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Best VPNs for Sweden

Sweden is one of the most popular countries in Europe that has flocks of tourists visiting it every year. About 94% of Swedish population makes use of the Internet. It is a place where there is very little Internet censorship and a very relaxed copyright violation. This is one of the reasons why you see a lot of VPN providers to have many VPN servers located in Sweden and also see many Swedish based VPN services mushrooming.

However, it is worth using a VPN for Sweden:
  1. ExpressVPN: 5 multi-logins, 3000+ servers, a 30-day refund period, 100% no logs.
  2. NordVPN: 6 multi-logins, 5100+ servers, a 30-day refund period, SmartPlay feature.
  3. Surfshark: unlimited devices, 1000+ servers, Kill Switch, P2P-friendly.
  4. CyberGhost VPN: 7 multi-logins, 5900+ servers, a 7-day free trial, malware blocker.
  5. Private Internet Access: 10 multi-logins, 3380+ servers, DD-WRT VPN compatible.

The main reason for many VPN services to make Sweden their home base is because they do not have to keep and maintain the user logs or are abided by the stringent EU data regulations and rules.

But, over the years Sweden is getting strong criticism from all quarters about its very lenient Internet policies and therefore now a few government surveillances are in place. It’s perfectly clear to everyone that networking today is absolutely unsafe.

The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) which was established after the WWI has become the agency, which watches every other online act you do. More and more governments impose total online censorship in order to preserve social values of the country or political regime.

No one is sure of being absolutely protected on the Internet. But there are many up-to-date technologies that are designed for helping us in the sphere of Internet privacy, security and anonymity.

There are proxy servers, different anonymizers, onion routers and etc. The most effective from all these facilities is considered to be a VPN.

However, sometimes access to some services is banned for Sweden as well. With a VPN one will access any content on the Internet.

Internet freedom in Sweden

According to the latest available reports, internet in Sweden is stated to be almost absolutely free. Moreover, the country has gained the best freedom rating, civil liberties and political rights among more than 200 countries. 

What is more the country’s media are reported to be independent, as long as Sweden follows the policy of freedom of expressions and belief. Besides, the government invests into the mass media without examining of their political views.

However, Sweden, as any other highly-developed country with fast internet speeds and all the up-to-date novelties of high-tech life faces some difficulties coming from hacker attacks and malware spreading.

Thus, it has become known that as well as all other European countries, Sweden has undergone WannaCry ransomware. Although the number of suffered in Sweden is much lower than in Russia or China, such infections can disrupt very important systems, like healthcare system in the UK.

Besides, Sweden is known to make part of the fourteen-eye countries. Once a group of Nine Eyes was created, Sweden and four other countries have made up the 14 eyes countries we know about today. This is the UKUSA Agreement dedicated to collecting, analyzing and sharing data between the states. What is more, the countries follow an additional agreement not to spy on each other. However, the latest of two is known to be violated.

So, as you can see, although the Internet status in Sweden is free, the country commits surveillance over its netizens in keeping with its private needs. Therefore, if you don’t want your confidential data to be transparent to all the government agencies, you need to supply your network with up-to-date service, which is to make your network 99.9% protected. 

How to protect your network in Sweden?

Having decided to make your internet connection hidden from all the government agencies committing surveillance, you should subscribe for the best VPN for Sweden. But when do you need a VPN for Sweden exactly? Here are a few living examples:

#1 free Wi-Fi hotspots

Having taken a cup of coffee in your favorite coffee shop, you have decided to google for weather forecast or, which is even worse, to top up the phone. At this very moment a computer fraudster has already detected your connected device and leaked your card data, which is to lead inevitably to losses for your budget.    

#2 hotel Wi-Fi

Having travelled to Sweden and settled into a hotel, you may face some difficulties with the language and geo-restricted web-resources. If you want to run time-honored Facebook or Skype without any surveillance or to get access to your bank account, you need to apply a VPN for your network.  

#3 cyber attacks

Of course, you should provide your network with top-notch antivirus protection, which is to be timely updated and reloaded if needed. However, the antivirus system is not the only thing you need to make for staying defended. Unfortunately, even if running a strong anti-virus system your IP and all the traffic can be easily viewed or even intercepted online. So, if you want to avoid any spying on you, you need a reliable VPN for Sweden.

#4 payment details

While paying for services via diverse Internet services, one is to be protected as well. Computer fraudsters target your credentials to steal your money, but not from your pocket, but by means of your portable gadget. A VPN in Sweden helps to prevent such troubles with money theft.

#5 messengers

Using popular applications to exchange messages, photos, videos and make calls, one may be attacked as well. It is well-known, that many organizations prefer communicating via apps like Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp and others. On the one hand, it is very handy, but on the hand the adversaries may steal confidential information and sell it rivals. VPNs serve to protect Swedish companies against such attacks. And in case fraudsters managed to steal something, they will not have a chance to use such data, as it will be reliably ciphered.

How to avoid ‘spying’ using the best VPN for Sweden?

The only way to ensure complete online freedom and to stay free from prying data thieves, hackers as well as prying government eyes is to use the services of a good VPN for Sweden.

As you live in one of the most popular countries for server locating, you probably know what a VPN is. A VPN is the most complicated tool, which has been created to provide Internet users with privacy, security and even anonymity. The best VPN for Sweden hides your IP address, encrypts all your transferring data and gives you a possibility to change your virtual location while staying at one and the same geographical point.

A VPN for Sweden will ensure that you enjoy end to end tunneling and data encryption so that no one will be able to find out what sites you are visiting or accessing. You will be browsing the Internet using a fake IP address provided by your VPN service provider and also be using any of the servers of the VPN service for Sweden.

If speaking about one’s anonymity, it should be mentioned that while using a VPN service for Sweden you place confidence in the service for Sweden.

The best VP for Sweden creates a tunneling, which, as you know from Physics, has two ends and on the one of the ends is you best VPN for Sweden’s provider. A truly qualitative VPN for Sweden guarantees no logging data storage, while some others, for example several free VPNs for Sweden, log the data and can make money off its selling. That’s why such feature as anonymity should be considered more carefully.

How to find the best VPN for Scandinavia: Sweden?

That is the question any potential user should ask before subscribing to a service. If you want to find the best VPN for Sweden you should deepen your knowledge in the question. So, the best VPN for Sweden should meet such demands as:

  • multiple servers all over the globe;

The feature is especially challenging if you have to travel a lot. As long as torrenting is legal in Sweden, the internet access of the country can be stated as a comparatively free one. However, when traveling to other country for business or tourist trips you will see that internet is highly restricted in such countries as China, Iran, India, etc. Therefore, if you want to stay in touch with your business partners and family, you need a credible VPN app for running your ‘home’ network from anywhere in the world. The feature is especially challenging if you have to travel a lot. As long as torrenting is legal in Sweden, the Internet access of the country can be stated as a comparatively free one. However, when traveling to other country for business or tourist trips you will see that the Internet is highly restricted in such countries as China, Iran, India, etc. Therefore, if you want to stay in touch with your business partners and family, you need a credible VPN app for running your ‘home’ network from anywhere in the world. 

  • a strong encryption;

The best VPN for Sweden should offer a wide range of different protocols in use. In this case you will be able to choose an appropriate protection level for different purposes. Thus, having encrypted your traffic with PPTP, an average speed rate will remain practically the same or become even faster due to ads blocking. Whereas when using OpenVPN or L2TP/IPSec protocol (providing your average upload and download speeds are pretty low) your average speed will be essentially reduced due to a thorough encoding process. 

  • an unlimited bandwidth and speed;

The characteristic is in demand for those who subscribe for a VPN for streaming heavy traffic or watch video materials in a high quality. Providing that your bandwidth and speed are limited you won’t manage to play video games or watch video materials without any lags or hits. 

  • different platforms and devices’ support;

You need to pay attention to an app’s compatibility and number of simultaneous connections. If you are going to protect only one device you use on a regular basis, you will find a lot of appropriate VPNs. But in case you want to protect all electronic gadgets you possess, it will be better to show preference to the VPN services that allow protection of several devices with one account. It is more beneficial, as it makes you almost 100% secure while web surfing, exchanging messages and shopping online.

  • a professional 24/7 assistance from the technical group;

If you are not a technically skilled person, you will definitely appreciate the support service of costumer support service while using a VPN in Sweden. It does not mean that the service is bad if its clients contact the support service specialists. They instruct how to install and use applications, inform about VPN for Sweden facilities and answer all possible questions regarding the service work if necessary. A trustworthy Swedish VPN allows contact the support service round-the-clock.

  • a trial version or money-back guarantee and etc.

The possibilities make your budget preserved from extra expenses. The possibility of trial version allows testing a VPN for Sweden without paying for it. If a service lacks this function, a money-back guarantee will definitely help to solve the problems in case one reckons the service does not satisfy his/her needs.

  • extra facilities;

If a VPN for Sweden, you set your eye on, possesses all the above mentioned characteristics, it is high time to study its additional functions. The most useful will be kill switch, P2P, split tunneling, ad-blocking, unlimited server switching and some other that you will definitely find effective while surfing the Internet.

  • a log-free policy;

In view of the latest events regarding the PureVPN and the FBI collaboration, it became vital for modern netizens to use the VPN services, which do NOT keep logs. Why log-free VPNs are good? Such providers make its subscribers really anonymous and safe on the Internet. In this case, it is almost impossible to trace them online notwithstanding what they do on the cyber space. Do you want to know more about logging? Read the following section.

No-logs Swedish VPN

As long as you need a reliable VPN service for using it in Sweden, you should pay attention to its basic rules enumerated in the terms of usage and privacy policy.

Thus, you need to learn what data is collected by the service, as in other cases you may undergo data sale committed by a VPN service you use.

Some VPN companies store IPs and metadata on the official website’s visitors. As the companies claim the information is required for making the service work more effectively. However, any interested party can identify you through the confidential information in case your VPN provider agrees to sell it.

Besides, many companies store logging data and some metadata like the usable bandwidth, time of entering the account and leaving, etc. Therefore, you need to read all the statements enumerated there carefully, as only a no-log Swedish VPN can suit you in the question.

What is more, you need to remember that all VPNs store banking information on its clients. So, if you have a possibility to pay with crypto-currency, you’d better choose a VPN company that accepts the payment method.

If you want to enjoy the services of the best VPN for Sweden, you need to choose a service that offers 99.9% online anonymity and privacy, attractive plans and pricings, at least 128-bit data encryption, no logging policy, free to use server switches and bandwidth for a VPN service in Sweden.

The following are some of the affordable VPN services for Sweden that you can make use of.

Free VPN for Sweden: is it worthy?

Sometimes people prefer free services: parking lots or WiFi hotspots, as an example. But, nobody cares for safety of a vehicle that is left on a free parking lot. Even in case when the car is stolen, the owner of such lot is NOT responsible for it.

There are so many cases when adversaries steal sensitive data and money while people browse the Internet through free WiFi hotspots in cafes or hotels.

The situation with free VPN providers is the same because they…

… sometimes keep data on subscribers’ activities;

… are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

… are NOT fast enough for streaming and torrenting.

… offer a limited number of functions.

… have poor network of servers, as a rule.

… are free for a limited number of time.

… may be blocked by top streaming services and websites.

Would you like to try a free VPN in Sweden?

 I is unlikely the answer is “yes”.

However, there are 2 way to use a VPN for Sweden free. Do you want to know how to do it? Keep on reading and get to know.

Free trial period

VPN providers sometimes may be used free of charge. The period when a VPN app may be installed and used on a gadget is called free trial.

One can take use of free trial for a limited period of time. As a rule VPNs are used free of charge 1, 3, 7 or 10 days. After the period is over, a user is to pay to get all the benefits of web browsing with a VPN.

What should you do to take use of a VPN free trial time?

First of all, one is to provide a VPN with a valid email address. A special invitation or a link is sent to this email.

After it a person is to download a client and install it on a gadget.


Pros of free trial VPN period Cons of free trial VPN period
+ opportunity to try the service before paying for it – the period is limited
+ all the benefits are at user’s disposal for no price – usually only one device is protected
  – sometimes the credentials are required

Money-back guarantee

One will not have to spend money in vain in case he/she is dissatisfied with a VPN service in Sweden. Many VPN providers offer refund in case a person (VPN subscriber) reckons the provider is NOT worthy.

When does one get money back?

The period when a VPN subscriber is allowed to take use of money-back is limited as well. However, in case all the rules are followed man gets his money back.


Remember that in the event when you pay for a VPN subscription with Bitcoin, you will not have a chance to get your money back, as Bitcoin is NOT a refundable payment method.

Besides, it is strongly recommended to read the Refund Policy document thoroughly(it is usually published on the official website of a VPN provider).

The best VPN for Sweden’s conclusion

Although Sweden is considered to be one of the countries with the most low censorship level, nobody can be 100% assured in his privacy and security while networking. The up-to-date market of services is full of such technical applications as proxy servers, anonymizers, onion routers, but none of them can give privacy, security and anonymity all-in-one.

According to this fact, if you want to gain more privacy, security and anonymity, you should definitely try to use the best VPN provider for Sweden. In order to make your choice easier and more professional we have provided you with the latest information on the best VPNs for Sweden 2022.

Choose one of five best VPN services for Sweden presented in the article and make your Internet activity hidden from the prying eyes.

If you still have some questions regarding the topic, contact us and we will answer you the shortest possible time!

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