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TigerVPN Review – Expensive Service with a Good Trial Period (2023)


TigerVPN is a simple VPN service with a good selection of countries, a 3-day free trial period, unstable speed and basic functionality.

The service deserves attention primarily as a free trial VPN that doesn’t require entering credit card details. In 2022, there aren’t many full-fledged services or mobile apps that are available without a subscription and entering payment information.

Otherwise, TigerVPN is unlikely to compete with services like ExpressVPN both in terms of functionality and price.

But this doesn’t mean that this provider doesn’t deserve attention.

It's easy to install, supports a variety of payment methods, has a good selection of countries, and offers apps for all major OSs.

TigerVPN can handle simple tasks that are feasible with low internet speeds and those that don’t require a high level of privacy.

A bit of a surprise for me was the provider's support for unblocking Netflix.

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What can TigerVPN do?

The provider claims that it can effectively hide your IP address and protect data on all devices. At the same time, the user is protected by a barrier from attacks from other users of the virtual network.

To be honest, I'm not overwhelmed. Today, any average or good VPN service provides all of these features. Moreover, even many free VPNs have more features.

I did a thorough research on TigerVPN for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS and found some features that aren’t described on the service website but are important for real use. 

Next, a short report on the results of testing of the provider is published and its work with the main areas of VPN use in 2022 is described in detail. 

Brief results of the conducted testing  

For the test, I used the most popular free trial version. Besides, the provider doesn’t report the differences between this version and the paid ones.

Free trial TigerVPN

The installation had me pleased because of the absence of the need to enter billing information.

The Windows app is predictably minimalistic. On the main window of the program, only the list of locations and the activation button are visible. There are no additional options.

This is what the TigerVPN app looks like

In the app settings, I also didn’t find any encrypted connection settings, except for the choice of the transport protocol, based on which OpenVPN works. To be fair, this option isn’t common among low and lower-class VPNs. This and the fact that TigerVPN supports over 40 countries makes it a mid-range VPN for all its drawbacks (read on to find out more).

The app provides only a basic level of protection:

  • Creates a secure channel
  • Encrypts data.

I didn’t find any additional modern security systems such as, for example, Kill Switch  - data protection in case of an unexpected connection problem (it happens with all services, most importantly for the cellular Internet).

There is also no choice of alternative VPN protocols and many more options that strong VPNs like NordVPN have. 

I was disappointed with the speed of the Internet through TigerVPN. It was on par with good free services.

After the end of the trial period, you need to subscribe to continue working, but I would not do this, since I think that the price doesn’t match the quality.

Read more in the following chapters.

Streaming support

I was surprised that TigerVPN supports Netflix unblocking for popular regions. I have tested the US, UK, and CA. On all of them, I was able to unblock geo-restricted content.

TigerVPN supports Netflix

Below is some information on the quality of the videos available with TigerVPN:

  SD HD Ultra HD
Broadcast stability Stable Buffered -

Other streaming video services performed poorly. Hulu, HBO Max and Go, BBC iPlayer don’t work with this provider.

Conclusion: TigerVPN is one of the few VPNs for Netflix that support bypassing restrictions at no additional cost. This even works during the free period.


Testing didn’t reveal any major security issues, but there are some nuances.

There are two of them:

  1. Part of the traffic of apps launched before the VPN launch can get into the network without protection.
  2. The mobile app doesn’t guarantee data protection when moving the device between different networks.

No DNS leaks were detected, but the provider separates the main traffic and DNS requests, sending the latter to separate servers, which may belong to a third party.

Conclusion: Overall security and privacy protection of TigerVPN are average. The provider doesn’t use the latest developments in this area. At the same time, the applied standards provide good data protection with a stable Internet connection.

Torrenting support

I don’t recommend using the provider's apps for protection when downloading shared files from P2P networks.

The main reason is the lack of a Kill Switch. This is a major risk that, under certain conditions, can (and does) lead to an ISP seeing prohibited activity.

For example, many users advise using VPNs with Kill Switch for torrenting.

TigerVPN also doesn’t provide proxy services. A proxy signed up directly in the BitTorrent client could better protect P2P activity.

Conclusion: The provider doesn’t specialize in protecting torrenting and doesn’t have effective technologies for this. The basic capabilities used aren’t effective enough.


TigerVPN server information

The provider's servers are located in 42 countries in the world. This figure is above average among VPNs overall.

I analyzed the list of supported countries for the presence of rare locations but didn’t find anything that would distinguish TigerVPN favorably from competitors, except for servers in Dubai. This location is quite rare.

To understand the quality of traffic distribution and possible speed limits, I conducted a series of measurements of the data transfer rate at the most popular locations.

The result strongly depends on the day of the week and time of day. For example, one US location recorded a drop in speed of up to 4 Mbps. The next day, the measurement showed more than 20 Mbps.

Below are the average test results.

Speed ​​measurement results:

Average speed, Mbps 15 15 30 40 20

Along the way, it turned out that TigerVPN may not work with some instant messengers. In particular, there were WhatsApp and Viber connection failures.

In general, the provider works well and the speed is quite sufficient for ordinary tasks. The minus is that there are problems with some messengers.


TigerVPN pricing plans

Tariff plans are presented in Euro. The prices are quite impressive. And translated into dollars at the time of this writing, they can be called without exaggeration one of the highest on the market.

TigerVPN Pricing Plans:

  1 Month 1 Year 3 Years
Monthly cost €11.99 (~$13.5) €6.67 (~$7.5) €2.75 (~$3.1)

The provider accepts Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Paymentwall for payment.

Conclusion: TigerVPN has a classic pricing policy for most services. Subscription prices are high.

User reviews

The first impression I got when researching Reddit was the abundance of reviews. This is a bit strange given the relatively low popularity of the service. But upon closer examination, it turned out that they are all quite old and not relevant.

I haven’t found a single review fresher than 10 months. This is too long for a VPN service since the Internet is evolving very quickly and old information is often not relevant.

Client account procedures

To set up a TigerVPN account you need to sign up first, subscribe for a proper plan, and download the software compatible with your device. The downloading process is incredibly simple, as well as installation and configuration steps. Choosing TigerVPN you can be sure that your connection will be secured and protected within a few minutes.


TigerVPN is a great free trial VPN that doesn't require any credit card details. As for the paid subscription, I find it too expensive for a service with minimal basic features.

When can I install this VPN?

• If you need a service for 1-3 days (free period).

• If you want to unblock Netflix.

 When can you find another service?

  • If you want to save money (I recommend the current review of cheap VPNs).
  • If you need a high level of protection of personal data and network activity.
  • If your network has non-standard restrictions or blocking of virtual networks at the Internet provider level.


prefix 2 years ago
hahaha! You've obviously not tried to contact their customer service. I, and many others, subscribed to a lifetime subscription that was recently canceled. They haven't responded to any support requests for over 6 months.
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