vaulin was accused of distributing copyrighted material and money laundering.

The site was shut down (the domain of the old Kickass Torrents isn’t available today).

Scammers took advantage of the situation and quickly created dozens of fake torrent sites that were not related to the original. They don’t even have some of the materials that were available on the original.

At the beginning of 2019, the project was relaunched and is still working, only occasionally changing domain names (you can find the current address and mirrors on the list of the 25 best torrent sites in 2022). But the site did not return to its former glory, and some of the materials were lost.

What are the best Kickass Torrents replacement options?

I bring to your attention 10 alternative popular torrent sites, taking into account the number of torrents on them and their traffic (the number of visits to the main domain per month according to SimilarWeb).

⚠️ Do you know or guess about the risks of torrenting, don’t want to get into trouble with the law, but want to do it 100% securely?

Then always use a VPN. It's simple and fast.

At the bottom of the article, you can find a list of the three best VPN services that I use and test personally, and which are guaranteed to hide the addresses of the visited sites from the ISP and encrypt the transmitted and received data without the possibility of interception or analysis. Also, you will not be able to identify the visited resources.

Using the sites published below, you can download software, free video content (movies, series, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries), training videos, podcasts, music, books, and much more.

VPN for Kickass Alternatives

Protect torrenting with a VPN

The article has a research nature and doesn’t call for copyright infringement or otherwise breaking the law. Before downloading torrent files, please make sure that they are in the public domain and that their use isn’t copyrighted.


Before choosing an alternative URL for Kichkass Torrents, try the following proxies/mirrors:

  • rarbg.to (main)
  • rarbgprx.org
  • rarbgunblock.com
  • rarbgto.org
  • rarbgtor.org
  • rarbgmirror.com

Best Kickass Torrents alternatives at 2022

Each of the options presented below is somewhat similar to Kickass but also has its differences. The first 5 sites have more visitors, and the second 5 ones allow you to find content that isn’t on KAT. Using them, you will find any torrent.

Besides, there are torrent search engines that search several torrent sites at once.


  • Number of visitors: > 70 million per month
  • Topics: Video
  • Maximum number of peers: > 10.000
  • Number of torrents: > 1 million
  • Year of foundation: 2010

Screenshot of the site YIFY

YIFY (now YTS) is the largest torrent site in the world. It specializes in video materials. The site contains links to over one million files. Among them are mainly feature films, TV shows, TV series, anime, documentaries, and educational films.

YTS is user-friendly because it has a convenient search by genre, rating, year of production, and quality. It, in combination with visual preview picture previews, makes the use of the site as comfortable as possible.

I also note the relatively small amount of ads.

Why is YIFY the best KAT alternative?

Most users are looking for video content. And today, there is no movie torrent site to be more popular than YIFY.

At the same time, if you need music, software, or other types of materials, then pay attention to the following option for Kickass Torrents.


  • Number of visitors: > 40 million per month
  • Topics: All
  • Maximum number of peers: > 7.000
  • Number of torrents: > 1 million
  • Year of foundation: 2008

Screenshot from the RARBG site

RARBG is the best alternative to KAT for downloading software, music, and games. The site also has an extensive collection of movies that rivals the modern Kickass.

Convenient navigation and quick filters greatly facilitate the search of materials. A large number of seeds facilitates fast downloads with BitTorrent clients.

I like the additional sections of the site, where links to the most popular seeds are collected, and there is constantly updated news related to torrenting and cinema novelties.

My personal experience with RARBG has been overwhelmingly positive. Despite the ad tabs opening with every click, I quickly found a good movie in excellent Ultra HD quality.

By the way, the site advertises VPN. But you can use our link and get an extra 20% discount for ExpressVPN right now.

3. 1337X1337X logo

  • Number of visitors: > 30 million per month
  • Topics: All
  • Maximum number of peers: > 4.000
  • Number of torrents: > 100 thousand
  • Year of foundation: 2007

Screenshot from the 1337X site

1337X is also one of the oldest torrent sites out there. It is great as a replacement for Kickass Torrents due to its high popularity and also the presence on its pages of several relevant alternatives at once in case you don’t find the file you need or it doesn’t have active seeds.

1337X is convenient to use thanks to several Top 100 lists at once for all main topics of materials. You can easily find the most popular seeds. 

In 2022, 1337X is ahead of KAT in terms of popularity - 30 million visitors per month versus 20 million.

4. The Pirate BayTPB logo

  • Number of visitors: > 30 million per month
  • Topics: All
  • Maximum number of peers: > 6.000
  • Number of torrents: > 1 million
  • Year of foundation: 2003

Screenshot fro the TPB site

The real legend of torrenting is The Pirate Bay. This torrent tracker appeared in 2003, and a few years has become one of the most visited resources on the Internet. Having gone through several locks and restarts, TPB is still working in 2022. But not in all regions. If you face an access problem, then use the recommendations from the article on ways to unlock The Pirate Bay.

It is a truly inexhaustible source of materials on any topic, including movies, music, games, software, literature (even audiobooks in different languages), and many more.

Like KAT at one time is the largest torrent site, The Pirate Bay is losing popularity today. In my opinion, this is due to the low visibility of the search for shared files. The site has no rendered descriptions and ratings. It is difficult for users to search for unfamiliar content as KAT doesn’t provide any comparisons or top lists.

Nevertheless, the resource deserves respect and attention due to the incredible collection of materials collected over almost 20 years.

5. Ny­­aaNYAA logo

  • Number of visitors: > 40 million per month
  • Topics: Anime
  • Maximum number of peers: > 5.000
  • Number of torrents: > 300 thousand.
  • Year of foundation: 2005

Screenshot from the Nyaa site

The increasingly popular torrent site Nyaa, with links to hundreds of thousands of anime movies, is the perfect alternative to Kickass Torrents if you're into this genre of video.

Perhaps there is no more extensive base of anime torrents, both in the original Japanese language and with translations into English and some other languages.

But Nyaa is interesting not only for Japanese cartoons. The site also offers software, literature, and pictures.

The site cannot be a 100% substitute for KAT for all types of materials, so I recommend visiting other recommended torrent sites as well.

6. TorrentGalaxyTG logo

  • Number of visitors: > 8 million per month
  • Topics: Movies, Apps, Books, Music, Documentaries, Games
  • Maximum number of peers: > 1000
  • Number of torrents: > 50 thousand.
  • Year of foundation: -

Screenshot from the TorrentGalaxy site

I recommend TorrentGalaxy as an alternative to KAT when searching for movie files. The main advantage of TG is that it is very visual. Having entered the site, you will see not only the lines of the name of the torrents but also many posters of new products and the most popular files.

But that's not all.

I liked the fact that the posters also appear when you hover over the torrent links. Thus, without reading the contents of the link, you can accurately determine which torrent it leads to.

7. EZTVEZTV logo

  • Number of visitors: > 18 million per month
  • Subjects: TV Show, episodes
  • Maximum number of peers: > 2000
  • Number of torrents: > 40 thousand.
  • Year of foundation: 2005

Screenshot from the EZTV site

The next torrent tracker, EZTV, offers only video materials. On it, you will find a lot of movies that aren’t on other sites.

At the same time, I recommend using EZTV in cases where you already know what to look for. It is because it doesn’t have a visual search system, which is so necessary in cases when you need to find something new.

The site has an average popularity that is below the current popularity of Kickass. Therefore, it is suitable for finding rare films that aren’t found on other trackers.

8. ZooqleZooqle logo

  • Number of visitors: > 10 million per month
  • Topics: Movies, Software, Books, Games
  • Maximum number of peers: > 1000
  • Number of torrents: > 10 thousand.
  • Year of foundation: 2010

Screenshot from the Zooqle site

On Zoogle, you can find torrents of all popular topics. Although its main page is adapted for video content, it also has many links to software, music, popular games, and books.

To be honest, I don’t like the main page of the site. For some reason, they made her faded. The fonts are grey, not contrasting. It makes the site unpleasant to use.

But under Zoogle, a fairly popular torrent tracker. It can help in cases where there is no way to go to other more powerful sites with magnet links.

9. Torrent DownloadsTorrent Downloads logo

  • Number of visitors: > 10 million per month
  • Topics: Movies, Software, Books, Games
  • Maximum number of peers: > 1000
  • Number of torrents: > 10 thousand.
  • Year of foundation: 2010

Screenshot from the Torrent Downloads site

Torrent Downloads is a classic torrent site with many subcategories. It greatly facilitates the search of shared files in cases where the exact name is unknown, but the category and some other information are known.

For example, if you are looking for a photo editor, then you just need to go to the appropriate section and download a torrent file of any of the options presented. It is also convenient to do with movies, books, and music.

The only problem with Torrent Downloads is a large number of downloads without active seeders. From my observation, most torrent files have 0 seeds.

10. ExtraTorrentExtra Torrent logo

  • Number of visitors: > 2 million per month
  • Topics: Movies, TV, Music, Software, Mobile, Games, Books, Anime, Pictures
  • Maximum number of peers: > 500
  • Number of torrents: > 10 thousand
  • Year of foundation: 2006

Screenshot from the ExtraTorrent site

Last on my list of Kickass Torrents alternatives was ExtraTorrent. It is noticeably inferior to competitors in traffic, but it will help you download many rare pictures, software, and audio files.

On the site, you will find a total of more than 10 thematic sections.

Warning: ExtraTorrent has a lot of fakes that cannot replace KAT. Therefore, be careful and use only the link from our site.

How not to get caught in fake Kickass Torrents

Unfortunately, perpetrators always use blocking of popular resources to get light traffic. As a rule, “mirrors” of broken sites are created, and users find them themselves. And such resources may contain malicious software!

How to avoid cheating?

There are three ways to keep yourself safe and secure yourself:

  1. Use a strong VPN with protection against malicious sites (list below in the article).
  2. Use only links verified by experts (all links in this article are checked).
  3. Visual comparison. If you know exactly what a blocked torrent site looked like, then its proxy should look the same.

Safety rules for torrenting

Whether you are using the original KAT or its alternative, it is extremely important to ensure protection when visiting the site itself, downloading a torrent file, and especially when downloading shared files using a BitTorrent client.   

How to use Kickass Torrent’s alternatives safely?

  1. Ensure complete anonymity with VPN.
  2. Activate protection against malicious addresses in the VPN app.
  3. Launch BitTorrent client or open magnet links only when Kill Switch is on (read about this function in the description of VPN software below).
  4. Don’t publish information about your activities on social networks and public platforms.

Top 3 VPNs for torrenting

Always use a VPN for torrenting to bypass blocking, complete anonymity, and secure traffic. It's simple, fast, and significantly cheaper than the fines that can be imposed after the ISP records P2P activity. Even if your country doesn’t have laws prohibiting torrents, I highly recommend hiding your location using a VPN so that you don’t have problems with the laws of other countries during the next show investigation of the torrent site.

1. Surfshark is strong and low-budget VPN

Surfshark VPN for torrent sites

  • P2P / torrenting support: excellent
  • Privacy Protection: high
  • Price: from $2.49 per month
  • Supported platforms: all OSs
  • Logging: doesn’t keep

Surfshark is a super optimized VPN for torrenting. It is perfectly balanced for P2P use.

First, the provider allows the downloading of shared files through any of its servers.

Secondly, it has an advanced malware and ad blocker as well as a Kill Switch feature. This feature instantly blocks all traffic in the event of a security breach and thereby prevents the leakage of P2P connection data. As a result, the ISP will be under no circumstances

The Surfshark app setup is easy, even for inexperienced users. Go to the service website and follow the instructions.

Surfshark Preview
The best offer for torrenting

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2. ExpressVPN is a super fast VPN

ExpressVPN for torrent sites

  • P2P/torrenting support: excellent
  • Privacy Protection: ultra high
  • Price: from $6.67 per month
  • Supported platforms: all OSs
  • Logging: doesn’t keep (confirmed)

ExpressVPN stands out from the competition with its higher top speed (over 150 Mbps) and diskless servers. Thanks to them, it isn’t possible to register user activity. It ensures that there are no logs.

There is also a Kill Switch and a handy Split Tunneling feature that allows you to launch a VPN for selected apps only.

For real use, ExpressVPN is convenient due to its high speed. No matter how fast your internet is. With this provider, you will hardly notice a drop of your download speed.

ExpressVPN Preview
Connect to a premium VPN

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3. NordVPN is the universal VPN

NordVPN for torrent sites

  • P2P/torrenting support: excellent
  • Privacy Protection: high
  • Price: from $3.29 per month for 2-year plan (2022 Winter promotion)
  • Supported platforms: all OSs
  • Logging: doesn’t keep

NordVPN is an even stronger VPN service. Without advertising, I admit - I most often use it. High connection speed and connection stability are extremely important to me. In my opinion, NordVPN is the most comfortable to use and, at the same time, has everything you need for maximum protection.

The only drawback over Surfshark is the slightly higher price.

The provider has special torrenting servers that are easy to select from the app menu. The setting also includes Kill Switch and Ad Block.

NordVPN Preview
Connect to a fast and affordable VPN

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Why is there an alternative to Kickass Torrents?

Since the domain name of the KAT website is blocked from time to time, including for a long period, access to torrents will be impossible. Also, after the website was re-launched in 2019 after a 3-year down, it was never able to regain the positions it held before.

In this regard, it is wise to have a choice of torrent sites to find the right materials and more active distributions.

Which of the KAT analogue sites are the best?

I’ve presented the resources that are the closest in terms of the choice of topics and the number of seeders. These are sites containing a large selection of torrents of a wide variety of topics.

These trackers are the best Kickass replacements.

Besides, this list is supplemented by sites containing links to shared files that aren’t on KAT.

Can KAT analogues be blocked?

Yes, they can.

Even though the torrents themselves don’t contain content that may be prohibited by copyright or patents, a real war is going on between the associations of copyright holders and torrent trackers. Most often, domains are blocked. Therefore, any torrent can be blocked at any time.

On the other hand, most of the listed sites have mirrors (proxies) on other domains. You can find a list of them in our article on the top 25 torrent sites.


prefix 2 years ago
Kickass torrents is back up! I'm happy because the owners and the site managers revived the site. I've been downloading torrents via their website for almost 4 years. Government intervention to shut down torrent sites is not a long-term solution and you can always avoid geo blocking. Connect to a VPN and start downloading free content.
prefix 2 years ago
Products nowadays are too expensive so torrent sites are the only solution if you don't want to be a caveman and get software, literature and pictures. There are lots of huge lists on the internet for those who are ready to become a pirate, though it would take time to choose a good one. As for me, I spent some time using Limetorrents, though it's not the best torrent tracker. Recently I switched to Torrentgalaxy, so far so good.
prefix 2 years ago
kickasstorrents is one of the top names when it comes to torrenting. but it has been blocked in india. don't be afraid, you fellows, we have vpn! in early 2000s i completed an internship at sun pharmaceutical and vpn helped me to survive there. latest hollywood movies, nba highlights - you can find everything the! god bless their founders and site administrators. polish authorities have arrested them 4-5 yeras ago.
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