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Identity Cloaker VPN Review

Last updated: July 8, 2020 By Dean Chester

The internet environment used to be a safe place for interactions with people from different parts of the world. However, the state of protection has been weakened by multiple threats posing risks to our systems and confidential information. Today is hardly possible to imagine our life without the internet, nevertheless, if you want to stay safe and confident in your online security, you need to apply some additional technologies for your system protection.

Identity Cloaker VPN

One of the most efficient methods for your online defense is a VPN service. Different internet platforms are overloaded with offers of the kind. One of the contemporary new products is Identity Cloaker VPN. The service country is the Czech Republic. The official website of Identity Cloaker VPN is not the most attractive in its visual design. But still, it’s informative and clear for average customers.

All the main information starting from the fundamental features of the service to how it works is posted on the website. For those who have come across the technology for the first time, there is a great section ‘how Identity Cloaker works’ from where you can learn all the detail of the process of its operation. 

Tariffs and prices of Identity Cloaker VPN

The packages of the service vary in subscription periods, so there are:

  • 10-day trial access costs €4.97. The plan is suitable for those who need the tool on a one-off basis, as it allows to test everything you want and connect to any server you like.
  • 30-day subscription costs €12.97 or € 0.43 a day. The package differs from the others in a subscription period only.
  • 3-month subscription costs €29.97 or €9.99 a month.
  • 6-month subscription costs €49.97 or €8.33 a month.
  • 12-month subscription costs €79.97 or €6.67 a month.

It should be mentioned that all the packages have apps compatible with numerous platforms and what is even more attractive, provided that you have paid for the service with your credit card, which supports automatic renewals, your subscription won’t be rebilled at the end of a subscription period. This is great, as a few people read terms of usage attentively and become victims of their ignorance.

If compare the prices for the packages with average rates on the market of the service, they seem to be reasonable and middle. Moreover, you have a great opportunity to save your money if you are not sure about the service by having subscribed for a trial version. Unfortunately, it’s not absolutely free like many other providers do, but it’s not restricted in features as well.

If talking about accepted payment methods, there are Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards via PayPal directly. Bitcoin is also accepted per request, it's not automated though. In case if you are a customer from EU country and you don’t form a subscription for your entity a value-added tax will be deducted as well.

Info on Servers in different countries

Today Identity Cloaker VPN has 31+ servers with 534 IPs in 16 countries. But the company is interested in enhancing the business and the server park is being constantly enlarged. So, if you decided to subscribe to the service, you need to look through the current list of servers in such countries as the US, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

The company is client-oriented that’s why any customer can ask for a new server location and it will be considered by the provider. The company has explained everything in details including a monthly fee it has to pay for all of the servers. So, if you have really decided to subscribe for the service, all you need is just to visit the official website of Identity Cloaker VPN and read all the information in details. 

Functions of Identity Cloaker VPN

The VPN makes your traffic secured while routing it through a secure tunneling using the 256-bit cipher. The cipher is stated to be virtually unbreakable.

Your authentic address is hidden by the service. The thing is that your address is saved by all the websites’ servers you visit, so you can be easily tracked back. By using additional protection like a VPN, your address is changed for an address of a VPN server through which you are connected to the internet.

It makes it possible to change your virtual location and bypass some geo-restrictions. Identity Cloaker VPN gives you an opportunity to circumvent any firewall, which makes you free from censorship.

These are just the commonest functions of a good VPN service, so if you want to learn some more details, you’d better look through the official website. 

Security and Privacy

Having subscribed for the service, you are able to choose three levels of encryption according to your needs:

None. The level is appropriate for those who look for IP change only. The level is great for fast speed performance, but it’s lack of security.

Strong. 128 bit AES cipher encrypts your traffic.

Max. The level is suitable for those who need extra safeness for confidential or business data as it runs 256-bit AES cipher.

The company runs an encrypted proxy server connection via SSH tunneling, OpenVPN, L2TP over IPSec and even PPTP. In other words, it has pretty much all VPN protocols available, plus the SSH encrypted connections. Thus, it will help you to protect children online

Support service

For you to contact the support team you need to fill in the form on the official website supplied with your email, name, and subject of matter. Also, you can send your question directly via the email mentioned in the section ‘customer support’.

Client Account procedures

If you want to order a plan, you need to choose a subscription period, a suitable payment method, provide the service with your first/last names, your email address, card brand, and country. Surely, the information in demand might seem as overwhelming for a privacy concerned subscriber. However, you should remember that the service operates from the EU and not from some shady tax heaven country unlike some of its competitors. So, it’s up to you to decide whether to rely on the provider or not. 


Identity Cloaker is compatible with MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Apple OS X and you can connect to our servers directly with iPhone, iPad and any standard Android smartphone or tablet. 


Despite some points at issue, Identity Cloaker VPN seems to be a good service with friendly apps and timely working support service. It serves to unblock streaming services and VOIP apps, as well as make its subscribers secure online.

There are different kinds of encryption, which are explained to an average customer in a simple phrase, which makes it easier for an ordinary client to understand what is what. So, being a security concerned client you can see that the service that undergoes the safest jurisdictions in the world can be of a high use for you.

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