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OkayFreedom Review 2024 – Is it Worth Overpaying?

OkayFreedom is one of two VPN services of the German company Steganos Software GmbH. It is notable for having a free plan. According to my observations, this is a classic free VPN with the ability to upgrade to a Premium subscription with all the typical features:

  • Limited traffic-free plan
  • Minimal feature set
  • A small selection of locations, even on a paid tariff (21). By comparison, ExpressVPN has over 3000 servers in 105 countries
  • Presence of ads in free apps
  • Weak support
  • Support of only some platforms (in our case, only Windows)
  • Low level of security

I say all of this is based on the experience of using it and the results of extensive testing.

To begin with, downloading OkayFreedom through the Chrome browser isn’t so easy. The browser protection system informs that the downloaded file can be a threat to the computer:

Okayfreedom download error message

Is that okay for recommended VPN services?

Definitely not! The vast majority of VPN apps I tested, including free ones, are downloaded without any restrictions and don’t pose a threat.

What is the reason? In embedded ad serving technologies that aren’t approved by Google.

However, I researched the capabilities of OkayFreedom and concluded that the service has more disadvantages than advantages.

Technical capabilities are far behind competitors, and the company's website contains almost no information about the technologies used, encryption standards, and support of such popular areas as torrenting and streaming.

The provider works only on the standard "slow" OpenVPN protocol, has a speed of 2-10 Mbps, and a free traffic limit of 2 GB per month.

Ads make it difficult to work with the app. You can disable them only by switching to a paid subscription.

Read on to learn more about OkayFreedom VPN.

What can OkayFreedom do?

The provider works only on Windows, and for this platform, it has a minimum set of features:

  • masking the IP address
  • access to VPN servers in 21 countries
  • encryption of transmitted and received data
  • unblocking sites

If we consider OkayFreedom as a free VPN, then this is enough. One just has to remember that there is a limitation of monthly traffic consumption.

You can also use the service with a paid subscription - there will be no ads and no traffic limit. But here there is a significant limitation - you need to pay extra money for each new connected device.

If there are more than 2-3 of them, then the price rises higher than the best premium service of 2022 ExpressVPN, which allows you to connect up to 5 devices at no additional cost.

Brief result of the conducted testing

After conducting a series of tests for the speed, safety, and quality of the software, I got very modest results:

The speed during the day varied from 0.7 Mbps to 10 Mbps. Such differences were especially pronounced on the US server. Streaming is partially supported. I was able to unblock DE Netflix. Streaming giants Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO aren’t supported.

I don't recommend torrenting with OkayFreedom. This is due to the lack of Kill Switch protection, which is needed to block the connection in case of violation of the integrity of the VPN channel.

The software, as I’ve already said, is determined by the protection of Google Chrome as unsafe. However, there is no evidence that it contains malicious code. Most likely, this is a reaction to aggressive advertising technologies.


OkayFreedom currently offers 2 VPN plans to the clients.

Free account

There is a bandwidth limit of 500MB for this plan, but you can increase your traffic by submitting referrals. With each referral, you can get an additional 100MB. The bandwidth allotted to the free subscribers is limited to 2 GB. The free version is supported by advertisements.


This plan has an annual charge of $29.95 with unlimited traffic. There won’t be any additional advertisements. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee to provide reassurance to any person having doubts about the quality of service. The number of connections allowed per user account is only one.

OkayFreedom pricing

Info on servers

There are 40 servers for OkayFreedom VPN located 12 different countries, including the UK, USA, Germany, France, etc. This Windows VPN client is using the OpenVPN protocol. You can choose the location you want to project by just clicking your mouse button once.


The important features that are offered by OkayFreedom VPN include:

  • Automatic mode. This is a special feature you will enjoy when you opt for OkayFreedom VPN download. When the user is trying to access the web content from geographically restricted location, this VPN service will create an automatic connection with the nearest server in the region to give a false identity to use the net.
  • Performance. OkayFreedom offers better performance for downloading and uploading. You will be able to surf the sites faster than many other VPN providers when you use this SSL VPN service.
  • Protection at hotspots. The connection encryption by the service prevents data theft and keeps your personal information protected.
  • Online invisibility. You can avoid being spied on using this service. Your IP address gets concealed and it will be impossible for third parties know your online presence and activities.
OkayFreedom features

Security and privacy

The company uses OpenVPN client, which the most secure protocol available at present. Your connection will be encrypted using 128-bit BlowFish encryption, which makes it highly secure for the users. OkayFreedom does not keep the details of the sites the users are visiting through the service.

It is not possible for third parties to understand who are the users using the specific IP addresses. There is absolutely no need to worry about privacy when you download OkayFreedom VPN for Windows. The data protection is done in accordance with the German policy.

Client account

There is no registration required to use the free service. You can simply install the OkayFreedom VPN software and start browsing the net without any censorship. There is no need for any password to access the account or service. When you are using a premium flat plane, you need to provide personal details such as name, e-mail address, city, postal code, etc. You need to also specify your payment option to start using the software.


OkayFreedom is designed for use in devices using Windows operating systems. It will support Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP. This software does not support Android devices, iPhone, iPad or iPod. It is compatible with browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. Thus, this Opera VPN and other browsers is a good solution if you are going to use it on a PC or a laptop.

This is completely a solution for Windows devices and it performs very well in Windows systems. The unique feature of this product is its ability to detect the web contents which are blocked in the country and re-routing the user to a server which provides access to the blocked content.


OkayFreedom is a VPN service from Steganos, Germany and is easy to use. It is an affordable product. You don’t have to find out which server you should use. The innovative automatic server connection mode and superb performance make it a good choice for any Windows system user. The only problems are the limited support options and the availability of unlimited service, which is restricted only for the annual plan.

Mac and Linux users will not be able to enjoy the features offered by this product. If you are a Windows system user, you must have this VPN solution installed in your system to enjoy video streaming, online music, TV shows, sports, games, etc. OkayFreedom VPN is completely different from other similar programs in the fact that it not only conceals the IP address of your browse but will even protect you when you are using torrents and downloaders. Any Windows user will find this product most appropriate for their digital data protection online and for anonymous internet surfing.

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