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PlexVPN Review & Experience of Using

PlexVPN attracts subscribers with high speeds and a one-click connection. This VPN service has very favorable subscription terms, supports all OSs and allows you to connect to servers in more than 10 countries of the world (which is much less than, for example, ExpressVPN, which supports 94 countries).

The service was launched in 2017 in China and focuses primarily on the local market. The provider's software has Smart Mode technology to bypass the blocking by mainland China's Internet providers.

PlexVPN can also be a proxy for Telegram. There is such an option in the settings of the app.

Server locations

Note that PlexVPN also supports US Netflix and some other streaming video services.

Are you interested?

Read on and I won’t only tell you more about the capabilities of PlexVPN, but also show you how to use it with an example.

Functions of PlexVPN

Despite the poor server geography of PlexVPN, the provider is worth trying out because of its functions:

  • One-click connection for a quick run of the service.
  • Lag-free streaming thanks to the ultra-speed servers.
  • Anonymous and safe web browsing.
  • Access to blacklisted websites and online apps.
  • Bypass blocking in China.
  • Proxy for Telegram.

Info on servers of PlexVPN

PlexVPN provider is proud of its super-high-speed servers located worldwide. But on the official website of PlexVPN, only 9 countries are mentioned.

I’ve studied the client and it came to the knowledge about 3 more Plex VPN servers.

All in all, the provider offers servers in the following 12 countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • England
  • France
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Luxemburg
  • the Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • the USA

Provided that PlexVPN servers are placed in only 12 regions of the world, the service still may be used to bypass some geographical restrictions. It makes sense to mention that the VPN provider described in this review manages to bypass the restrictions of Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, HBO, and many other well-known entertaining services.

Important to know!

HBO gained its popularity all over the world but the residents of some countries still cannot watch HBO. HBO is NOT accessible in Greenland, Iceland, Japan, North Korea, Laos, Bhutan, 15 countries of Europe and all countries of the African continent.

Tariffs and prices of PlexVPN

PlexVPN's pricing policy allows you not only to choose the length of your subscription and save on plans longer than 1 month but also provides a choice of the number of connected devices. Thanks to this, significant savings can be made when using one or two devices.

For example, if you subscribe for 1 month with access to one computer, the price will be $3.99. This is 2-3 times less than most other similar VPNs.

However, this pricing policy also has a drawback. If you want to connect 5 devices, then the price for one month will be $20.99. And if you go for 10 or 20... I don't even presume to count, because in this case, it is easier to use another VPN service for China.

So, PlexVPN has the following tariffs (per device):

PlexVPN prices
  • From $3.99 with a 1-month subscription
  • From $3.49 with a subscription for 3 months
  • From $2.28 with a subscription for 12 months

What about PlexVPN’s free trial?

Don’t want to pay for a subscription without realizing that PlexVPN is worth using?

PlexVPN’s free account is at your disposal.

The VPN provider offers a free trial period that lasts for 1 day for 1 device. This time is enough to understand if the service suits you.


People around the world use portable gadgets of different types to go online. PlexVPN developers took this fact into account and created a VPN client compatible with both various platforms and OSes.

In such a way, Plex VPN may be used to protect PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones running on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

However, PlexVPN is not compatible with Linux, AppleTV, Chromebook, and game consoles.

Are you interested in how to run PlexVPN client?

Read the next section of the review.

Client account procedures for PlexVPN

If you are still interested in PlexVPN service, this part of the article will definitely be useful for you. Here are several steps to follow to become protected by PlexVPN service:

Step #1

First, read the Privacy Policy thoroughly. Visit PlexVPN website and use the valid email for verification. After it, you will be sent a username and a password to log in the system.

PlexVPN logging in

Step #2

The information of your tariff plan, balance and other details you will find in your PlexVPN account.

PlexVPN pricelist

Download the client only on PlexVPN website.

Download PlexVPN

Step #3

PlexVPN client will be installed automatically. Manual setup is NOT required.

PlexVPN log in

Step #4

After signing in, PlexVPN user may connect to one of the available servers.

PlexVPN server

PlexVPN speed test showed that the speed decreases insignificantly:

  • Download speed – by 4%
  • Upload speed – by 9%.

The speed test results we have presented in this PlexVPN review demonstrate that streaming with this VPN service is great: no pauses or lags.

PlexVPN speed

Support service of PlexVPN

The support service of PlexVPN consists of FAQ section only.

Live chat support is not provided.

Summary of PlexVPN review

To draw the conclusion, one can say that PlexVPN is definitely worth using if a person is a holder of Android, iOS, Mac or Windows device. If not, get past.

Thanks to the fast servers located in different parts of the world, it becomes possible to bypass geo-restrictions of the place one lives in. American services such as Netflix, for example, are easily unblocked.

At the same time, PlexVPN does NOT mask or change user IP. In such a way PlexVPN subscriber is devoid of anonymous surfing the Internet.

If you are looking for the service for restrictions bypassing without IP masking/changing, PlexVPN is a good choice thanks to its affordable prices and websites unblocking.

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